Angel Of Justice Chapter 1

Katlain spotted her target and double checked her list of cars that had been assigned to her. So, far she has already gotten half her list completed. She only had four more to go tonight. Her next target was in front of her. She waits till all the lights are out and move swiftly to get into the car. A smile appears on her face as she unlocks the car door and disables the car alarm system. She couldn’t believe someone would spend so much money on a stereo system and custom rims like this fool did. She gets in the car and put it in neutral and push it down the street before getting in and starting the motor and driving it to the chop shop.

By the time the sun starts raising, Katlain walks out of the chop shop counting her money. Tonight, was profitable for her. She walks over to her beat-up looking 1976 Ford Maverick Sport. The poor car looked like it needed body work and a new paint job. The rims were factory rims. She gets in and sits down in the factory seat. Katlain heads towards the nearest McDonald’s near her place. As she is driving towards the restaurant, she spots a friend of hers walking the streets. She pulls up to the curb.

“Hey, Julie. Do you need a ride to work?”

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind one.”

“Come on and get in. I was going to stop at McDonalds and get some breakfast. Would you like anything? My treat.”

“Well, since your offering, I’ll accept.”

Katlain pulls through the drive thru and place her order and what Julie wanted as well.

“Here you go Julie.”

“Thanks Kat. Are you still going to the PRIDE event in the park this weekend?”

“Yep, I’m working the refreshment stand. I’m supposed to go and see Larry this afternoon and load up what drinks we are selling. Hopefully, he has all the cups, signs and the stands. Plus, the ice chest as well.”

Katlain drives towards Julie’s work.

“Did you mind if I caught a ride with you this weekend?”

“Nope, I don’t mind. I’m going there early, so if you don’t mind hanging around while we set-up. I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“I don’t mind.”


“You’re welcome.”

Katlain pulls into the parking lot where Julie works and watches as she gets out and head into the store. Julie worked at a florist shop. She waits till Julie is inside before driving off.

Katlain heads towards her place which was an old ranch house with a two-car garage. It used to belong to her Aunt before she passed away. She hits the garage door opener and pull her Maverick into the garage. On the other side of her Maverick was parked her black 1967 Shelby Cobra GT500 Mustang. It was set-up for street racing. She owned several other vehicles, but they were stored over in a garage she uses to work at before it was forced to close. The owner hadn’t paid his taxes and she bought the property.

She owned one of the Kenworth trucks they used in the Smokey and the Bandit movies. She had another 67’ Shelby Cobra GT500 and another Maverick she was restoring. The shop had everything she needed to repair and fix her cars.

Katlain gets out of her Maverick and throw the McDonalds bag away in the trash can by the door that lead into the house from the garage. She covers up a yawn and heads towards the bathroom to take a nice relaxing both. She was hoping to sleep for a few hours and then meet up with Larry to get everything she needs to set-up and run the refreshment stand tomorrow in the park. She’ll have to go and switch vehicles. Her pickup truck would be suited better to carry the refreshment stuff. Katlain takes the money she earned last night and stuff it into a jar she keeps hidden in her closet. She puts her car thieving tools in a lock box under her bed and strips out of her clothes.

Katlain examines her body in the mirror. The top half looked like any other women would, but she still had her birth defect she wanted to get rid of. The surgery to her hips and ass gave her a nice hour glass figure. Her aunt made sure she looked like a natural woman as much as she could. Both her parents were in jail serving time for drug possession and drug distribution. Her father was serving extra time for killing a man while in jail.

Katlain starts the water and adds some bath beads to the tub. She slowly lowers herself down into the hot water. She rests her head against the back of the tub and enjoy the heat. All she was missing was a glass of wine, some soft relaxing music and scented candles.

She closes her eyes and thinks about her life so far. She’s been street racing since she was thirteen years old and stealing cars. She only served a few months in juvie for stealing cars. She got her GED by the time she was sixteen years old and learned how to drive tractor trailers from a good friend of the family. It also didn’t hurt that he liked shemales like herself. She didn’t mind him screwing her in her exit hole if he used a condom each time he did it. She found a few other guys that liked shemales and made money having sex like that. One of the johns she had was a doctor that had a wife, but was more of trophy wife. He gave her, her breast implants and estrogen pills. He also removed her testicles. She loved having oral sex with them. Plus, she didn’t mind the taste that much. She loved a lot of her johns.

