The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 2

Ginny wipes the sweat from her eyes as she adjusts the baseball cap she was wearing. She glances around her and wonders why she even volunteered to come here. To work at another junkyard and pull parts for the owner of it as a favor to Barney. She should have kept her mouth shut when Barney was asking for volunteers to come out here. The junkyard was out in the middle of nowhere and it was a hundred and ten degrees with no breeze. She had started work wearing a t-shirt with Barney’s logo on it, but as the day got hotter. She had taken it off and was just wearing her sports bra under her bib coveralls. She didn’t have much in the chest department. She wore a double AA bra and looked like one of the anime girls from one of the popular manga videos. The bib coveralls she wore to work in covered up her small chest. So, the only thing people saw was the sport’s bra strap anyway.

Ginny goes back to working and as the day drag on, she has to go further and further out into this guy’s property for parts that people were looking for. She had been warned about rattle snakes and a few other snakes she would have to be careful about. As she is walking around looking for the car she had been sent out to pull parts from, she got an uneasy feeling that someone or something was watching her. She just shakes it off as she finds the car she was looking for and goes to work removing the part. She knew it was going to take her a while to remove it.

As she is working, she drops her ratchet on the ground. As she bends down to retrieve it, she hears growling coming from behind her. She stands up and turns around to see a coyote/wolf hybrid standing behind her. She had seen one before, but never this close to her or this angry looking either. It looked to have rabies. Its eyes were red and was growling at her. It had saliva drooling out of its mouth and looked monstrous in the face. She slowly steps back away from it.

It lunges at her and knocks her on the ground on her back and tries to bite her. Ginny puts her arms up to protect her throat. It sinks it teeth into her arm and bites her several times before releasing and tries again for her throat. Ginny gets her feet under the animal and kick it off her. She scrambles to get up off the ground. As she stands up and starts running, she could hear it coming for her. She spots a pipe and grabs it. Just as she turns around to protect herself, the coyote/wolf hybrid lunges at her. She uses the pipe like a baseball bat and swings. The pipe connects with the coyote/wolf hybrid in the head. Ginny hears the skull crack as the coyote/wolf hybrid drops to the ground before her. She drops the pipe and runs as fast as she can back towards the main office of the junkyard.

As she approaches the main office, she spots some of the guys she works with and falls to the ground several feet away from them. She was burning up and felt sick to her stomach. She felt like her skin was on fire. She was barely aware as someone picked her up off the ground and carried her over to the office trailer. Ginny felt as she was placed in a chair and someone touching her wounded arm. She felt the warm water as they cleaned the blood away from the wound.

“Ginny, Ginny what attacked you?” Jose had seen Ginny collapse to the ground when he spotted her running towards him and the other guys.

He had spotted blood on her left arm as he carefully picked her up off the ground and carried her inside the office. One of the other guys had gotten a chair for him to set her down in.

“It looks like she has been mauled by a dog or something, Jose.” Robert was cleaning up Ginny’s wounded arm with water from his spare bottle water. He had taken off his bandanna and wet it down with the water and was cleaning her wounded left arm.

Jose looks over at Ginny’s arm and couldn’t believe how mauled it looked. He checks her. She was barely responsive.

“We need to get her to the hospital. She is burning up.” Jose had placed his hand on her forehead to check her temperature.

Marshall looks at the young girl and the guys surrounding her. They had been sent out by Barney to help him pull parts out of his yard for a rich client. They were waiting on the part that the girl had been sent out to pull.

“It will take the paramedics too long to get here. There’s an old bathroom tub out in the yard. Go and get that. We can fill it with water and ice from the ice machine and bring her temperature down.” Marshall figured there should be enough ice in the old hotel ice machine he had fixed and kept around for himself and the guys that worked for him.

“I’m on it.” Jose had seen it earlier today while looking for parts. He and Todd run out to the yard to fetch it.

“We need a first aid kit. Do you have one?” Robert looks at Marshall.

“Yes, right here.” He hand an old looking one that should work.

Robert looks around in the office to see if there was anything else he could use on her wounds.

Ginny could hear everything going on around her, but when she tried to watch what was happening to her. It all appeared blurry to her sight.
Her insides felt like they were on fire like her skin felt. Ginny leans her head back against the head rest on the back of the chair and rolls her head towards the right side. Her head felt so lightheaded and she was sick to her stomach. She could barely make out Marshall’s features. Ginny felt her wounded arm again and smelled something familiar as she felt it touched her arm where the wound was.

Robert had spotted some superglue sitting on Marshall’s desk and had grabbed it. He had seen it used once to close a wound. He figures he could use it to close some of Ginny’s wound that would require stitches to close. He opens it and starts taking care of her wounds.

Marshall wonders what Robert was doing pouring superglue on the girl’s wound and pinching together the torn skin on either side of her wound. He watches as Robert holds the wound close as the super glue dries.

Jose and Todd had found the old fashion bathroom cast iron tub and carried it back to the main office. They use several rags to plug up the drain hole and got the water hose and were filling it up with water. They already knew where the ice machine was and used some semi-clean buckets to bring ice from it to the tub.

