Shadowsblade: Testing no mercy in the end.

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

Now the end of the school year comes and the tests it brings...One is the film she will work in.
This one is her latest Final vs what one student calls himself the finest assassin on campus!

Note a small section was done by Nuuan--thanks again!



Tuesday, May 29 6:45 PM
Poe cottage

There I was just laying in bed thinking, pondering over the last week of my life!

When we came back to Whateley, most of that Sunday night was a blur to my current mindset. I had not even given the fact that Joan had back ported all of us home via the heartwood a second thought, because to me it was so common back in those old days and with my own porting powers I had forgotten all about going underhill to travel.

Gwen and Nikki both wanted to talk to me about using underhill as I called it for travel, but over the last few days I more than 'blew' then off about it and might get back to that subject later with them? But right now my thoughts dwelled on what we had talked about all during that very early Sunday morning. At least till I fell asleep shortly after the sun had finally come up with good old Max gripped to death deep in my arms.

That AM morning, Bill had stayed inside my room with Nikki and Gwen taking a short nap back inside theirs and when I had finally woke up again, we all started chatting again. Most of that long chat's time was spent over all of us eating a very late breakfast brought back to the room by Jineen.

The main subject once again, was why I had been so messed up inside my mind? I tried to make them understand that my mind was still trying on a basic level to reblend all that it held. Bill, Nikki and Gwen, they took turns over most of the day speaking to me, I took of all their suggestions to heart and their just plain listening to what I had to say was working wonders for me at the time.

The only continuing issue that I still had, was with what had keyed me to have this little mental break and that horrible thing that I had done. I just could not bring myself to talk about it and maybe have everyone look at me like... I was a monster from there on out?

All I could do was sigh out slowly in one body right now as I lay in bed, as the other was playing 'spin chair' with a the Pixies. They somehow figured out it was fun to hold onto a outstretched arm or leg of mine and spin one of us Drows sitting in my desk chair up to high speed with their magically enhanced flight speed. Then the real fun part came for them both, they quickly landed on my shoulders and hung on for dear life till the spinning slowed to a stop.

Both of them squealed in joy, a literal "weeeeeeeeee" in stereo Pixies. That spinning went on for several minutes and then after we slowed to a stop, they would try to fly off as that cool dizziness hit them! Only that high speed spinning in the chair pushed both them to this very fun spot.

As one spin ended and the Pixies flew around the room in nearly drunken circles, that is when the door knocked. I took a quick sniff if the winds to see who it was at my door and since I pulled back nearly nothing scent wise into my nose. It could only be Sam, she was the only one who had such a low scent.

"Come on in Sam, we are decent in here!" I yelped at the door.

Sam peeked her head slowly into my room to check it out before coming in. She was being cautious around me these days because, she thought I was mad at both her and Gunny for the Sim that has caused my last little issue.

When she spotted both Violet and Lilac buzzing happily around the room in strange wobbly circles she finally came in, "Looks like we are having fun tonight?" she asked me.

"Yep, they are playing and I am thinking over all of this week," I chuckled a little.

She smiled my way, then nodded as she hooked a foot under my meditation mat stored under my bed and slid it out farther into the room. As she sat on it, she was trying to understand what the Pixies were up to as they started spinning up my twin sitting in the desk chair once again faster and faster.

"What is all that about?" Sam pointed at them, while she asked and watched the spinning gain speed faster and faster, while the two flying Pixie missiles screamed at the fun both were having now.

"It's kind of like a playground merry-go round to them, they both love getting dizzy and then see who can fly the farthest across the room before hitting something."

Sam snickered to the explanation and a crooked smile crossed her face as she asked me, "Don't you get dizzy too?"

"Me?" I questioned her, then shook my head back to her question, "I don't get dizzy, my power of porting fixes that. Think Sam, to me the world is spinning at about a thousand miles an hour and goes on it's orbit at sixty seven thousand an hour around the sun at the same time. My head has to keep all those numbers in play when I port to somewhere?"

"I never thought about it that way, you having to do all the math of it inside your head. I just thought it was a 'feeling' you had?"

"It is when I actually have been to where I am porting to, but when I guide a port via a GPS for distance? I have to do the math in my head, that is why I had issues with porting when I suddenly had two of me!" I reasoned back to her as the Pixies flew off my twin's shoulders, giggling across the room in weird flight paths.

"Okay, I guess if they like it? Then why take the fun away!" Sam said as Violet 'bonked' into Sam's head.

Violet fell down to the oversized matt that Sam was sitting on, then looked up to Sam as she apologized, "Sorry Admiral Everheart, I zinged when I should have zagged?" she grinned as Sam laughed at her being so silly.

Lilac landed to help her sister to her feet and pulled her back into the air quickly, "I think we are done for the night, we have guests?" she reasoned and knew she was correct that playtime was over for now.

Sam nodded to the Pixies as they both landed on the shelf they called home, then flopped down on a soft down pillow that was the twins bed and then put both of their heads in their hands like teen girls would. Both Pixies smiled on as they waited for Sam to talk more.

Seeing that everyone was waiting for her to say something, anything! Sam pulled a long wooden box from her backpack and handed it to me sitting on the bed, "This is from Gunny, a peace offering for his messing up?" she told me and asked me if I accepted it.

"Gunny did not have too, he was fully correct in his pointing out one of my weak spots like that during training. Just think of someone else figuring that out, as I was out in a real fight! My friends might have died?" I reasoned back to her.

Sam just shook her head to me, as I tried to hand the wood box back to her, "Nope just take it and us old warriors will have a long chat tonight about what ghosts still haunt us both at night?"

"Fine," I sighed as I slide the lid of the nice wooden box open and found a fine bottle of english whiskey inside it. I squinted very puzzled at the gift, then glanced back at Sam, "What's this now, you know they don't let me drink?"

"I know that, but I also know..." she winked at me, "that somehow you got hold of a nice crystal bottle of good stuff and take a hit of it once an awhile?" she lectured me, as a sly knowing grin started to cover her face.

"I am not too sure what bottle you are referring to there Sam? I do have quite a few in my collection!" I grinned back, trying very hard not to lie right now!

"Just pour some and hand it over you elf!" Sam shouted at me, just as she tossed me a glass out of her bag.

I did as asked, then teased her a little with the bottle, "That is Drow, not elf or none for you!" I held the bottle 'just' out of her reach playfully.

" give!" she demanded!

I smiled at my victory, and handed her the bottle, then took a slow sip of the amber nectar for myself, "Ahhh very smooth, you can taste the finely aged oak of the barrel in that one and the other bits they used in the blending of this one!" I sighed out as the warm liquid slid down my throat.

Sam took her slow sip, but strangely did not seem pleased with it as much as I was and then admitted it to me. "Being mostly machine now, all I can do is analyze it for the parts per whatever it has and use the alcohol as fuel!"

I had a short chuckle at her expense, "That is why never will beat nature in the long run!"

"Ohh shush you!" she laughed back at me.

"Well what are we chatting about again?" I asked taking another long sip of the warm liquid.

"Things best forgotten. that warriors like us sometimes have to do?"

"Did Bellows send you over?" I question her, as I refill her glass and mine.

"No he did not, I thought since you and I seem to relate better now...with your using my first name instead of my last name? We should talk a little about that last sim run of yours."

"It's real simple, Sam. Bardue found that little something deep inside me that I had not faced and it hurt me a little and that is how I got hurt is all."

"Bullshit! I know better, whatever hit you is still bothering you a lot and anyone can see that is a fact!." she challenged me.

"" I stuttered back then lost my temper, "darn this curse! So what if it is? I will deal with it like everything else I have too!" I barked at her and took a huge gulp of the whiskey from my glass.

"Yep...'deal with it'..." she did air quotes while holding her glass steady, "That has worked out ohh so well for you so far!"

"You silly humans have no idea what can or does bind a Sidhe like me! How about this idea then, you leave right now and I will finish off Bardue's bottle all by myself!?" I suggested and pointed at the door of my room, but strangely I did not order Sam just yet?

"Well I should go, but you making a suggestion for me to leave this time and not an order to get out...that alone tells me you want to talk about this, but will not say it?" Sam winks at me and fills her glass again.

"Maybe?" I admitted to her, telling her of the truth buzzing around inside my head right now.

"I just like you, are a lone survivor? The very first mission I ever did, all of my team died at the hands of a monster. But I know that is not the one nightmare bugging you today?" she asked me with a knowing grin.

"And, go on ohh great shrink?" I joked over to her.

I leaned off my bed to grab a few snacks out of my drawer of them and tossed one up to the Pixies to munch on, then offered Sam one that she turned down.

"I have only told this to two people in my life and that was this year despite the fact this happened decades ago!" Sam warned me and knew I don't let personal things out that I have been made privy to.

"Who did you tell, if I can ask?" I led her on to say the rest of her story.

"That was Sara, your Sara and my teammate spotter Curly." Sam admitted slowly to me and I could see some of the shame of keeping that from her family burned inside her still.

"So you going to repeat this story to me or leave it unsaid?"

That is when Sam gulped down her pride and told me what she had done in the mid 80's. Sam had been picked up by the CIA to kill a man off and while Sam was working the 'job', she made a mistake...more than one!

Sam told me of her old self silting a man's neck while he laid in his bed sleeping, then moving on to the son's room and doing an even worse deed to him. That is when Sam told me of the feeling of near 'godhood' came over her and she went mad with power. Next victim of her madness came in the form of a small girl that had seen Sam at her dirty, bloody deeds and Sam snapped her small neck, as she laid that child back into her own bed.

Sam stopped to let that nasty deed sink in and looked up from her shame to see absolute fire burning in the Drow's eyes like fire! The one twin in the bed, her eyes burned red at Sam in anger and that Drow's breathing was labored by all that rage coming off her.

Rohanna could tell that Sam was not lying, but somehow she must be. How could Sam's dark deeds be so close to her's! So close, that it was almost planned...far too exact to be chance? These are the things running through the Drow's mind as she glares down at Sam sitting on her floor.

Then Rohanna, who laying on the bed. She sat up and instantly threw her glass at Sam's head. Luckily for Sam, her machine made speed was just that much faster, than the flying glass.

"Who told you!" the fully enraged Drow demanded. But all Sam could do is shake her head back in reply, "No one told me Ro?"

"That stupid want to be GOO in that tank under Hawthorn did somehow? I will get even with FUBAR for this, I will strangle that mutated squid with his own tentacles!" Sam watched on as the Drow just barely kept from promising to act out rashly.

"Rohanna!" Sam barked back at the twins before they could 'port' off and do damage, "Fubar did not tell me a single thing about what he saw inside your mind this last week, nor did anyone else for that matter? I just figured that warriors like you and I, each of us had the same demons chasing after each of us at night is all!"

"Sam if was not for the fact I was cursed to not lie and to see lies in others, I would be offing poor Fubar by now." the Drow admitted and hung her head a little low at the thoughts of acting too rashly just now, "I just find it strange that you did...." and something stopped her right in her tracks. And that something that stopped her right now, was not guilt? Sam could see that the Drow was fighting something deep inside her. But she was losing that invisible fight and was hurting herself as she kept trying to say something.

"Ro stop I got it, even if you can't say it? I knew what was wrong with you the very second you froze up at seeing the kid and the by way you acted just after the Sim elf died." Sam told the Drow now sighing in relief from her inner battle against something that Sam will never understand.

Rohanna began with a deep sigh of relief, "So since that is all over with and the doctor is still in?" she used a line from the 'Peanuts' cartoon, "What is the prescription then?"

"Well since a pass for yet another motorbike landed my desk today and happened that it was the exact same model as yours?" Sam gave the Drow a evil know all glance.

"What someone copied me again and bought the same bike!" Rohanna growled back a warning.

"Nope I am sure that who ever bought it, they will never ride it and I am going to pay hell for saying this? Ayla bought it for ya, that I am sure of!"

"Why would he buy me something that expensive on a whim?"

"Ohhh expensive you say, why don't you look at that bank account of yours and I mean the secret one you you could keep that secret from my computer searches?" Sam grins my way.

"Why just don't you tell me Sam?" I said and picked up my phone to see what that account might be doing, then order a pizza as it was getting late...besides I was hungry darn it!

"Well before you find what your account has been doing on that thing, most of what Ayla made was on his end and he cut you in on future profits to come, sooner or later? But the bike is a gift for using all that cash you have, as a lever to fake others out into thinking that Ayla was a bigger fish with HUGE friends backing him!"

"Humm, so I guess I will have to 'try' looking surprised then?" I asked Sam and found that my money had grown a good little bit in these last few months, then the order for that pizza beeped that it was coming over ASP!

"Yep you can try to look surprised, but my best prescription is for a few days of long rides once it gets here?" Sam added next.

"That I will do that once the bike gets here. But for now, I ordered us some pizza and snacks?"

"Good, then we can talk over what we can about you and your little episode some more?"

"Not escaping that, am I!" I shouted back at her.

"Nope, I am not letting Gunny's whiskey go to waste just on pizza and hush puppies!" she laughed at me genuinely.