She was a professional thief and robbed a few people that deserved it. When she wasn’t street racing, she did some modeling for a few local designers. She didn’t want to be a full fledged model and turned down a few lucrative contracts. She loved her job at the raceway. She got to meet a lot of the NASCAR racers and speak with their crew chiefs about the cars. When she wasn’t working the raceway, she worked part time at the restaurant owned by her aunt’s best friend. The place was extremely popular and the food was very popular.

She helped with the local chapter of the LGBTQ center and attended the bi-weekly meetings for the new transgender people that came. She sighs as the water starts getting cold. She gets up and dries off and head into her bedroom and slip her favorite nightshirt on. Katlain sets her alarm clock on her cellphone and sleep for a while.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, her alarm clock goes off. Katlain smacks the snoozes button on her cellphone and buries her head under her blanket. She knows in nine minutes the alarm was going to go off again. She just lays there and sleep for a few more minutes before the alarm goes off again. She gets up and dashes into the bathroom. When she comes out she puts her bra and panties on. She digs around in her dresser for a t-shirt with a flaming skeleton riding a motorcycle covered in flames. She slips that on, followed by a pair of tight slim jeans and her black ankle boots. Katlain walks over towards her dresser and open the fourth drawer down and pull out her springfield XDs .45 with a spare magazine and four throwing knives. She learned a long time ago to always have two concealable weapons on her body always.

Katlain normally doesn’t wear earrings, but today she puts her skull earrings on. She brushes her short chestnut brown hair till it doesn’t look like she has bed hair. She grabs her purse and car keys and head out the door and drive over towards her storage building to switch her vehicles.

Katlain pulls up in front of the garage door of her storage building. She steps out of her car and walks up to the hidden lock panel and enters the security code. As she stands there, she hears the garage door opens and watch as the lights come on inside. She walks back to her Maverick and drive it inside and park it next to her black and silver 1989 Dodge Ram Cummins Turbodiesel pickup. She gets out of her Maverick and walk around checking her other vehicles. She had two tractor trailers. One was from the Smokey and the Bandit movies and the other one was from the Knight Rider television series.

Her mustangs and her other Mavericks. She grabs the keys for her pick-up truck and drive it out of the storage unit. She watches as the garage door comes down and she makes sure the garage is locked. She closes the hidden lock and walk back over towards her truck and drive over to the LGBTQ building to get what she needed from Larry for tomorrow.

“Hey Larry, watch you got for me?”

Katlain had spotted Larry as she walked into the building.

“I have everything you’ll need for tomorrow.”

“Cool, that’s why I brought my pick-up truck.”

“Go ahead and back your truck up through the gates.”


Katlain heads back outside to her pick-up truck and carefully back it up to the entrance. Larry and several guys come out and fill the bed of her truck up with the sodas, ice chest and refreshment stand along with the price sign and the sign for the stand.

“Do you need me to meet you tomorrow morning to set-up?”

“That would be very helpful.”

“Alright, I’ll see you around eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”


Katlain gets in and heads over to her part time job and have the meatloaf with garlic mash potatoes and seasoned Brussels sprouts. The partition was huge. She had enough left over to take home with her. She had the evening off tonight. The money she made last night would cover her bills for the next few months.

She heads home and watches a movie for the rest of the night, before heading to bed. She made sure that her alarm clock was set for her to get up in time to pick Julie up and to get to the park on time.

When her alarm clock goes off at five thirty, she hits the snooze button. She really didn’t want to get up. She gets up and takes a quick shower and put on her PRIDE staff shirt and a pair of short sexy shorts. She tucks her gun in the small of her back and put the throwing knives in her purse in a secret compartment where she stored her locking picking set. Good thing she has a carry and conceal permit for her weapon.

“Well, lets go and see who shows up for PRIDE in the park.”

Katlain heads towards the garage and back her pick-up truck out of the garage and head towards Julie’s place. Julie was waiting on her outside her apartment building.

“Good morning Ms. Andrews.”

