Watching MTV pt.2: Laura's Birthday

From that day when I was crossdressed as Kylie Minogue to now, there have happened too many things with the three of us. I became a little bit more outgoing, maybe not at school or at home, but at Steph’s and Laura’s house I was outgoing, they began to use me as their guinea pig for testing makeup looks, and by their suggestion I began to let my hair grow because they said it would look more cool like Tyson Ritter’s, yet I knew they wanted me to have longer hair to test hairstyles too.

Me and Steph began dating after kissing each other to complete the full circle between the 3 of us, or that was what Steph said when she asked me to kiss her, and we continued making out several other times, until Laura pushed us to give it a try as a relationship.

We were surprised that she was ok with us two being a couple, since we still thought that she had a crush on both of us, and we both had made out with her two a few more times after those first kisses, yet it wasn’t the same with her, there was something more between us, and that’s how we started to grow closer to each other.

It was the summer vacation and Laura’s birthday was coming she was the oldest of us, she was turning 17, and we didn’t know what to expect from her upcoming party, she was going to invite people from her school and we didn’t knew much about them, Steph attended an all girls school and had many friends there, but besides me and family members she didn’t knew many boys, and even though I did attended a mixed school, I didn’t talked much there and tried to stay away from any social interaction, this was going to be a huge thing for us, and we knew that i was a bigger deal for Laura.

We were doing a sleepover at Laura’s house the night before her party, it was our own private party before the big one, and also this night were MTV’s Video Music Awards, so we had them as an excuse for the sleepover, commercials were playing on TV before the show started when I finally asked Laura

“So how many people is coming tomorrow?” Steph had forced me to get intel about the party, and this was me finally starting to ask questions after several mean looks for her.

“Maybe 15 or 20, I’m not sure” She said not thinking much about it

“And is she coming?” As I asked this I wanted to run away from there as fast as possible, I knew it was a sensitive subject. I was talking about Jessica(Jess) the girl we knew Laura had a crush with.

She turned to look at Steph with a cold look.
“Really? You send him to ask the tough questions?” It was apparently obvious that if it was for me I would have never asked about it

“Well you haven’t updated us on anything, it’s like you’re planning to get us killed at your party or something, why aren’t you telling us what’s the plan?” Steph was now exploding with all her questions, guesses and theories “Are your parents going to let us drink?, Are there coming many boys?, Is she really ugly and you’re scared will judge you?”

I knew this was between them so I stood up, to leave the room for a soda

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Laura “You’re not leaving me here with her like this”

I laughed “You know this is between you two, I don’t want any of your drama, so if you want anything from the kitchen I’m going for a soda”

Steph gave me a mean look as trying to shoot lasers from her eyes “Bring sodas for us and popcorn, my dear”

Laura couldn’t hold herself laughing “Hurry, before she kills you”

I left and I could still hear Laura screaming “Run for your life dear, it’s too late for me”

When I entered the kitchen there was Sarah, Laura’s older sister, she was filling a bowl with popcorn

“Alex, so nice to see you here” She said smiling, she was always sweet to me, and mean to Laura and Steph

“Oh, hi Sarah, thought you were at the beach”

“I was, I came back today, my parents want me to babysit at tomorrow’s party, and they’re staying at the beach house tomorrow” she complained “They would have never been so open to a party like this when I was your age, she’s clearly their favorite”

I laughed, as I gathered the sodas for me and the girls

“So they sent you to get their snacks?, Are you their slave or what?” she said as she helped me close the fridge “Don’t let them treat you like that”

“They were starting to argue, so I left to save myself”

“Oh well, it’s ok if that’s the case” she said while she put her hand on my shoulder “You’re a smart boy, not like the losers I always date”

I blushed “Thanks, I guess”
“Don’t blush, you are, and you’re also very handsome, I like how your hair is looking now” and she moved her hand from my shoulder to my hair, caressing it.

“I’m jealous of that girl for being with you, you know?, If I was your age I would steal you” she was now getting closer to me, and talking with a softer voice

“ALEX IT’S ABOUT TO START!” Laura shouted

“I got to go” I said hurrying, thanking Laura for giving me a cue to leave this awkward situation.

