Eyes Finally Opened Part 10

Amy had fallen asleep while waiting for her mother and Troy. She had arrived sometime in the afternoon and it had gotten dark while she was asleep. She looks at the time on the cellphone and it was showing ten at night. She was feeling a little warm and climbs out of the SUV and looks around. There were no other lights around her and she was all by herself. She walks around the parking lot and enjoys the cool breeze coming off the ocean. She takes her boots off and wade out into the water. This was the first time she has ever been out in an ocean before.

She’s been in swimming pools, but never in an ocean before for enjoyment.

She walks back to shore and takes her clothes off and walk down into the water. It felt nice against her warm skin. She swims around for a while just enjoying the night and the water. While she is in the water, a vehicle pulls up and stop. She watches from the water.

“Amy, where are you?” She hears her mother’s voice in her head.

“Down here in the water mother.”

Lady April and Troy look over towards the water and spots Amy out in the water.

“What are you doing out there?”

He notices her clothes were on the shore.

“I’ve never been to a beach before.”

Lady April just smiles at Amy confession. The two of them just stand there watching Amy as she swam around in the water. She disappears under the water for a few minutes and comes back up.

“Alright kiddo, time to come in. We didn’t bring a towel with us.”

“That’s okay. Oh, Troy. You might want to bring The Hunter’s SUV back with us. It has a computer system inside, but I couldn’t crack the code on it.”

Amy comes walking out of the water in the nude over towards her mother. April could still see some of the injuries Amy sustain fighting for her
life. She spots the red lines on the back of her legs where something had cut into her legs.

Lady April kneels to look at the pink lines.

“Sweetie, what did this to you?”

April was tracing the lines down to her ankle.

“A roof had collapse on me, pinning my legs and when I went to pull myself free. I cut myself all the way till I manage to get free. I’ve eaten
some fruit to replenish what I lost in calories in healing, but my body is still healing a lot of damage.”

“What happened to the Hunter?”

“I don’t know, but I did try to find his body. There was just too much debris blocking where he could have been. I’m not sure if he is dead or still trapped inside. If he is still alive, it’s going to be awhile before he’ll be free.”

“Do you know if there are repair teams that go out to the island if the control center gets damage?”
Amy had to think about that question.

“I’ve never seen a team before, but I think there is a team or someone that comes out to do some repairs. I remember damaging one of their Gatling guns and when I went back it was repair. So, maybe someone will go out to the island and free him or not.”

“I think we can transport that vehicle back to the mansion and have Frank go over it. He use to work for the cyber-command at Norad.”


“Troy, can you give Amy your T-shirt to wear, please?”

Lady April had gone over to the clothes Amy had taken off and looked at them. They were blood stained and smelled of her and a few other people that had worn them. They didn’t fit Amy well and Lady April wasn’t going to have her daughter wear them home.

“Sure. Lady April.”

Troy takes his t-shirt off and hand it to Amy.

Amy puts it on and it comes down to her knees.

“Mom, I think it’s a little big on me.” She holds her hands out.

“I would rather have you wear Troy’s shirt, till we get you some proper clothes Amy.”


“Why don’t I follow you girls to a nice hotel and we’ll make arrangements to have this SUV shipped. We can fly back to Montana tomorrow

“Okay, let me get my fruit from the SUV first.”

Amy runs over to the SUV and grab the fruit she brought back from the Island. She walks back over to Troy and her mother.

“You got those from the Island you were on?”

“Yep, I pigged out on at least ten of the papayas before I got any of my energies back. I collected a few coconuts, mangos and papayas to bring home with me.”

“Alright let’s head to a nice hotel and get you some nice clothes to wear.” Lady April heads over to the SUV her and Troy came in to pick Amy up.

Amy walks over to the passenger side and get in. Lady April gets in on the driver side and they watch as Troy starts the Hunter’s SUV up and they head out. Amy curls up on the seat, while Lady April looks for a nice hotel to spend the night in. As they are driving, a group of six motorcycles ride by the car.

