A New Job Promotion Twist Part 3

I lead us through a back door in the nightclub. “This club has a deal with us,” I tell Kelly. “We provide security and often bring ourselves here. So, they will let us in, and they will watch out for us. They will get us waters if they know a man is ordering us a drink. Lots of men will come here, looking for someone like us.” We walk in, both feeling the electricity and sex in the room. I order the two of us waters. I hand her the water the water, and say, “Your cryx gives you considerable power over men. But avoid alcohol while wearing it. Alcohol will even the playing field. That is part of the reason for security here. We want to protect you.” We sip our waters together. I drink in the atmosphere. These are the best moments.

When we are both finished with our waters I lead Kelly out to the dance floor. The music shakes the floor and quickly we are lost in the music. We are jumping up and down. We are bouncing and grinding against each other. It doesn't take long before we have two new friends. Kelly has a guy name Jack, and I got Brian. We are bumping and grinding with them. I can sense how easily Kelly is getting lost in the moment. Soon, she has her hands around him. He has his hands on her. I see their hips gyrating. Quickly, I send Brian off for a minute while I grab Kelly. It is time for a chit chat.

We run to the bathroom as two ladies who need to freshen ourselves up. “What do you feel with those boys?” I asked her. She purrs. I touch him and I want him inside my clothes. It is electric. It is exciting. “That is important,” I tell her. Trust that feeling. If you feel that with a guy, it means you are safe and he is safe. If you feel disgusted, don't go with it. This cryx around your neck is alive and powerful. It wants and needs to be fed. You will need to feed it. But don't feed it what it doesn't what.” She nods her head. “It makes sense to me.” We give each other a big hug then meet our boys at the table. They have diligently gotten waters for the two of us.

We tease and play with each other. Brian is necking me while I giggle and visit with Kelly. Jack is clearly touching Kelly underneath the table. Her voice slurs as she turns and talks to him. My hand is rubbing Brian's thigh while he is necking me. The more insistent his mouth, the more insistent my hands. I can tell as I glance at Kelly that she is completely lost to the song of the cryx. I know how intoxicating and powerful that song is. When the song starts to reach out to me, I grab Brian's hand, pull Kelly and Jack after her along to the back of the club.

I think Kelly barely noticed those two invisible agents of Fashionable. She is busy pulling his pants down. Soon, I am focused on Brian. My hands are again on his enlarging penis. His hands are on my breasts and waist and thighs. It is so easy to play Brian like a fiddle, just as Kelly is learning with Jack. My hips do all the talking as we buck and grind following the music still thundering in from the other room. I look at Kelly and speak to her using my mind. “Go easy on the boy. Don't destroy him.” Then, I lose myself in Brian's kisses and touches.

It isn't taking him long to remove my dress, and my own fingers have his pants off. Then I grind my wet panties against his bulging tidy widies. He reaches for me, but I hold him off. I tease him with my fingers. I twist and turn out of his grip. I frustrate and infuriate only to tempt and entice him again. I'm in his arms, then suddenly I am behind him pulling his tidies off and his shirt. He has me in bra and panties, but I dance this way and that. I giggle. I moan and groan. Then, I let his hands get me roughly on my right breast. I moan. “Yes, that's it.” I wiggle my hips one more time.

He pulls and cups and squeezes my breasts. He is pinching my nipples and then he is reaching down to kiss and lick and harden them in his touch. My bra comes off as he sucks and almost drinks off of me. My hands run in his hair and head and neck. My nails dig into his scalp. I move my breasts and body in a dance along with the music.

Then, I let him pull down my panties. And as he does, I lay back, stick my hips in the air and motion him with my fingers. He is in between my legs like an obedient dog. And magnificently hard he shoves himself into me. My hips move up to grind against him. Each grind brings him farther inside of me. Each grind splits my legs farther. Each grind has one leg wrapped around him. My hips grind up against his cock and his balls. I gasp and cry and fuck him over and over. Then, he spills and empties himself into me. I cry out in pleasure as I feel my own orgasm ramble through me over and over. I am going over and over bringing him with me on the ride of his life. When he is nearly empty, I release him and let him collapse.

