On The Run Part 10

Lucas was having a hard time keeping his breakfast down during the storm they were experiencing. It had rolled in right after breakfast. They barely made it to the marina to dock. They were in South Carolina and docked at Charleston City Marina.

“Are you going to be okay Lucas?”

Sara was a little concern about her protector. They had spoken about changing her first name this morning at breakfast. Since she and Emma talked, she figured she should get a more feminine sounding name then Darit. She had searched the web for names she wanted to change her name to when she decided on Sara Ann Williams taking Emma’s last name as her own.

“I’ll be okay Dar, I mean Sara.”

Lucas found that he had better start thinking of Darit as Sara now. He looks at her as she sat on the sofa across from him. She was wearing a pair of girls baby blue shorts and a white string strap camisole. Emma had dyed Sara’s hair a brunette color this time, instead of leaving it blonde. Her ears were pierced and she was wearing a pair of silver dolphins.

“According to the weather station, we're going to have rain all day. So, why don’t we take advantage of the situation and do some cleaning around the boat and see what we need to get from the store.”

Lucas still looked a little green. Even docked at the marina, he could still feel the boat bop up and down from the storm waves hitting them.

Emma was watching her poor partner.

“You’ll live, Lucas.”

Sara grabs the broom and dust pan and starts sweeping the floor and dusting off the furniture and features.

Emma was checking their food supplies and making a list of what they needed to buy. They still had some crabs and fish they had caught that they hadn’t eaten yet. She was thinking about adding shrimp and clams to the list. Emma has gotten an idea of what types of food Sara liked so she checks to see if they had the ingredients for a few dishes she might like to eat. She knew Lucas loved fried catfish and chicken. She put those items on the list as well.

They get the boat clean in a few hours and Emma shows Sara how to separate her clothes into different loads. Lucas had complained a few times of after Emma hand washed her bras and left them hanging in the bathroom they used. So, Emma started using the bathroom Sara had to herself. The marina had an onsite facilitates where they could do laundry and take a shower and such. The rain had slowed down some.
They could go out on the second deck and look around without getting soaked.

“We could go do our laundry and grab something to eat for lunch while waiting on it to finish.”

“Why don’t we do that and plan on tomorrow going shopping?”

Emma located a grocery store not to far away from the marina. There were a few places they could do a little sight seeing at while they were out. She needed to call her supervisor and ask about becoming Sara’s permanent parent. She hasn’t talked with Lucas yet about this plan. She’ll need to do that when Sara isn’t around. They grab their dirty clothes and head to the on-site laundry mat.

“Hey mom, look. They have a convenience store here as well.”

Sara puts the quarters in to start the washer which has hers and Emma’s underwear and dedicates in it. She starts the next machine after
Emma gets done loading it.

“That should be it Sara. Let’s go and get you some lunch and Mr. Grumpy here some coffee.”

Emma winks at Lucas. He had been standing guard watching everyone while Emma and Sara loaded the washers up.

“Coffee sounds nice.”

They walk next door to the convenience store. Emma watches Sara, while Lucas grabs himself a cup of the different types of coffees. He loved several different ones and had a choice here of which one he wanted. Sara was looking through the candy section trying to decide which ones she should get while they traveled. Emma found a few items they could come back and get on their way back to the boat.

Sara spots a newspaper with headlines about the murder of a few teenage boys. She recognized the boys in the picture. She grabs it and shows it to Emma.

“Emma, I know these boys. They came with me when I was brought over.”

Emma reads the article of where the boys had been found and how they had been murder. As she continued to read the article. It looked to her like their handlers were clearing house.

“I’m sorry Sara.”

Emma could tell how sad Sara was from seeing the picture of people she knew murdered. Emma gathers her into a hug and held her as she cried against her shoulder. Emma carries her back to the boat and lay her down. She goes back and get their laundry with Lucas’s help.

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