What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 4

Sasha looks at her watch again and notice it was almost twelve o’clock. She was wondering where her crew was with her equipment. She pulls her cell phone out and dials her chief roadie Eddy to find out where they were. She gets his answering service, instead of him.

She dials her Aunt Joyce’s number.


“Hi Aunt Joyce. I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is the favor Sasha?”

“Can you use your satellites to locate my truck please?”

“Why do you need me to locate your truck? Why don’t you try dialing your driver and asking where it is?”

“ I have and it’s two hours past due. I have to get set-up for a performance by Friday.”

“Does your equipment have any trackers on it?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m using the spares you gave mom and some of my equipment use to belong to mom.”

“Alright Sasha, hang on.”

Sasha looks around the loading dock and wonders where her equipment and employee’s were. After fifteen minutes, her Aunt comes back on-line.

“Sasha, you might want to contact your employee’s families. I’m looking at a satellite image of your truck spread all over Canton Hwy. There’s fire trucks and State Troopers investigating the wreckage.”

“Dam! I’m going to kill him.”

“Sasha? Keep a level head sweetheart. Remember your training and don’t let this get personal.”

“I’ll try Aunt Joyce. Can you send your men to my other storage place and send me my back-up gear please?”

“Yes, I can do that for you. Send me the items you need from storage and I’ll fly it out to where you are setting up under guard.”

“Thanks Aunt Joyce.”

“Any time kiddo, now go and make some magic.”

Sasha just smiles as she informs the stadium manager that there will be a delay setting up due to truck problems. Afterwards, Sasha heads
towards her rental car and checks to make sure no one did anything to it while she was inside waiting on her truck. She heads towards the wreckage where her equipment was spread all over the highway along with her employee’s. She gets with the State Trooper who was first on the scene and introduces herself to him. She makes arrangement with the rental agency her car is with to send a cargo truck. She also ask them to send a few men to come and get what was left of her equipment and load it on the truck.

Sasha dials Cassandra’s number.

Cassandra was enjoying a nice ice tea when she hears her cell phone ring. She picks it up and answers it.

“Hello, Sasha.”

“Hello, Cassandra. You probably already know why I’m calling.”

“Actually Sasha, I don’t. Has something happen?”

“Yep, it seems Mr. Ludlum has decided that destroying my equipment and killing my employees might make me back off. All it has done is caused me to want to find and kill him.”

“I take it that you are going to be awhile where you are?”

“Unfortunately, yes. I have to identify the remains of my employees and give them their names and where they live and have whatever equipment isn’t damage taken to the stadium where I am performing and meet my aunt’s people who are flying in with my replacement gear.”

“How did you know your people were dead?”

Cassandra was wondering why she hadn’t seen it herself.

“I called my aunt and she used her satellites to locate the trackers I have on all my equipment.”

“Good grief. Is your aunt a secret agent or something?”

“Nope, she’s into research and development.”

“Okay, and she has access to satellites?”

“Only her own. She uses them for space observation, communications and studying the Earth.”

“Your aunt sounds like an interesting woman. I’m going to stay here at the bar. I’ll be safer here than any where else.”

“Alright, I’ll contact you when I am done. Just keep alert and make sure you stay there. He might try to kidnap you.”

“Good luck trying that. Jerry will blow his head off if he tries anything inside the bar.”

“Alright, I’ll see you in a little while.”


Sasha hangs up her cell phone and wait while the truck she ordered arrives. She moves her stuff that wasn’t damage to a pile by itself and she moves the items that have been destroyed or need repair to another pile. All her props and cases that were intact. She stacks them together. By the time she is done and the truck arrives, she has six piles of items. She helps the men that were sent to load up the truck with her items and she gives them the address where they need to go. She follows behind them to make sure they get to the stadium.

Sasha helps them unload the truck and gives them a cash bonus for everything they did to help her. She contacts the rental company and tell them she’ll have their truck back in two days. She’ll pay the extra rental time.

By seven o’clock a cargo helicopter lands and several men and women dress in black fatigues help unload her replacement gear and take her damage gear and equipment back to her storage unit to be fixed or destroyed.

