Doctor's Log 2 "Surprise!"

Doctor’s Log 2 “Surprise!”

Excerpt from the personal log of Doctor Dorothy “Dottie” Bellion:

Stardate: Classified.

I think a certain captain may have missed her calling in life, and should have been a counselor.

See, I had been feeling rather down lately. I had just marked another birthday, and afterward I found myself taking stock of my life, and wondering if I in fact really had accomplished anything of value in my time in this universe.

I thought I had done a good job of hiding my depression, but apparently, the captain noticed, and made plans to snap me out of it.

I found out about her plans when I got a call to come to the crew lounge.

When I arrived, I found someone had hung a banner saying “Thanks, Doctor Dot”, and most of the crew was there waiting for me.

They each took turns saying how I had helped them, and the captain went last, saying she considered me not only a valued member of the crew, but a personal friend.

There wasn’t much I could do but blush, and try and fight back tears, and then join the party.

So now it’s a few hours later, and I am recording my gratitude to all aboard this ship for making this old lady feel ... young again ...


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