The Other Woman - Part 4

The Other Woman – Part Four

Continuing the story of how a wife meets the other woman in their lives, who happens to be her husband.

This story is dedicated to my friend and fellow author Warm Hearted, who has called me his cheerleader. We have become good friends and confidants, sharing comments and ideas on our stories as well as messaging and emailing each other regularly.

I can never find the proper words to say thanks to my editor and friend Chris, who finds the time in a very busy life to review my ramblings with comments and insights. Chris continues to edit for others as well as writing and posting his own stories.

All comments are welcome as we never stop learning and improving, thank you for taking the time.

Please remember this story is mostly fiction with some real events in our lives to hang the story on to and give it a base of realism


JJ suddenly want very quiet. “Oh my, I’ve just realised – you want to be treated as a woman when you dress… fully, I mean… being penetrated, having intercourse”

“Absolutely not!” Samantha yelled, her face reddening at the thought.

Samantha had to turn away from JJ as this was indeed one of her fantasies while she was dressed.

Nowadays, Joanna`s health is vastly improved and she does not have to go to hospital overnight; consequently, Samantha does not stop in laybys anymore and the events in the layby are now just distant memories.

Or are they?

Secrets and lies to protect the innocent – or is it to protect the guilty? Only time will tell.

The memories of the visit to that layby recovered distant memories hidden deep and almost forgotten, akin to having too much to drink, then acting in an idiotic way and doing things that you later deny doing when in reality you do recall.

Selective memory is a handy thing; you deny things you clearly remember to avoid that “Oh God, I did, didn’t I?” moment, and also you use it to embarrass others when they do the same: “Surely you remember kissing that other man last night in the corner of the bar and performing the Funky Chicken dance in the queue at the taxi rank?”


Joanna had a difficult childhood having six siblings and a father who was ex armed forces. He brought that discipline in to the home; he was a loving father to all but often seemed to forget that his family were not military personnel.

As both parents were working, they sometimes asked another member of the family to watch them; he abused Joanna and her sister and this obviously caused a lifelong distrust of males.

Regrettably her parents did not believe the girls about what the relative was doing with them and he never received any punishment for his crimes.

When he died Joanna wanted to go to the funeral to make sure the b*****d was gone and to bring closure to herself and her sister and almost certainly others as well.


Joanna was and still is insecure in her life and also is jealous when Tony is friendly with other women. Tony has spent most of his working life with woman and is more comfortable around woman than men. Having said that, Joanna is always on at Tony about his female mannerisms which mainly stem from working mostly with women.

Tony often thinks that the female mannerisms represent Samantha trying to come to the surface, even when Tony is Tony.

Tony`s adventures as Samantha are completely hidden from Joanna as he fully understands the dire consequences to their marriage. This is the only secret that he has not revealed to Joanna and involves deceit in what Tony gets up to along and Tony hates this and is one reason he wanted Joanna to meet Samantha.

Tony still chickened out of telling her even when she asked him about wanting to be penetrated.


Many years before, Joanna had told Tony of a dream she’d had in which she had arrived home from work to find him in bed fully dressed as Samantha and, even worse for her, in bed with an unknown man; yes, she repeated, a man.

As they were under the covers she could not tell if they had been, or were about to be intimate.

Tony reassured her that it was just a dream, nothing more, and would not happen. Truthfully, it has never happened.


Tony is described as heterosexual and for the main is, although most of us have had some form of intimate relationship with a person of the same gender, usually in their youth when going through puberty.

Tony did this when working in a hotel and had a relationship with another male on the staff; neither felt this was anything other than an experiment. They parted as friends a short time later when the other male went to join the army.


Samantha is also heterosexual; when fully dressed, she thinks very much as a woman in all ways and does wonder what it would be like to be intimate as a woman with a male


Not sure what the above means for Antony – is he heterosexual, gay or bi? Or is he heterosexual defined by the clothing he or she wears at any one time?

One thing is certain is it will be very difficult to come out to Joanna that when he dresses as Samantha she wants to be treated as a woman and if the opportunity to arrive would she take the expected side of a woman.

It’s still a lie and deceitful not to tell Joanna and would hurt her deeply, Tony is very aware of this deceit and often feels what she does not know will not hurt her.

At the end of the day Tony is still male no matter now he dresses or its it down to a mindset guided by the outer clothing


Samantha has been dressing for years; sometimes fully, at other times just stockings suspenders and panties with the occasional camisole top.

JJ is rarely with Samantha when she is ‘fifty-fifty’ dressed, only when they are away on holiday or having to go back for the occasional hospital check-up.

This is usually just a day appointment these days, with one overnight stay in the hotel with both in the same room.

Often when alone Tony has a case in the car for Samantha as he likes to drive dressed on occasion.

Samantha wished to explore her female side by searching on the internet for some TV sites and joined a few of them. One of the sites had information on dogging sites where Samantha discovered that the layby he had stopped in was listed as a gay pick-up area so this explained why the man was hanging around that layby.

After finding the information Samantha’s interest was piqued and she did return a few times (not fully dressed) during the day light with a few cars already parked up and would only get out of the car for a comfort break and for a look around.

Samantha also was on a gay dating site being honest
about being a cross-dresser, finding that sites like that are more accepting of cross-dressers and transgendered people.

Suffice it to say Samantha has thought about JJ’s dream and has never allowed this to come to fruition the way she described in the dream although her female side has meet other males for a kiss and a fumble in the back seat of a car and not went all the way.


Most cross-dressers dress for the enjoyment of the clothes and at times for a sexual thrill. For a small number of others, there is a desire to experience how a woman feels with a man.

It’s unclear if Antony is straight, gay or bisexual and if he even should have a one to one talk with Joanna as it was only the one occasion that he had safe sex – still it feels wrong

When and if Antony/Samantha gets his act together to chat honestly with JJ it’s certainly going to be some conversation and you would all want to be a fly on the wall for that.

Like most of us we will have to wait and see.


Ref: There is a well written description done with delicacy and understanding of similar abuse, that JJ and her Sisters suffered, to Robin by a family so called friend towards the end of Chapter 16 of Robbie’s Revelations by Rebecca Jane.

I can in no way match how Rebecca was able to do so and still reel at the horror of the abuse, I also have tears every time I read it.

It underlines why we should listen and act when we are told these things, regrettably it is those we trust most that are often not to be trusted at all.

The story “Robbie`s Revelation by Rebecca Jane” can be found on Fictionmania and Big Closet

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