The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 19 Final Chapter

“Hurry up dad. They are going to be landing soon.”

Brittney and Terry were excited because Rebecca and August were coming for the wedding. Their mother had invited them for her wedding.

“Alright, give me a few second girls.”

Paul was still recovering from the bachelor party his friends threw him last night. They had gone out drinking and visit a few strips shows. His best friend had arranged a private party for him at his apartment. He knew Kat had a bachelorette party threw by her sister. Kat couldn’t do any drinking because of her pregnant condition, but from what he heard. She had fun with her sister and the party.

They had the baby shower a few days ago. They had enough diapers for the twins to last for a while. Rebecca had sent a hand built antique bassinet for the twins. Brittney and Terry had combined their money and bought a stroller for the twins.

“Alright girls, let’s go and pick your Aunt and cousin up.”

Kat was at her sister’s house going over the last-minute items. Plus, she was staying there till the wedding. The girls run out to the SUV.

“I call shotgun.”

Brittney hops into the passenger seat.

Terry didn’t care. She got to see her aunt and August again. Even tho they stayed in contact with each other by phone and text. Terry has
come to see Rebecca as family. Her old family was a disappointment and judged her. At least August and Rebecca didn’t. She also liked Lev.
He was funny and caring according to August. August had informed them, that Butch was coming with them. Terry knew that Brittney couldn’t wait to meet him. August had sent a picture of him and told them about her dates with him.

When they arrive at the private airport they head to where the Lear Jet Taxi too. It comes to a stop at an assigned parking spot. The door opens and Lev is the first out helping a very pregnant Rebecca down the steps. A few minutes later, August and Butch exits the Lear Jet.


Terry and Brittney run up and hug their cousin and then their aunt.

Paul and Lev unload the Lear with Butches help.

“How was the flight?”

Paul was looking towards Lev.

“It was okay. August and Butch flew the plane. Butch let August fly most of the way here.”

“I bet that had Rebecca on edge.”

“You could say that. How’s Kat handling the pregnancy?”

“She’s still trying to prove she can do bounty hunting and be pregnant at the same time. I managed to finally got her to listen to reason. That
she should just let me and the two-new people we hired go after the bounties. I know she worked very hard to build her reputation up in the bounty hunting community, but she’s got two lives depending on her now. We also just took on an apprentice. She’s a lot like the girls were before they were operated on. She also had a record and no one would even bother to offer her a job. So, Kat took her in and is teaching her to be a bounty hunter.”

“I know what you mean. Rebecca doesn’t know how to let go of being a mechanic, but lucky for me. The guys in the shop look after her and
give her a scolding whenever she doesn’t listen. She’s driving August up the wall in the office. We had to hire two new pilots, another tractor trailer driver and a flight instructor. Rebecca is expanding her operation and we’ve just been contracted by a company to do deliveries for them.”

“Wow, how did you manage that?”

“Rebecca managed to get a few jobs for Lev and the next they knew, businesses were calling Rebecca to have items ship by me. So, we had another 18-Wheeler sitting around collecting dust in storage. I knew an independent driver looking for work that didn’t have a rig. So, I made a deal with him on renting him the rig we had for reasonable fee, if he would haul loads for us. I have even given him the option to buy the rig.”

“Man, that’s a sweet deal. Why did you hire a flight instructor for?”

“That was August doing. Rebecca has a collection of airplanes she has restored or bought just sitting around collecting dust. So, August talked
Rebecca into taking over the flight school there at the airfield. This way, the planes she has get used and people can get some experience flying either a plane or a helicopter. Butch and a friend of his fly the Lear for special clients.”

‘Sounds like you guys have been busy since our big adventure.”

Butch locks the plane up.

“Actually, a lot of what has been happening has been August ideas. She’s taken on more duties as the office manager. She’s been trying to
reduce Rebecca’s stress levels. She had to hire a part time and full-time person to work the office to handle the increase paperwork they have now with the trucking company and the flight school. Plus, Rebecca has those restoration jobs for the museum she needs to get done.”

Butch was looking proud when he mentioned August. Their relationship was building slowly and he has been thinking about popping the question to her about marriage.

Paul looks around to make sure everything was loaded. The girls were already in the SUV and talking up a storm. Butch climbs in next to August and Lev takes the passenger seat. They all head towards Kat’s and Paul’s place.

“Where’s Aunt Kat staying?”