"Good to hear!" I said as the door knocked and I knew a hot meal waited for me at the door as I stood up to go get it.

"Well while you get all of that set Ro, can I see your dad's knife? I have heard of them, but never seen one in person, that was authentic and had a proven owner!"

As one twin grabbed the hot boxes of Pizza, hush puppies and other fine treats from the kid at the door, then handed him a fifty dollar bill for his trouble. The other twin stood up from her chair, then snatched the blade in question off the high shelf it was stored on.

As Sam was handed the fine blade, she asked about something that was bugging her, "You have something this rare out on a shelf and where anyone can steal it?"

"Well if someone is that stupid Sam, lock me up the second it goes missing! As I have a spell on that so well made, that I would bet even Aung could not have broken it? Because it is based on a blood tie to the owner and that was my dad!"

"Ohh okay," she sighed, "So if this comes up missing, pray, lock you up and then tell the whole school they have ten minutes, then it will pop back up in nine I bet!"

I smiled and nodded back to her, "Good plan and no one can be that dim?"


Wednesday, May 30 2:15 PM
the basement tank area under Hawthorn, that kept Fubar alive

Sam and I had chatted most of the night and some of the next morning away with discussing my issues, I had tried as best I could to lead her on with what had happened as best that blasted Geas would ever allow? I hated that it would still hold me to obey orders, so long after all those me, had died?

'But on to fixing other needs?' My mind drifted back to the here and now.

One Drow had snuck into Hawthorne with ease and down the several floors to Fubar's huge tank. She looked at the grotesque creature beyond the thick glass viewing port with utter disgust! The dozen foot long creature floated in the clean water beyond the glass, it looked like a 'hate' child between a squid with a shell, a bug and just a little human mixed in for that nice horror effect.

The Drow standing in front of the glass shivered in seeing how close it looked to some of the GOO she had fought against or saw via the dying eyes of her combat mates. As she observed Fubar, he drifted slowly in the currents of the huge tank, but did not rub against any of the walls and he seemed to be asleep right now, as both of his eyes were closed.

I tapped a dagger against the thick glass to get his attention, "Hey Mr. Geintz, Doc Bellows told me I had to talk to you today?"

When Louis opened both eyes and found himself looking right at a Drow that might not like him right now, he reacted in fright and send out a telekinetic hand to wrap around the Drow before she could do anything dangerous to him!

That is when both of his eyes popped open staring right at me in surprise, then I felt crushing force wrap all around me and I could not budge an inch!

I struggled against the strong hold he had on me, till Louis's ghostly form came into my sight only a foot away from me, "What do you want!" he ordered me.

"Well I just told you that, but if you want to get nasty....we can do that!" I warned him and hoped he was listening to me over his fright and fog of anger.

"Why did you sneak into my room and without an invite too I might add!"

"If you want to argue semantics, I did not invite you into my head this week and just because Violet said it was okay... that does not give you full permission. Besides, you don't have an office per say on campus and I am not going all the way out to Berlin to the one you do have WAY out there?"

"Well then," he almost huffed into my face in anger, "why are you here then?"

"Bellows told me to come see you, as this last episode of mine is yours to treat...for now!" I warned him, "Then number two, let me go this instant...or I make you and you will not like that!"

Fubar did not like that warning at all, he felt out across the area with his mind for miles in each direction and was searching for the other Drow twin part of Rohanna. He stopped when he realized that she was nowhere near the school or out in the Grove where his mind dare not wonder...ever!

The Drow giggled right into his face, "If you are looking for the other me, don't. I am not that dumb to come down here for my first time to have a chat with you? Besides the simple fact...if you even thought you could stop me?"

"You know I can?" Louis said, but thought it over as he loosened up his mental grip on the Drow standing there.

"I heard, felt, then know there was a lie and a doubt in that sentence? You may stop me, but not before the other me dropped something so poisonous in that tank...that you would be a belly up guppy in seconds." I warned him of my well thought out plans for his demise...IF it was needed!

"Fine, truce?" he asked me.

"Fine by me, so once again with feeling...Bellows said I had to chat with you, just before I am allowed to do any of my final Sims. Or I don't do any this year?"

"Well let me in on what you and Sam discussed last night?"

"I Will tell you my part, but her's? That stays inside me forever and that was promised between us to vets."

"Well do your best with what you can say and Sam did tell me that she made huge amounts of progress with you last night!" Louis said as he waved at a nice chair at the tanks window and the rather nice chess set on the table in front of it.

"I will," I sighed as I took a seat and crossed my legs to get comfortable.

"Do you play chess?" he asked.

"Nope and I don't want to play a game that repents what I used to be...a pawn of an evil Queen." part of me admitted and stared at the chess set, but my eyes really fixed on that black pawn in front of the black queen...that was me at one time. Waiting to be used and shoved around a real life game board at a whim.


Across the Whateley campus at that same time.

Cyril Huntley...codename Nex, was getting his last supplies from his weapons broker on campus. He had sneaked into an office earlier this week, to gather all the match-ups for finals week. So that, 'one' he could sell them to those who wanted them and 'two', the most important part! Be ready for whoever they matched him up against this term, as last term he got his ass beat by a simple human Chou...aka Bladedancer or handmaiden of the Tao.

He had found out that Iron star and him had been given the Drow twins to defeat! He needed that information badly, as they fought like demons and had skills he could not touch. So he was going to cheat like the good assassin he was!

And cheating in the sims, it was defined as taking something into the sim that you did not normally carry with you. This was made to be a surprise fight and you had to work with your day to day loadouts! No exceptions!

Nex had studied the Drow for days before this fight was placed before him and he saw that all Sidhe have one weakness that he found from watching the tapes of Team kimba's sim runs...that was cold iron! That simple metal if harvested just right or made to exacting guidelines was like pure napalm to a Sidhe creature or any Fae creature for that matter.

So Nex decided on using that as his weapon to fall back on, but using a blade made of it was a very bad idea. Because Rohanna would know it instantly, call him on it to the referees and he would lose by default. So he went sneaky as normal, he had it powdered to toss at Rohanna when she was close enough and it would burn her up like it did Fey during her 'dark Fey' sim run, that Nikki did with her team!

Nex walked over to his contact on 'fixer patio' and sat down. "Well we all done?" he questioned the fixer of his building.

"I have obtained what you ordered, but it was expensive to get exactly to your spec's!"

"Well as long as it was done exactly to them, I will pay for the item and it had better work as I want it too!" he warned the fixer, as Nex sipped his coffee.

"All here as you said to the letter and why would someone want such strange stuff!" he asked.

"My secret!" he hissed.

"Well this had not get back to me, or you're done ever getting favors off this patio!"

"You got paid, so give it and shut-up already!" Nex said next and the plastic bag full of something was slid his way. After he opened it and checked it's contents as best he could, he left for his room.


Wednesday, May 30 4:45 PM
the basement tank area under Hawthorn, that kept Fubar alive

"Rohanna, this chat has told me you are over...for the most part that nightmare of yours and you should be fine doing your next sim run." the phantom of Louis grinned at the Drow sitting across from him.

"Great, so I can get out of here now? I don't want to insult you more Mr. Geintz, but you give me the creeps in a bad way?"

"I understand it, I give off something that keys you into the evil GOO somehow? So get going now, as I can see you grinding your teeth and that blade spinning on your hand tells me you are uncomfortable at best!"

"Bye now!" I said quickly and I swear I could see Fubar wave a tentacle my way as I ported away.


Thursday, May 31 11:45 PM
The parking area near the Vehicle divisor building

Today had been a rush at fast speed, but one of the most fun days I could remember! Ayla had Hardhead my helmet maker call me over to his 'lair' under the divisor building, where he gave me a new helmet ad racing leathers to matched my existing set. That is when Ayla sprung his trap with the gift of the new bike, I tried so very hard to look and act the part of being 'surprised' but I think I failed?

I thanked him anyway and he me, because Ayla Goodkind had used the threat of my money as leverage on several deals that were still reaping benefits and will do so for years!

Most of that night was spent getting the spells ready that will enable me to hold that new bike in my either storage space with the bikes twin. Speaking of Twins, Ayla even had this new bike with a plate number that was only ONE number away from the other's a nearly matched set!....I loved it!

When the spell was done with dawns first light hitting the spells circle, I re-check each spell, sent the newer bike into storage for the time being and hoped to get sometime to ride the darn things this week!


Friday, June 1 12:05 PM
Crystal Hall

With most of my usual large lunch finished, I slowed my pace down to listen to the chatting at my table. Most of the conversation was about Nikki's loss of pay and how very mad she was about it all. Upon hearing all that, I hoped Nikki would not ask for my help just yet, I wanted to keep from lying to a fellow Sidhe as long as I could. But I knew sooner or later, she would ask and the lies would have to start with my only 'out' in the matter...Nikki was learning a lesson via them and one she needed before the ghost of Aunghadhail filled her life up!

Just as I switched over to my dessert, the monitor sounded the call of the sims for the next matches coming up, right after lunchtime and a few matches past by the screen with some quips from the table at large

When the first match up came over the large screen...Headrush VS Long John

Hank blurted out when he read that match fully, "That one might be good, if she can get him at a distance?

Then up came Reach VS Razorback...That got Ayla to say, "Any bets on the stretchy dude to get eaten!" He had no takers on the bet!

Next came up on the huge display
Code name...Nex
Ratings....ESP-3, PSI-3, TK-4
Techniques ....Cloak, Psiknife, Vortex, Eyebreaker, Doppleganger
Weak vs Diedrick’s Disorder
Backup/Team Affiliation...Masterminds

Chou laughed at seeing his name, "I wonder who gets a turn at whooping his ass this year, I got mine last year!" she boasts and most of the table laughs with her.

Then the next screen comes up
Team up with
Code name...IRON STAR
Techniques...Manifestation takes form of metallic ‘power armor’ with:
Super-Strength: Upper Limits: 6.3 tons--Carrying Strength: 4.8 tons--Casual Strength: 2.2 tons
Energy Projection: Electromagnetic Energy, damaging potential equal to roughly 5 sticks of TNT
Environmental Protection against most chemical, radiation and temperature hazards for up to 25 minutes
Extreme Durability :Rated ‘Bulletproof’ at RPG levels
Flight :Top Speed: 75 MPH---Cruising Speed: 43 MPH
Weak vs Electromagnetic energy, Vibrations, Magic
Backup/Team Affiliation...Future Superheroes of America, The X-Press.

"OHHH ya I wonder how that team-up will work out, mister bad boy assassin and mister Boy scout have to fight as partners or get hurt!" Hank gave is opinion of the team match-up, now displayed.

Then came up on the main screen,

VS team-up of
Exemplar 4 mental/physical package :lift max 1 ton
Regen 5
Wiz (Fae Class):5
WARPER L-teleporter-6 effect B-both no limits found on range or recharge time
ESP 1 danger sense
Speeder 1agility/reaction...speed 45 mph
Techniques: Blades, Bows, Martial arts and Fae magic
Weak vs Cold Iron

Most of the table was now staring at me for a reaction, "Well that sounds like a fun afternoon, let's do this!" I barked.

"Ohh my money is on Rohanna for the win! Any takers?" Ayla questioned the room with a yell, then left as he spotted some raised hands.


Friday, June 1 1:05 PM
Building 99 Sim arena

Both sides of the match were told the set rules and the conditions that would 'win'. We had to either find a computer kiosk, enter a code there, then do a puzzle that came up to finish. Or when both members of one team surrendered or were defeated.

Rules of the match, no flying or porting more than ten feet above the roofline of the nearest building, exception...during a fight. You could only use the weapons that you normally carry on everyday exceptions. Breaking that rule by any member meant team loss automatically!

I personally loved that part, no one ever knew what I carried around each day and that left me to pull out anything I wanted!...including two VERY BIG assets on my side, Violet and Lilac!

Shortly there I was once again, standing at a side entrance door to the arena and what would I draw on this time? The door flew open, a loud buzzer sounded as I pulled on my masks out of trained habit and faded into the darkness via spells and experience.

I spun around quickly to get a fast look at my battlefield, then ported up to a nearby rooftop and once on top of the three story building. I had full lay of what I was in for in the style off the arena fielded.

What we had drawn was, very dark and almost insanely so? Then the area was a mix of some business buildings from one floor, up to the tallest of three floors and the one under me right now. the rest of the arena was some single style homes and a whole lot of rubble?

As I hid against the inner wall of the roof line, that is when I heard from far away.

I_ AM_ IRON_ STAR_!” being shouted, then seconds later...rockets of some sort? All I could think at the time was 'What a Moron, now I know for sure where you are at!'

As the start buzzer sounded out, just cross the arena from the twin Drows that were starting to search the area for a good spot to perch at.

Nex pulled up his balaclava to cover up his face better in this great darkness that was just made for hiding. As soon as his eyes started to become accustomed to the darkness, the fool next to him shouted out as loudly as any human could!