Once it starts filling, Todd heads inside to get Ginny.

“Bring her out. It’s filling now.”

Robert finishes the wrapping of her arm up and picks Ginny up out of the chair and carries her to the tub. Once Robert was at the tub, he lowers Ginny’s barely conscious body into the cold water.

Ginny was barely conscious when she felt herself picked up and carried over to the tub. She became instantly aware as her body was submerged into the ice cold water. She tried to lift herself out of tub.

“Hold her in. We need to bring her temperature down.” Robert grabs her injured arm, but carefully places his hand on either side of her wound.
Jose and Todd grab her.

Jose pushes down on Ginny shoulders, being careful not to push too hard. Todd holds her left arm down like Robert was doing. Marshall plunges his hands into the cold water and holds Ginny legs down, so the lower part of her body was submerge.

Ginny stops struggling and passes out. She was so tired and drifts off into nothingness.

Jose and Marshall feel Ginny’s body go limp as they release their grip on her.

“You can release her. She’s passed out.” Robert let’s go and looks at Ginny’s pasted out form.

“We better call Barney and let him know we won’t be coming back tonight.” Robert pulls out his cell phone and dials Barney’s number.

Marshall looks at the rest of the guys.

“Why don’t you two go back to where Ginny was and try to see what tore-up her arm and pull that part we need to ship the order off?” Marshall still needed to get these parts shipped off or this day would be wasted.

“I’m not going back there, unless I have a gun or something.” Jose didn’t want to be attack like Ginny had been.

“I have a rifle in the office. You can take that to protect yourself with.” Marshall figures he’ll stay up and keep an eye on the girl.

“Fine, where is it?” Todd starts walking towards the office to get it.

“Under the counter” Marshall watches as Todd goes into the office.

Robert had been on the phone with Barney letting him know what was happening. So far Barney wasn’t happy hearing what happened to Ginny. Robert knew Barney thought of Ginny like a daughter. He had told Robert that he would pick-up the tab for them staying there tonight and when they were able to travel, to go ahead and bring Ginny back to her place. Robert finishes his call with Barney and informs Marshall they were going to stay the night. Afterwards, he walks over to check on Ginny’s unconscious form. She was totally out of it and her temperature had gone down some. He figures by morning, her temperature would have broken. He soaks another bandanna he had with him and places it on her forehead. He dribbles some water onto her face and lips.

“We got the part and saw what attacked her. It was a bloody coyote/wolf hybrid. She cracked the head of it open with a cast iron pipe.” Jose sets the part down in the bin that they were using to put parts in that they pulled to be shipped off tomorrow.

“You should have seen it guys. This thing was huge. I’m surprised she managed to defend herself against it. I grabbed her t-shirt and tools while we were back there as well.” Todd sets down Ginny’s tool box and her t-shirt she had arrived in on top of the tool box.

“Well we’re staying the night, till she is able to travel.” Robert points over towards Ginny’s past out form.

“I better call my wife and let her know.” Jose pulls out his cell phone and calls his wife.

“Well, since I don’t have anyone to call. Why don’t I go and get us some food and beer?” Todd looks towards Robert and Marshall.

“I’ll come with you. Since you guys came out to help me, it will be my treat.” Marshall heads inside the office and grabs his keys.

“I’ll check on Ginny and see you two when you get back.” Robert walks over and checks on Ginny as he watches Marshall and Todd drive off in Marshall’s battered rust covered pick-up truck.

Robert checks Ginny again. He dips his bandanna back into the water and squeezes the excess water out and places it back on Ginny’s forehead. He dips his fingers in the water and let them drip on her face and lips. He turns one of the buckets that had been used to bring ice over to the tub upside down and sits on it near Ginny’s pasted out form. He was watching her as she slept in the tub. She looked so peaceful and young. Her skin was bright red from being out in the sun all day. Robert knew Ginny and her family background. He also knew she worked really hard to prove herself to everyone. Whenever he went to the bar that Ginny worked at on the weekend, he would look out for her.

Jose comes walking back from where he went to speak to his wife in private. He spots Robert over beside the tub watching over Ginny’s sleeping form.

“How is she doing, Robert?” Jose stands on the other side of the tub and looks down onto Ginny.

“She is so out of it. She hasn’t moved since she passed out.” There was a touch of concern in his voice.

Jose kneels by the tub and examines the wound on Ginny’s forearm.

He looks over at Robert “Man, I am surprised that the damage to her arm isn’t worse than it is now.”

“You have never seen Ginny fight before or play baseball. She has a mean swing and fast ball.” Robert dribbles some cold water onto Ginny’s forehead.

Robert hears the pick-up come driving up to the office about half an hour later. He gets up and walks over to greet and see what they brought back.

Afterwards, the rest of the guys make a make shift table and bring a few chairs over and get some more ice from the ice machine and put the beer and sodas they brought back with them in a cooler. They drink the night away after stuffing their face with ribs and barbecue. Robert checks on Ginny every once in a while to make sure she is still breathing and that her temperature has gone down.

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