“She’s with her older sister. She’s staying over there till the ceremony.”

“Makes sense.”

Rebecca was munching on a chocolate chip cookie.

“Aunt Becca, do you have weird craving like mom does?”

“Sometimes, I have them and to answer your unspoken question. I don’t crave cheese a lot either. No matter what your cousin has been telling

“Yay, right sis. You finished off a whole wheel of cheese and a summer sausage log all by yourself. Lev and I didn’t even get a chance to get a
slice from it.”

“That was one time.”

Rebecca looks at her younger sister.

“I can’t wait to see how you react when your pregnant.”

“I’ll be just like my big sister. Grumpy, needy and demanding.”

Rebecca just shakes her finger at August. The rest of the ride goes by quickly. Paul pulls the SUV up into the drive and park it next to Kat’s
Blue and White F350 extended cab pick-up.

“Where’s the other SUV at?”

“Alexa, Crystal and Luke have the other SUV. They have the new one while mom and dad drive the old one.”

“Who’s Crystal?”

“She’s mom and dad’s intern. She’s a nice person, who just had a string of badly luck.”

Butch was curious “what did she do?”

“She got busted along with a few friends of hers with several blocks of cocaine in the car they were in. She had no idea that the person who
she was riding with was transporting the drugs for a drug dealer. Since no one wanted to claim the drugs as theirs, all occupants of the car were charged. She already had a record for breaking and entering by her father. That she had to serve sometime for. The judge she got was a hard ass. Mom and dad have gone before him a few times and he chewed their butt’s outs for supposedly breaking a few laws.”

“Man, he does sound like a major AH.”

Butch grabs a few suit cases and hands August’s her suit cases.

“Thanks sweetie.” August kisses the side of his cheek.

“The house looks better. How long did it take for you to get all the repairs done?”

“A week and a half. Kat’s brother and a few guys from his fire station pitched in and helped to do the repairs. We had to take another an
additional insurance policy out because of the damage done. The city also said we had to have an office for our bounty hunting business. So, we are buying an old Rent a Center building. We converted it to an office with an excuse room for when we don’t have any bounties to go after.”

“So, you guys are like Dog the Bounty Hunter?”

“Yes and no, Butch. We only do bounty hunting. We don’t do the bail part. We do work for a few agencies that do only bail or have their own
people, but we mostly do bounty hunting. We go after the bounties the Marshal or Law enforcement post as well. We’re licensed in several states.”

“Man, I better be careful around August then.”

“I told you Butch. You ever hurt August, you can count on Paul, myself and Kat coming after you.”

Butch follows Paul inside the house and to the rooms they were going to be sleeping in.

“Butch, I hope you don’t mind sleeping on the fold away.”

“I don’t mind. It’s August you have to stop.”

Rebecca has been letting August and Butch sleep together a few times.

“If Rebecca doesn’t mind, then it’s alright with me.”

“Rebecca and August. We are having the rehearsal tomorrow. So, you might want to go and have your bride’s maid dress fitted one more

“Okay, thanks Paul.”

The girls leave with Butch driving the SUV.

Paul and Lev grabbed a few beers and went out on the patio and sat down.

“When’s the lucky day for you Lev?”

“In a few months. Rebecca wants to get married before the babies are borne. We checked the DNA of the kids to make sure they were from

Paul gives Lev a weird look.

Lev saw it “it was Becca’s idea Paul. I know Becca would never cheat on me, but she wanted to make sure the kids were from me and not the
people who kidnapped us.”

“That’s understandable. So, have the ultrasounds showed anything unusual about the kids?”

“Nope, so far everything has been normal. Whatever was done to Rebecca or Kat seem to be restricted just to them.”

“I think Kat feels disappointed that the children aren’t going to be like her. She kind hates to be the only one.”

“She has Rebecca now. So, she isn’t along anymore.”

“That’s what I keep reminding her. She has a sister who is the opposite of her.”

Paul takes a sip of his beer and his cellphone rings. He looks at it and notice it was Crystals number.


“Paul, we need help. The bounty we went after has us pinned. Alexa took a bullet to her right leg and Luke got hit in his left arm.”

“Where are you, Crystal?”

Crystal gives Paul the address.

“Alright, I’m on my way and I’m bring help.”

“Feel up to some fun Lev?”

“Sure, what’s the problem?”

