Snow Angel Part 13

Everyone had watched as Terry and Dakota left the conference room.

“I hope you brought your equipment with you Bart.’

“Always do darling. If we need to hit these other sites at the same time, I think we better get suited up and head out as well.”

“I agree, Shigeko can you go and get those items I had delivered earlier?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Shigeko gets up and walks out of the conference room and return a few minutes later with a flat bed cart with three black military footlockers loaded on it.

She opens the first one and hands Elizabeth a bundle. She grabs a smaller bundle and hands Hatter it.

Anika looks at both ladies “I don’t know how comfortable you are about undressing in front of people, but you might want to put these jumpsuits on. Hatter, you can wear it under your normal clothes.”

Hatter had picked hers up and was holding it out.

“What does it do?”

She was looking at Anika with a puzzled look on her face.

“It will stop bullets of certain sizes from killing you and knives as well. I suggest you wear it after getting shot in your shoulder.”

Hatter just stares at it and then starts undressing in front of everyone. There were a few scars that Elizabeth and Terry hadn’t seen on Hatter’s body. Besides her pale skin there were scars on her arms, legs, and on her back. Areas on her back and legs looked like someone had flayed the skin from those areas. What was left in those areas was skin that resemble the thin white skin covering of onions. There were other scars that looked like they were purposely done with acid or burned into her skin with a hot knife or torch.

Shigeko was taking pictures with her camera of the scars on Hatter’s body, including the ones on the bottom of her feet. The ones on her feet looked like someone had burned a brand or something on them. There was a number tattoo on the back of Hatter’s neck that Shigeko managed to get a picture of before Hatters hair covered it up. Shigeko couldn’t believe the abuse she was seeing on Hatters body.

Hatter had seen Shigeko taking pictures of her body and the many scars she had. She didn’t know why and it didn’t bother her. She was uses to people taking pictures of her body. The doctor that torture her did it all the time before and after he performed his experiments on her. He video taped the sessions were he tortured her or his fear experiments. She liked the suit Shigeko had given her to wear and how it felt against her skin. It felt like a glove that covered her body and showed her child like figure. It even covered her feet. She starts putting back on her normal clothes.

Shigeko couldn’t believe the lack of secondary growth development of Hatter’s body. The poor girl looked to have been stuck looking like a ten year old child. She had no breast development or body development. She had some fat in the areas she needed it, but not much. It was like she stopped growing.

Elizabeth had gotten undress after Hatter. She liked the suit as well. It was like the suit she saw Dakota wearing, except the gun belt she had been given had a silver belt buckle in the shape of a long rectangular box with an Angel mounted on top of it. When she pulled on one end of the case a blade came out slightly.

“It’s a hidden throwing knife if you need it.”

Anika had seen Elizabeth checking out the hidden throwing knife of the belt buckle.

Elizabeth pulled the handguns out that were in the gun holster and notice they were FNX™-45 Tactical handguns. These were the most reliable handguns she has heard about. She knew the gun themselves were worth almost fifteen hundred dollars. She had four spare magazines for each gun. She is given a HK416, rifle with six spare magazines’.

Anika looks at Hatter “Have you ever fired a handgun?”

An evil smile appears on Hatter’s face.

Anika notices the smile and against her better judgment hands Hatter a Tactical handgun with three spare magazines’.

“Don’t make me regret giving you that gun, Hatter.”

Hatter just gives her a Cheshire grin as she familiarizes herself with the handgun.

Anika hands everyone an earwig to wear in their ears.

“We can communicate with each other or with each team. They tie into theses.”

Anika hands everyone a small slim box.

“It has a cellular/satellite transmitter in it so we can call and receive from one another. Shigeko has already sent the frequency to Terry so she and Dakota can communicate with us from Wraith.”

Anika looks towards Hatter “I want you to do exactly what I say. This isn’t a game and these people we are going after will kill you.”

Hatter just smiles at Anika.

“Okay queenie.”

Bart looks at Hatter and for some strange reason, he feels she is going to be a handful to control and train. He’s going to need to come up with a new training method just for her.

“Alright, let’s move out.”

Anika stops and looks over towards Shigeko before she leaves.

“Should something happen to us. Pass the information along to Jack and Cheshire.”

“Will do, boss. Just be careful and come back alive.”

“I plan on it Shigeko.”

Anika walks over towards Hatter and the others. They take the private elevator down to the secondary parking garage. Where Jack stores a blackout hummer and a blackout customized four x four pick-up truck.

“I hope those vehicles are bullet proof.” Elizabeth was following Bart.

“They are darling. Anika, I’m taking the pick-up truck.”