“Don’t you forget something?” asked Sarah as I was about to leave. I turned back and she handed me her popcorn bowl “Take them, I’ll make more for me”

“Oh thanks” and I left almost running. She always enjoyed teasing me

I entered the room and they were now super friendly with each other, it seemed everything had been discussed, since now Laura was helping Steph do her right hand nails.

“Good! you’re back!” said Steph “Come sit next to me, I’m sorry for getting mad”

“Don’t worry, It was better to leave than to interrogate Laura”

I sat next to Steph who turned and gave me a kiss and hugged me

“Aww you’re so cute” said Laura

“Oh stop it!” said Steph to Laura as she broke the kiss “Now there is no secrecy, dear, she has told me everything”

I laughed “Ok, that’s great, you girls are crazy”

“What do you mean you girls” asked Laura “You’re one of us, silly”

We laughed and the program started, the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, as the first notes of the song began to play Steph shouted “Oh my god, it’s Like a Virgin from Madonna my queen!” she was super excited, and then lost it when it was Britney Spears who was going to sing, while wearing a wedding dress, it was everything Steph liked

“This is too much for me” She screamed, Laura and I looked at each other and laughed

And then came out Christina and she was getting more and more excited, for me it was meh, I mean it wasn't awful, but I wasn’t that much into Madonna songs and wedding dresses.

“I want to get married in a dress like those ones” Steph continued praising the performance as Christina and Britney were rolling in the floor

It seemed to be over, when Madonna came out of the wedding cake scenery dressed as a groom

“My god, she looks really hot” said Laura

“She does!” Steph and I said at the same time.

There was something with red lips that I liked a lot, and to top it, the feminized men’s suit she was wearing, It was all amazing, we watched enjoying every second of it

“We have to learn that choreography” said Steph. We just laughed, knowing neither Laura or I would even bother at trying.

Then the big moment came, Madonna was kissing Britney, we all screamed in excitement, this was the kind of stuff that we now enjoyed watching, then she kissed Christina, we were amazed, and suddenly Missy Elliott came out, it too much stuff happening for us to process, and in a second, or what seemed like one, it was over

“That was so us” Steph said

We cracked laughing now, it was too much

“But I mean, It’s true, it’s like either one of you could be Madonna, in the middle of the other two” added Steph

“Well why couldn’t you be Madonna?” asked Laura “You have kissed the two of us too”

“Yes, but you did it first”

“So then only Laura can be Madonna” I added “Since she was the one that kissed us two that first time”

“You indeed have a point” said Steph, and then all excited added “Then you’re Britney, love!”

Laura bursted laughing “Your favorite one”

She was referring to the fact that I didn’t like Britney because she was too girly and had always refused for them to try her makeup looks on me.

“Come on Alex, let me give you a Britney look” said Steph in a begging voice

I just threw myself back into the pillows and closed my eyes knowing there was no way out of it this time

“Ok” I said

“This is the best birthday present ever Alex” she said with a smirk
By that moment Steph was already searching Laura’s closet for clothes

“You know she has it already planned out, right?” said Laura as she was bringing her makeup case to the bed

“Of course she has, probably she has every Britney look planned out for me already” I said surrendering to my fate

“Oh stop whining!” Steph said as she came with a bunch of clothes “You totally want to do this, but won’t admit it, I know you Alexander Samuel Miranda”

Laura was having the time of her life laughing at me, she also enjoyed a lot when Steph called me by my soap opera name as she referred to my full name

“I really don’t, I’m doing it so you will stop asking me to”

I really didn’t wanted, I was now more into the less pink frilly girl looks when it came to me trying makeup looks, as Amy Lee or Avril Lavigne, it was mostly eyeliner and not much else most of the times, and Britney implied girlier clothes and makeup.

“Ok whatever” she said handing me the clothes “I picked a look with jeans so you wouldn’t complain that much”

“Which one?” I asked while looking at the white blouse that came with the clothes

“The most appropriate for your predicament” she said starting to laugh “as you’re not a girl and not yet a woman

Laura and Steph just laughed at this.