“Ms Wolfhart, do you need for me to leave any of my people to protect your property?”

“No, but thank you for asking Freddy. I should be okay. I’m going to have a few surprises for anyone who decides to touch my equipment.”

“Okay, but Sara, Betty, Roger and I are going to stay the night any way and help you setup for your performance on Friday.”

“Thanks. You guys can have the rooms I reserved for my roadies at the same hotel I’m staying at.”


“No problem. I know you guys are going to stay here and watch my equipment. Let me go and get you some dinner. I know a good Irish restaurant not to far away from here.”

“Thanks Sasha.”

“No problem guys.”

Sasha drives over to the restaurant and parks. She places two mini-cams on her rental so she can watch her camera or record anyone coming near it. As she walks into the restaurant. She spots two guys moving towards Cassandra. There was a short black hair woman sitting next to Cassandra as well.

Cassandra had just gotten back from the restroom, when a woman sat down next to her and poked her in the side with a gun.

“Some guys are going to come over here to escort us out. I suggest you do as I say or I might be forced to pull the trigger.”

“I doubt you want to do that. Your boss wants me unharmed.”

The woman holding the gun pokes Cassandra harder.

Sasha moves quickly and strikes the men behind their neck with a nerve strike to each man. The men drop to the floor from where she hit them. She looks towards Cassandra and tosses one of her specialty pellets towards the lady sitting next to her. They explode with a bright flash of light, temporarily blinding the other woman. She follows up with a hard hit to the side of the woman’s head knocking her out.

The crowd was looking at Sasha trying to figure out why she just attacked three people. Jerry comes from behind the bar with a baseball bat in his hand.

“It’s okay everyone. She was protecting me.”

Cassandra stands up and moves away from the woman so Jerry could see the gun on the floor.

Jerry walks over and picks the gun up off the floor.

“Why are they after....”

Jerry stops after a few seconds.

“Never mind, dumb question.”

“Yay, I would say it is. Call the cops Jerry and make up four lunch boxes for me please. I have four people back at the stadium waiting on me.”

“Sure, I’ll make something special for them.”

Jerry goes back behind the bar while Sasha and a few men help her secure the two men and the lady with zip cuffs.

Sasha walks over to the bar.

“Jerry, could Cassandra stay with you tonight please? I think it might be better if she has someone around her that she trust to protect her.”

“Sure, she can stay with me. She might want to get some clean clothes to wear tomorrow. I know how she is about wearing the same clothes twice.”

“Take her by her house tomorrow morning. I wouldn’t go there tonight.”

“Okay. Here are your lunch boxes and four tall cups of ice tea and a few side items for your people. I hope they like it.”

“Me too.”

Sasha takes the box that had been filled with the meal for her people and walk over to Cassandra.

“You’re going home with Jerry tonight. I’m going to be busy setting my equipment and props up. So, I can’t protect you tonight, but he can. Also, Ludlum would never think about looking for you at his place. “

Cassandra points her finger at Sasha. She just took a glimpse of what might happen between her and Jerry tonight.

Sasha just smiles “you’re welcome. See you tomorrow for breakfast.”

Sasha walks out to her car and checks the footage from her mini-cams to see if anyone has touched her vehicle. Once she was satisfied with the footage. She gets in the car and heads back towards the stadium with the food.

“I got food for you guys.”

“Thanks Sasha.”

Sara comes over and starts handing the lunch boxes and other items out to her teammates.

“I hope you guys and gals like the food.”

Roger takes a bite of his food.

“Oh man, I could live on this for several weeks.”

Sasha looks at the others to see if they were enjoying their food as well. She notice they had the same expression as Roger did. Sasha starts setting up her equipment and props while they ate. She knew how she wanted things to be. She places each item where she wants them to be.

Sasha spends most of the night setting up her equipment. Sara and Roger give her a hand after they finish eating. Sasha told them to eat first. She would be okay setting her stuff up. While the others guard the place.

She takes a few items out of one case and heads tot eh dressing room she’ll be using and change out fo her street clothes and into her black body suit, boots and gloves. She puts her specialty belt on and her guns in each holsters. She was going hunting tonight and she was going to start with the jail to torture the three people that got arrested tonight. She grabs her badge and heads down to the local police station where the three people had been taken.