“Oh, great. The Dark Fangs are in the neighborhood.”

“Who are the Dark Fangs, mom?”

Amy was curious. She had turned around in her seat to look out the back windshield and watched as they turned around and were coming back towards them.

“I’m surprised your superiors didn’t tell you sweetie. They are vampire trouble shooters that travel the United States visiting the different areas that have a regional vampire leader. They make sure that the laws are uphold and that every new vampire created is recorded. IF they aren’t then it’s the Dark Fangs job to kill them.”

“I was told that there weren’t any vampires in our area. That Uncle Cain killed them all.”

“There aren’t. Your Uncle and several members form the pack did kill off the group that had been in his territory. However, were not in our territory and there might be a regional leader here that might have gotten wind of us coming in.”

“Well, if they try anything, I can handle them mom.”

The leader of the bike group pulls up next to the SUV and points to a parking lot belonging to a grocery store. He stays next to the Suv while the other motorcycles surround the Hunter’s SUV.

Lady April pulls into the parking lot followed by Troy. They stop in the middle of the parking lot and get out. Amy walks around to stand next to her mother.

The leader got off his motorcycle and walks over to face Lady April. He looks her over and knew right away who she was. The young girl that should next to her wearing a t-shirt twice her sized was standing next to her in a protective stance and looked directly at him. He paid no mind to the other bare-chested man standing behind Lady April and Driving a SUV he knew belonged to the Hunter.

“What brings you all the way from Montana to this neck of the world?”

Amy was watching the man. She notices he had a tattoo covering half his face and looked to be about middle aged. His long raven black
straight hair was braided into a pony tail. He was wearing black leather pants, black leather jacket with a dark blue dress shirt underneath. The black leather pants hug his legs and went into a pair black leather boots. She could feel that he wasn’t very old. She also felt someone trying to enter her mind.

“Retrieving my daughter and taking her back home is all, Riker.”

Lady April rest her hand on Amy’s shoulder.

Riker looks at Amy and couldn’t see any resemblance to Lady April at all.

“She doesn’t look like you. Where is your other daughter?”

“She died during an attack from the HSL. A specialized group attacked us and my daughter was taken out by one of their sadistic fighters.”

“I’m sorry to hear about that. The Hunter organization and the HSL have been attacking a few areas owned by some Master vampire clans.
The reason I asked you to pull over, the SUV your second there was driving belongs to The Hunter. I would like to know how you guys came upon it.”

“Let’s just say he decided to fight someone who is a better fighter then he was and leave it at that.”

A proud evil smile appears on Lady April’s face.

Riker notices the smile, but he was looking at Amy. He has been trying to enter her mind, but he felt a strong defense each time.

“So, you’re taking his SUV back to Montana?”


“How long are you staying?”

“We’re leaving tomorrow evening. I need to get some clothes for my daughter and make arrangement for the SUV to be transported.”

“Very well. As a show of kindness. I will give you two days to leave this area. If another vampire or the Regional vampire lord stop you. Tell them I approved your passage and stay. Have a nice night Lady April.”

“You too, Riker.”

All three watched as the motorcycle gang rides off.

“Mom, is he good for his word?”

“Yes sweetie, he is. If Riker says to repeat his name to a regional lord, he means it. He answers to the council like all special investigators do
and if they break their word. The council sends two of their members to destroy them.”

“Oh, well I felt someone trying to probe my mind.”

“I bet it was Riker. He was curious about you.”

“Well, he didn’t get into my mind. He kept meeting my defense wall.”

“Well, let’s go and find hotel ladies.”

“Spoil sport.” Amy hits Troy lightly.

“Watch it runt or I’ll give you a spanking on your bare bottom.”

Amy just smiles and head to the passenger side of the SUV and gets back in. They drive for another fifteen minutes and find a high-class Marriot to spend the night at. They get one room with twin beds and Amy sleeps with Lady April, after she takes a nice relaxing bath. By the time Amy closes her eyes and lay her head down on the pillow. She is gone to the world as she snuggles up against her mother.

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