As Bart walks over to the truck and run his hand along the body of it.

“I figure you would.”

Anika walks over towards the black military hummer and opens the door. She climbs inside and fastens her seat belt. She watches Hatter as she climbs in and fastens her seat belt.

She follows behind Bart as the he leaves the private garage. Anika figures she might start parking her car down here from now on. That way no one will be able to tamper with it like they did. She receives the coordinates from Morgana and head towards her target, while she watches as Bart takes a different route towards his target.

Pick-up truck:

Bart watches as Anika takes a turn off and heads towards her target.

“How long have you been working for Anika?”

“Do you mean in this position or overall?”


“For about a year and a half. I started off as an ordinary security officer working the night shift and when the assistant security chief position came available, I applied.”

“Do you like your job?”

“Yes, I wouldn’t had applied for the position if I didn’t like it.”

“How did you feel about Anika asking you to be a special agent of hers?”

“To be honest, I really didn’t have much time to think about it. She gave me an assignment and things just started to move fast from there. I’m curious as to why Anika and you do this type of work.”

“I don’t do this type of work any more darling. But, to answer your question on why I did do it in the first place. I did it for my country. I was a snot nose kid right out of college and was recruited by the CIA. They trained me and sent me to places that you don’t want to know about. It was during a mission in Africa that I learned my mistake going for working for the CIA. I saw this Warlord round-up a bunch of children and turn them into soldiers. He was allowing his older men to rape and murder women. The ones he didn’t rape, he sold as slaves to other Warlords or countries. I killed him and several of his followers and the CIA decided to burn me for doing it. I was left to die in Africa. My mentor Cheshire got word of what had happened to me and got her partner to come and extract me. If they hadn’t shown up when they did, I would be dead right now.”

“So, you’re saying the CIA left you to die for saving the life of children and women?”

“Yep, they were courting the Warlord so we could get access to an area in their territory and were willing to over-look things the Warlord was doing. I couldn’t over-look what I saw and took matters in my own hands. In the end, I paid for my actions.”

“So, you went independent?”

“Yes and no. When the government needs someone, who isn’t technically alive any more, they would call me or my mentors. However, I’m taking a page out of my mentors play book and getting out of the business. After the last job I did, I accidentally put my wife’s life in the line of fire and she almost paid the price for it. I don’t want that to happen again, so I retired and only train people now. Anika still does jobs, but she doesn’t have any one that depends on her. If you decide to do this type of work, be careful on the jobs you accept to do. Because, if you’re not careful, you can put your wife in the line of fire.”

“That just dawn on me the other day when Terry found an explosive device under my car.”

“I’ll gave you the training to prevent that from happening again. If I know Anika, you’ll be working for her. I suggest you talk this over with your wife and come to some sort of agreement. The last thing you want to do, is trying to keep secrets from her about what you are doing. Wives find out when you least expect them too.”

“Thanks for the advice.”

“Any time.”

Elizabeth was watching where they were going. She brought the location up on the portable laptop in the pick-up. Their vehicle were equipped with all sorts of gadgets and devices similar to what she saw in Wraith.

“I wonder where your mentors got this truck equipped like it is from.”

“Knowing Jack, it came from one of his companies. He comes from a wealthy family, but he prefers to use his own money. He’s got his fingers into almost everything.”

“Did they ever keep the money that they found on the job?”

“I would have to say yes about that darling. If you don’t use it, the government will. That's part of your training on how to hide the money you get from the jobs you take and the equipment as well.”

“So, when are we going to get this training?”

“After this mission, I would think. Tell me, what do you know of Hatter?”

“Not much. She’s an enigma to all of us. You saw the needle marks and scars on her body. According to her she comes from England because she was wanted for several murders.”

“So, she’s from England?”

“Yep, can’t you hear it in her speech?”

“Only a little bit. How much further to our target?”

“Not much. Maybe another half-n-hour at best. Morgana said she was able to take the cold site remotely and secured it. The men guarding it have been reassigned to the other sites.”

"That's good and bad for us. Still, watch your six and do what I tell you to do."

"Hey, I do have some military experience."

"That's all good and dandy, but were fighting guerrilla style here. Plus, we need to sneak up on these people and take them out. See, if Morgana can give us a birds eye view of the area."

Elizabeth types a message to Morgana for the request.

A few minutes later everything is transmitted to their laptop.

"Dam!, that girl is good. I've never had information come in that fast before."

"She's a wizard when it comes to computers. She's using several satellites right now to give us live feeds."

"I hope Anika keeps her on after this mission."

"Me too."

Elizabeth watches the live feed.

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