The Rival Part 5- Finale

Final thanks to T.J. for co-plotting the story and for pointing me straight. This is a long length but had a lot building up to it. It'll be directly influencing the next story so it's open-ended on purpose.

Prom Night, outside the Finn Family home

The eight Finn Family ladies were decked out in their new prom dresses and posed for dozens of pictures for the assembled families as the 16 teens. It was the first for the family as two years before the ladies hadn't gone all out like this for the family as Hannah Smith and Paige Connors didn't want the attention. The youngest kids were doing their best to give the teens and adults a fun time while the 17 youngest girls were fawning over the dresses, makeup, and jewelry the girls were wearing.

The 16 boys were trying their hardest not to get too much attention but were all happy to see the girls enjoying the event that they had spent weeks talking about. For the four 10-year-olds, it was a little embarrassing as the girls loved making them feel uncomfortable as they were seeing the girls as beautiful and sexy for the first time in their lives. It was worse for Logan Finn as his sister Jaimie was to him the most beautiful girl among them which the other boys didn't want to admit and he was feeling odd at thinking about girls that way especially his own sister.

Jaimie took the most pictures as she had the most siblings. She loved making her brothers squirm and teased Michael Finn about the two finally doing something they joked about doing years ago when they were little kids. Michael blushed as Jessica Nelson explained to Logan, Ella, Cat, and JD Finn that they were supposed to go to the prom with Scott and Michael but things changed. Jessica gave Michael a knowing smile as he added "Alright fine I said I'd marry you too but in my defense, you were the one who said I had to take you because Scott was taking Jaimie."

Scott Nelson blushed at hearing that while Rick Samuels and Eric Vincent burst into laughter over their girlfriends being so mischievous. The kids were all smiles as they posed for more pictures with Logan easing up on the awkwardness of being around the dress wearing Jaimie. Jaimie gave him a quick peck on the cheek to show he was doing well which eased him further and caused his younger siblings to smiled back as he started to stop acting weird around the girls.

The group were awaiting their chaperones and subjected themselves to more pictures with poor John Finn getting a ribbing from his sisters over finally going to the prom even if it was as a teacher. He just shrugged, adding "at least the girls look better in their dresses than you two did in yours. I don't know why you thought curls would work on your mop top, Leslie, or why Karen thought a perm was going to make her look more mature."

John ran off in a laugh as his sisters scowled and the kids ran inside to look at the pictures. Melanie Lopez grinned at Willie Pena and Paul Douglas who both told her "don't even think about it!" while Juan Alvarez simply told Melanie "if you break them out I'll break out mine. Remember that I was the school photographer that year and still have the originals including ones that made you look like a blimp or showed your bad side in bad lighting."

The teens begged him to show them the pictures while Melanie blushed deeply. The adults all laughed it up as Melanie had finally lost a battle of wits with her high school friends by forgetting something extremely important. It allowed the teens to finally end the photography session and enter the waiting limos as they left for a night that all would remember.

John drove on to the high school with his wife as they happily talked about how far their beloved daughter had come in just six years. Jaimie was both literally and figuratively a new person and was a stunning beauty with no trace of the quiet, scared little kid they had known back in Missouri. John knew that it was the beginning of the end of his time guiding his daughter but Valerie just kissed his cheek and offered him a poignant "she is going to do well for herself. You can't guide her forever, just be there for her when she needs you. Rick is a good man but she will always need her father."

Prom Night, Winnisimmet High School during the picture session

Monica had made a name for herself around the Greater Boston area that Spring for all of the wrong reasons. After her failure to get Jessie Bollinger banned from the prom she had muddied the waters with multiple places where the prom was being considered so the school would have trouble finding a place. Once the group settled on a venue, backup venue, and backup to the backup Monica called the places and told them about who was going and why they were trouble. She outright lied to all of the places but got them on edge enough to cancel reservations or deny them the booking.

The ones that canceled cited legitimate reasons but it was clear that they weren't wanted once they dug deep enough. Those that said they were booked up were given strong reprimands from corporate for lying to a major shareholder but the managers didn't care too much, they mortgaged their career erring on the side of caution vs. having something happen which with Monica was justified in John Finn's eyes.

The meddling meant the prom had to be held at the high school which made Winnisimmet the laughingstock of the region but they were able to make up for it by hiring a world class DJ that knew Katie and Alison Eliza thanks to being an old friend of their daughter Trinity's birth parents. He was in the area and finding out that Trinity was staying with them had decided to do the gig as a favor to them and allow him to get in touch with his musical roots while also getting to know his friend's daughter's new family more.