Before I went to change, Laura started to paint my fingernails in a coral pink shade, I was amazed that they even remembered the nail color Britney was wearing in the video. While Laura was doing my nails, Steph was doing her makeup as Christina Aguilera, at that moment Sarah came to the room and saw Laura doing my nails

“What the hell?” she said

“What do you want?” Laura asked at her

“Mom wants you kids to sleep early today, so that tomorrow we can have breakfast together”

“We’ll be at the breakfast table before any of you” added Laura “Now go away”

“Why do you let them do this to you Alex?”

I didn’t know what to answer
“Again, kiddo, are you their slave or their friend?” said Sarah while putting her hands on her waist

“He’s neither my slave or my friend, he’s my boyfriend and he does it because it’s fun, and it’s none of your business” snapped Laura at her

This was the first time I saw her confront Sarah, who I knew she didn’t like that much

“Silly girl” she said turning her back at her “She doesn’t deserve you Alex!” Sarah said as she left the room

“Ugh I hate her!” Laura said “I’m sorry girls”

“Don’t be, we know she’s a bitch” answered Steph “You don’t think you’re my slave do you?” she asked as she came sit next to me

“Of course I don’t” I answered

“Good” said Laura “Because you’re nails are finished and would hate it if you had a breakdown against this”

I laughed, we agreed to just leave the makeup stuff for another day, and just talk about the party and sleep. And that’s what we did, Steph and Laura removed their makeup while I changed into my pj’s, they had changed too.

They were sleeping on Laura’s bed and I was on sleeping bag in the floor, we chatted for a while, but the sleep defeated us.

The next day began pretty simple, we had banana pancakes with Laura’s family, we all sang happy birthday, they gave her a lot of gift boxed, and gave instructions to Sarah as they were leaving.

“Behave kids, we’ll be calling you later” Laura’s mom said as she stood in the door about to leave

“Don’t call them later, call them by their names!” Laura’s dad said as he came for his wife who was taking a lot of time saying goodbye’s

“Your jokes get worst every day dad” Laura said as she closed the door on them

“Only thing I can agree with you” added Sarah, and as the car started leaving she added “Now kids I’m the boss, so start treating me with respect or I won’t be buying you the booze”

“You’re buying alcohol for the party?!” Steph asked excited

“Yes, but maybe not for you”

I laughed at the comment, Sarah turned to me

“For you, I’ll buy everything you want handsome” Sarah added

I blushed, and Steph punched my arm

“It’s going to be enough for everyone, stop messing with them Sarah” Laura added as she started going upstairs to her room, we followed her

“I’m going to the store now, Laura” Sarah shouted at her

“Ok” Laura shouted back

“Bye lover” Sarah said and blowed me a kiss

Steph was red with anger “I can’t believe her”

“You know she’s just messing with you, don’t you” Sarah said as she jumped to her bed

“I know, but it still makes me lose it” Steph said while putting her arms around me and hugging me so tightly I thought I was going to puke all the breakfast “You think she’s ugly right?”

“Yes, I do, but please let me breath” I hummed as if I was about to lose all my breath

She laughed and gave me a kiss “You’re a clown”

I went to my house to eat with my parents and so did Steph, we came back at around 6 to Laura’s house which now had the floor filled with balloons music was already playing (Sean Paul - Get Busy) and there was a table full of liquor and sodas

“Wow you really went big for tonight, don’t you?” I said, I really hadn’t bothered to ask much about the party after I left the room last night for them to discuss, now that I think of it I didn’t even understood the secrecy Laura kept about the party

“So how many people is coming” I asked as last night

“Around 20” Steph replied this time

“And is she coming?” I continued

“She has to come!” Steph answered again

“And what about the boys? And is she ugly?”
Laura started laughing

“There are some boys and some girls coming, kinda half and half, and they’re cool and you have nothing to worry about”

“Well we have to make sure you end up with Jess, and we have somewhat of a plan” pointed Steph

“No, you don’t, you only have to make sure you have fun” Laura pointed at her

“Oh I’m sure I will” said Steph smiling

“And I’m sure I won’t”

They both gave me worried looks, It was as if for a moment they had forgotten that I had never been good at socializing, all my social skills were spent on them and there wasn’t much left

“I know you don’t like mixing with other people” started saying Steph

“And specially that you’re not a guy’s guy” continued Laura

“And that’s ok, I mean, I don’t like many boys, mostly I like you, and that’s it” Steph added quickly

“And if you’re really scared we might have a solution”

This began to sound weird to me

“We have noticed that you’re a little bit more outgoing when you’re one of us” said Steph

“What do you mean?” I was getting an idea of what they meant “I’m one of us right now”

“You know what we mean” said Laura “We talked about it yesterday while you left the room”

“And we both think it might be a good way for you to mix in” said Steph getting closer to me “This way you can be free, they won’t meet Alex, they’ll meet your alter ego female Alex”

I was terrified at the idea, but it kinda made sense, did it?