When he heard that buzzer, Bobby Hastings or code name Iron Star...He raised two fists to the sky dramatically, threw back his head and shouted, “_I_ AM_ IRON_ STAR_!

His overly dramatic proclamation shout echoed throughout the arena, energy surrounded and covered his body. When the energy field dropped away, there he stood in his gleaming power armor... a true showoff!

His armor as made up of dark metal bands on his arms and legs. His head, hands, feet and chest were covered in a very shiny silver colored metal and his large breastplate, was covered with a large raised black metal star on it's center. The finishing part of the showy picture, was a white cape draped over a set of small wings coming off his back and decorative cables that just said 'overkill' on them, all connected his boots and gauntlets to his breastplate.

After the full floorshow was over with, Nex shook his head to his 'partner' "Moron, you are on your own...good luck! You might make the twins sweat for a second or fall over laughing at ya!" he shouted at Iron Star and faded into the shadows of the rubble filled area.

Back across the Arena.

Both of us had pinned down right where that shout had come from, then the fireworks show that this moron put on with his costume change killed it for me. Both twins leaned back as they pulled the strings on their bows and let fly over four dozen arrows aimed at that area.

As Iron Star lifted off the ground, he suddenly found himself under fire and very extreme fire at that! The nearly normal arrows would do no damage to him, even after that long flight. But the magic spell held at each one's tip, filled the area with huge explosions of concussive force, plus extremely hot burning fire and since he vulnerable to magic...that hurt him very BAD, as the magical based flames 'licked' their way across his armored body!

After I let loose the flight of arrows, we both ported to the street below and let the Pixies out to scout the area even more. With them buzzing farther out and so very small as targets, we Drow would soon have targets to hunt and hurt.

Iron Star was hit directly by what seemed to him at least five of the magic enhanced arrow and suffered damage from several of the nearby blasts. He was worse for the wear and this was only the opening shot of the Drow.

Up in the stands that overlooked the area, the crowd of Poe kids went nuts at the show of force falling all down around Iron Star and some started to cheer for the Drows by name.

Peeper was on the PA system as it was his now normal spot during such events, "Now my friend Greasy, that looked like that hurt the big metal pot badly!"

"Yes buddy, she rang his bell but good and it does not pay to be a show off!" Greasy laughed back.

"No it never does, but look...Nex is abandoning his partner for better hunting room. That means that Iron Star is out of the closet and into the Drow frying pan all by himself!" Peeper joked at the known 'gay' basher that Iron Star was known for on campus.

"Ohhh that has to hurt the ego of the Future Superheroes of America champ, that is going to cost him. Heading up against the twins alone and his falling odds show he is going to be first out of the game!" Greasy shouted back, as he looked over a printout of the betting changes for the last from Vegas!

Yes from Vegas, somehow no matter how many times they searched the arena over the years. Someone had hidden cameras that feed right into Las Vegas betting parlors in the major casinos! The semi yearly fights from the school, were always a main event and some thought the school might be getting a cut of the action at times. That is why you had a facemask on as a rule, at the sounding of the sim starting alarms and that rule protected your secret identity.

Back in the arena, Iron Star was in very deep trouble and did not even know it! He flew down a short narrow street and right by a hovering invisible Pixie named Violet. Who feed that information back to her partner, where this target was at. Just a second later, a Drow ported in beside Violet and let an arrow fly at Iron Star's exposed back.

The arrow exploded in magical feed fire and cooked into his armor badly. Iron Star spun around towards the attack, to find no one there and then a new attack hit his rear once again, knocking him to the pavement.

I smiled ear to ear as my last Levin bolt blasted into his back dead center, and he fell to the ground hard. "That might wake you up kid, we are not playing games here...this is simulating life or death buddy!" I shouted at him, then vanished from that spot in a port.

Iron Star rolled up to his feet via his jets, then cooked off a energy blast at where the attack had come from! All he got back from that blast, was part of a building wall was made into rubble... next was a cute girls laugh from somewhere else, "I am not there silly!"

He spun to where the new echo sounded out from and found nothing. "Come out and fight like a man you silly fairy!"

"That is going to cost ya!" the darkness warned him.

I stepped back into the shadows and ported off to just behind a great spot to shoot from. Now I flipped my hands out in front of me and metal gauntlets now covered my hands pulled from one of my storage places in the either, "These were crafted to defeat armor by the best and I love using them!" I smiled over to my twin self.

Iron Star was still searching the darkness all around him for the Drows, they were hiding out there somewhere...'the cowards' his mind said next. Small sounds came from the deep darkness that grabbed is attention and his irk, so he blasted away at each sound in turn and found nothing.

Just after Iron Star spun around to face yet another sound from the darkness, he suddenly found a Drow smiling at him and she was almost standing on his very FEET! The Dark elf waved at him "Hi Bobby, nappy time!" and she hit him right in the face with a huge armored fist! Then started to beat on his armor it seemed at the time from every direction, as the twin Drow joined its new sister in waylaying mass amounts of damage hitting his body.

"Ohhch that has got to hurt, you can hear the dents being made in Iron Butts armor from here!" Peeper cried out to the cheering crowd.

"Oh ya Boss, she is hammering that boy and good. Looks like the cape squad might have to find a new member?"

In the stands Rascal was going nuts at watching his new girl beat the crap out of this upstart human and he grinned on happily as the metallic rings from her blows made it up into the seats where he now sat!

He watched Rohanna and Rehanna, rain blows on the Cape Squad member and then both twins took turns at hitting him with spin kicks, that ended at a large overhead flip kick aimed at his chin that rang his bell....with a huge 'gonging' sound...then both ported away back into the darkness.

Iron Star wobbled around in the rubble filled area and snapped off wild shots off with his energy power out into the darkness....searching for the twin Drows hidden out there somewhere?

"Come out you cowards and fight me!" he bellowed out into the dark void.

"We just did that and look at how much that hurt?"
a shadow giggled off to his right.

"But if you want more, we can do that!"
one dark shadow said on his other side.

Right as the echo from the last voice from the shadows died, two magically enhanced arrows hit Iron Star form both sides at the same time! The twin explosion of magic flew him back several yards, where he landed on his back.

When he came back to his senses, Iron Star looked up and found a Drow sitting right on his chest. This Drow said to him in the most sexually seductive voice he had ever heard, "Good night Gracie!" and slammed a fist right into the helmet over his face...he passed out, just before his manifested armor vanished.

"Ohhh and it's over for the big tin can man, 'Good night Gracie' is right! But more like 'tooo the mooooon ALICE!' would fit much better, don't you think Greasy?" Peeper cheered on.

"Well he is out of there for sure boss, now it's two vs one and Nex is NEXT on the hit list!" Greasy told the fans the new facts via the PA system.

With the Iron Star resting or was that rusting on the ground behind me? I ported away to a place that the Pixies had made sure was not being watched by our last target. I thought as my eyes scanned the darkness and peeled it away with ease 'I should just find that computer terminal and be done with this?'

When I was trying to decide on my next act, a snap of wood sounded from across the street from me and I waited for more in case. Then a few seconds later, right down below my very feet a grinding sound from gravel being stepped on wafted it's way up to me. I knew that Nex must be right below me now, "Get-em!" was a silent order I sent to the Pixies in my head and I let loose the Fae of War right at him!

A few seconds later a virtual flood of cursing came up from the alley below me, "What the fuck! get out of my armor, shit, shit, shit, not my pants! Ouch fucker that hurt...I am going to swat both of you bugs...sit still and die!"

I landed from the short fall without a sound, to the alley blacktop right behind Nex, "Well shall we?" I smiled at him from under my mask, as he spun to face me.

"Well I guess my plan for letting you beat 'trash can' up and me getting to the terminal is out?" Nex asked me in his upper crust British accent.

"Nice plan, too bad 'Tin Star' was not tough enough to last, but I have troubles like that with most men, they have no stamina and can't stay hard in a long fight?" my twin said from behind him now.

"That sounds like a personal problem, but if you want to face the best assassin in school?" Nex asked me, then yelled out, "I am right here bitches!"

"Best assassin in Whateley?" I laughed at him hoping that he might 'Drick out' because of my egging him on and go nuts, thus being an easy fight!

"I am!" he shouted out at me once again.

"For a simple human maybe, but to a Real Drow? You are a chubby human baby, with a pointy carrot in your hand?" I growled back at him, making reference to his choice in weapons.

That is when Nex pulled out his short blade and leapt at me. We Drow both danced around the alley searching for a spot to disarm him on my part and he on the other hand, I was very sure that he was going for....the 'gut me like a fish' move by his actions!

Both of us assassins flowed back and forth during our fight, but Nex realized that fighting two Drow was going nowhere fast. So he rammed a fist into one Drow's temple, then used his Psi-knife power to hurt her.

When that fist of his hit the side of my head, my eyesight went instantly black and my sense of balance was scrambled up badly. So I rolled a high spin kick to where my other part saw Nex was standing and the fierce connection sent him flying away from us Drow, right into a pile of trash. Nex rolled instantly to his feet off the pile, while my sight faded back to normal and I stepped closer over to him.

"Good one, whatever that was?" I almost asked him, what that attack was, "But it's my turn now!" I yelled out as my freehand sent a Levin bolt right into his exposed chest.

The hurled bolt hit Nex squarely in the chest and he flew off several yards from the blast, then landed in a heap of pain. Nex tried to stand up, as the smoke from the blast surrounded him and he only managed to get up to kneeling.

I walked up to Nex as he was still trying to gather his wits about him, then pulled off my mask to smile at him, "Well Nex, should we call it all done and you give up?" I asked him with a huge smile.

"I never give up" he gasped out, "not until I am very dead!"

"You are near dead right now silly...if this was a for real fight! You would have died ten minutes ago?" I laughed at him like a maniac!

Nex waited patiently for the Drow twin to move a little closer to use his final trick on her 'and let's see who laughs then!' ran through his mind. But right now, he was having trouble keeping his Diedrick’s Disorder, down and if that got out of his control, it would make him spout out like a TV show villain would.

"Well then, let's keep fighting!" Nex growled out next, as the Drow took a few paces closer and laughed at his expense.

"Come on Nex, you can barely stand if you could? So give up!" I laughed at him even more.

That was it, Rohanna was in the right spot!

Nex flipped up his wrist and the high pressure gas filled cartage went off and the cargo of the launcher it was connected to, blasted cold iron into the laughing face of the Drow as she sucked in wind to laugh once more....Got her good! Nex's thoughts told him.

Poor me sucked in a gasp of air while I was laughing at Nex and with it came PAIN, a pain I knew so very well! This bastard human had used Cold Iron on me as a weapon and I missed his attack in my gloating...I should have just beaten him to a pulp!

As that blast of cold iron filled and covered my face. The burning started in my eyes first, as I went instantly blind and both of my eyes became pools of fire in my head. Then the worst part started, my lungs were filled by the very fine dust and each burned like they were on fire! My mouth and my throat came next in that burning, as I fell to my knees.

That is when I screamed after a few ragged gasps of pain, that scream of pain was one that told all I was in agony, utter misery and possibly dying!

Dying was the first thing my mind ran to, as my twin watch her other half violently cough up a gout of black smoking blood from her mouth and it plopped to the arena floor. Then next cough of blood was huge as the burning filled the twin's lungs and the next heave of blood was even more huge, nearly a quart of the foul stuff flowed all over her armor.

I started to berate myself, 'How could I been so stupid to let this boy hurt me so bad, I let my guard down to give him mercy and it cost me dying!' my body heaved up a torrent of even more blood, as I felt the burning dust make it's was past my lungs and into my chest cavity.

'I am not going out like this, he cheated and has no honor! This last of the Drows will leave it's mark on history before it burns out!' My mind raged back at me, as I was now very sure that I was dead or very soon to be dead. No healing magic of the Grove would save me from cold iron, they could not treat a wound that still had any of that death metal within it!

That is when Nex laughed at me, "How does it feel to lose...fairy! No silly dark elf could ever beat the great NEX!" he boasted.

"Dos inbal nau bel'la Nex, whol elggin uns'aa nindol i'dol...wiu! Dos ph'aluin ulu el saph nau byr uriu!"
(You have no honor Nex, for killing me this way...boy! You are going to die like no other has!) I hissed at him from the still standing twin and my rage grew to overflowing my body.

"What was that loser, giving up?" he questioned me now and my twin coughed up even more blood, fell to the blacktop unconscious from the burning pain deep within her chest.

'Violet, Lilac....go small ones, we are leaving you today...away with you both...I order it!' I mentally gave to them an order and their freedom.

All I got back was twin cries, 'We stay and stand by you in all things, even this.'

'Thanks,' is all I could say, as I started a spell that grabbed a hold of Nex as it's center focus and then made a tap to the nearest large Lay Line that passed by here on its path to the Grove's center.

Up in the stands

Rascal was going nuts once again, his girl just beat the shit out of Nex and was giving him the option of giving up or being beat unconscious he bet! Constance was sitting near him, as were most of the school's other Sidhe and they were cheering on victory when. Nex blew that fine power into the Drow's face, all of the Sidhe knew what that was instantly from the smoking flesh it left behind. Nikki and Gwen both were sitting over with the other Poe kids, screamed out in unison at the Arena when they saw it all happen, "NO way he cheated and that's cold iron!"