Monica was furious that the prom wasn't ruined. She had to hide her anger from her classmates but at home, she was angrily ranting for hours as Jeanie tuned her out while finishing her work for the evening. Jeanie was tutoring more kids and doing a brisk business in various high-income towns thanks to state-mandated tests and competitive private schools so she actually had something to focus her life on instead of the pettiness of Monica.

Jeanie simply told her that her plans were too elaborate and if she really wanted to ruin things she would have to get dirty herself. Jeanie was no fool, her daughter was going to get expelled based on the way she was finally losing her mind over her obsession with the Finn ladies especially Jaimie Finn. If she was going to go down then she was going to do it where it would cause the most impact and give Jeanie reason to toss her out for good for making her business suffer.

Jeanie worked hard to elicit more work from her clients. She never paid a cent in taxes and didn't carry a proper license anymore which made her take her business seriously. Monica's antics would destroy her already volatile business and cause Jeanie to possibly face jail for a slew of crimes like tax evasion.

The limo ride was quiet as the cheap limo reeked of beer and cigarettes. The driver was clearly inept at his job and didn't have the right license to drive the limo let alone drive at all. Jeanie simply didn't care anymore and hired whoever she could afford and let Monica deal with it, it was her demand but it wasn't her money being spent.

Her date was too old to have been a high school student. The irony of the situation was that thanks to her own attempts to get Jessie Bollinger banned from the prom her date was actually being allowed in, but unlike the Jessie situation, he didn't have permission to be there. If she wasn't careful her date, fittingly named Chandler, would be kicked out leaving her humiliated yet again.

There was something off about Chandler that Monica didn't like. The way he was looking at her was as if he was sizing her up for more than just a night of dancing and making people jealous of her, he was looking her over as if he was thinking about her for sex or being used for sex. It was creepy, she was used to being leered at by boys but this was more than just leering. For once Monica felt like she could have a problem with a guy.

The two were actually the first to arrive so Monica's night was again "ruined" as they were under constant watch by the faculty particularly the newly arrived John who was in full police uniform. Chandler tried to act normal but Monica saw that the two were watching one another closely, almost as if they were expecting one to say something about the other.

John and Chandler had an uncomfortable talk as the others started to arrive. It took just a second for John to know the truth about Chandler and it made him angry as well as laugh at poor Monica being set up for a huge fall by her own mother. He pitied the poor girl, he knew that this was her own creation but for once it was someone else causing her humiliation instead of herself.

The students started to trickle into the gym with all of them giving Monica a glare while congratulating the class officers for making it into a nicely decorated dance hall. They went all out for them, giving the floor a carpet as well as setting up tables and chairs as well as small throne area and picture nook. The banners and bleachers were hidden by bunting and drapes in school colors while fairy lights were draped from the ceiling with the overhead lights dimmed to a match the fairy lights giving it a mystical appearance that was befitting Winnisimmet High.

Chandler spent much of his time admiring the girls as they entered and talked with one another. Their dates eyed him angrily as he leered at them with several having to be told to calm down before they did something that they'd regret. To them, it was yet another of Monica's attempts at attention and reactions, only this time she was actually innocent to a point as she was oblivious to Chandler's creepy actions.

The last few to enter were the eight Finn couples with Jaimie and Richard bringing up the rear. Their grand entrance had all eyes turning towards them. The girls in the junior and senior class hadn't seen what the eight were going to wear and to their shock and pleasure they were stunning in wearing dresses that fit their personality perfectly.

All eight wore matching dresses, each in a different color. Jaimie had the biggest bust among them and showed the most skin while Jessie had the smallest and covered the most flesh while also showing off her amazing legs thanks to a long slit in the side. Jake Bollinger and many of the faculty had to admit that the girls were stunning and were going to be the talk of the school for weeks for their looks.

Monica felt inadequate compared to them. Jessie was already taller, thinner, and had a bigger bust than Monica while sporting the hottest guy in school in Reed. The eight guys were wearing matching tuxedos and sporting their traditional gold chains and pendants with the girls happily showing off theirs while the guys had theirs hidden but partially visible under their collars. It made Monica jealous at them flaunting their wealth but word reached her that they had all bought them years before most were rich so it was all earned money, not the wealth from other sources that they knew they all had.

Monica kept a low profile but a look on Jaimie's face caused her some anger as she studied Monica's dress closely. She saw her whispering to Christina Connors who had a big smile on her face which caused Monica's stomach to turn over. Christina walked over and asked Monica if she liked the dress then added a casual "mom said it would go to a girl who deserved a nice dress but I guess she never thought it'd end up with the only person in the whole of Boston that wouldn't appreciate it."