“But won’t it be worse if they find out I’m really a boy?”

“They won’t, we have seen you before, and we will be adding a couple more stuff so that you look perfect” said Steph getting excited

So it was already decided for me, they had everything planned out without me knowing. The sent me to the bathroom where a filled tub and a depilatory cream tube were waiting for me, I followed the bottle instructions, when I came out I wore the underwear they had left there for me, they were matching black, and bra was already padded.

I came out with a towel wrapped around my half-naked body, the tv was on, playing “Christina Aguilera - Can’t hold us down”. They already were dressed and made up, they looked great, Steph was in a short dark blue dress and blue heels, she had a beautiful necklace that matched her cascading earrings, she had curled her dark hair which fell perfectly on her arms, she had red lips and a simple winged line above her eyes, Laura was wearing a black leather halter top with matching pants they were so tight it was amazing to look, every part of her great figure was being complemented by this look, she had braided her thick brown hair to one side, and was rocking smokey eyes with a subtle pink gloss, she looked like a rockstar.

I was standing with my mouth open, half-naked, in front of them

“So what do you think?” asked Steph

“You look great, both of you” I said still amazed at their looks

“Well, practice has made perfect doesn’t it?” said Laura “Now let’s get you ready”

They had me drop the towel and made giggled at how I was wearing nothing but a bra and panties, then they gave what seemed to be the outfit that was between both of theirs, a silver halter dress that I couldn’t manage to put on myself as it was too tight, Steph helped me get into it.

“You already look gorgeous and we’re not even finished” said Laura while she admired me

They had me sit on the bed and then Steph was about to start when she asked me to close my eyes, and I didn’t understood why since she was only beginning and wouldn't be doing my eyes first, she never did, anyway I closed my eyes

“This may hurt” I heard Laura said as she pierced my ear

“Ouch! What the hell?!” I opened my eyes and saw their scared faces looking back at me

“Sorry?” said Laura

“We needed to do it, dear, please don’t get mad”

I didn’t knew what to say, I was mad but not because the piercing, but for not being told

“Go on, continue” I finally said “Just please no more secrets, I rather be prepared for the pain”

“Then you must know that we also got hair extensions for you” said Steph

“Those don’t hurt” quickly added Laura

“My god, why do I do this?” I said outloud

“Because you love us” said Steph as she came close to give me a kiss “Now, close your eyes again, we are still missing an ear”

“Why do I have to close my eyes if I already know what you’re doing”

“It kinda helps with the pain” said Laura as her hand came rushing to pierce my ear

I should have closed my eyes, it did kinda helped.

They placed hoop earrings on my lobes, and then they started applying extensions to my hair, as they finished they started with my makeup now for real, Laura had put my now long hair in a tail so that Steph could apply foundation, and right at this moment Sarah came in

“Don’t you know how to knock?” Laura complained

“You left the music playing while no one’s downstairs, and your guests should be arriving at any moment, so hurry” She said as she seemed to have missed me, she was about to leave when she turned back

“Alex?” she looked puzzled, then amazed “My god! you’re totally a girl now”

She came closer to see me


“I really don’t get why you do this, but you are cute as both a girl or a boy, you will surely break boys hearts tonight” She laughed and left the room.

I was in shock

“She recognized me, everyone will know I’m a boy” I started mumbling

“Don’t be silly” Steph said “They won’t”

“But she did”

“She figured it out because you’re the only one that was missing, and she know you, my friends have never seen you before” added Laura

“Yes, don’t let her ruin this Alex, we’re almost done, and she’s right, people should be arriving..”