Rascal pounded on the armored glass of the viewing area overlooking the arena below, "No Stop this, she is hurt bad!" at the same time, most of the other Sidhe got up to their feet and were making way down to the arena floor.

That is when the exchange between the last twin Drow and Nex ended. Nikki watched as Rohanna waved her arms at Nex and silently chanted up a spell. As the spell formed up, Nex floated off the arena floor as it's target and that is when Nikki knew what that spell was.

Circe spotted the flow of magic change beneath the building and knew that whatever the Drow was up to was very bad. She yelled at the referees to end the match in hopes that the match would end now before the Drow finished the spell!

Nikki's mind flew to what Aunghadhail had showed her weeks ago in private, just in case Rohanna ever lost it and she needed to defend herself quickly. She knew using this spell was bad, because it ripped the magic from the Drows for a short second and that might hurt them bad, but it would stop them!

As Nex floated up off the rubble strewn alley floor, he could not budge an inch and he knew right now by the magical light surrounding him, that he was about to get hurt very bad or die! "Ohhh crap...I goofed!" he whined out and almost started to cry.

As the glowing light from the spell filled that end of the arena, the spectators ran for the exits on this end of the huge building 99 and the warning horn for 'match over' blared on as the arena lights came up to full.

Nikki saw the last parts of the huge spell falling into place and over the video monitors she heard the Drow speak, "You kill me, I end you!"

That is when Nikki crafted that last part of her spell and reached out towards the Drow with her aim. She yanked on the spell almost like a rope and pulled all the essence from the twins in one huge yank.

On my end of Nikki's spell, I felt like my body was snapped in a rubber band and all my will to live left me, as my essence vanished. That is when my breath stopped, then both hearts stopped beating and next came a very pleasing darkness took me away from the pain.

As Nikki's spell did it's job, both twins passed out and fell instantly over like rag dolls. The glow surrounding Nex vanished with the spell now gone and he fell to the ground in a heap. Then the medics ran from the entrance tunnels over to all three fallen students, strangely only one of the medic came over to see if Nex was fine?

Doctor Tenant, ran over to the side of what seemed the most hurt Drow and started to look her over. That is when the 'mage' inside her saw the light of the Drows inner essence well was just only a spark, a small ember, instead of the large burning flame that it usually was. She pushed a little of her own saved essence towards it and the flame reignited. With that small task done, she howled over at Nex, "What in the heck did you do to her! What was that stuff you blasted her with?"

Nex laughed at her, "That doctor was very finely powdered Cold Iron, all made the old fashioned way! And I....." Nex never finished that explanation as Rascal kicked him in the head as hard as he could!

"Hurt one of us Sidhe...human...we hurt you!" Rascal howled as the nearby security team grabbed him and kept him from killing Nex.

Rascal had run the fastest down the stairs to the arena floor, but the rest of the Sidhe they were not far behind him and as the guards pulled Rascal away from his target. That is when Constance bowled right into Nex and smashed her fist into his face.

Two more of the security staff came into action and pulled that raging bundle of elf off Nex, just before next enraged Elf struck. Thorn was next to hit Nex hard, then he kicked Nex's side and bashed at his ribs with several furious kicks! With that third attack, the guards now knew to get Nex out of there, or the elves would take turns at trying for him all day!

Rhia stopped at Ophelia's side just long enough to ask her fellow healer, "What do you want me to do Doctor?"

"Get the essence well in the other twin relit, then come back and help me if she is fine from there?" Rhia nodded back, "I got it!" then moved over to the other fallen Drow.

Ophelia Tenent, worked her healing magic into the deep wounds inside of the fallen Drow and found most of her work was instantly undone. So, she pulled out a few high power rare earth magnets from her medical kit and started trying to pull the death metal from the Drows body.

Doogie came out of the crowd of kids as fast as he could and knelt down beside the doctor, "What can I do?" he asked

"Please work on her eyes, I have the internal mess to take care of..." Tenent trailed off, going back to her work

Doogie started his work on the Drow's eyes as best he could, all that was left from the damage were two nearly empty sockets. That constantly bleed and still smoked from the burning. "God Rohanna, this is not good and you have to pull through...I still need more Drow biology stuff from Arc?" he tried to make comedy out of the disaster at hand.

As the doctor worked, the fiery red head Nikki kneeled down beside her, "Anything I can help with Doctor Tenant?"

"I am having a real hard time getting this finely powdered cold iron out of Rohanna's chest, I might have to get a devisor to make something before she burns up?" she admitted her plight to the teen elf.

Nikki knew instantly what to do and maybe the how that Nex had used to hurt her fellow Sidhe. Nikki yelled out, "Jade we need you!" to the growing crowd of students all around them now.

A small bundle of craziness runs from the pack of students and over to Nikki, "What...What can I do?" Jade asks the teen elf.

"Jade, Nex attacked Rohanna very much like you did the 'evil' me in the Dark Fey sim run, can you get inside her body and yank out all the cold iron inside her?"

Jade gives Nikki a little salute, then touches the fallen Drow, "On it Nikki....J-team on the way!"

Jinn who was part of Jade, knew instantly what to do and reached out all over the Drow's body for that burning iron. When she found the small dust sized bits of it, she moved it out of the body on the fastest and easiest for both path. Very quickly, Jinn filled a plastic specimen cup up with the 'death metal' that Jade had placed on the Drow's chest.

Once Jinn was done, she helped to pull parts of the Drow's body together and helped Tenent's healing magic do it's work, then the Drow's own healing could take over from there. Soon enough, the breathing of the Drow became less labored and her eyes started to heal up enough for the eyelids to close.

Shortly, the Drow that Rhia was working on woke up and the other twin coughed up a huge mess of blacken blood. But this twin nearer to Rhia spoke first, "Hey did I blow up the building?"

"Nope, you failed to do that...but not for trying real hard? Somebody must have stopped you just before you finished weaving the spell?" she tried to laugh to Rohanna.

When Nikki overheard Rohanna talking, she leapt over to her side, "Hey what were you thinking of you crazy Drow, why were you doing that spell!" she chastised her friend.

"I thought I was dead, my lungs were burned away, my throat, my eyes and that stuff was burning it's way towards my hearts...I was finished!" my weak voice croaked out.

"You silly Drow, Jade can and she already did pull all of that cold iron right out of you. Then it seems that both Tenent, plus Doogie are healing you up just fine right now?" Nikki told me next.

"Gaea I am so sorry Nikki, I messed up again. I never know anymore, I just react to what I know?" I started to cry to her.

"Relax Rohanna, there was no real harm done. Aung showed me spell to use, just incase you lost it real bad and I am so very sorry I had to use it on you. Did it hurt very much?" she begged me.

"It was a very strange feeling? I felt like, life itself was yanked from me as my essence vanished for a second. But strangely it felt real peaceful to me?" I informed her of the feeling, as the burning pain from my twin body started to fill my head once again.

Nikki must have noticed my wincing in pain as she asked me next, "You in pain right now?"

"It hurts a lot and where are Violet and Lilac? The pain is shutting them out, I don't really feel them near me right now?"

Nikki searched around the area for the two Pixies and then when she came up with nothing, she made one more pass with her vision tuned more to magic. Then she admitted defeat to me, "I don't see them, could they be off in the Grove?"

"They would not do that...ever!" I tried to shout, but was so very tired right now, "Is Nex around?" I had to ask.

Rhia spoke next, "Ahh they took him off to security after Rascal starting beating him up, then Connie had a try, then Thorn jumped in to do damage too!" she tried not to laugh at the whole thing.

Nikki saw that I was falling asleep quickly and shook me back awake, "Hey none of that, call to them and get them over here now!" she demanded of me.

"I am so tired, I want to rest for a little bit...please?" I slurred out to her.

"Rohanna darn it, both of them would go after Nex...right?" she asked me.

"I guessssss," I said more than sleepy.

"Call to them, you need them to come now and before they do something very bad!" she argued to me.

"What can be bad about hurting Nex right now, that human has no honor?" I questioned the idea she had right now, that he was even worth saving.

"Darn you and your inability to see past black and white. If he dies, the MCO will want the Pixies to charge them or worse!"

"Then the MCO can try, the Grove will save them and the MCO will finally find out that there is more to us Fae than just pointy ears...." I said nearly falling asleep again, but she shook me back awake.

"Rohanna, you owe me a favor, call them here please...I beg of you...please?" Nikki asked me as best she could.

"Fine...I will?"

I had to shove past a growing wall of pain out of my head and reach past it to where the two of my Pixies are now. With a huge effort on my part, I saw where they were through both Violet's and Lilacs eyes. Then I spoke to them, 'My little ones, come back to me.'

'Sister, we thought you were dying and when the 'ending spell' was broken, we chased after this savage Nex for you!' Violet growled angrily in my head and even her angry growl felt good to me.

'Yes we are waiting till the guards leave him alone, then we will end him with poison!' Lilac added to their already laid out plan.

'No we leave him for later, the school shall judge him first and then we shall take our turn with him. Come home to me now...please?'

'We thought all was lost,' Violet cried sadly inside my head and that sadness got to me in a bad way. So much so, I almost said...'do it, kill him'...but I stopped as she said more. 'We are coming as you bid us to do.'

"Thanks little always, it's us versus them." I gave to them, we were family.

"Nikki it's done, my Pixies are coming back here and they are not very happy about it at all!" I warned her as I fell asleep.


Sunday, June 3 1:05 PM
The Grove, hot springs area

When I awoke, I found one of me laying in the warm waters of the Grove and the other was laid out on a soft mat on the waters edge covered in a blanket. My in the most hurt body, It's throat felt like it was covered in sand and breathing deeply was still very hard to manage.

I managed to croak out, "What are we doing here?" as my body drifted slowly on top of the warm waters and strangely my twin body did not wake up as I wanted it too?

The matron of the Nymphs smiled down to my face as she spoke gently and softly to me, "Guardian, you are healing well and of course you are where you should be when I heal you?"

"How long?" I rasped out to her.

"A little over a day in human time, they would call this Sunday in the afternoon...I am sure?" she smiled to me and gave my drifting body a gentle shove over to the shallows so I could stand up with ease.

After my body had drifted enough for me to stand up on the smooth stone bottom of the warm spring, the matron gave me a hand while I stood up and then helped me over to the stump to sit while she tended to me.

As I sat down trying to breath a bit better, but came up coughing a large clump of my blacked blood for my trouble. She patted my back a little to help me with coughing that crap up and had one of her's fetch me some cold spring water to drink to help clear it all away.

"That will happen for a few more days Guardian, just like the last time you were injured" the matron said to me gently.

"Thanks, but am I ready to go back to Whateley now?" I just had to ask, as I had a date with Nex for his ass kicking!

She sighed before she gave me an answer, "Guardian, I bid you not to go back to the humans for a good time, a decade perhaps?"

"I might want to, but that choice would leave many fellow Sidhe untrained for the world and one of them is what shall replace Aunghadhail, one that I wish to mold to one that is kinder than the old one." I coughed back to her.

"I understand your choice, it does makes sense for a Drow to consider the Sidhe as a whole before themselves...that is what you were re-made to do?"

I had to give her a wink and the best laugh I could muster, "You have been reading the ancient books about us Drow...haven't you?"

She gave me a gleaming smile, then admitted to me, "Why yes, I do have to understand the ones I heal better."

"So I am good to go back then?" I had to ask again.

"Yes, but take it easy for a few days and I will give you some healing fruits from the Grove to eat at each meal. The Pixies will carry them to you for each meal, plus some juices that I will blend from more and that juice is for a between meals snack." she told me.

As she spoke her instructions for my care, one of the beautiful Nymphs showed up with a large plate of them and the Matron handed me the first of many for the meal she wanted me to eat.

Since I was having trouble swallowing the whole fruits, she waved for Joan to come over to me and slice each one into smaller bites for now.

Out in Whateley, inside Poe cottage

Violet darts at high speed into Poe's front door, then changes direction like a humming bird gone insane up the main stairs and then across the third floors study room. She flies so fast, that papers are blow off the tables in the main entrance, everyone's study paperwork are tossed into the air on the third floor and down the hallway of any open door.

Violet buzzes down the short hallway while counting doors, the finds the one she came for and starts banging on the door hard enough to rattle it!

Roz opens the door very mad and shouting, "Who in the fuck is banging the door down!"

Violet buzzes right up to her face just before she squeals out, "Lady Rosalyn, Rohanna is wake again and the Matron is letting her come home to Poe!"

"Great!" Roz smiles, then slips her shoes on and runs out the door behind the fast flying Pixie.

As Roz runs into the third floor sitting room, all the students frown at her and one yells her way, "Roz keep that Fae jet on a shorter leash, she messed up my finals project!"

Roz stops to help the girl with her papers that were strewn all over the room, "Whoops, you know Pixies, they get all excited at things and this one just told me that Rohanna is all healed up enough to come back home!"

