Eyes Finally Opened Part 11

Amy was happy to be back home in Montana. She stretches under her blankets on her bed and just stare up at the ceiling. Her Uncle Cain had left a giant stuff toy tiger on her bed. She had curled up with it when they got in yesterday afternoon. Troy had the Hunter’s SUV transported to a shop owned by two pack members to go over. He had their local computer specialist access the computers and files on his system.

Amy glances over towards her bedroom window and noticed the sun was just raising. She loved the orange and red colors the sun produce first thing in the morning. She grabs her tiger and hug him tight against her body. She closes her eyes and tries to go back to sleep, but unfortunately her body won’t let her.

Amy slides out of bed and grabs her robe and slip it on. She steps into her slippers and heads downstairs to see who else was up. Her nose picks up the familiar smell of bacon and sausage drifting in from the dining room.

“Morning Uncle.”

Amy grabs a biscuit and make herself a sausage and egg biscuit. She also grabs a bowl and fills it with some homemade cheese grits. Since leaving the HSL, she has come to enjoy the different types and ways that food is prepared and served. She never knew what she was missing and how good it could be. She sometimes still drinks the protein shakes every once in awhile. Especially if she is planning on training all day long. She didn’t like to take a break to eat a big lunch and then go back to training. The protein shakes were good for that.

“Do you think Hunter survived the collapse of the ceiling on him, Amy?”

“I don’t know, Uncle. All I do know is if I wasn’t like I am, I would had died. I was buried under a lot of rubble and cut my legs trying to get out from under it.”

“Could he had taken ruby to survive or be waiting for the maintenance team to show-up.”

“Its possible Uncle. All I do know is, he wasn’t using ruby. He won’t use that type of stuff. He’s a health nut.”

Amy had been wandering herself if he might had survived. She takes a bite out of her biscuit. She eats her biscuit and enjoys her bowl of cheese grits, after she adds a little pepper to it.

“So, when do you want to start leaning your job around here?”

“What job is that Uncle?”

Amy looks towards Cain.

“I’m making you mine and your Aunt Joyce’s personal assistant. That way you can appear as normal as you can and still use your talents if need be.”

“Okay, I’ll do it. Does my mother approve of this?”

“Yes, I approve.”

Amy heard her mother’s voice in her head. She starts looking for her mother and spot her walking into the dining room. She watches her mother as she gets closer to her seat.

“Did you sleep okay?”

April takes her seat next to her daughter.

“I slept like a baby, mom.”

“Oh, Uncle. Thank you for the tiger. I like him.”

“Your welcome.”

Cain looks over at Amy and had a proud look on his face.

After breakfast, Amy changes out of her night clothes and into her jogging outfit.

“Mom, I’m going for a jog.”

“Alright, be careful.”

“I will.”

Amy starts off slow as she leaves by the back door from the kitchen. She takes a deep breath and enjoy the morning fresh air as she runs. She so loved living out in Montana and the cool morning air. She increases her pace and run further. She was going for a forty mile run today. As she leaves the private road that lead to the Manor house. She increases her pace even more and runs down the highway. She didn’t have to worry about any State Troopers telling her she can’t run along the highway.

Amy looks around as she ran. Something wasn’t feeling right to her. It was a nagging feeling she has come to trust. She was fifteen miles away from the private road that lead to the manor house. She hears a buzzing like she heard before when she was on the Island. The next thing she feels is herself flying through the air and landing a few feet from where she had been. Her whole body was hurting her and she had a ring in her ears.

Several more missiles impacted near her. She was hurting from the explosion and could barely move. She notices four forms coming towards her really fast. Just as she was getting up, one leaps onto her and locks it muzzle onto her right shoulder. If she had the capability to scream or make some sort of sound it would be coming out of her mouth right now. Amy punches her hand into the giant ass Were-wolf looking dogs chest and yanks his lungs out through the hole her hand had made. The other animals were locking their teeth on her legs and trying to get to her neck.

Amy slams her fist onto the animals head biting her left leg. She hears the cracking of the skull as her fist goes into its brain matter. She opens her mouth to scream as she feels the animal snapping her tibia and fibula bone in the lower part of her right leg. She grits her teeth as she summons what strength she has left to punch the animal in front of her. She puts her fist right through the front of the animals skull and out the back of the skull. She hears more missiles coming in and pull the dead dog bodies over hers to protect her from the impacts of the missiles.

The Manor House:
Lady April was enjoying her morning coffee when she felt Amy’s pain. She drops her coffee cup onto the table shattering the cup and spilling what coffee was it in.

“Amy has been hurt.”

She gets up fast from the table and shifts into her cat form. She runs out the manor house door followed by several other pride members.
Cain’s huge Lion cat form runs side by side with April’s cat and listens as she tells him mentally in which direction to run. As they get closer to her location, they notice she is under missile attack.

Two squads of cats led by Troy run off in the direction where the missiles were coming from. Lady April wanted to get closer to Amy, but she couldn’t because of the missiles impacting around her. She lets out a frustrating roar because she couldn't get to her cub. After a while the missiles stopped impacting around Amy’s mangled body. Cain, Lady April and Joyce walk over where Amy’s body was and noticed that she was under a bunch of animal bodies. Cain changes into his hybrid form and throws the dead animal bodies off of Amy’s body.

He spots her body covered in blood under the bodies with shrapnel sticking out of her whole body. She was bleeding from bites to her arm and legs. Cain carefully picks Amy’s body up off the ground and carry her over to his sister-in-law.