I stand up over him and slowly take my clothes and put them on fully naked in front of Kelly who is watching me in wonder. “You were amazing, Michelle.” She said. I smile back, “I could feel what you did to him too, baby. You were amazing. I bet you are hungry for more though“ So, we take each other's arms and arm-in-arm we head out on the dance floor.

And it was thrilling. Once I let Kelly go off on her own while I went down on a guy. I took a total of three while I noticed Kelly's insatiable appetite. And as the evening went on you could tell the room changed in feeling and electricity. One guy had tried to drop things into a drink for me. He had tried the same on Kelly, but she caught it. I told her across the room. “No limits on this guy. Go all the way. See what you can do.” She still made it look like he was in charge and doing things his way. I used my newest training and disappeared and watched Kelly and her new boy go off again to the back room.

I watched in the dark as she first took him between her legs. And then she was insatiable. She made him excited again when she cleaned his cock with her lips and tongue. She sucked him and made him explode into her mouth. As she cleaned him up the second time she turned her ass around and took him in between her ass cheeks. Then, I see it. He gives her more than his cum, but his energy, his life energy, and his control during sex. She responds to the gift, and she screams and cums and cums and cums. I see her fuck herself with her fingers on her pussy as she finds her own release.

Then with him nearly gone, she stands before him. “Drink your goddess,” she tells him. And he obeys. He takes his mouth around her wet thighs and her pussy and cunt. She takes in his dark fantasies, pleasures and desires. His mouth cannot help itself. She forces her will upon him. “You shouldn't try to rape women. You should be a good man. You should find a woman and settle down. Forget me. Be good. Now, go.”

When she is done with him, I sneak out and wait for her at our table. When I come back, she is moving like a lioness through the room. She is filled with power and desire. He is out the door so fast, you can barely see the blur that he makes. I glow in pride at what she did. “You did well. Those are the best for reasons they can never understand.” She nods happilly. Then, we walk arm in arm and go outside into the world.

I lead Kelly to a twenty-four hour diner. “I'm not hungry for food, but the body without the cryx will need it when it comes off.” I order for both of us: one egg scrambled, toast and water. Then, we visit about our conquests of the night before. We talk about confident and powerful men who feel before us. We talk about the sexual energy we felt and exhibited. We both talked about their attempted seductions and petty tricks to take us. We talked about their weak moments in the bed, until we dug deep inside of them and coaxed what they really needed out for us.


At six that morning I am leading Kelly back into Fashionable Inc. I lead her through the trainee entrance. We walk through Kelly's old locker room, then I stop her. “I want to show you something. Not everyone was able to make a cryx. Follow me.” We open the door out into the hallway toward the classroom. Instead we enter through the yoga room where sixteen others are lined up. And then, Ginny Potter walks in. She is the newest President of New Associate training. “Let's go into the observation room.” She says. She leaves while the rest of us file into a fairly spacious room where we can see the classroom, but they can't see us.

As we look in there are people there – people Kelly obviously recognizes. They are sleeping on and off when Ginny walks in. You can see the seven of them come to attention and attempt to wake each other up. “Good morning, gentlemen,” she says. “I am here to tell you that you have not succeeded in creating a cryx and therefore will not be becoming full Fashionable Inc associates. We will still honor our agreements made through our representatives. You will receive the promised salary for five years. During that time we will see if you can continue to be of use to us.”

One of them – and they always do – blurts out. “What do you mean? This is stupid. I never had a chance to create this cryx thing, because I was standing in a hallway blocked up with concrete and a strange archway that leads to nowhere.” Ginny smiles at him. “Well, eight of your former compatriots figured it out. You will see them around, but they are getting acquainted with their new bodies.”

You can hear those boys throw that out as if it was ridiculous. But Ginny goes on. “I am Ginny Potter. As President of Associate Training, it was my duty to prepare you for last night. Sadly, seven of you were unable to make a cryx. It was difficult to explain to those above me that this was such a small group. However, let me introduce you to someone else. She will be helping you through the next portion of your work in our company.”