"Well then, that is okay? But tell her to slow down in the building...please?"

"Ya got it!" Roz shouts as she hops down the stairs two at a time.

In the Grove

The Matron woke up my sleeping twin, as she told me that it was better for me to have one body shut off while concentrating on healing this one and that is the reason why one of me was sleeping so soundly, that I could not wake myself! I nodded my agreement back to her as I pulled a on a shirt that someone must have left for me.

As I wiggled on my undies, then bra. The Matron laughed at me, "Why wear such things?"

"Because humans say so and I have to blend in?" I reasoned back to her, as I took the workout pants off the top of the stack of clothes left for me.

When I had both legs in the set of pants, that is when fate called and had Roz nearly bowl me over in her haste to hug me, "You're up lover!" she cooed into my ear.

I rasped back to her as best I could, "I am up and moving, breathing...that I will get later?"

"Ohh honey, you still sound bad?" then Roz glanced at the Matron, "Is she well enough to leave?"

"The Guardian needs more rest, but she is fine to go and since she is in your trusted hands. We can let her go with you." the Matron of the nymphs informed Roz.

When Roz heard that, she understood it instantly. The Grove trusted her because of her oath to protect this place and most certainly that included Rohanna?


Sunday, June 3 5:45 PM
Poe cottage, my room

There is was trying to get comfortable as Roz was doting over me like a worried mother!
She even kept my fully healthy twin trapped inside my room, she said "I don't want you worn out in either twin, now lay down!" she ordered me and I reluctantly obeyed her.

When someone decided to interrupt Roz feeding me, my new doting mother got up in a huge huff and answered the door. Where she found Art who peeked in and instantly laughed at the whole propped up in bed, with a plate of cut up grove fruit laying on my lap and Roz with the spoon still in her hand form just feeding me.

"How in the heck did you get Ro to agree to this? The Jack I knew would never stand for this!" Art laughed at me laying there and I gave him the fang filled grin of death back.

"Art what do you want?" Roz asked none to happy her doting was being interrupted.

"Tell her Art, before she hurts ya?" I warned him that Roz was more than she looked.

"I have the acting coach with me since you can't do stunts tonight, we can work on that for now? But I still want to know how she got you to agree with this Ro?" Art egged me on with a chuckle.

"Art I will tell you like a man...this girl is great in bed and I like that! So I gave into her doting so that she can help me and feel better about caring for me?" I boasted for Roz and she grinned back to Art who was shaking his head.

"That Info I did not need to hear, maybe I should just shut-up and get that coach for ya?" Art added next.

"Art did you want to what we do when having fun too!" I played with him and winked at the end.

"Ohhh let me tell him Ro!" Roz jumped in, then stated her list of fun at his pain, "We tie each other up...Ro mostly" She grinned at me, "and we play 'who's boss' and other real fun things!"

Art put his fingers in his ears like a little kid, a thing that I knew him for from the past and he went, "LALLALALALA!" as he left to get that acting teacher for me.

Most of that night was spent with my acting coach, at least till Roz got mad and had the ad hoc class moved out into the study room while my hurt twin rested. But the night was interrupted by Nikki chasing Ayla down the hallway in rage while screaming at him, "You turncoat! You snake in the bosom! You sanctimonious know it all!"

Nikki ran him down to the bathroom and back out into the night. Where Nikki was launching what I knew for sure were very deadly spells at Ayla till he got wise, sank into the ground and the safety of the tunnels running all under the campus.

The fiery redhead raged on for a short time, then went back to her room as a storm crashed outside and I sniffed the air just as I said, "Yep all that is her, that is not nature at all!"

Later on, Jade tried to get her lion plush toy that contained the 'Jinn' version of her I was sure into the room where Nikki hid out and Nikki blasted that darn thing to flame charred bits. That vicious action on her part, that made me more than mad with her, but I will let it rest till tomorrow.

With that last crash of thunder from outside, Art cancelled acting class, mostly because the teacher was cringing in the corner at the display of magical force. I almost laughed at the poor man who was coaching me, he was such a coward!


Monday, June 4 5:45 AM
Poe cottage, my room

A large ruckus out in the hall woke the sleeping twin me and the other half opened the door to see Mrs. Horton yelling at Nikki with two security guards in tow. The subject was her explaining to Sir Wallace all her blasting away with spells last night and her being chewed out by Chief Delarose right after that meeting.

I watched as Mrs. Horton chewed on almost everyone on the floor and Toni scurried back into her room, grabbed her needs, then vanished into the hallway and right back to Ayla's room where she had slept last night.

When Nikki finally closed her door, Mrs. Horton spun on over to mine and gave me a short bark, "You should go with Nikki and help Sir Wallace explain this rule breaking better to her!"

"I got it ma'am, on my way when asked to do so and thanks for adding me in?"

"Welcome and good morning." was all she said to me.


Monday, June 4 6:45 AM
Kirby complex, mystic arts floor

On my way out of Poe, I had spotted something that might be of help in today's lesson and snatched it off the table of the sunroom, "I'll return this later, or buy a replacement of things go wrong?" I silently promised the now empty spot on the table.

After we three Sidhe had arrived at the Mystic arts building, Circe and Sir Wallace took turns chewing Nikki out for her violent episode last night and her rash use of dangerous magic aimed at a fellow student

All I could think of at the time... was 'aimed' "If she really wanted Ayla dead...he would be very dead, there is no stopping Nikki for real when she is enraged?" I silently give my opinion.

The lambasting lasted for over an hour till they took a break and gave Nikki a few finals exams in basic magic. I watched her do just fine for most of them and superbly in the ones that really counted!

That is when I asked our teachers if we Sidhe could have the room to ourselves, as they left us alone in the spell practice area. I activated the rooms set wards with a wave of my hand over the sigils on the wall by the door.

"Okay Nikki, please tell me why you are so mad at Ayla?" I asked her, as I walked back towards her from the room's only door.

"He turned Hank against me!" she shrieked out at me and I could feel that anger rise within Nikki as her empathic projection of emotions washed over me.

"Explain all of this to me...please?" I asked gently, while tried to calm her by my words and actions.

"You know that Carson gave all my money away to this Solicitor guy?" I nodded back that I did and more than that...I knew the whole story too! Far more than even Nikki knew.

"Well Ayla said, he would help and ended up not doing it! Then he turned Hank against my wanting to honor Aunghadhail and make the Five fold court rise again!" she yelled towards me.

"That is all gone, the five fold court of Aunghadhail's time and we don't want that back Sidhe can do better Nikki?" I tired to reason with her.

She starred at me in utter defiance and roared at me, "BUT I am the rebirth of Aunghadhail! Daughter of the Burning Oak, Paramount Queen of the West and the Five-Fold Court shall be reborn!"

"Nikki are you ordering me, because if you have not's not really working on me?" I told the angry child that her glamour not affecting me right now, even thou it was at full bore right now!

"I would never?" she gave to me sadly, as her glamour fell away and Nikki became more sheepish, "I want to honor her Rohanna, shouldn't both of us?" she asked me hesitantly.

"I will honor her as a past and VERY DEAD queen that she WAS! Nothing else, we new Sidhe set our own destiny and will be better Sidhe, than her time had?"

"You insult Aunghadhail, after what she has done for us...the books, teaching, training, advice?" she listed off her reasons and her rage grew at me again.

"And gave her punishments from the past, that still haunt and hurt me each day! And her using me up in a war, that she did not even try to really win...till it was over for the most part! And how she treated her trash! Do you even have an idea how many friends..." I suddenly gulped sadly at her, as I mentally counted that number, "I tossed on a trash pile under her VERY orders, used and tossed away like SHIT! With no burial, no honor, no memorial and you WANT to BE her again?" I yelled back at her, finally losing my temper.

"Rohanna, I don't want that?" she finally gave me.

"ARE you sure little girl called Nikki Reilly, that you don't want that crown and then call yourself the new Aunghadhail...Queen of all the Sidhe and Fae?"

"Like I told Hank, I can be both! I can honor and I need to...and I need to lead her people!" she shouted at me, her anger renewed again.

"Well then, lets start the training that destroys that sad little girl, that human part of you we call Nikki Reilly and go full blow Queen of the Sidhe to come...shall we?" I said and shoved a small item into her hand.

"What is this Rohanna?" she asked looking at the black pawn chess piece in her open hand.

"I will tell you in a second my Queen, but first you must call me by what Aunghadhail would have surely used for my name during her time... Tool...Slave... Trash...Subject ...Soldier...Warrior...are the last two names she would have used and they were very seldom used except when courtly maters were at hand. So pick one Queen of mine to be?"

"None of those fit you, your name is Rohanna Leigh...Shadowsblades?" she questioned me.

"No...NO...NO Queen," I shook my head to Nikki, "that is a 'name', a real true name is for those OF the court and I am not one. I am a subject, a thing, just like that pawn in your hand and I have...My life, has the same value to you, a Queen, a near Goddess... as that simple carved piece of stone in your hand right now...does it not?"

"But I would never do that, calling you that is not right and treating you like a 'thing'?"

"Yes it is, you want to BE Aunghadhail? Then start acting like her, command me and I will do!...." then I fell into my old part with practiced ease that even had me scared right now. I fell to that one knee, like I did so many times and looked at the floor, "By your word...Queen?"

That is when Nikki starred that pawn in her hand and had an epiphany. Nikki finally made the connection to what I was saying to her all along...Aunghadhail's subjects...ALL of them, were her living pawns in her board game of real life...death!

Nikki dropped the pawn to the floor.

I snatched the fallen game piece off the floor, then held it out to Nikki and walked towards her, as she walked backwards from me, "Don't you want this, the power it holds, the want of being in charge of life and death of thousands...NO Millions of lives. Because you know my Queen, these humans will not live in peace with us Sidhe and YOU can't have that...not having it all under your thumb...the whole world YOURS to rule just like before!"

"I don't want all that Rohanna, why are you doing all of this?"

"Call me something lesser, like Aunghadhail would and I obey. Then why am I doing this?" I say and whip my training baton from nothing, "Because of this, my baton that Aunghadhail told you about while she still lived."

"What...why? she asked more than confused at me.

"My baton tells others that I can train even the royals like you are and I am doing my job in training you right now...since you want to be Aunghadhail and honor her, BY being her?" I asked the frightened Nikki.

"That is not what I want anymore?" she questioned herself now.

"Humm" I pondered with a evil grin, "then I see what the problem is...That Nikki Reilly part in is not fully dead yet? Maybe I should pop over and kill off the rest of the family to finish that little human girl off in your mind...that human stain within you? Is that an order my Queen, one word from your lips and Mom, Dad plus brother Troy are no more!"

That is when Nikki became more than real mad at me, I felt the essence in the room change and Ley lines move at her whims, "You will not hurt my family Rohanna!" she roared at me now, almost giving me an order of defiance.

In one hand I held the pawn and in the other the baton. I spin the lowest part of the metal shaft till I felt it's power come on, then stepped up to Nikki's very face. "Then stop me, if you can?" I growled, dropped the pawn to the floor and snatched her neck in a death grip.

As she flailed about in my hand, she tried to weave spells off at me and failed miserably. Then her last chance to fight me, that now famous Banshee wail of the royals that Aunghadhail had taught her how to use by failed.

I played the baton in my hand in front of Nikki's face, "See the glow young Queen, that tells you it's working and as long as I evoke it, plus I am teaching you? You can't hurt me!"

After she starred at it's warm blue glow for a second, I let her go and she gasped out to me, "What is all this Rohanna...why?"

"You want to be Queen, do you not? Or do you finally realize what you will be giving up with that choice and whom you will included?" I said and tossed the baton to her open hands.

"Why did you give me this now?" Nikki asked after she caught it.

"So you can snap it and know that I can't stop you ever again. Or you can give it back to me and heed my words, as I try and make sure you are Aunghadhail's better in all things?" I sadly said to her, as I started to cry.

When I started to cry, Nikki noticed the fallen pawn at my feet and made a connection from it and back to me. I was that fallen pawn, waiting for a task to do by the Queen's orders and Nikki no longer wanted to give those orders...she understood that those orders... they hurt others now.

Nikki scooped the pawn up off the floor that had fallen at her feet. Then walked, no almost ran over to me for a hug and when we finally let each other go. She gave me back my baton, "This is yours! I would be stupid to turn you down ever as a teacher, you should have that just in case I wonder off the better path again and need disciplining?"

"IF that is your order...My..." She shushed me with a finger to my lips.

"Never say that word to me, till I have earned it fully and here is your pawn back?" Nikki said as she tried to hand the small carved pawn back to me.

I closed her open hand containing the pawn for her, "You keep that, hold it as a reminder of what could have been again and what was in ancient times. But replacing the piece from the set I 'borrowed' it from in Poe's study room is your responsibility?" I laughed at her.

"Let me guess, this is the Queens pawn?" Nikki smiled at me.

"And why would it be any other?" I smiled back to her.

