The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 3

“Have a nice afternoon, sir.” Ginny takes the customers money and puts it in the cash register. She watches as the gentleman leaves the shop and walks out towards his car.

She couldn’t believe Barney wouldn’t let her work out in the yard like she was used to doing. Since her return two days ago, from the other junkyard and the hospital. Barney has been keeping her in the office, instead of letting her work out in the yard. Her wounded arm was better and there wasn’t any sign that it had been hurt, except for a scar that had formed from Robert gluing the skin back together. It was minimal, but you could still see it. It went the length of her forearm. She kept it wrapped up for appearance sake. Because there would be no way to explain how fast her wound healed.

She remembered waking up in the middle of the night with Todd half wasted sitting by the tub. She was still feeling under the weather, but her fever had broken and she could see clearer. Everything wasn’t as blurry as it had been. She recalled being as weak as a new born baby and couldn’t move. So, she just stayed in the tub till morning. She had heard coyotes and wolves howling throughout the night.

When the sun came up and the guys had woken up from sleeping all night. Robert had picked her up out of the tub and sat her down on one of the make shift car seats chairs they had put on a wooden box to sit on last night. He had checked her over and gave her some aspirin for the slight fever and pain she still had. Marshall had fixed breakfast for everyone. The breakfast sandwich she shared with Jose didn’t taste right to her, like it was over cooked or something.

Marshall had a few suitcases he had found in a few of the cars that had clothes she could change into. She found a sun dress that she liked and would fit her. She wore that back to her place from that junkyard. Barney had given her two days off with pay to recover after he took her to the hospital to be checked out. Dr. Kwan at the hospital was amazed at how fast the wound was healing. She had checked her wound after visiting the hospital the next day and notice they were completely healed. She couldn’t believe it. Something else that was strange to her was any food she ate tasted different than she remembered. It didn’t taste the same as she remembered. Even the can soup and instant soups she kept around the trailer tasted different. Ginny freaked out when she notices she could hear what was being said several feet away from her. She could hear her neighbors and what they were saying when she was outside and what was playing on their television set as well.

It was startling at first to her. She could feel, smell, taste, see and hear better than any person. That wasn’t the only thing Ginny discovered. When she went to open a door in her trailer, she tore the door right off the frame. Something strange was happening to her, but she didn’t know why or how. Ginny had heard over the television set about the vampires coming out, but there weren’t any out in Kingman, Az. That she knew of. There weren’t any Goth clubs or anything that would bring the supernatural to this area.

“How’s business today?” Barney comes walking in with lunch in hand.

“It’s been a little slow today.” Bruce looks at Barney as he comes walking in with lunch.

Ginny looks at him and could smell the lunch he had brought for them. It was a hot ham and cheese sandwich and onion rings for her and a roast beef sandwich and potato chips for her partner Bruce. There was a meat trio in the bag with oil and vinegar in there for Barney as well. Ginny tries to keep herself from drooling. She has been hungry all morning long. She had her normal breakfast which consisted of cereal and coffee and was still hungry. So, she fixed herself some cheese toast and ate that before heading to work. While she has been at work, she had been craving something to eat. She was feeling really, hungry.

“Well, I brought us lunch. Barney stops at the counter and opens the bag “one full size ham and cheese sub with everything on it and an order of onion rings.” He hands them to Ginny.

Ginny accepts them “thanks, Barney.”

“Any time sweetheart” He pulls out Bruce’s lunch and hands it to him. Afterwards Barney heads towards his office to eat his lunch.

Bruce looks over towards Ginny “I’m getting a coke; do you want one?”

“Sure, here let me get my purse.” Ginny moves to get her purse.

“It’s on me today, Ginny” Bruce turns back around and heads towards the soda machine.

“Thanks” Ginny starts eating her lunch. She devours all her onion rings and half her sandwich by the time Bruce comes back with their sodas.

He looks at her sub and empty paper tray where her onions rings had been.

“Boy, you must have been hungry.” Bruce hands Ginny her soda.

“Thanks.” Ginny accepts the soda and blushes from wolfing down her food so fast.

