Summer Intern - 3 Make It to the Weekend

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Summer Intern - 3
Make It to the Weekend

By Jessica C

Marty’s identity was found out traveling on his Spring Break...
Sandy and Hannah enjoyed helping Miss Marti to Blossom...
And now she living 24/7 during her Summer Internship


The days were busy at work and Mrs. Sparks, Hannah and Sandy all went home Wednesday afternoon. I was thankful for all the help they were to me. With their help I was able to furnish my apartment and got more clothes than I could have afforded on my own. Yet, I was happy they left and I could have some time alone. I arranged a few things differently as well.

It was kind of funny when I went to my appointment and Dr. Young said, “You, young woman, should be on a stronger blocker for testosterone and I think you’re fine candidate for the female hormone soup I would like you to be on. That is if you are sure you are ready.”

I can’t help but hear Debra Mc Bride celebrating with me. She was so happy for me when I came back from Spring Break as Marti. “Marti, I was afraid you wouldn’t allow yourself the joy of blossoming… I’m still afraid you won’t follow through and let yourself be happy.”


I knew Mr. Sparks would be leaving for home shortly after noon on Friday if nothing changed. I would be working at least until 4:00 p.m. and staying here at least the first two weekends.

I was there at the office by 7:40, shortly before Mr. Sparks. He soon told me that we would be seeing Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Brianna Jordan at 10:00 a.m. I had hoped he had forgotten about what my research had turned up earlier in the week. Investments made by B2S, were those of Mrs. Brianna (Scott) Jordan. Scott having been her maiden name. I had accessed a list of recent corporate investments that I was not to be privy to and shouldn’t have been able to see it.

Howard Sparks assured me I would not be in trouble with Mrs. Jordan. Though he did caution me however that I should not be surprised if I made more than one person in the firm angry with me. “Whoever designed the program you gained access to, should be in some trouble? Hopefully it was an innocent mistake and no one has accessed or misused the information.”

I was to be updating investment information and analyzing various markets from then until we’re to visit with Ms Jordan. I did, but I can’t brag saying I wasn’t distracted. I was nervous before and I’m more so now as CEO Bradley James Jordan, Jr, would be meeting with us along with his mother Mrs. Brianna Jordan. And then there was a lawyer and another key staff member, I didn’t recognize.

After formal introductions, there were the pleasantries that they were thankful I brought this to their attention. They did have me recount my entry into the file as I did the so called requested research. I had put on a disc all what I had done. When asked how I would protect such files I confessed ignorance. “It would take a more detailed analysis of the program. That wasn’t what I was doing. I would have closed off my ability to do it again, but I thought you might want access to my computer, so I have not done it yet.”

Ms Jordan says, “We are glad that you have not gone back there. Unfortunately someone had and this meeting was delayed so we could deal with that problem first. Things would have been worse if Mr. Sparks had not brought it quickly to our attention. If and when you hear that a senior officer has been let go or that there has been a shake-up in staff; please keep what you know to yourself.”

Mr. Bradley spoke up, “Unfortunately, someone intentionally did go in to access the files for ulterior motives. He had wanted to collect more information before he made a transaction with a buyer. We believe we caught him before the damage was done. We have taken added security measures to safeguard our system. We will be keeping a close watch of the whole system.”

Our meeting went on for well over an hour. Finally Mrs. Jordan asks, “Did you figure out why my code was as it was?”

I say, “Mr. Sparks indicated the S was probably for your maiden name of Scott. My best guess on the number 2 is probably not it, but like your husband, son and your first initial all are B too it came from there.”

“May I add that the two investments that have been uniquely yours are very good choices. Can I ask, if you agree that forecasts indicate one may decline early next year?”

She says, “Very astute of you. Is that as part of your research here for Howard? Between us, I think the stock will decline in price before the end of the year. I probably will stop purchasing it once it gains another five points. I think it may be worth holding onto through mid-March as I expect the dividend will be very good. It is also a good stock for long-term stability as well as the dividends.”

“Ms Stanton, what you have done for our company will be rewarded with funding your education. I would however like to suggest you come here to the University of South Carolina. I do understand a friend name Tricia may have a stronger pull on you to Francis Morris at Florence, South Carolina. You are more than free to choose as you wish. You will still receive our support of your education as part of our appreciation.”

Ms. Jordan continues“Sometime this summer my daughter PhD Faye Jordan-Halstead visit will here. I hope you two will find time to meet together. She is a professor at Mc McAlester University, but the University of Minnesota is trying to woo her away from them.”

“Thank you Mrs. Jordan, but I kind of just backed into the information and Mr. Sparks was the one who figured it out. I’m earning a good wage in working here as well as learning. And I appreciate a place to have support in being myself.”