Monica's face drained of all color as she realized who donated the dress while Christina added a happy "it does look nice on you. I just hope that you don't ruin it when whatever you have planned backfires." Monica tried to come up with something but Christina had walked away leaving her without a comeback and with a few questions to answer regarding her lies about where she really got her dress.

Monica was left struggling for the right excuse but Christina wearing the dress at Leslie Sylvester's wedding just before 11th grade caused the excuses to falter as visual proof was there. The other dress that was known to be not new was actually so altered and styled differently that even though it was a match in color they could not be any more different. Jaimie and the girl happily told about the girl's mother altering it after her old dress was ruined with Jaimie giving her mother's shop a lot of new business because of her skill which nobody could deny thanks to her wearing the stunning outcome.

Monica fumed more. It was eating at her that the dress was Christina's donation and her mother had lied to her about where it really came from. She was tempted to do something but all eyes turned to the new people entering with all of the adults happily greeting the new couple. Monica used that as an excuse to make a hasty retreat to the bathroom to plot her revenge, this was now the last straw and she needed to retaliate against the girls as she could not let this humiliation go unpunished.

Outside the Finn ladies were hugging and kissing the newly arrived adults. Whispers started going around about who they could be with the name "Aunt Katie" and "Aunt Alison" being overheard. Jenna Connors casually explained "they are our aunts, they never had a chance to go to their own proms because their families were terrible to them so Uncle John and Uncle Jake got them the chance to attend with us as our other chaperones. It's why Uncle Ben and Aunt Beth aren't here tonight, they wanted them to have the night they were denied years ago."

Katie was overwhelmed by the girls' attention. Alison gave her the chance to revel in the fun with John asking about their newborn twins Hunter and Bailey as well as their 7-year-old daughter Trinity. Alison happily explained "mom and dad are watching the three of them and loving what you did for us. Mom didn't get to do this for Lindsay since she and her friends dressed together elsewhere and Katie was banned from hers. Dad is a bundle of nerves and enjoyed doing this, he can't wait 10 years to do this again for Trinity, Tyler, and Virgil for their prom."

Katie was given a big look-over by the ladies and was blushing deeply as it was the most beautiful she had ever felt, aside from her wedding day of course. Jaimie hugged her tight and happily talked with her about anything and everything as if she was one of them even if she was a chaperone for the evening. The other ladies as well as their classmates took the hint and joined in with Katie being treated like a big sister to them while getting feelings of enjoyment from experiencing something denied to her.

It took a while but one of the girls asked why she was so giddy about being there, surely she had done it before. Katie grew quiet while Jessica explained "Aunt Katie was barred from attending her prom 20 years ago. She was the first transgender student in Winnisimmet High to attend as a girl. Her birth father got the school to bar her from everything and almost got her barred from graduation until her adoptive parents forced the city council and school committee to allow her to attend. She is getting a chance to do what she was never allowed to do when she was our age plus also keep us out of trouble."

Jaimie added "she is the one who opened the world up for me. If she hadn't known dad I would never have been a girl. She is the one who went through a lot worse things than we ever will and deserved a chance to enjoy herself even if she is officially supposed to be our chaperone for the night. Other than Monica dad knew all of us would be on our best behavior"

That got the girls to laugh while Monica had to fight swearing aloud at another of the "tranny freaks" getting something handed to them and doing things that they should be barred from being allowed to do. She walked off in anger with Alison asking about her only get a "not now" from John. Alison figured there was more to the girl than John could say but the way she reacted to Katie wasn't good.

Out of earshot of others, John confessed "she is the class slut, a perennial loser, the laziest student we ever had- basically every nasty thing you can call someone short of LGBT inspired insults. And they are all earned descriptions as well. She has been harassing Jaimie and the girls since they started school and has come close to getting expelled far too many times to count but managed to always get someone to lie or manipulate others to get her off the hook. I take it that she heard why Katie is here and didn't like it. Please don't try to help her, she isn't looking for help and I question whether she could be redeemed anyway. She has had too many chances to do so, she doesn't want to change."

Alison sighed and shook her head. If John was telling her to back away the girl was a lost cause. She did ask her history to which John bit his tongue at showing it wasn't a good one but Alison needed to hear it for herself.