"Rohanna what am I going to do with you?" she giggled at me

"Actually that is my question Nikki...I think?"

"That it might be, but for the next several years...we spend that teaching each other here at Whateley?" she asked me.

"Yep and for the summer vacation. I want you to spend that with family and away from my Sidhe influence. But not all summer!" I pointed out as we walked towards the door, "But! You have to show up for Bill's wedding during the first week of July?"

"I can do that, you might have to come get me?"


Wednesday, June 6 1:45 AM
New York city, central par

There was a very fresh, very warm pretzel in my hands and I was relaxing in the park once again. I had done this trip a few times, the first one was more of a need to get away form the school for a second and Sara, along with the issue we had back then. But today or tonight? This was me, just doing some ME time!

My pretzel was half finished, when three teen boys ran past me on this darkened path that I liked, one that has one real nice stone bench on it overlooking the lake. The three blasted right past me, then came a very young cop I knew quite well, hot on their heels and then came the rolly polly older Irish cop, that I knew was his partner.

They were a great team-up, a fast youngster and a older street wise cop with what might be his best years behind him? But still he was the best and the kid complimented him well.

I had to laugh at how out of breath old Kelly O'Rourke was, as he ran past me. But I knew that Leon Garibaldi the younger kid had the three teens beat for speed, you could see it in Leon's stride...he would catch them soon as they ran off the path and into the darker woods of the park!

'Well, lets drop the pretzels and help them out?' I thought to myself and hopped off the bench.

As I ran just behind Officer Kelly, he could not hear my feet hitting the concrete, Drows like me are that quiet when we want to be! Both Violet and Lilac took to wing at my order, then took off after the three boys just ahead of us one slow old dude. Leon had leapt onto the back of one teen, had him cuffed in seconds and was scanning the darkness all around him for the other two? I saw that this chase was coming to an end and jumped up into the cover of the large tree's branches above the scene.

O'Rourke finally came running up in a huff and puff of being exhausted from his run, "So where are the other two Leo?" he breathed out heavily.

"Hell if I know? But this one does not have the purse!" Leon said as he yanked the yelling kid to his feet.

From my higher perch, my keener eyes spotted one teen coming around a large tree right at O'Rourke's back and the kid had a large pistol in his hand. 'Shit!' I told myself'. As my armor came over both of my bodies.

When the teens arm came up to level with O'Rourke's back, one twin fell from the tree branch and her shield formed on her left arm. The teen fired, the large bullet hit the shield that glowed bright orange with the hit and slid off to the ground and did no damage.

The other Drow, she dropped behind him and then grabbed his right arm to shove the gun up at the sky, while the other arm wrapped around his neck. The teen was now held well off the dirt floor of the forest while I spoke to him, "Let it go and I don't snap your neck like a twig KID!"

The older officer spun around and drew his weapon at a very good speed I noted, he might be old? But he was not slow with a gun by any means!

"Who are you!" he demanded of the figure all dressed in black that had just saved his butt.

"Hi Officer O'Rourke...sir?" I said and pulled off my mask just enough so he could see my face, but not the teens now under arrest.

"Ohh it's you? Is this your sister?" he pointed the one holding the armed teen, who still had not dropped the gun from his hand.

"That she is and that is a very, very, very long story!" I smiled from under my mask.

"What do you want to do with this one O'Rourke...sir. He has yet to drop the gun and he did make a huge mistake of firing at your back?" the other Twin asked the older man as Leon yanked the other teen closer over to us.

"Well you heard her, are you going to drop the gun?" he asked the teen.

"Get this bitch mutant off me!" he demanded

"Ohh such harsh words from someone so young?" I chuckled out.

"O'Rourke? We could get rid of him for one would know?" the twin nearest him laughed with a evil sounding voice and whipped a sword to his neck...the gun dropped instantly to the dirt.

"No need for that, I will cuff him?" O'Rourke said as he came over and then did the deed.

"But where is number three with the purse?" Leon asked all of us.

Just then, Violet and Lilac cam flying out of a large set of shrubs laughing like mad to us, "That stinky human is over here, we put him to sleep and he still has the purse!"

"There ya go, all three on a plate!" I boosted for us Fae.

Leon smiled, then tossed his catch to the dirt and Kelly dropped his catch beside him and both went over to cuff up, then drag the last of the three to the new pile of crooks. When all three were all set for transportation. Both officers walked over to me leaning up against a tree waiting for my turn at talking.

"Who is this Kelly, you know a 'cape'? Leon questioned his partner.

"You know her too Leo? The girl with demon dating issues!" Kelly tried not to laugh at his own description of me.

"You're Roh...." Leon started, but Kelly jumped at him to shut him up, "Shhhuush no names you moron!"

"Then how are we going to write all of this mess up?" Leon asked.

"Well, we can write it up as normal and put in assisted by unknown 'cape' that did no physical damage to perps and saved my butt!" Kelly shrugged his shoulders quickly.

"That might work, but there is no bullet in something or someone, to say one of them shot at us?"

"Sirs? The spent bullet might be a little smushed, but it is laying right on the dirt were it fell?" I told both.

"It will take an hour to find it!" Leon said next.

"Wait one!" I answered and walked right over to it and picked it up, "It's right here, nothing gets past my eyes!" I boasted.

Right then one of the teens spoke up, "What kind of madhouse is this, she dates demons and as two tinkerbells as pets! So what is next...Peter Pan?" he asked from his spot on the dirt.

I had to shake my head to both officers now, "I could make all three of them vanish if you want it?"

"Kill us!" the other teen screamed out, "I did not shoot at a cop!"

"Ahhh friend that is a bit harsh for them, don't you think?" Kelly asked me and was laughing on the inside. He actually thought I was joking.

"They don't have to die, us Fae have other uses for cast off humans?" I admitted.

"DO I want to know what that is?" Leon asked me.

"Maybe not Sir."

"Well let us get these morons into a car and transported. Then we can have a nice chat?" Kelly asked me.

"Fine by me sir, I will wait at that bench by the lake on this same path?"

"I know it, the one in the dark patch to be sure?" he asked.

"That be the one I like!"

"Be back in a few!" Kelly said as he pulled one teen to his feet.


Wednesday, June 6 2:15 AM
New York city, central park

While those two officers were gone, I found a pizza shop that was open at 2 AM! And boy does 2 am pizza taste great! Since I was already there and Kelly plus Leon were due back to chat with me, I bought them both a set of slices and had them put in a 'warmer' box to wait for them.

I had just finished off my third slice when both of them decided to show up, "Hey Mr. Garibaldi, Mr. O'Rourke, sit and take a box. I bough one for each of and really good stuff too!" I grinned at both, as I tapped the top the warm food boxes.

"Ahh thanks Rohanna, but why the visit?" O'Rourke asked me and took a seat next to me. His partner being younger by far, kept to standing and opened a box that Kelly just handed him as he sat.

"Ohhh I was just relaxing here and maybe you both might come along or not all?"

"Okay, so how is it so far, your school that is? he asked me nicely.

"So far it got a little better and some days were a mess? But I lived!"

"Leon kept me up to date on what was going on at your academy and I am so sorry about all the madness you have been through over the last few months?" he genuinely apologized to me and I could tell he was not even trying to lie.

"Not your fault really, it just happens?" I said thinking over all of it, "So the nephew told you about all of it?"

"Ohhh ya my Tony calls me weekly now after I asked him about you the first time, he and is devisor call them?" I nodded back that he was using the correct term, "Well they follow what the Poe kids and team Kimba?...Are doing closely." Leon told me.

Kelly nodded next as he spoke, "I heard about Sara, the girl who sorta introduced us all in a strange way and so any word on her or the guy who knows where she is at?"

"Nope, he disappeared. They think he must be hiding out on tribal land somewhere, but till he pops up in the 'real' world and uses or does something that computers can track. He does not exist to the cops. But he has one very rich lady tracking him, a computer geek goddess and lots of others who want his literal scalp in a box! And that includes me!"

"Well we all will wait till then and I will keep an ear out as best a NYPD beat cop can do? But I heard you are doing a movie soon?" Kelly patted my leg in sympathy and smiled at me. Trying to change the subject before I was in tears, that I am sure he saw coming.

"Yes, my movie career starts for real on Sunday. Right after we get down to Australia, but I actually have to 'fly' to New Zealand? Evidently that nation does not do teleporting just yet or any other travel methods but tried, true boat or planes!" I complained to him.

"Well not everyone does what you do, give us poor humans time to catch up to you!" he laughed at me.

Yep, but you all need to start running faster? I am waiting here!" I laughed back.

Leon waved at me trying to ask me a question, I winked at him to ask as I took a bit of pizza, "Ahh Rohanna, Tony wants to know if this devisor in your cottage is available to date next year or to ask about his year for summer?"

"Who!" I more than questioned back and wanted to know for myself! Gossip was the fuel that made Poe run some nights in the study room and having some was a good idea!

"Tony is asking about...Bunny? A girl who does egg based inventions..."

"Ohh her, I would tell him somehow? But hid it...that she is not a real guy chick and has a girl of her own if you get my meaning?"

"Ohh shoot, ohh well I guess he has to fend for himself then?" Leon sounded disappointed for the boy.

"Hey but next term, have him talk to me and I might know a girl that wants to see him then? Us girls, we do talk! I admitted the truth...we do!

"Did you come here tonight for anything?" Kelly asked me.

"No not really, I just wanted to see if I could catch ya and thank you for that night helping me out?"

"We loved it, both of us got to see part of the world that neither of us knew was right here? I swear I see something watching us on nights here?" he questioned me with puzzlement certainly showing in his voice!

"I am sure there are some that do watch you now, you talk to my kind and others take interest in you?" I told him with a knowing smile.

Leon laughed out at the thoughts, "And what creatures would care about us two cops?"

"The Fae saw that you cared and cared for one of their own. So they watch over you for it. I would bet if that kid actually had shot Officer O'Rourke here, I am very sure he would have found a Fae healer at his side very quickly!" I boasted for my kind.

Kelly kicked his partner gently, "Hear that kid, we have fairies looking after us in the park and I bet they helped with a few collars last month...the two that tripped and fell out of nowhere?" he recalled.

"Yep that one guy after he stole that kids bike, he just seemed to hit an invisible wall right in the middle of the grass?" Leon wondered to me.

"Well there ya go? One he stole a kids bike, then gained your attention, next he ran from you, when you felt that he needed punishment and the Fae felt that, then did said punishment for you!"

"It can't be that simple, can it?" Kelly asked me with a shake of his head.

"That man is lucky his punishment was not worse. Let me guess the child was older, almost a teen?"

"Yes he was thirteen."

"That was the last factor that saved him from farther punishment. If the kid was five, then you might have lost the thief in the trees and never saw him again!"

"So tell me what would have happened to him?" Leon asked as his interest was suddenly peaked.

"Humm not death, that is not warranted. Maybe servitude if they found out that he had done evil many times before this encounter."

"Servitude, what's that?"

"A leader or elder of the Fae changes him into one of the lesser Fae for a few decades as punishment and he earns his way back to being human? But most who are punished that way, they choose to stay Fae after a decade or so? Because their old life is so far gone by the passing of time, they can't go back!"

Leon nearly coughs up his last bit from the shock of hearing that, "So gone for good?"

"Yep, basically. But I have to be going Officers, so thanks again and I will be seeing both of you soon I hope?" I said as I stood up.

Kelly shook my hand, then did Leon and I ported back home for the night.


Thursday, June 7 2:10 PM
Whateley academy, Poe cottage.

Since the school times were winding down, I had pulled a storage box out of my larger gold box and began filling it with my new video system, plus the stereo. The bed was the schools issue if I marked it with a personal tag on the last day, it would be saved for my room next term and set-up for me in there!

As the new items to my very new life where placed in my storage, I took time out to fill a few suitcases that Art had bought for me with what I would need over the next few months. I should use my wardrobe, plus dresser that I already had? But I felt safer with using the human style for this trip, I never knew who might be watching and try to figure out how I did my 'thing' then try to take all my personal belongings!

Most of my uniforms were quickly packed away for the summer and all I had left was a few days worth, that I would wash the night before we all left for the movie set in New Zealand. I started to pull my dresser, then wardrobe off the wall and slide the gold box from my storage to hold them, when someone knocked at my door.

A quick listen and I could hear that nice heartbeat that lulled me to sleep many nights in this very room, "Come on in Roz, but be quick I have things out that most should not see!" I sang towards the door and that raven haired beauty slide into my room as quick as she could!

Roz came up from behind me and hugged me hard after she slipped in, then spun me to look right into my eyes as we were nose to nose, "How are you doing and no covering stuff up, ya hear me!" she warned me, but I knew she cared for me.

"The throat is still a little sore, but the breathing is fine and almost perfect again!" I beamed back at her.

"Good!" she said as she slipped free of my arms, then moved around me to study that large gold box of mine, "So this is it, the one thing that everyone wants to see and I mean the goofs up at ARC, then Circe I'd bet too!"