During my noon lunch time, I met with Tricia and we’re to meet again tonight. “Marti, you surprise me with how much you’ve grown.” I’m hoping that is good. “I like your name as Martina. How do you like going by the name Martina Stanton?” She is off work at 4:00 pm. and will come my work place as soon as she can.

Once she’s here, I introduce her to Stephanie Karma, my housemate, and the three of us go for an after work drink. Some guys come over and offer to pay for our drinks. We decide to pass this time. Tricia surprised me with how much she was open to them being with us.

Tricia wanting to see my place volunteered to drive for our date tonight. On my way home I stop to get roasted chicken, fresh spinach and the makings of a nice chef salad. I know that Tricia is planning for us to go to dinner. I’m hoping with a bottle of wine and some cheese this will be to her liking and kind of romantic.

I shower and change my clothes into a nice sundress, hoping it is okay for evening wear. Steph checks on me, complimenting how I look, but explaining, “You know most of us women like to relax in some slacks or jeans after a long week at work in nylons. Tricia might be uncomfortable if she feels you’re more fancily dressed than she is.”

“That isn’t my desire, I’m sure she’ll know that. If she dresses in a pants outfit then I could change.” I am feeling bad and I’m about to change when the doorbell rings. Steph answers the door as I head to my room.

Steph calls to me, “You’re okay. She is nicely dressed.”

Tricia says, “Thanks for letting me in Steph. I thought Marti would be ready early?”

Steph says, “He, um she was afraid she might be overdressed and went back to change. It was my fault. I kind of wish I could find someone like Marty. Do you think she’s really going to stay in her feminine mode? I’m not sure I would want my guy friend to do this more than part of the time.”

I am near an open doorway, hearing the last part of the conversation. I stepped into the doorway and they saw me as I wanted to turn around. With but a short pause Tricia says, “Oh Marti you look very cute.” She pauses and then asks, “Are you ready to get going?”

I know part of my smile fades as I begin to say, “I had made something here to eat so we could have a romantic dinner just the two of us. But it’s simple and if you want we could go out.” I’m ready with my purse.

Tricia says, “As long as it’s more than a salad, I’m starving.”

I say, “Let me put things away and we can get going.” I know Tricia is embarrassed, but it is evident what she wants. Tricia does follow me into my apartment and then back into the kitchen.

Tricia says, “I’m sorry; I didn’t know you have the ability to be a good little homemaker. A nice chef salad and the bread, cheese and wine makes a nice dinner. We should stay here.” All the changes and possibilities causes me to be nervous and I need to pee.

Tricia followed me until I went into the toilet and she figured that out. “O Marti this is very sensitive of you. You even have candles and probably violins ready to play in the background.”

I call out, “No, Taylor Swift. I thought that would be more pleasing. But please tell me where you’d like to go?”

She says, “There’s a concert over at the University’s Art Center. I was hoping we might go there. We’d be early enough we could visit and share each other’s week. I need to get tickets reserved if we’re eating here.”

Marti starts to put the salad away and Tricia is getting out the bread, cheese and wine. “Marti please relax, I like the dinner you made. But I don’t want to waste time getting things out if you’re putting things away.”

She asks and then gives me a hug, “I wonder if your swings are caused by me or your change in treatment? This happens with women some of the time. I hope you know it is a package deal. I think you’re loving to be the girl you’ve imagine.” Feeling her warm hug loving her, Marti begins to smile and enjoy herself with Tricia.

I looks to her phone on the table but it’s mine that is ringing. Tricia asks, “Who would you like to have the call from?”

I say, “No, I don’t need to answer it.”

“Is it someone back home?” I shake my head yes, it was Debra from the University there, but I’m not going to answer. Tricia says, “I’ll plate up this beautiful salad you made and pour the wine. While I want you to take the call and talk to her.”

I say, “How did you know it’s another woman?”

Tricia says, “You’re more comfortable talking to us. I’m guessing it’s Debra who you confided in.”

I call Debra back and the phone has rung five times. Just when I’m sure I’ve missed her, but she answers as I hear the sixth ring. Debra says, “I’m glad you called. I wasn’t going to answer for anyone else as I’m getting ready for a date. You’ll be glad to know I’ve dumped that lazy fart of a boyfriend. It’s Steve tonight…”

She asks, “I thought your text said, you and Tricia are to be together tonight. Don’t tell me you’ve got flustered?”

I say, “How is it, you and Tricia know more about me than I do? Yes, between trying to please Tricia and when I think I didn’t, I did. She said, it might be I’m trying too hard or it’s the hormone change.”

Debra says, “And she probably said both. I guess that is what we both like about you Marti. I bet she’ll love it when you get more comfortable with yourself.” We talk and Tricia has even sliced some of the bread and cheese. As I hang up, Debra says loudly over the phone, “Tricia, have a good night. You might need to jump her bones to get her to relax.” Click, silence, she’s gone.