The doorbell rang as she was finishing her sentence. This made Laura start to panic

“What if is her? What I’m going to do” she stood up and started walking in circles “ She can’t see me like this, I’m still not ready”

“What are you talking about?, I’m the one who’s not ready” I said trying to calm her

Was their plan working? Was I already being more outgoing?

“Alex is right, calm down Laura” said Steph while stopping her hand that was about destroy her hair in her frenzy “You don’t want to mess all our work, do we?”

Laura took a deep breath “You’re right, I’m going” she said determined

“No, you’re not” said Steph “You’re helping Alex with her makeup while you calm down, and I’m going to receive your guests”

Steph left the room, and then it was only me and Laura

“So how do you want your lips?” she asked

“Didn’t you had everything already planned out?”

“Oh yes, sure” she said while going through all the lipsticks, she picked one and started applying it, she was like in trance or something, then she finished my eyes, let my hair loose and said “You’re the prettiest one tonight”

She gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned to her closet, she took out a pair of black ankle boots with a tall heel and gave them to me

“Put this on and you’re ready to break hearts”

I was finished, she took a deep breath and smiled, it seemed she was now out of her trance

“We’re ready girl, thanks for being so cool about this” Laura said to me “I would not be able to handle this night without you here”

And then there we were, I was being introduced as another girl to everyone, I chatted with every single boy and girl there, me and Steph were introduced to Jess, she wasn’t ugly, she was a hot tomboy girl, the perfect girl for Laura. “50 Cent - In da Club” was playing.

Everything happened very quickly in my mind, suddenly I was a little bit tipsy and making me another drink when I felt a hand on my waist

“So you’re Laura’s best friend?” it was Charlie, a boy I had been introduced to earlier, he was a tall strong guy, he definitely was what you would consider a hot guy

I looked back at him “Yes I am, why would you ask me something we both know you already knew”

He laughed “I wanted an excuse to talk again with you, you’re pretty, and Laura told me you’re single”

I was confused by that, then I tried to find Steph, between all the people, she was in the couch with another guy, also very hot, and she had her hand on his leg, it seemed she was flirting with him

“Yes I am” I answered immediately after seeing that scene “I suppose you’re too”

I said while putting my hand on his arm, he smiled and blushed as I came closer

“It’s time for spin the bottle everybody!” shouted Steph suddenly

And everyone that was left here gathered in a circle on the floor, it seemed as if Steph had somewhat arranged everyone’s position on the circle, as she directed every person to a spot, even sitting me next to Charlie

“Ok so it’s very simple, you have to kiss whoever the bottle points to” Steph explained “Even if it is a girl kissing girl and same thing with boy”

“No way I’m kissing a boy” Charlie argued

That made me giggle, and my giggle made Steph give me an angry look

“It’s just a game, cutie, no one will care” I said to him while holding his arm again

Now both Steph and Laura were looking angrily at me

“Yes it’s just a game” added Laura who seemed nervous “No one cares”

So Steph began by spinning the bottle, and what are the odds, landed on me

“So you’ll do it?” Charlie asked excitedly

“Of course she will, it’s just a game” Laura said

I could notice that not only Charlie was amused by the idea, almost all the boys were getting excited just by looking at us before anything happened, but who seemed more intrigued in the circle was Jess, who couldn’t take her eyes out of me

“Let’s do it, I don’t care” I said

“That’s my girl” Steph said, and seemed to regret her choice of words immediately, so she just rushed to me and planted a great kiss on my mouth, I had no choice but to continue it

I could hear everyone was going crazy cheering for us, especially Charlie. When we finally broke the kiss everyone seemed puzzled

“That was really hot” said Jess outloud, she probably didn’t intended to because she turned red at the moment

“So are you lesbos or something” Charlie asked

“No we’re not” said Steph “We’re friends without fear to try new things”

We was amazed, you could notice his head was about to explode, and probably also the bulge in his pants, that made me laugh.

So we were back in the game, Charllie kissed a girl next to Steph, some other people shared kisses too, and then the hot guy that was with Steph earlier (Adam) got his bottle pointing at Charlie.