Paul was heading towards his and Kat’s bedroom to grab his shotgun, body armor and a few grenades. He grabs the spare body armor and
one of the newer AK’s him and Kat had come across when they busted a weapon trafficker. He grabs a few other grenades for Lev.

“A bounty my people went after have them engaged in a fire fight.”

He tosses the body armor to Lev.

Lev catches it and puts it on. He notices that Paul had one of the newer AK’s.

“Where did you get this?”

“Off a weapon trafficker Kat and I busted a few months ago.”

He hands Lev a few magazines already loaded with ammo and a few grenades as well.

They take Kat’s pick-up truck to the location Crystal gave him and sees his people pinned down behind their SUV.

“Hold on.”

Paul guns the truck and goes through a side wall of the house. Lev tosses a few of the flash grenades he had been given to distract the shooters from firing at him. He fires several rounds from the AK and could hear Paul’s shotgun going off.

“DROP YOUR WEAPONS NOW!” Paul had the shotgun pointed at a teenager who had been firing on his people.

Lev had his AK pointed at the other people. One guy thought he would be cute and went to draw a weapon, but Lev shoots him in the leg.

“The man said to drop your weapons. Do that again and I won’t be so nice.”

“Dam! No wonder they fired at your people Paul.”

Lev had spotted bricks of large stack of cocaine and several bundles of money.

“Here come the police.”

“That’s fine. Kat and I know most of them. Go put your weapon in the truck and start handcuffing some of these guys.”


Lev puts his gun back in the truck and starts zip cuffing the gang members.

The ambulance shows up and Paul drives the truck out of the side of the house. It was a good thing that Kat had her truck armored when she
first started off. They tell the police what they knew and Paul finds out how his people got shot. The guy they had come for was inside the house. The police let them have him and file additional charges against him.

It was late by the time him and Lev got back to the house. Paul had gone to the hospital with his people and handle the medical bill. Their insurance was going to go up. They dropped Crystal off at home and Lev drove the SUV. Luke and Alexa was going to be okay. The people who shot them didn’t hit anything vital. Paul drops Alexa off and Luke as well. Paul tells them that he could come by and pick them up for the wedding.

Paul heads home late. When he walks into the house he notices a small party was going on.

“I heard you and Lev got into a fire fight?”

“Just a small one. Alexa got hit and so did Luke.”

“I heard.” Kat hands Paul a beer.


“One of my cousins called and told me. She was one of the paramedic’s that showed up.”

“Oh, well Alexa and Luke are going to be okay. I had to use your truck to ram the side of the house.”

“That’s fine. It’s built for ramming things.”

“You ready for the wedding?”

“I’m as ready as I can be.”

Kat and Paul go and join the party.

The Day of the Wedding:

Kat was nervous as she waited to be escorted down the aisle by her Uncle. He was her father’s younger brother and has always been there for
her and her siblings. Kat hears the music start as she is led through the doors and down the aisle by her Uncle. She spotted all her bride maids and Paul’s grooms men. She has never been as nervous as she was now. She stops in front of the Preacher and he goes on and finally her and Paul say their vows to each other and are pronounce man and wife.

A loud cheer goes up for the two of them. Paul races Kat to the reception party. They party most of the night away. Speeches are made about Kat and how much she had changed when Paul came into her life. How the bad guys need to watch out even more now. Kat’s brother locked one of their hands to each other with a gold set of hand cuff’s.

By the time the reception ended. Everyone was tired and excited. Paul carried Kat into the house and headed straight to their bedroom.

Rebecca just smile as she gets the girls ready for bed.

“In a couple more months sis, it’s yours and Lev’s turn.”

“I know.”

Rebecca just smiles as she waddles into the bedroom she was sleeping in and curl up next to Lev.

August heads into the living room and crawl in bed with Butch. He wraps his arm around her and hug her.

“I can’t wait to get married.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Butch reaches under her pillow and pull out a black velvet box and opens it.

“August Trenner, will you marry me?”


There were the sounds of clapping coming from the doorway.

Brittney and Terry were standing there.

August blushes. Both girls come over and congratulates August and Butch.

They head to bed afterwards.

In the morning time, August shows the ring to Kat and Becca.

A Few Months Later:
A few months later, Lev and Rebecca get married at the airfield. The preacher that performed the wake for Rebecca’s father, married her off to Lev. Kat and her family were there and in the wedding as well.

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