At this point Gerry walks in. “Hi everybody. My name is Gerry Prost. I am the President of Maintenance. I am here to help you with your transition to employment at Fashionable.” Gerry hands out a form to the men. “This form is asking you to sign that you have been offered the option to sign a release from employment form. There are two sheets. The first form is the waiver form that indicates you have seen the second sheet. Please give your attention to that. This sheet gives you the opportunity to sign and be waived from any further connection to us. If you sign it, you will receive no further compensation other than the signing bonus and the salary you received up to this point. If you wish to continue with us, please sign the first sheet, and stand up and meet me in the hallway.”

Gerry walks out, leaving the four men alone. Everyone is quiet as we hear the grumbles and complaints that come from these men. It is like when I had gone through this. “Where are the other guys? What did they do to them? I can't afford to do this.” But there was one. “I have had enough. I don't want any more to do with this crazy place.” To the shock of all of us, he signs the second sheet, tears up the first sheet waiver, then stalks out of the room. Everyone else says, “Way to go.” But after some thought, six others sign the waiver, tear up the release form, and walk out to meet Gerry.”

Ginny Potter comes back into the room. “We saw all that we will be seeing of them. But we feel you needed to see what has happened to them. They will catch you in corners on your way in. They will be shocked. They will ask you how you got through. Be careful. No one – except those who wear a cryx needs to know what happened in there. No foolish apologies for their poor souls. Do not interact – except to be nice. They will have what we call level one dash five clearance. They will get Maintenance duties.” After this usual speech, Ginny nods at us then walks out of the room.

I squeeze Kelly's hand and tell her, “It is time to go. We got more to do.” I lead her back upstairs to her level two office. I let her sit in her office chair and I sit across from her. “What happens next?” She asks me. I have big smiles. “You and I get to have some fun. But you will need this.” I hand her her new company portfolio. As she is looking through everything, I point out. “Look at the last of the papers. There is a sheet on company letterhead with our company credit card.”

I watch her as she reads the letter, waiting. When she is done, she has the credit card in hand and has nothing to say. “Don't be shocked. You are an investment – you and the complete package of you. Soon, you will be representing Fashionable in a large area further from Chicago somewhere. You need to look like one of us.” She throws her hands up in the air. “I don't know what I'm going to be doing? When am I going to be finding this out?” Well, you will be going to a banquet tonight. There you will meet your new division in sales. You will meet the President and Vice Presidents of the division you are assigned to. They will tell you more.”

“But what about you?” Kelly asks me. I respond. “That we can't get into right now. Why don't you go in and shower? There you can take your time to enjoy your new body. You can take a shower in the locker room. Then go back into the closet and pick an outfit for shopping – just make sure it isn't something that will attract too much attention. We will not be in secure areas. Then, after we are done shopping, we will come back here. I am going to go and change to get ready for our shopping trip.”

With that I run upstairs. I don't take a shower. I take off my dress and clothes. I put on a black with white polka dotted blouse, a cute black skirt. I put on some cute red heels, and then accessorize. I make sure that I am all refreshed and then I go down and wait for Kelly to get done. When she comes out, she is wearing a nice outfit for shopping. I lead her down to the parking lot where we pick out a new Japanese sports car. I hand her the keys. “I will show you the way; you drive.”

I told her where to go this way and that way until we were out in a suburban mall. I led her up and down the halls of the mall. We were arm-in-arm. We got the necessities. We got a few party dresses. We got a formal gown or two. We bought shopping outfits. Mostly, we bought outfits that she would be wearing as she represented us as a sales rep.

I lead her to a nice place to go out to eat. “Come on, Michelle,” she says. “I want to do more shopping or meet a man. I'm not really hungry.” I motioned to her. “Yes, but you will have to take that cryx off eventually. It is important to remember that you are not so weak when you do that that you will fall over.” So, after a sensible lunch, I had her back at Fashionable. I helped her put her new clothes away. I suggested a sexy party dress for the banquet that night. Then, I hugged her tight. “You and I will still bump into each other. You remember Gerry from Maintenance? She was my recruiter. We see each other from time to time. But tonight, enjoy and celebrate.” We hug tight and then, I leave her. I went upstairs to my new office. I strip off everything. I take off the accessories. I put on black satin slippers and my black satin robe. Then I sit in my office desk waiting for what was next.

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