A M.Y.T.H.ical Start Part 1

This is sort of an origin story for the newly opened M.Y.T.H. campus. It's my contribution to the world and hopefully captures the essence of what Dorothy wanted. Please give it some time to develop, it's the first time writing in someone else's universe.

This isn't your typical story. This isn't a happy one nor is it a sad one. It's just a story. One that is beyond belief.

She was not your normal 12 year old kid. She was skinny, tall, timid, and nearly mute. Most didn't give her a second look and anyone who took notice of her shook their head in shame at the deplorable condition of her clothing and hair.

She was glad that others had that reaction to her. The less to notice her, the better. It was a matter of survival, as anyone taking notice could potentially talk with her and wonder why a kid her age was wandering the streets of a small town alone.

There was a reason for that. She was all alone in the world and fleeing from her sad, abuse filled life. She couldn't live a lie anymore and fled in desperation, she was a girl and she couldn't live as a boy any longer.

The young lady set out two months ago for the big city. Unfortunately for her she got lost and took the bus east instead of west. If not for a friendly woman in Manitoba she would have died of starvation and thirst along the side of the highway.

Dorothy was a kind woman who sympathized with her. She saw the gaunt girl and stopped to help, showing her the first kindness she had ever received. She gave her food and water and drove her to the town allowing her to spend the night before she set off again.

The two talked for hours before she fell asleep. Dorothy whispered to someone unseen but taking a keen interest in the young girl. It was fate that she came there and Dorothy sadly told the unseen person that her life was over but her new life was about to begin that evening.

The girl slept for much of the day with Dorothy keeping watch over her. When she finally awoke Dorothy told her just how long she had been asleep and sadly they would have to wait until morning to head wast. She offered to take her out to eat, walking through town with her.

Dorothy looked into her purse and said she forgot her wallet. She encouraged the girl to walk ahead while she ran back to retrieve it. The girl just shrugged and walked on, hoping to go unnoticed and hoping that Dorothy wasn't lying to her just to let the police nab her.

The town was dark all of a sudden with mists shrouding the streets in an eerie bleakness. She shuddered and felt like someone was watching her. She turned and four men approached, each with a look of hunger in their eyes and talking to one another about a little bit of sex.

She screamed and tried to run but was cornered. She fought them as best she could but was sliced on the arm. She flailed and was about to be pulled into a dark alley but was saved.

She saw him move swiftly through the assailants. He punched and kicked and clawed at them with ease. One managed to flail at him and get a lucky stab into his arm only to see his own arm broken by the man causing him to howl in pain.

The girl was frightened but seeing the man bleeding she ripped her shirt and bandaged it, unknowingly mixing her blood with his causing a searing pain in her that turned to tingling and finally comfort. She collapsed in shock from the adrenaline wearing off, the man thanking her for the kindness and helping her up. He sighed as she saw her unconscious form, feeling something stirring in him and her that would link the two together forever.

She was out for several days. Her savior held vigil over her while she was caught in a struggle that nobody except him could see. He sighed and asked that the two people appearing before him do what was in her best interest and not their own, allowing her to choose her path rather than forcing their own views upon her.

She struggled in what she thought was a dream was in fact something far worse, a battle of wits between two ageless beings for the right to claim the girl as their own. One believed she belonged to him solely based on her unwanted appendage. To him no matter what her spirit said, that bit of flesh made her male and thus she was forever his.

The other was far more understanding and saw the future for her. She was female in mind and spirit and deserved to have her body match her true self. She had done the impossible, she had gotten a bitter, lonely man to act out and help the world instead of wallowing in his own self-imposed exile.

The two were joined by others as lines were drawn. One side seeing only a body, the other a soul. They battled for years over what it meant to be male and what it meant to be female.

Finally drastic actions were taken and the two who fought the hardest were forced to live life as the other gender so they experienced what the other had felt firsthand. The two swapped genders with each heading out on their own and seeing the perspective of the other. Neither enjoyed the experience, with one finally learning just how raunchy and disgusting genders can be with both seeing there was only cosmetic differences with personalities being the real separation.

This led to another decade of arguments and debate among the group until finally the young girl was seen for what she was- a female, in mind and spirit but not yet in body. That would change. That was the one thing they could do easily without thinking or much effort by any of the debaters.

As she slowly stirred her savior prepared her for the inevitable reveal. She winced in pain but saw that she wasn't alone or with Dorothy. She was immediately scared but stopped as she saw the imposing figure of a man who stood over her with a concerned look but exuded a caring essence.

The girl tried to move but he quickly told her "please, stay still. There is a lot to explain and I don't want you to hurt yourself trying to rush away." She complied, fearful of what he may do to her.

He sat in the chair beside her bed and sighed, telling her "you were attacked and hurt, I saved you. I was hurt and in the ensuing chaos our blood mixed. You became part of me and I became part of you. I can't explain it to you just yet but you are now my daughter, my offspring."

She looked down at herself and gasped in shock. She saw two mounds of flesh that she had longed to have for years pointed out from her chest. She looked further and saw there was no bulge in the sheets where her heated penis and testicles lay, just the outline of her legs.