John sat down and confessed "she was raised by a vain, manipulative, oversexed, undereducated woman, a teacher no less. She cheated on her husband then divorced him. He then lost custody of his daughters but saw him losing half of his assets to her. She, in turn, abused her younger daughter after she exposed Al in school. She lost her union presidency and her job while all but ignoring her elder daughter's antics for over two years. This allowed Monica to grow into a vain, manipulative, deceitful woman who nearly cost Michael and Deborah their freedom this school year with her lies. She has not shown an ounce of remorse and has always blamed others for her mistakes and any punitive actions taken against her were always others keeping her down."

Looking at Chandler he added a quick "her mother hired her a prostitute. The way he is acting he may end up going into the pimp business if he isn't already in it. If he wasn't being scrutinized by Jake and Ian I think he would have tried to get a couple of the girls to work for him." Alison nodded, adding "I give it a few more minutes until he makes his move. He has nothing to lose, he wants the girls. I think Jessie is the most vulnerable as she isn't interacting with the others as much."

In the bathroom Monica mixed a special concoction for her revenge. She would let it settle for a while before dumping it on Jaimie. She didn't care that she was going to get kicked out, things had gone too far and she couldn't handle all of the attention on Jaimie while she herself got nothing but humiliation anymore. It was one thing to get upstaged by Jaimie, but to get no attention because of the "tranny freak" with them caused the last of her self-control to evaporate and sparking her to finally drop all pretenses of being a good girl and get her revenge once and for all.

That wasn't the worst though. John's prediction held true as Chandler started to make his way through the girls and targeted Jessie for a dance. As they were dancing he started to ask her about herself then started to ask uncomfortable questions about having a boyfriend and being with guys or girls. Eventually, she got too uncomfortable as he asked if she wanted to earn some easy money from him.

Jessie stormed off as Chandler followed behind. Reed and Ian stood close, ready to strike at him to protect Jessie but held off as Jessie gave them a smirk that would get Chandler trapped in a snare that he couldn't wiggle out of. Jessie just realized exactly what Chandler wanted and knew that he was breaking the law given that she was only 16. She wasn't about to sleep with anyone, her heart belonged to Reed and when she graduated so would her virginity.

Jessie asked Chandler point blank "what do you mean 'if I wanted to earn some easy money' from you?" Chandler grinned and told her "I know a few people who could use a good looking girl like you for their business. It's a little bit of modeling and picture taking. You are perfect, you could even join in other things they run if you impress them enough. You'd make a small fortune, all you'd have to do was give me a cut of the money you bring in."

Jessie asked what kind of pictures, getting Chandler to grin as he showed her a couple. This was a huge mistake as Jessie added: "I'm only 16, I don't think that's a good idea." Chandler fell for the trap and added "it's all good, so is she. She's been one of my best money makers since she was 13. You'd get a lot more than her given your natural assets are a lot larger."

Ian had to act and arrested him on the spot for enticing a minor and possession of child pornography as he saw the picture before Chandler locked his phone. That stopped everyone in their tracks as Jessie grinned and added "your date never told you that Reed is the son of the police chief, he will happily investigate you now. Oh and mom will ensure that your computers and everything you own is searched. Enjoy rotting in prison, scumbag."

Ian looked over Chandler's ID and saw it was a fake. He demanded his real name then called for a name check and found out that Chandler had outstanding warrants and was wanted by the state police for prostitution and enticing minors. Monica had been humiliated yet again, only this time it was Jeanie's fault rather than her own doing.

Monica heard the whole encounter and was in tears. She couldn't hold back anymore and went at Jaimie, trying to claw at her dress and expose her breasts to the boys while trying to pour paint over her head. It didn't' work, as she struggled with Jaimie the paint poured over herself soaking her hair in neon green paint but thankfully not getting any on her dress. She only had a small amount of paint with all of it falling on her own head giving her the biggest humiliation of all.

That was just the start of things. Since she had actually made contact with Jaimie leaving visible marks and had been witnessed by everyone in attendance there was no way out of the outcome. John had finally blurted out "it took over three and a half years but you finally graduated from subtle to overt harassment. Congratulations, I will be pressing assault charges on you this time. You may not like Jaimie but you sure as heck don't have the right to hurt her."

Ian placed handcuffs on Monica and led her out, with Ian casually telling her "she's still under 18, he can and will prosecute. Given your track record in school the judge won't sweep this under the rug. You will have a criminal record now and are getting expelled to boot. Uncle John was right, congratulations on making it to the big time young lady."

Monica was in tears as she was led out. Jaimie just shook her head as she adjusted her dress and saw that it didn't have any tears or stains. She happily told the others to dance, she wanted to remember that night for fun not for Monica finally getting kicked out of school which sparked the juniors and seniors to start dancing away while John hugged her tight, kissing her forehead and telling her that he was proud of her for not fighting back and for the woman she had become.