Lunch goes by quietly and by the time it was closing time. Barney lets Ginny go home early. When Ginny walks out to her scooter, her nose was picking up every one’s scent that had walked pass her scooter today. She mounts her scooter and puts her safety helmet on as she drives off. She stops at The Crazy Horse bar to see if she was going to work this weekend. As she walks in, she notices a few new faces in the bar.

Ginny waves hello to the bartender as she heads back to the manager’s office. She’s hoping Clarence had a few hours for her this weekend. She needed the money and even if Barney paid her for the two days she missed work, she still needed the extra income.

She stops and knocks on the office door.

“Enter!” Clarence was busy balancing the books. He looks up as the door opens and Ginny comes walking in.

“Hi Clarence, I was wondering if I was working this weekend?” Ginny stands before Clarence’s desk.

He notices the bandages on Ginny’s arm and around her hand.

“Are you going to be able to work with your hand like that?” Clarence didn’t want to push Ginny to hard.

“Yes, it won’t bother me while I am working.” Ginny hadn’t told anyone that her arm was completely healed yet.

“Okay, why don’t you come in and work Friday and Saturday as a waitress. The patrons seem to like you when you’re dressed as a
cheerleader.” Clarence couldn’t see why they liked her. It wasn’t like Ginny was one of his prettiest girls or well developed either. If Clarence had to describe Ginny in one word, it would be plain looking. He had to admit that Ginny was a hard worker and Barney said she needed the money.

“Thanks, Clarence.” Ginny would make a hundred dollars easily this weekend.

“You’re welcome. Here’s your pay for last weekend.” Clarence hands Ginny what he owes her in cash for the work she did last weekend.

She turns around and heads out of the office with her pay. She stops and gets a coke at the bar and order up some dinner to go. She loved the food the chef cooks here. She drinks her coke while she is waiting for her food. Normally, Ginny doesn’t watch the customers unless she is serving them their order, but tonight something felt different in the air. She turns around on her stool and looks behind her. She tries to identify a scent she has smelled since she came in. She sniffs the air and tries to get at least which direction the scent was coming.

As Ginny follows her nose, it guides her to the direction the scent was originating from. She spots a man she has never seen before in the bar sitting and drinking a beer. The scent that was drifting over from him smelled of male animal musk and liquor. Not the type of smell you would find on an alcoholic, but one that handled alcohol. So far, he wasn’t looking over towards her. Ginny wonders what he was looking for. Since her food was going to take a few more minutes. She walks over towards the table he was sitting at.

“Excuse me sir, I don’t mean to bother you, but I’ve never seen you in here before.” She stands there feeling nervous. She could feel something special about this person.

Leonard had watched as a short girl with shoulder length black hair and a plain looking face with a bandage around her left arm and hand walked over to him. He also notices she had a recent sun burn and he could smell blood coming from the bandage. There was something else, something he had never smelled before. There was a mixed scent on her. It smelled of wolf and coyote. He looks at her eye color and notice they were bright amber.

“I’m looking for someone and I think I might have found them.” Leonard looks at Ginny.

“Are you saying you came in here to find me?” Ginny was curious why anyone would want to find her.

“Yes. A friend of mine said he smelled something unusual about you when he came up to the junkyard today.” Leonard was hoping the girl would believe him.

“Ginny, your order is ready.” Jake holds up Ginny’s order.

“Thanks, Jake.” She turns towards Leonard.

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and get my order and come back to you.” Ginny walks over to the counter and gets her order from Jake.

“Thanks Jake.” She walks back over to the table where the man was sitting.

“Do you mind if I sit down with you?” Ginny would love to eat her dinner, but it wouldn’t be polite.

“How about we go and speak somewhere else. I have a feeling that you would like to know more about what has happened to you and I would like to ask you some questions as well.” Leonard stands up after tossing a few dollars on the table.

“Okay, but I hope it’s not too far from here.” Ginny follows the guy out the door. She heads over towards her scooter and starts it up. She watches the guy walk over to a nice black Dodge Challenger.

Leonard watches as the girl walks over to a black Honda scooter. He could tell she rode it a lot, because of all the dust on it.

“Do you think you can keep up with me?” Leonard had a mischievous look on his face.

“If you take it slow, I can.” Ginny gets on her scooter and follows the guy as he drives off.

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