She moved and noticed her hair was much longer and colored to match his own black hair. She felt it and it was light to the touch with a little bit of body. He handed her a mirror and she saw the face of a stranger staring back, one with subtle hints of her old self but strongly resembling the man in front of her.

The man sighed again and admitted "you were transformed when our blood touched. Your body became that of what my daughter would be. You are physically my daughter, the old you was rewritten to make you in my image. Why you are female I cannot say as they will be upset but you are 100% female inside and out."

He handed her clothes to wear then left the room, allowing her to dress herself. She stood up and marveled at her new body and burst into tears at seeing her new vagina showing the hint of puberty while cupping her new breasts. It was a dream come true, she didn't understand how it happened but it happened and she was now complete.

She felt her body. It was cool to the touch but warmth exuded when she realized she was cold. It was different yet the same, she didn't know why but she knew it was different than before. The female genitals wasn't the only change in her, she felt like a whole new person but couldn't explain how.

She noticed that her skin was lighter than it was before, almost alabaster but with a touch of redness from her finger impressions as she groped herself. All freckles and scars were gone, in fact the only color on her skin was her nipples and areolas and the faint public hairs. She grew concerned but knew he'd explain it to her, he said they were linked and she was his daughter now and seeing his skin he was as pale as her with no marks on his skin at all.

She got dressed in her new panties and bra, smiling as she put on both while feeling relieved that they fit her perfectly. She had a dress laid out and it too caused her to be giddy as it was beautiful, a classic design that she had seen in countless magazines and pictures. Finally she brushed her hair with the brushes provided then added the barrettes to her hair to pin them back out of her eyes and ears.

She walked out with a huge smile, almost floating downstairs. In fact, she was actually floating! She never noticed it but her glee caused her to lift off the floor and move down to where the man was sitting without making a sound.

He turned and smiled at her. She was beautiful, the spitting image of his own mother with his father's own features subtly showing in some places. He offered her a hug as tears streamed down his face, the years of loneliness and isolation starting to evaporate as the young girl had given him a special feeling that he had not had in years.

She sat down next to him and awaited his explanation. The man finally pulled himself together and offered a warm "I am Mathias Sangue. I was born centuries ago to a nymph and a vampire, the rare offspring of two magical beings. I know you don't believe me but it is the truth."

She grew scared at hearing "vampire". Mathias shook his head and added "the fact that my father was a vampire is not what you think. I am not a blood sucker, I am an essence drinker. My mother imbued in me the spirit of nature which makes me partake of the essence of vegetation rather than the life force of animals. I don't drink blood, I eat raw vegetables and plants. It's why I live out here all alone, I am never for want as I grow everything I need for myself and now for us."

She looked down in shame but he smiled at her, warmly adding "your blood mixed with mine and forced my essence to become one with you. It's a rare occurrence, only special people can do that. I am an only child due to that, my siblings were 'normals' who moved on years ago and who have long since passed on. Being the only one to inherit the family's abilities I was isolated for years, nobody understanding me and unable to tell others about who I really was."

She felt herself want to cry. She understood what he meant. She softly mumbled "I was born a boy. I don't know why I am female now but I know what you felt. I'm sorry."

She cried for a bit as he smiled at her. She was feeling the effects of her change much more than she let on but seeing her face he knew she truly understood his life. She was transgender, he read about them and empathized with them but she was different- she was what she should have been, thanks to an accident.

Mathias continued "my mother and father have since passed on. Even being magical beings they could not withstand the ravages of the wild and other magical beings. I lost them 200 years ago and was left to my own devices, living here and owning this vast amount of land. I own the mountains behind the mansion, the lake, most of the river, thousands of acres on the other side of the road, and large tracts of land in the nearby town. I built up a huge fortune that I keep safe through multiple banks and businesses that I am a silent investor in. You will never be for want, I have everything here and will gladly give it you, my daughter. My darling daughter."

She was in tears now. He called her his daughter. She smiled up at him and happily admitted "my name is Violet. I have always wanted someone to call me their daughter. You don't know how happy you have made me hearing you call me that. I don't care about what you are, I just wanted to be myself and you allowed me to do that! Thank you!"

She hugged him tight. This wasn't her hormones talking, this was all Violet. Her true feelings were out, she accepted the situation and admitted her deepest desire to him and loved the outcome.

Calming herself, she asked warmly "what will happen to me? I feel so different and nobody will believe that I changed. I don't even look like my old self. What is going to happen?"

She was growing concerned as the realization sunk in. Mathias just smiled and confessed "I'll alert the mages, they will be able to help us out. You are truly my daughter, you were meant to become one with me and they will agree to help. I am owed sever dozen favors for producing herbs and other things to them for their spells as well as allowing them to congregate together without interruption or fear of witch and other evil attack."

Hugging her tight, he kissed her forehead and let her calm herself. He then offered a somber "since we are plant eaters we can no longer eat meat. It makes us sick and raw meat itself can cause us to become violently ill. The good news is you will never get sick by normal means, will age slowly, heal quickly, and have strength beyond the strongest human. You can outrun cars and jump higher than trees. And you can levitate, which you unintentionally did as you came downstairs."