She got some looks walking in like she was dressed, but when she flashed her badge. They stepped aside and let her through.

“I want the prisoners brought to the interrogation room and the recorders turned off.”

“That’s not proper procedures ma’am.”

“Do you see this badge? These people are wanted for having ties to Al-Qaeda. Which means they fall under the Patriot act. Now, turn the recorders off.”

Sasha walks into the interrogation room and stands before the three people.

She touches something on her belt and any recording devices that were recording were being scramble.

All three people look at Sasha and smirk.

“Look fellows were going to have an S&M party.”

The woman that Sasha had knocked out at the restaurant was smirking at her.

Sasha just smiles and slap all of them on the back of their necks and walks around to face them.

“You think threatening a blind woman and killing five of my employees is so much fun. Well, I think you need to realize that for every action, there’s an equal or opposite reaction.”

“Oh, look guys. We’re going to get a physics lesson now.”

The guy that had said it was looking at Sasha with a smug look on his face.

“You know you can’t torture us, don’t you? Not that it would matter any way.”

“You’re probably right about that. After all what could I do to combat trained vets like yourself?”

“Oh, Wait. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Sasha actives the hidden flame jets in her suit as flames surround her body and her face. Sasha figures by now the patches she had slapped on the back of their necks that were coated with a special drug that causes hallucinations and an active truth drug would had kicked in. It also caused a mild burning sensation that traveled throughout the body.

The woman that had been looking at Sasha watched as she burst into flames and as the drug effected her, it caused her to see Sasha’s face melt off leaving behind a demon face. She starts screaming. The two guys were feeling the same effect as they watched as Sasha’s body was replaced by a fiery demon. Sasha got close to them so that they feel the heat coming from the flames surrounding her. The officers watching couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Where is Ludlum?”

“We don’t know. He gave us our orders by text.”

Sasha slams her hands down on the table and use a little bit of her ability to cause the flames to stretch forward towards one of the guys face.

“Where is Ludlum?”

The guy that had the flame hovering in front of him was seeing a snake made of flames ready to strike him.

“We honestly don’t know. All we were told was to kill your men and kidnap the blind woman and take her to the safe house and wait for further orders. We could do whatever we wanted to, to her, Except kill her or damage her to much.”

“Give me the location of your safe house.”

They tell her where it is.

“Just so you know this is real and not an illusion.”

Sasha puts her finger close to their cheek and slightly burn their skin. She was controlling the intensity of the heat. She causes the flames to disappear and walk behind them and check the patches. They were about done from their body heat.

She walks out into the hallway where a group of police officers had gather to watch her interrogate those three people.

“How did you do that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean how the hell did you get them to confess to you and tell you what you wanted to know.”

“You mean this?”

Her suit burst into flames around her.

The police officers all jump back away from her.

“Ya, I mean that.”

The officer was pointing at her.

She stops the flames and make them disappear.

“I’m a stage magician and this suit is specially design to do that trick. As for the rest, I can’t reveal that trick. A girl has to have some secrets.”

“I bet those flames were fake.”

A huge old grizzly detective came walking up to Sasha.

“You willing to put money on it?”

“Yay, I’ll put money on it. How much?”

“Fifty dollars.”

“Fifty it is than.”

Sasha causes the flames to reappear around her. She intensify them a little bit more with her gift.

“Give me your hand.”

The detective could feel the heat coming from her body. He slowly raises his hand and was about to give it to her, before he really felt the flames licking at him. Burning him some. He yanks back his hand.

“Those are real flames. Why isn’t your hair burning from them?”

“Because it is coated in a special gel that protects it.”

Sasha knew it was a bullshit excuse, but he didn’t need to know the truth that it was her gift stopping it. She causes the flames to go out. She was going to need to change the canisters in her suit if she wanted to light up again. She saw it in the color of the flames.

“Take them back to their cells. The Marshals will be by tomorrow to transport them to their new home.”

She walks off and head towards the safe house to look around there for clues.

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