“No way, man!” Charlie said “Kiss her instead, it’s almost pointing at her”

He was referring to me, “No, no! You heard the rules, and you didn’t complained when we kissed, so you have to do it guys”

“Fuck!” Charlie exclaimed

“If you like the kiss, of course you can fuck too” I quickly added, everyone laughed at the idea

“Thought you were on my side” Charlie argued to me

“Kiss the boy and I’ll kiss you” I said without giving it a thorough thought.

“You don’t have to do that!” Steph shouted “He has to kiss him anyway”

Adam seemed to be getting really nervous, he stood up suddenly and walked towards us, he kneeled in front of Charlie

“Man up, it’s no big deal” and as he said this, he went directly for the kiss
This one looked very sloppy, yet it was kinda appealing to see, and it seemed that Charlie was starting to enjoy it, everyone felt silent it seemed they could not believe this was happening, suddenly Charlie pushed Adam to break the kiss. Adam was pale staring directly at Charlie, who by that moment turned towards me and started to kiss me, and out of nowhere came Steph to break us apart

“Ok, ok, we get that you’re horny, but let’s continue the game” said Steph kinda annoyed at the situation, for me it was funny that he thought he was now kissing a girl, yet he was just kissing more boys

“Needed to get a real kiss” said Charlie

“Well your kiss with Adam seemed very real to me” said Laura laughing “You seemed to enjoy it”

“Leave it” Adam said to Laura, with an annoyed look

“This is stupid” Charlie said and stood up “Want to come with me?”

He was looking at me

“Oh, uhmm, no?” I said

“No, she doesn’t, stop making a big deal about it man” Adam shouted

“Fuck this” Charlie said and left

Laura gave a sad look to Adam, now it started to make sense to me, I was so clueless to this stuff. The game went on, and only a couple of turns after, it happened, Jess had to kiss Laura, Steph couldn’t hide her excitement

“What are you waiting, don’t just stare!” Steph shouted

“It does is kinda silly” Laura said “You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to”

Steph rolled her eyes at hearing this. Jess was mute with a puzzled face, she came closer to Laura very slowly

“Are you sure?” Laura asked now getting closer to Jess

“I am” Jess said and with that began to kiss her

It was the cutest, sweetest kiss I had ever seen, you could tell there was some story behind this, surely Steph knew every detail, and I was left only with the fact that Laura had a crush. They continued that cute kiss with everyone watching in awe

“What is this freak show?!”

Sarah had just came into this room and watched the scene.

Laura immediately broke the kiss, leaving Jess hanging in the same position she was. Hell was about to break loose, and Steph and I tried our best to stop it.

“Uhm, so let’s all go get drinks!” said Steph trying to avoid direct conflict with Sarah

“Oh no, no one is drinking anymore” Sarah said

“Sarah it was just a game” I finally said, standing in front of her

“The same game that got you dressed like that?!” Sarah shouted “Are you all faggots or what?”

Sarah turned to Jess “Are you her lesbian lover or what?” she was getting really mad

Laura bursted in tears and ran to her room, everyone seemed so confused, Steph started escorting them out of the house

“Hey, that was rude, she’s your sister, would you really hate her if this was more than a game?” I said, I don’t know where the courage to speak like this came from

“What are you saying?” She clearly knew “Is it true? She’s a lesbo?”

“That is something you should ask her, not me” I replied “And don’t do it like this, be nice to her”

I was reprimanding the meanest girl I knew, and was doing it while dressed as a girl, incredible.

She turned away from me and went to her room. As the room was left I noticed the music was still playing, I had stopped paying attention to it.

“On and on, reckless abandon
Something's wrong, this is gonna shock them
Nothing to hold on to
We'll use this song to lead you on” - Blink 182 - Reckless Abandon

“So? what now?” Steph said, she apparently was now standing behind me

“Now we leave”

And so we left to my house, we got there and just fell immediately to the bed, dressed as we were we fell asleep.

Second story, I’m mixing many memories from different moments, some real and some as I hope they had happened, and all of course is being fictionalized to make a little more sense than real life does. Thanks for reading, and please leave your feedback, since I’m new at this and want to read your comments.Also I want to know what do you think about the music choices, have you been clicking on the links to hear the songs while reading the story? That’s the soundtrack from my youth :)

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