She blushed, Violet hadn't thought about what she did but it felt right. He smiled and added "you can transform into animals, in fact you must do that occasionally or you may be trapped as one and lose your humanity. I prefer to transform into a bird or a beaver but you can become anything so long as you know what it looks like. It doesn't work on becoming other people, your new nymph essence won't allow that."

She smiled at that, letting herself feel the essence of a bunny then focusing her concentration on becoming a bunny and quickly shrinking in size to become one. She hopped around in happiness then changed back, with her dress and shoes still on her body and a smile still on her face. Mathias just smiled, it was the same reaction he had when he was a child and was the best possible reaction she could have had to the change.

She spent the next hour becoming various animals with Mathias showing her his own change to assure her that she was not alone. Eventually he had her stop and explained in a concerned tone "you are most vulnerable while an animal. You can be killed by normal means. This means you must focus on all around you and listen for the telltale signs of being stalked and hunted. Wolves are the worst enemy of you, be careful outside."

Finally Mathias steeled himself and admitted "you will be visited by several people. One is an oracle, you know her already. She is responsible for your being here as she foresaw your struggle and change. One is a god. He is upset at losing you to the nymphs. He felt that as a male in body you should be a satyr like him. Finally one is a goddess. She knows your plight and was responsible for winning your right to become fully female. She cares for your wellbeing and believes you are what we need to protect our land and the lands beyond. Please be open to them, they deserve your respect."

Mathias took her to the kitchen and showed her his refrigerator stocked with multiple fruits and vegetables. She was told to eat, she was hungry and would need the essence. She sat down and bit into the potatoes laid out in front of her, savoring their taste without realizing they were raw and still had dirt on them.

Mathias did the same to show his support to her. The two ate several each with Violet realizing that she had felt amazing strength once the food entered her body. Mathias nodded to her, adding a happy "you never have to cook again, you can eat any leaf and get nourishment. Even poisonous plants are edible and won't harm you, it's also why I have them cultivated along the road and around the perimeter. People know there is a lot of them here and avoid it because of the density of them making it a terrible place to hunt."

She understood. He added a snicker and quick "you don't defecate, so you will never have to poop. As disgusting as it may seem, you actually need to take mud baths in our special room in the basement which both feeds you as well as gives back nutrients to the soil. It's more to keep us in tune with our environment but also allows mother nature to have back what we don't need. We are actually just shedding dead skin but it's in the form of mineral deposits. If we didn't we would harden up and become stone, we wouldn't die but we would be still until the house collapsed and we were able to finally expel our excess minerals."

She giggled at hearing that, adding "you can just call it our spa, it's supposed to be good for the skin but I guess it literally is!" He had to laugh at that, she had the right attitude and took the revelations in stride. Violet went up to her room and explore her new wardrobe more closely. It was a small thing to do but to Mathias, it was the sign that she was finally accepting her life.

She went to bed early after that, sleeping for several hours but awakening while still pitch black outside. Mathias was still awake, as if waiting for her to awaken. He smile at her, offering her a hug and kiss which she gladly accepted.

Mathias looked out at the starry night and proclaimed "you won't need much sleep, just an hour or two a night if we are exhausted but we are able to rest during the day which allows our bodies to regenerate. If you are injured it will take more sleep to heal but otherwise you will be fine with two hours a night. There is one benefit, you can use the night to transform and commune with nature. I would rather you enjoyed your freedom than try to adhere to old rituals that no longer pertain to you."

She asked about entertainment, getting a smile and nod followed by a soft "I have a television, it's in the entertainment room. I don't use it but I have guests frequently who use it and who often need the distraction. Please don't badger them when the are here, they like their privacy and keep to themselves. Often it's a delicate situation and we have to deal with potential threats that they are feeling the effects from encountering."

She grew scared and concerned, he simply added "this is a place of sanctuary. By decree and mutual agreement my family's holdings are all neutral grounds. Anyone breaking the decree pays a hefty punishment, from banishment to death. It is serious and my home is seen as a place of sanctuary for those who need it. It's not a shelter, rather it's a last resort while family and friends get help."

Mathias ushered her outside and transformed into a snake, telling Violet to do the same. They slithered across the meadow behind the mansion and into the tall grass, meeting several smaller snakes who greeted Violet with nods and tongue flicks. The two joined them for a hunt, with Violet enjoying the interaction of Mathias and the snake's leader.

After a while the two bid their partners goodbye. Mathias smiled and explained "they are young beithirs, they haven't grown their legs yet but are close. They live in the grasslands next to the meadow and feed on rats and mice in town. They are some of the creatures that live on our land, they called me to meet you and see if it was true that you were a kid like them."

Violet smiled at that, with Mathias adding "you aren't the only new magical being. There's a lovely young unicorn and a new mage's protector. They are great kids, but a little older than you. Maybe you will meet them, I am meeting the council in a few days and you could use some company."

She smiled and blurted out "a real unicorn? and mages? Wow! I can't believe I get to meet them!" Mathias smiled a that, she was more accepting than he expected but her heart was pure and her emotion is one born out of longing for friendship and accepting of those who were different like she was.

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