Girl for a day.

Once, there was this boy who loved to make fun of girls. His name was Jeff, and he loved to discriminate girls, by calling us “short” and saying we “cannot play basketball”, when in reality, he is only 1.6m tall, and does not have any of the masculine features that make up a man.up a man.

Making fun of girls was a habit for him, since the day I met him on the first day of school. Everyone seems to tolerate his behaviour, for it was only the verbal remarks that nobody could accept. Thankfully, I was never approached by him before, so I don’t know how bad it was.

But that changed when he crossed path with me.

It was Physical Education class, and the teacher paired me with up with Jeff. We were to play basketball that day, but just as the teacher commenced the session, Jeff told the teacher that he did not want to play with me as I am a girl, and “girls don’t play basketball”.

Upon hearing that, I burst into tears and ran away to the nearest washroom. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “How could he say that I cannot play basketball, just because I am a girl?” I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror, crying uncontrollably.

It was then I realise Jeff needs to be taught a lesson.

After washing my face and drying myself up, I went into a cubicle and took out the necklace that I have been wearing under my clothes. The necklace may look like any other necklace with no special feature, but it actually does whatever I command it to do.

With the necklace on my hands and against my chest, I whispered a chant and made a wish for Jeff to become a girl for a day, so that he knows how girls feels when they are discriminated for their gender.

The spell worked immediately after I made the wish, as the necklace gave off a pink glow the moment I made the wish. Interestingly, only I know about the change as everything else changed accordingly. It was a private performance specially requested by me, and I can’t wait to see the girl Jeff has become.

As I stepped out of the washroom, I saw a girl waiting for me with a basketball on arms. It was Jeff – as a girl. He told me how insecure he was standing in the middle of the hall waiting for me to return from the washroom. Understandably, this is how girls feel when they are alone outside, especially in sports attire where the shorts are damn short and the blouse so soft that it feels cold whenever the wind blows on us. But I simply assured him that everything was fine, and we continued with our game of basketball.

The rest of the day went on as what I had expected. As Jeff attended the classes as a girl, he faced all kinds of harassment the girls get when they were harassed by him. He obviously didn’t like it, and there were times when I even saw him rush into a cubicle to cry. However, since I wished for Jeff to be a girl for the day, there was nothing I could do, but just let Jeff suffer all the sexual harassment girls get every day. After all, it was meant to punish Jeff, so I might as well let him be.

Finally, the day ended and it was a new day. Jeff returned to his normal form and as a boy. He had no idea what happened to him yesterday, but it was obvious from his behaviour that he no longer dares to disturb the girls ever again.

The end.

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