Julie just shoots her a death glare. She hated being called Mrs. Andrews after Julie Andrews. Her last name was Andrews, but her first name was chosen to honor her grandmother.

“Fine, spoil my fun. I’m stopping at Seven/Eleven to get a cup of coffee. Would you like anything?”

“Sure, since your offering and buying.”

Katlain stops at Seven/Eleven and buys a large dark mountain coffee, four bags of ice and a glazed bow-tie. Julie gets a normal sized coffee and three glazed doughnuts.

“Thanks for the coffee and doughnuts.”

“You’re welcome.”

Katlain starts her truck and drive over towards the park. She’s told where she will be setting up. They allow her to drive her truck over to her location and unload everything. Two guys who were volunteers like her come over and help set everything up.

“Thanks fellows. Let me know what you want for lunch and I’ll pay for it.”

“Okay, Katlain. Thank you.”

They walk off to help another vendor set-up.

“Would it be alright for me to help you?”

“Sure, but I’ll need to get a volunteer shirt for you.”


Katlain looks for the coordinator for the event. She spots her over near the Access Aids booth.

“Mrs. Brooks, do you have any more volunteer t-shirts.”

“Sure do, Katlain. Why do you need one?”

“My friend Julie Andrews wants to help me at my booth.”

“Okay, what size do you need for her?”

“A large would do. She’s kind of big in the chest.”


Mrs. Brooks walks towards her car and digs around for a large volunteer t-shirt. She comes back and hands it to Katlain.

“Thanks, Mrs. Brooks.”

Katlain walks back to her booth and hands it to Julie,

“Thanks, Katlain.”

“You’re welcome. Now, lets start getting everything ready.”

By nine o’clock people start coming into the park. They get a few customers wanting water or juice. A few of them were dressed up wildly.

“God, can you believe how those guys are dressed?”

“Yes, those three are like that all the time.”

A couple of people come over and ask for sodas, water and tea.

The park starts getting really busy as more people show-up in the park. By one in the afternoon the park is really busy. The sound of gun fire fill the air as people start running. Several bullets hit the coolers and signs at Katlain’s booth.

Julie screams as a bullets hits her in the left shoulder and her right arm. Katlain spots one of the gunmen near her booth. She pulls her weapon out and fire at the gunman hitting him on the side of his head. She spots another gunman not to far from the one she dropped, but there were people in the way. She turns around and notice Julie on the ground with blood on her shoulder and arm.


Katlain puts her gun back into the holster and grabs a few rags to try and stop the bleeding. She whips her cellphone out tries calling 911.
She’s informed the police, fire and paramedics were on their way. Katlain spots a gunman kneeling by the guy she shot. She pulls her weapon and puts a round into his head. She wants to go over and search the guy for an id, but she couldn’t leave Julie. She puts her weapon back in its holster and waits for the paramedics to show-up.

“Hold on Julie. Help is on the way.”

Katlain stays by Julie’s side till the paramedics come over to her and relieve her. The police gets statements from everyone and once they get hers. She brings her truck over and loads up her booth with some help. The news reporters were there interviewing people and taking shots of where some of the people had fallen. She found out that there were twelve killed and fifty injured.

Once everything was loaded in her truck. She heads back to her place and walks into the bathroom to wash Julie’s blood off her body. She breaks down and cries in the shower as she watches the pinkish water go down the drain. When she gets out of the shower she slips on her Garfield nightshirt. She calls the hospital Julie was taken to. The nurse informs her that she’ll recover.

Katlain turns the news on to see if they have any idea who it was that attack them. From what the news reporter found out. It was a militia group that wanted to make a statement about gays, lesbians and transgenders corrupting the American way.

She pulls her gun cleaning kit out and start cleaning her gun. At least she got two of the assholes that attack the group.

Coroners Office:
Sgt. Harrison was puzzled by the two bodies they had recovered from the park. One had a bullet hole that went through his head and the other had two bullets that went through the others person neck. He was wondering who shot these two men. It had to be someone at the park that was there, but who. The bullets that were pulled out of the bodies were .45 caliber rounds. He takes a look at the diagram and crime scene photos of where the body was located. There were several possibilities of where the bullet shots could had came from.
Whoever they were. He hopes they don’t take the law into their own hands.

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