"That is it and no telling. But be warned Roz, no touching it without telling me first? Because it can get cranky and hurt you real bad...I mean REAL BAD!"

"Okay, so what are we doing, you said that you needed my help?" she quizzed me.

"The plants need to go back into the Grove till next term and you can really help me with that. I know how to move them, but you know and have the gift to make them happy when I do!"

Two hours later

We had the plants that lived in my room moved back into the Grove for the vacation term and Roz made very sure that they would be fine to be left there for a few months. After that was done, she helped me pack my things and get all the bags ready. Then I joined her packing in her room, to help both her and her roomy to do the same thing. Most of what I helped with was moving the heavy bags down to the basement, for the staff to send off to their homes, or leave over vacation in holding.

On the last trip downstairs, we all passed by Sara's door and I just had to stop. I know that this was tearing at an old open wound, but I could not help myself this time and I had to go in there just to say bye for the vacation months to come.

When I opened that door, all I could was cry at the sight. The room was so empty, so void of any life that had filled it just a few months ago and the love that filled this spot was missing for everyone that had ever been inside it.

I gave myself a few minutes and Roz gave me some space to have alone. She did not say a word till I closed the door and looked over to her, she saw how messed up I was about it all. So she consoled me a little, "We both know she is not dead, just misplaced and she will be back soon enough!"

"When I find him, the pain that he is going to suffer at my hands will make a Greek tragedy sound like a kids play...." I almost swore to it, but Roz stopped that from happening with a kiss.

"You can do that, but let Mrs. Guzman have him first, she earned it?" Roz whispered into my ear and she was right again. His fate was Mrs. Guzman's choice for punishment, I had even told her that.

When I could bear it, I let Roz go from our hug and went back up stairs for the night.


Saturday, June 9 2:10 PM
Whateley academy, Poe cottage.

For the coming graduation ceremony of this year, one twin was dressed in the school's uniform with slacks in place of the normal long dress and the blazer top was finished off by my awards sash, the last touch was one of my best swords and the archery training baton.

The other twin of me, she was decked out in her best Sidhe academy armor, with the award sash and the dress sword it came with, then the sword mistress baton added at the waists side.

I had found it funny how one of me was finding armor as her preferred style of dress and the other twin seemed to like dressing more human in style, with just a touch of Sidhe to show she was one!


Saturday, June 9 4:10 PM
Jennifer Stevens Playhouse

Well I just had to sit through a most boring graduation, some of the fellow students leaving this year are friends like Doogie, who is going to Purdue in the fall and a few others. The ceremony for the most part was nothing to me because I came in at mid term and missed half a year, so I did not get my gown that least here at Whateley it shows? That I have passed from freshman year to a sophomore year.

All of it did not bug me, I had done the whole 'grad' bit before with mom and dad, so I had that to look back upon. Those that did show up for me, were the ever present Bill and Jineen, then Art was here because of our nights spent training or learning my upcoming part.

After the ceremony, most of the students milled around outside of the playhouse for taking photos and we twins seemed to be asked to be in more than a few? I sure most of that was because of that movie coming up and that I look so strange as twin Drows!


Saturday, June 9 5:40 PM
Holbrook Arena

The whole school's student body, plus the parents of most students going here and some guests filled the Holbrook Arena for the after grad party. I was walking around the huge table of snacks trying to choose what looked good to me among them and found a nice mini plate of select cheeses to nibble on while I drifted about the room.

As I moved from one small group of friends to another, someone tapped my shoulder and looked behind me to see who it was. The fellow student trying to get my attention was Doogie and both of his parents.

"Hiya Doogie, so this must be the parental units?" I joked with him.

"Yep, they are and mom, dad this is Rohanna and Rehanna. Both twins seemed to be my best customers this term!" he rubbed in the fact that I was hurt way too often!

I shook hands with his parents and I complimented him, "He will make a fine healer I am sure and with all that practicing on me, he will heal creatures of the Fae or at least be a world expert on our kind?" I playfully nudged him a little.

"I sure will, those files that you had ARC give to me? They are a leg up on anyone at my college next term and that includes the staff!" he boasted.

We exchanged contact information via a quick 'tap' of phone together and I would keep him on file for any needs coming up!

The next group I bumped into was the Reillys and Nikki still seemed a little put off by our last conversation. Her dad saw it so quickly, that he pulled her aside to ask the 'why' about her acting. In the mean time while they talked, Troy asked me about the bike and his questions told me that the second he could...he would buy one!

When Mr. Reilly came back with Nikki, she seemed a little better and he chatted with me about the movie over the summer. That is when he introduced Lucinda to me, Nikki's mother and I told her that Nikki would make a fine leader someday, but never implied that it might be leading us Sidhe! Mr. Reilly took that as a clue and he took over the conversation for his wife or ex-wife. Then he told me that he was worried that I would go all summer training and end up just being what I was at the start of the term...a soldier looking for a fight and not living the life I deserved. All of him saying that made me feel much better about spending this summer doing the movie!

As we were chatting about what the summer held and Troy tried to talk his dad into parking my bike at his house so Troy could use it! Rhiannon suddenly hugged me from behind and barked "Thank you Thank you' for a full minute right into my ear.

"Okay, okay Rhia why all the gratitude suddenly?" I laughed at her.

Rhia introduced her parents that were standing there, Jim and his wife Carrie and both were human? I expected that when she did not speak a word of Sidhe, "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Warrensby, you have a fine Daughter here in Rhia and she has helped me a lot this term!" I thanked them for letting her be part of the new life I had here.

Her father looked puzzled that I had said 'helped' "Honey aren't you studying healing? So what would you help the Leigh twins with?" he had to ask.

"Daddy, poor Rohanna and Rehanna get into so much trouble. That I have spent lots of my time healing them up!" she told her father, but still gave him just enough and left out the more dangerous parts of my life.

"Yes Mr. Warrensby, she heals me up and I teach her some Sidhe magic and our language."

"You speak Elvin now?" her mom asked surprised at the fact and Rhia slid into a few lines of greetings that I had drilled into her.

"Good Rhia and in a few more terms, I will have you speaking Sidhe like a native!" I had to laugh at her and the accent she had in Sidhe. It was very much like a Boston accent or what a New Yorker might have, it stood out as not quite normal?

"Yep and maybe you can teach me some more Drow, other than all curse words!" she made fun of the fact that I did most of my cursing in Drow.

"I will, after you have Sidhe down. But why the thank you and the hug...not that I don't like them?" I had to ask now.

"You know darn it!" she challenged me.

"Ahh nope I don't?"

"My tuition here at Whateley, someone started a scholarship this term for creatures of the Fae and you can be the only one that would do that!"

"Well maybe?" I said a half lie and truth.

Rhia spun the tables on me right there and then, "So tell me Rohanna, yes or no only! Did you fund a scholarship for Fae this term?"

Shoot she had me, I was trapped and my only answer was a 'yes' or I would be lying. "Ohh Rhia you know by now how I hate being trapped like that, but yes I funded one and that paid your tuition I am sure?"

"I know Ro, but I wanted to hear it!" then she hugged me quickly, then let go, "But why I am so happy is that with your money, mom and dad bought me a great used car. They got it for me with the savings, we were struggling till now to pay the school and our own bills. But that little bit changed it all!" and she hugged me again.

Now her parents looked at me very surprised, till her dad spoke, "Are you rich or something?"

"No, I just don't spend as much as most and I get paid to be a guinea pig by ARC, plus I have other incomes that help." I tried to explain.

"Guinea pig?" he questioned me.

"Yes daddy, Ro is the only Drow around right now and ARC pays her and her sister to be jabbed in the arm, then take X-rays and stuff?" Rhia told her parents.

"Yep...lab rat. But it pays enough and like I said. I have other means of earning cash." I shrugged to the three of them.

"But Ro, we have to get going! We leave for home right after this and I have all your contacts so that I will get with you at least once a week to keep my Sidhe fresh or I will call Connie for help?" Rhia beamed at me.

"Okay, If you're sure and why are you leaving campus so fast?" I had to ask, as most parents stayed the night on campus at least, we did have the room here for most cases.

"Well daddy has to get back to work on Monday and we have a long drive to look forward too! But Ro...thanks for all of car, that was one thing I was sure that I would not see till college!" she nearly cried to me and pulled both of her parents off as I waved bye to all three.

I sighed at the sight, 'At least she has reaped the rewards I brought from the past, now to see how many other Fae I can help while I am here?'

After I watched Rhia leave with her family and saw that she was truly happy. I moved over to the food table that the staff was now just placing out a selection of more meals than snacks!

As I drifted along not knowing what to choose, Rascal tried to creep up on me. But I heard him and turned to greet him, "Hello my sweet!" he greeted me first, then kissed me.

My eyes were glowing by now certainly! I was so turned on by his scent and presence, that I did not notice his parents standing there until his dad cleared his throat, "Ar' ya naa sina nessa arwen utinu?"(And who is this young lady son?) his father asked.

His dad saying that in Sidhe, that took a second for me to even notice and my eyes opened to see both of his parents were Sidhe! Rascal had never said anything about that to me?

"Mankoi atar sina naa i' reason amin get de ilye amrun, a' elea sina lirima vision en' lye nostale!" (Why father this is the reason I get up each morning, to see this lovely vision of our kind!) he sighed to me and his father.

After I regained my senses with a few heavy sighs, I glanced at his parents and almost stumbled out my next words of greeting to both, " Ohhh Mr. ar' Mrs. Barrington amin naa ikotane glad oment- lle yuuyo ten' i' yeste' coiasira!" (Ohhh Mr. and Mrs. Barrington I am so glad to meet you both for the first time!)

That is when his dad switched back to english, "So my son is dating a Drow and twin Drow at that?" he questioned me.

"Dad I am dating one of the twins, the other has her loves at school?" Rascal told him.

"Well this is strange, till now all Drow were legends of days past and the last war? So say the books I have read?" his father stated, but I changed the subject to a more pleasant one I wanted to hear.

"Are both of you part of a larger Sidhe group that I have not really meet yet sir?" I had to ask...the curiosity was killing me!

"No Rohanna?" he asked, I nodded back, "My wife and I meet a very long time ago, I have some memories of Sidhe life from before the Sundering. But my wife has none, both of us mutated to Sidhe years ago and then met one another and had our son Rodger!"

"Ohh so all you know is a little bit of memories and what you read in books?"

"Yes, I have memories of fully knowing our language, plus some other parts and my wife nearly none. But that did not stop us from finding out what we could over the years and we have had many!"

"Well dad, Rohanna here has the full memories of a Drow that lived before the sundering within her and she lived a very long time back then. She was a teacher at the academy of the time and she teaches us Sidhe here at Whateley when we students have the time to learn from her?" he smiled over to me proud that he was speaking up for me.

"Humm lets see then?" and he hands me a very small book that is fully written in Sidhe.

I read it over in a few seconds, then hand it back to him, "Nice book of poems there, a little mushy for my taste...but still nice and the paper is very old. Pre-sundering I am sure by the paper itself and the leather binding is of a creature long dead I'm sure?"

His father cracked a smile to me, one that Rascal certainly inherited, "That was good, very good. I like this girlfriend of yours Rodger, I approve of her!"

"Thanks father, but can we kids have some time alone for a chat?" Rascal asked both of his parents.

"Fine dear?" his mother began, "We will tryout some the food offered over there at the main table, but don't take too long we have many others to see tonight?" she warned him and pulled his father away to leave us two alone.

After they left Rascal had to give me one more kiss before he spoke, "Well are we seeing each other tonight?"

"Only if you can meet me out in the Grove at the stump at eleven?" I smiled back to him.

"I would move the very planet to make that date my lady, till then!" he tried to kiss again but I stopped him.

"You only get one now and you had an extra, you have to show up to gain more...till next term!" I played with him.

"Speaking of next term, will I see you over vacation?"

"If you call and ask me too, or just show up by accident?"

"To New Zealand? Well mom does do gate spells very well! Maybe she can drop me off for the day?"

"Or night?" I smiled back.

"Till tonight!" then he bowed to me, "My lady!" and he quickly left.

Just after Rascal left and the food on the table had regained my full attention, mostly because I could not see him anymore! That is when Carson stepped out of the crowd and worked her way right at me. I mentally sighed as I saw her coming at me, 'I really don't want to talk to her now.'

Carson smiled at me as she started, her gown showing her many degrees flowed around her, "Well Rohanna, it seems you survived the term and it looks like you will have a very busy summer?"

"Yes Mrs. Carson, I made it...barely and ohh yes my summer is very full, the shooting schedule is nearly nonstop for me. I should see nearly an eighteen hour day each day or more if the FX guys have their way with my time?" I had to shrug to her, while I complained that this job was looking more like a suicide mission with each day!

"So I saw from your paperwork you will be joining us next term?"

"And why not ma'am, this is the only place I can go and learn how to be me right now?"

"I was not sure you would do next year with us, till the paperwork came though. There was some thoughts going around, that you might go full time actress and leave us at Whateley here?"

