The Other Woman - Part 3

The Other Woman – Part Three

Continuing the story of how a wife meets the other woman in their lives, who happens to be her husband.

This story is dedicated to my friend and fellow author Warm Hearted, who has called me his cheerleader. We have become good friends and confidants, sharing comments and ideas on our stories as well as messaging and emailing each other regularly.

I can never find the proper words to say thanks to my editor and friend Chris, who finds the time in a very busy life to review my ramblings with comments and insights. Chris continues to edit for others as well as writing and posting his own stories.

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JJ joined the other woman, her husband, dressed as Samantha, slid in the bed, one hand reached down between her husband’s legs, as the other switched the rest of the lights off.

“Not sure we’ll get much talking done,” JJ added as darkness filled the room.

Tony enjoyed sleeping in ladies’ nightwear; tonight was a dream come true – or was it a nightmare, a nightmare that could destroy their relationship? – as he shared the bed with JJ whilst dressed as Samantha.

The darkness was filled with the intimacy of a couple who have been together for over thirty odd years and known each other even longer. It was loving and fulfilling for both, if not as long lasting as in the early days of their marriage satisfying.

Drifting off to sleep JJ voiced her thoughts.

“We’ll have that talk in the morning.”
Samantha was not sure if she wished the morning to arrive.


Tony had been dressing for years in women’s clothing and he enjoyed doing so, at times with Joanna`s placid support and encouragement. Her support gradually waned until often, exasperated and annoyed, she would turn around and storm out of the room shouting “Not again!” before slamming the door behind her.


The darkness of the night faded away with the dawn of the new day; morning had arrived sooner than desired. JJ and Samantha were entwined together with the sheet covering their bodies, as JJ turned away from the new day pulling the sheet around herself. The movement woke Samantha, who now regretted gulping that glass of wine down; whilst she had not got drunk, she did have a sore head.

Samantha sat up and put her head in her hands before going to the bathroom to get some water. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, a thought occurred thought to her:
‘JJ was right – going to bed with makeup on wasn’t the greatest idea. It’s all over the place and smudged,’ She wiped it away; remembering the reasons for some of that smudging
caused her to smile to herself.

The smile faded quickly at the thought of the talk with JJ that was to take place shortly.


JJ felt her husband getting off the bed to go and refresh himself. The intimacy last night was wonderful, very intimate, more satisfying. Samantha had satisfied her more than Tony usually did and she was uncertain of her feelings. Trying to get her head around these feeling she remained still as Samantha went to freshen up


A short time later both had dressed and sitting down with the last of the coffee supplied in the hotel room. The silence in the room was deafening, each waiting for the other to say something.

JJ was the first to speak.

“You wanted to talk to me about this,” both her arms and hands fanned out indicating to Samantha, “so talk.”

“I’m not sure where to start,” Samantha replied nervously.

JJ folded her arms across her chest, locking her hands at the elbows and staring into the eyes of her husband’s made-up face. Wordlessly, the stare indicated ‘I’m waiting’.

“I’m aware that you know about this side of me,” her husband began, “you even gave me my femme name. The thing is, I want you to spend more time with Samantha.” The nerves started to settle the more she talked. “She’s a large part of me and I can’t hide her any more. Also, I find it more difficult not to dress at home; although the kids know and are away from home, there’s always the chance they could drop by unexpectedly.”

Taking a deep breath, JJ interrupted.

“I’d much prefer more time with Tony.”

“I know you would and I respect that, it`s just I need to be Samantha,” not looking at JJ. “I want, no I need, you to have some time with her.”

“Samantha, last night in bed was wonderful,” JJ responded with kindness in her voice. “We were closer than we have been for ages, but I’m just not attracted to women – even if the ‘woman’ is my husband. This is not what I want,” she added.

“You wish this to happen, not me. I’m aware of why you dress, I know it helps you relax and it makes you feel like a woman…” JJ suddenly want very quiet. “Oh my, I’ve just realised – you want to be treated as a woman when you dress… fully, I mean… being penetrated, having intercourse”

“Absolutely not!” Samantha yelled, her face reddening at the thought.


Her memory drifted back to one of the early days, when JJ was in hospital and Tony was travelling back home to be with the children. Of course, it was Samantha driving and not Tony.

Samantha was enjoying the chance to get dressed up for the journey home, the thrill much stronger than the worry of being caught out as man in women’s clothing.

The dark cold nights helped, as Samantha had to wear more conservative clothing rather than the above the knee skirts she usually preferred.

Wearing a pair of red knee length boots, the matching faux leather skirt was restricting as she walked to the car. Samantha moaned as she sat in the seat as she had also decided to use a plug in her rear for the journey home.

Not being used to the plug, it was uncomfortable and she decided to pull off the road, remove the plug and take a rest. By this time Sammie knew where to park up for a rest, having used the same layby a few times before.

Another car was already there; Sammie parked further down the layby and popped into the wooded area to have a pee and to remove the plug. The occupant of the other car was already in the woods next to where she had stopped and saw her.

He let her know he was there; she turned around to see the man, his cock enlarged and being stroked.

“I love girls like you, he said.”

Well, she could hardly deny she was male as he had watched her standing to pee with her cock in her hand.

“Do you want to have something to replace that plug you just removed?” he added. The darkness hid her blushes and embarrassment.

“Well… I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a real cock there instead of the plug or a vibrator.”

One thing led to another and soon she was bent over holding on to a tree trunk as her… suitor? pickup? john? started to pound her rear; feeling his balls against her, she knew he was fully in. It hurt at first but eventually the pain faded to a point where, although it was not altogether pleasurable, it was not entirely uncomfortable either. Samantha certainly had something to think about for the rest of the journey home. She had, of course, insisted that he wore protection before taking her virginity, as she was aware of the health risks of unprotected sex.


JJ noticed her blushing and embarrassment and decided to say something.

“Well, if you change your mind, I can always get a strap-on!” Her blushing matched Samantha’s own, then both of them suddenly laughed and it helped lighten the atmosphere.


JJ stood, came over to her and held her hands.

“Samantha, I love both of your sides and though I much prefer you as Tony, it was different last night and to be honest, I think it might be something I may wish to try again. I just need time to work this all out in my head.”

“I know you do and it was different for me as well,” Samantha replied. “So what now – where do we go from here?”

“Well, why don’t we get changed and cleaned up? You go back to being Tony and pack Samantha away, I’ll go back to my room to clean up and change into something more appropriate for daytime. Then we’ll get breakfast as husband and wife and talk about our future.”


We talked and came to an agreement; Samantha’s still around and gets away to a hotel now and then; mostly on her own, as JJ is still reluctant to stay over with Samantha, whereas Tony takes JJ’s feelings into account more these days.


After the encounter at the layby when Samantha lost her virginity to a stranger, she decided it was something she would like to try again; returning to the layby one night, by pure chance she met the man again at the same layby and this time was even more willing to have safe sex with him.

Nowadays, Joanna`s health is vastly improved and she does not have to go to hospital overnight; consequently, Samantha does not stop in laybys any more and the events in the layby are now just distant memories.


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