Lady April had already changed forms and was in her hybrid form when Cain hands Amy to her carefully.

“We need to get her back to the Manor.”

“Cain, we caught a few of the people responsible for attacking Amy.”

“Bring them to the manor to be interrogated.”

Cain wasn’t in a good mood and his cat wanted to tear someone to pieces. He runs with Lady April and his wife as they take Amy back to the manor. All of them knew she could heal herself, but they needed to get the shrapnel out of her body before it started healing. They get Amy home and down to the infirmary. Lady April changes back to her human form and start prepping Amy for surgery. The Pride Doctor was on route to the manor house.

Lady April brushes some of Amy’s blood soak hair out of her eyes. She wanted to use her healing ability on Amy right now, but she couldn’t till they get all the shrapnel out of her body. She felt Amy’s mind go into the trance she uses to heal herself. She had already set Amy’s leg bones so they would heal properly. The pride doctor finally shows up and gets to work pulling the shrapnel from Amy’s body. Lady April stood nearby to help out.

“How did they know where she was?”

Cain was pacing back and forth still pissed off about his niece being attacked.

“I can answer that question, Cain.”

Troy comes walking into his office.

“Amy’s got a tracker even she didn’t know about implanted at the base of her skull. Only a few people knew about the tracker. The doctor who put it there is downstairs in the cells.”

“Why didn’t her body reject it?”

“Because the outer skin covering is made from her cells. They kept the secret about her tracker even from the Hunter, but when she came back to us. They knew he failed and went to this plan. They were hoping the serum they developed would turn the dogs they sent after her would kill her. The serum was the same type that Bryan of the Kingman’s pack had come across. It had turned a local girl named Ginny into a CoyWolf. The coywolf that had been given the serum to turn the animal into a Were, but it didn’t work. Instead, it transmitted the serum and genetic material in its bite to Ginny and turned her into a coywolf.”

“They used a serum meant to turn ordinary dogs into Were-wolves.”

“Yep, the HSL is trying to find other ways to fight us. ”

“Have you looked at the information Amy gave you?”

“Yes, but there wasn’t anything in it that mention that serum.”

“Get me Bryan on the phone and get what is left of those dogs down to the doctor and have Azura analyze their blood if there is enough left.”

“I’m on it.”

Troy picks the phone up and call Azura first and get her to come to the manor house right away. Everything she would need was down in the lab they had on the sub-levels.


Azura had just gotten in from her morning ride and was in the process of fixing herself a fruit salad when her cell phone ranged.

“Azura, its Troy. I need you to get here to the manor house as soon as you can. We have some animals that have been changed into Were creatures and want to know how it was done.”

“I’ll be there soon, Troy.”

“Alright, just get here as soon as you can.”

Troy disconnects. He dials Bryan’s pack house number.

Ginny was walking by when the phone rang. She had the day off and was going to spend it out by the pool, since all the guys were gone.

She picks the phone up and answers it.

“You’ve reached Butch’s butcher shop. You catch’em, we’ll butcher them.”

Troy recognized the voice right away.

“Funny Ginny, put your Alpha on.”

“No can do, kemosabe. The boss men are out of town today. I’m the only one here today.”

“Do you have Bryan’s or Leonard’s cell phone number?”

“Yep, they made me memorize it when I first joined.”

“Give me their numbers please.”

“Okay, Bryan’s is 928-654-3211 and Leonard’s is 928-754-8987. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, whatever happened to that veterinarian that developed that serum that turned you?”

“He was sent to jail for illegal experimentation on animals and humans. Why?”

“Do you know what happened to his notes on the serum?”

“Yes, but you didn’t tell me why.”

“Ginny, just answer my question. You know I outrank you.”

“I don’t have to listen to you. I’m outside the control of you guys.”

Ginny found out last year that her CoyWolf wasn’t affected by her Alpha’s influence or any other Alpha’s.

Troy wonders what she meant by that.

“Alright, since your being stubborn. One of our members just got attacked by four dogs that looked to have been changed by the serum.”

“Is your pack member alright?”

“She’s going to live. Now, will you answer my question please?”

“Alright, don’t get your tail in a twist. We have the formula and the two vials of the serum that turned me stored in our vault. Bryan won’t allow any computerized records to be made of the serum.”

“Do you know if that veterinarian shared the information with anyone else?”

“You’ll have to ask Bryan that question. I wasn’t involved in the investigation. Bryan has all the files and kept me out of it, till the end.”

“Alright, thanks Ginny and behave yourself.”

“You're welcome and no can do. I’m the mischief type around here.”

“Bye, Ginny.”

Troy hangs up and calls Bryan’s cell phone. He doesn’t get Bryan, so he leaves a message for Bryan to call him back and why.

Cain’s office door opens and his wife comes walking in. She’s followed by Lady April.

“How is she?”

“She’s going to live, but she’s in a deep trance right now healing. I don’t think she’s going to be coming around any time soon.”

“Did the doctor remove the tracker from her head?”

“Yes, and she had to be very careful. It was right at the base of her brain stem.”

“How long do you think she is going to be in the trance?”

“Three or four days at best. She took a lot of damage to her body.”

“Alright, when she wakes up. Let me know.”

“I will Cain. If you’ll excuse me. I’m going to go and torture one of the men sent to kill her.”

Lady April eyes were in their cat forms. Cain and Joyce could feel how pissed she was.

“I better go with her.”

Troy follows behind Lady April as they head down to the holding cells.

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