"Nope, there are too many people I like or love going here now and I can't turn my back on the Sidhe here what so ever, they need me!"

"Good to hear Rohanna, that is what I had hoped for and wanted from you. But while we are on the subject of Sidhe, did you talk to Nikki about our issues?" she asked me at nearly whisper.

"We talked and I think she knows now that following Aunghadhail is a dark path to choose for her life."

"Good to hear, please call upon me this summer if needed Rohanna. This school is better with your presence, even if it get rocky at times?" she laughed to me for a short second, then walked away and started talking with the next pack of students she came to.

Across the room from me, several Sidhe spoke in our native tongue to one another. So that the humans flowing around them, could not follow their private family business.

Constance was guiding her family over towards me so that she could introduce us all, "There she is daddy!" She told her Elvin father in their native tongue and pointed over to the tall twin Drow.

"A Drow honey, I thought all of them were dead and remember what your great-great grandfather wrote in his memoir's? That the Drow were 'tainted'!" he said back in Elvin.

"Daddy you are wrong about them, so was granddad, Rohanna is great and she is a great teacher too!"

"Humm we shall see?" her father said to her in that certain way, that said to her that father was going to start trouble, just like she used to do with Drow. But she learned very fast acting that way with Rohanna only got you hurt and quick, you always have to respect her or else.

"Daddy please don't be like that, she was an instructor at the academy and will not take that nonsense from anyone...just warning you before hand." she tried to give him, her best smile of 'I know something you don't!'

The Sidhe standing next to the older man spoke up after overhearing what was said, "Brother, Theo please don't, this Drow is skilled and she has earned our respect despite whatever our long dead ancestors wrote down?"

"Arl Qinceran, you know this Drow?" Constance's father asked.

"Yes I followed her from the day she arrived at Whateley and I even introduced myself to her one day off campus. So please show her that the old ways are in the past?"

"I know bother that is what you want, being a so called 'New-age' Sidhe. But the old ways are best for us, we are far better than the humans and time will tell!" he nearly shouted back in Elvin.

"Theodluin, I warn you dear half brother!" he used that insult that he was in Arl's eyes a half blood at best of his family linage! "Do not test this one, she will best you if challenged."

"Humm we will see," he said back and left it at that.

Across the room I heard just a whisper of Sidhe from across the dense room of students and guests. That caught my attention right away, so I started searching the crowd till I spotted Constance talking to a group of our kind and one of them was Arl Qinceran her uncle? I was not too sure in the jostling crowd of students and others.

When I noticed them all, Constance must have spotted me at the same time and waved for me to come on over to see them. As I walked closer to the pack of people accompanying Constance, I noticed for sure now that Arl Qinceran was there and he was smiling in my direction, so I smiled back as I noticed the next thing about them all. The whole family were Sidhe and spoke it fluently from what my ears were picking up from them chatting to one another.

"Hi Constance, this must be the whole family?" I asked her in Sidhe and very happy to meet a full family of Sidhe for a change.

"Yep most of the whole clan is here today Rohanna, this is Theodluin my dad and then this is mom, Kylantha. But the last one is Arl Qinceran my uncle, that you meet at Kent's on your bike ride the other month." She told me in Sidhe of course!

"Good day Mr. and Mrs. Mallory good to meet the parents of such a fine Sidhe that you have brought up. Arl Qinceran, good to see you are well?" I asked him last.

Both of her parents only nodded to me for a greeting, I found that instantly strange. But Arl Qinceran spoke before I could ask them anything, "Greetings Guardian of the Groves." he said as she bowed my way with his right hand on the center of his chest and that was meant to show me honor he felt I deserved.

"Thanks, I protect that which protects us Sidhe willingly." I recited part of my oath to do so, as a proper response to his greeting.

Constance's father gave me a short grunt of displeasure at hearing me say that greeting, that sound coming from him sounded very much like that he did not approve of me at all?

I squinted angrily at him as I asked, "Have I offended you in some way...sir?"

"You are the first Drow that I have personally met, But my great-grandfather from before the sundering wrote us a warning in his memoirs, 'All Drow are tainted, impure, a corruption of the Sidhe.' And I take that warning of his to heart!" he scowled at me in disgust.

Connie's father saying that to me and in that way, using those very words! It brought up old memories from my past and I closed my eyes remembering them.

Rohanna remembered the day she had come upon the Heart Tree, very early in her life or career some might call it. She was only a few years short of her two hundredth birthday and in Sidhe society that was equivalent of a thirteen year old! Rohanna had just been graduated out of the Elvin academy, the first among many Drow units to finish and a very long time before she would came back to teach students herself.

Her unit had been positioned to guard the outer perimeter of the court to keep out any interruptions. None of Drow warriors had any idea what may have been going on in the court but their orders were to turn back all. Once that assignment was complete they were all given several days to do whatever they wanted. Rohanna had wandered out into the dense forest Grove to enjoy the solitude that Nature provided.

She found herself drawn deeper into the grove until she was standing there looking at what at the time she felt was the most beautiful sight she had ever beheld. What looked like a grove of pale smooth barked trees that was emanating such a magical force that it glowed brightly in her magically enhanced vision. It wasn’t the power behind it that Rohanna found so beautiful, it was the emotion that power brought forth, an emotion that Rohanna had trouble remembering if she had ever felt it, it felt so peaceful, almost loving in nature.

Rohanna was brought out of her peaceful reverence of the magical tree from the hot fiery pain of an obedience baton pressed into the side of her neck, the excruciating pain causing her body to lock up and fall to the forest floor. Again and again she felt the obedience baton shoved hard against bare skin of her neck and arms.

Rohanna had no idea what she had done to deserve punishment little less punishment that seemed to continue for an eternity. Looking up at her attacker Rohanna saw the emblem and rank of a captain of the royal guard as he shoved the painful rod into yet another previously untouched location on her body.

“STOP!” Rohanna heard a female voice scream as the guard that had been punishing her was flung backwards forcibly. Through her pain filled vision Rohanna saw the face of an angel surrounded by a golden glow above her. “My poor child, lie still I will remove the pain,” the angel spoke to her. Rohanna thought she would finally be at peace and able to rejoin her fallen brothers and sisters as only an angel of death could be both so beautiful and kind to one of her kind. Rohanna subconsciously said her goodbyes to the world as she felt the angel place her hand between Rohanna’s breasts.

A wave of magic rushed from the Angel’s hand into Rohanna’s body that Rohanna thought would be what the magic aura of the tree she had been viewing would have felt like if she could have touched it. The pain vanished as the wounds the cold iron rod had inflicted upon her body healed. Rohanna’s vision cleared and she could see that the face of her savior was not surrounded with a golden glow but instead surrounded by golden hair. “Are you alright now my child?” Rohanna nodded to the golden haired woman’s inquiry. “Wait here,” The golden haired woman ordered as she stood form the kneeling position she had been in beside Rohanna’s prone form.

As the woman walked past Rohanna to the guard who was just beginning to get up from his fall, Rohanna could tell that while the robes she wore were colored in browns and greens they were the robes worn by those of royal status.

The guard went to one knee bowing his head as the royal approached him, “Your majesty.”

“Why were you torturing that creature in my realm?”

“The creature is a Drow,” The guard explained. “We were told they may never approach the heart wood on penalty of death.”

“Why was I not told of this decree, and why was this child’s origins hidden from me?”

“Your majesty, the court made the decision. It was done to protect you and the heartwood,” The guard confessed. “These creatures, the Drow, they are impure, a corruption of the Sidhe.”

“I felt her soul,” The golden haired woman stated to the guard. “While it may be tainted, it is purer than what I see in your heart. The only reason I do not take your life for what you have done to that child is that I will not have your blood taint my tree. Go back to the court and inform them that I now know about these Drow that they have created and that I have decreed that within the heartwood and the surrounding groves the Drow will always be welcome as one of my own.”

After that day, one at time all of her unit came to that place and swore to protect it, protect any of the Groves. In return, the Groves would protect the Drow as their Guardians and the denizens would help the new Guardians when they could. The first to do so, were the Pixies and the team up of both races was perfect, a match made in the heavens!

After those dark memories faded from my mind, I glared back at Constance's father, "Theodluin was it?" Rohanna used his first name and Constance cringed at hearing it, Connie knew right there and then, Rohanna had lost all respect for her father. And to a Drow that was a very bad place to be in, that meant you were prey to them!

The older Sidhe tired to stand a little taller, make himself look a little more menacing and appeared a little bit more than angry at what Rohanna had just said, "That's Mr. Mallory to you young lady! Use my proper name when addressing me or use your lordship!" he demanded from the Drow teen.

"I will do that after you apologize to me...'Theo'. Or you can call this a challenge, that I give to you right now!" I growled at him my growing displeasure of his even being close to me.

Constance's Father became even angrier with his name said in that way by a teen and a DROW yet, so informal and like she was equal to him! "You want that, I can give that wish to you!" he shouted in Sidhe over the din of voices on the floor of the huge room.

"Anytime, anyplace. Please bring a second, to carry away your rotting body or beaten body if I give you mercy...Because SIR, you will look up at me from the flat of your back! If that vision of me is your last on earth or of just my victory over you...that is your choice?"

Before Theo could utter another vial word, Arl Qinceran stepped between them and said slowly with his head bowed to the Drow, "Forgive my stupid half brother, I as the oldest male of the family apologize for all of us and he should have far better manners for one so old!"

Theo instantly shut-up his next words cut off by his very own daughter kicking him in the shin and shaking her head to him in warning. Theo knew that stare from his daughter very well, as he was the one who taught her how to duel in the ancient ways and her stare of death told him that the twin Drow were not to be taken lightly!

Besides his own child's harsh stare, he had gained one from his wife next and on top of all that...his older bother was correct. Acting out like he just did in mixed company with humans was dishonorable at best and at the worst insulting to the whole family clan.

Theo bowed his head to the Drow, "I am sorry, my bother is correcting my vial manners and please forgive me?" he asked the twin teens.

"Accepted Mr. Mallory, I must be going now...before anything else happens!" I answered him back and Connie noticed both of my sets of eyes burned a very fierce red that warned most to stay out of my path as I quickly walked out the door.

Constance waved bye to her classmate, then fell like a hawk onto her father, "Daddy you SO embarrassed me, why!" she shouted at him and even his harsh stare back at her did nothing to calm her growing anger.

"I already told her I am sorry and that is all that Drow shall gain form me!" her father angrily said back.

"Well that was fun!" her mother tried to cheer up the group, "And Connie that Drow wore a ribbon award that matched your oldest ancestors, I have to wonder where she obtained it?"

"Mom, forget you ever saw it and never ask her about them" Connie warned her mother in low whisper hoping the Drow were far enough off not to overhear her mother's last sentence!

"Why honey?" her mom asked now very worried.

"Mom, who ever has that award and is a Sidhe leader? They would have been ordering Rohanna about in that ancient fight and to say she is holding a grudge against them to this like calling a lake 'a little wet'. She might kill an ancestor to gain some measure of revenge."


Outside Holbrook Arena

I had taken my leave of the party and decided on a long walk across the campus to clear my head, that stupid father of Connie's had ripped up some deep dark memories inside my head and I needed the time alone to come to grips with them.

As I walked along, I felt that someone was watching me and turned to a shadow that a tree was casting in the moon light. "Come out and be seen or runaway!" I demanded of the creeping shadow.

"Peace Rohanna, I yield?" said the shadow that stepped forth and became Arl Qinceran bowing towards me.

"Ohh it's you, here to get me to kill that moron you call brother? I would do it for free!" I glared at the Sidhe.

"No even thou he richly deserves it. I want you to understand that there are two factions of us Sidhe now, one that hold to the older beliefs and one that is more modern like myself. We tolerate what has happened to the world over the millennium, with humans ruling now."

"And the bigger one if I can ask?"

"That would be the more modern one, with this new appearance of Sidhe all over the you and Nikki, Gwen, my niece being born?" he smiled to me and walked my way.

"That is nice to hear, I had hoped the old ways had died with the sundering. But I just know that the humans will want a fight someday when they finally figure out how powerful Sidhe can get?"

Arl Qinceran shock his head to me and his long hair waved in the motion, "I don't think that will you?"

"We Drow rarely dream of the future, but when we becomes real despite the odds."

"Did you dream of something then?" he asked and his voice sounded truly interested to me.

"Yes a month or so back, I dreamt of leading a wild hunt against Washington DC and I liked it! That alone says I was there at the lead by choice and not duty!"

"Humm anything else?" he pondered on to me.

"It was in the future, so we have years to worry about it?"

"Good, at least it is not tomorrow!" he laughed to me.

"Yep, but sooner or later I fear that might come to pass?" I warned.

"We will see then, don't need to worry about that now Rohanna and I have to get going, I will see you soon I hope!" Arl Qinceran waved bye to me and ran off into the darkness.

Just after he left me alone, that is when I spotted Roz and the one of me wearing the more human like Whateley uniform ran off to be with her for the night. The other twin, she wore her best academy armor and sped off towards the Grove and that meeting she wanted with Rascal!





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