Tricia sits down as I light the candles. It is still light outside, but thankfully we’re on the east side of the house. The candles do add a glow. Luckily Tricia has begun to tell of her week. I didn’t need to start the conversation. We take forty minutes to eat and visit and Tricia is wanting to head to the concert.


Michele Hart is no singer I heard of, but she’s an excellent singer. I can tell the women especially like her, the band and the way she relates to us, the audience. While the Art Center auditorium is crowded it is not the usual concert crowd.

I didn’t think we got the cheap tickets but Tricia says, those tickets are $5o a piece. Tricia says, when the balcony is filled it means there are over 4,000 in attendance. Come the end of the concert Tricia is buzzed on her phone and we’re to meet two other couples for a drink before heading home.

I was anxious about meeting two traditional couples. Joe and Reilly come across as good southern boys, and I’m amused wondering how they see me. Joe comes straight out and asks. “Is it alright if I call you Martina? If I don’t, I’m afraid my mind is going to give me trouble in not seeing you as a regular guy.”

Connie says, “I’m just hoping you won’t tease her like all the other women, she might not understand.” She turns to me, “I’m impressed how nice you look. Tricia told me, you probably would.”

Terri asks, “Would you mind joining us as we make our way to the little girls’ room. I’m not sure you are use to this tradition?” My only concern as I stood to go with them, was what the guys would think.

Joe gives Terri a hard time. “Maybe I should come dressed in a skirt, I’d like to be invited to go with you.”

Terri says, “I’d invite you but you would embarrass me by going in there and making a fool out of yourself. I like the class and sense of self that Marti’s handling herself with.”

I thank her and I’m glad we’re soon in the women’s room and Joe hadn’t come. I was planning to turn and go to the bar if he did.

Though the women of us, enjoyed one or two drinks the guys each had three or more. I’m sure Reilly had three but possibly they each had four or Joe had five. I was glad to get away from there. Joe was getting louder and thought he was getting funnier.

When we leave, Joe says, “You have more balls than I do coming out like you did.” He lifts his beer like he’s toasting me. I just say good-bye.


I’m not quite sure of directions but it is soon obvious Tricia’s not taking me home at least not to my place. Once through the door, we walk passed others in a darkened room. Tricia doesn’t stop with me until we’re in to her two room suite.

She gets out a nightie for me and gives me a hug and kiss. She unbuttons a few buttons of my sundress. Two were already unbuttoned by her on the way back from the bar. I gently give Trish a sweet kiss as I’m undoing the back of her mini-dress.

It humors me as Tricia compliments how she likes my stockings and she helps roll them down. “Marti, you are warm and damp like a girl gets.” She leans into me giving me a passionate kiss. There is a lot of fore play, in fact we spend the rest of our awake time that way.

We broke long enough to shower, remove makeup and for me to find how skimpy the nightie is.


We do kiss and fall asleep in the arms of the other. I’m fairly sure she worked herself into a feeling of bliss, but she says it was my doing. With my gaff fastened in place our activity is so directed. I find myself enjoying fitting into my new molding. Tricia asks, “Do you know how your breasts are becoming warm? I should say hot, because they feel like I do in being with you.”

It is late morning before I fit myself into one of Tricia’s outfits and use Uber to get home to my apartment. Steph seems amused, “Now, what would your folks think of you coming home so late in the morning?”

I giggle at the thought and could somewhat imagine how my mother would reign in my sister. ‘I remember one night Mom was in Sis’s room telling her that girls don’t get the same allowances as boys.’

I can’t get pregnant, but it does cause me to wonder if there is another standard for Tgirls. I check the web for LGBT counselors. I call an 800 number. First a guy answers and then I’m given to Paula. Paula is sensitive and spends most of the time listening.

She doesn’t give answers, but compliments and encourages me not to stop from seeing the larger picture of my life. She gives me the name of a larger church that is open to our worshiping there. ‘It is not that I’m terribly religious, but somehow faith and God seem more important how. I would have thought it would have been the opposite way for me.


I did go into work for three hours in the afternoon. I was surprised how much research I could get done uninterrupted. I even checked the Asian markets and become more familiar with them. Mr. Sparks calls to find me at work and encourages me to wrap up and go home. He does suggest Sunday evening I can check for what is expected for Monday and any special investment news that might pop up. I already knew there were two government reports due the coming week.

I call Tricia as we’re on to meet for a simple dinner. Tonight we bunk at my apartment.

It was only the third time I saw Lee Jordan for more than a few minutes. He extends an invitation to Steph for a party he’s throwing next Friday. Realizing Tricia is significant to me, he encourages me to bring her.

To be continued…

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