Monica's night went from bad to worse as her mother refused to bail her out once she called her. She happily told her "when you are released, find a new place to live. I warned you to back off, I am not going to lose my new business because of you. Goodbye, and good riddance."

Monica tried to call her father but instead received a visit from him. He wasn't alone, he brought his new girlfriend who Monica knew to be Alice Rodriguez. Monica wanted to say something about Alice but Shea held his hand up and stopped her before she could do something she'd regret.

Shea simply told her "I'll bail you out but I will do so under strict conditions. First is you will spend the night in jail so you see just what you are going to experience if you get out of line again. You have to move into your own apartment and get a real job to support yourself. I don't care if it's a cheap hourly job but you need to earn your keep. Then you will finish your GED or attend the alternative school to finish your diploma. You can forget about college, you have to take care of your legal issues first. You can't get into a school anyway until they are cleared up."

He took a breath and added "you are to stop any attempts at revenge or manipulation as that poor girl has done nothing to you yet you have tried your hardest to make her life miserable since you started high school. And for what? Being different? You wasted your life, you could have been a great student and followed in your mother's or my footsteps but you got led to believe that you could do as you pleased thanks to others doing things for you. Your mother learned this the hard way now you learned it. Those are your options. Break them and I am done with you, I won't help you again. I should have refused to do something but Alice thought you might finally see the light."

Monica was left to mull things over while Shea and Alice called Jeanie to get Monica's things together while he arranged an apartment for her. They finally found one, it was surrounded by people Alice's father knew and who would keep Monica in line while keeping bad influences away. Jorge Castillo would ensure that Monica got on the straight and narrow again, it was what he did best for the youths of Winnisimmet especially ones who needed a kick in the rear like Monica.

Jeanie was less than welcoming to Shea as they packed up Monica's things. She made multiple snide remarks about Alice then made the mistake of insulting Rosalind. Alice grinned and countered with a strong "I am glad that Rosalind got away from you. You treat her like she is dirt, beat her because you lost your most prized possession due to your own arrogance and stupidity, then have the nerve to insult me for giving her a chance to show her real self then be the mother that you should have been. I don't know whether to rip into you or pity you, you simply are the vilest human being I have ever met."

Jorge Castillo stood behind Alice and took over removing Monica's possessions, allowing her to cool down while also giving Jeanie a sense of just how badly she messed up in insulting her daughter and Alice. Jorge went right at Jeanie, he was happy to tell her "you made a lot of enemies tonight. My people are outside ready to carry out your daughter's things and heard what you said about Rosalind. These are the same people who work for your new employers, the ones you insult behind their backs but who are proud of the job they do for people who respect the hard work they put in. They won't be afraid to tell their bosses just what kind of woman you really are. You may have built a reputation but mine is older and much stronger and is backed by thousands who will stand up for me. Enjoy your job while you can because in two weeks you won't have one. Word of advice: always pay your taxes. I'm sure my daughter in law will be in touch with you shortly, she loves easy battles against idiots."

Jeanie let out a loud "you don't scare me! I'll get her in line like all of the rest of you people! You will regret threatening me. I'll have your ass beaten to within an inch of your life for daring to talk down to me!"

As soon as she calmed down and stopped screaming one of Jorge's friends quickly informed her "his daughter-in-law is the assistant attorney general, she loves taking down people like you. He mentioned the taxes for a reason, your ass is getting investigated by the state for not paying income or business taxes. Your bosses are also in trouble for illegally hiring you without performing a proper check and not paying the required taxes for your employment."

Alice left with a smile as Shea promptly told Jeanie "Monica is no longer your problem. We failed her but I am at least going to try to help her straighten out. You should have been doing this all along but you simply didn't want to bother. I don't hate you but I hate what you have become. The woman I fell in love with eroded into a woman I would have avoided and had it not been for the girls I would swear our time together was wasted. Enjoy the rest of your life, I'll try to keep your prison sentence to a decade or less but I don't think Kennedy Pena will be in a giving mood."

Outside Alice gave Shea a big kiss that she knew would piss off Jeanie. She loved it and loved Shea. The two were a hot item and he had treated her like a queen since they had gotten together two months before.

Monica's influence over Rosalind had broken quickly but in the 16 months since she had moved in Rosalind had become a new woman. She innocently asked Shea if he was ever going to date again causing him to try to think about maybe getting out on the market again. It took a chance encounter with his lawyer and Alice before Christmas to cause the two to see one another as potential dates with Ricardo facilitating their dating.

Rosalind was out with Stephanie Rodriguez and her friends as the two were on a regularly scheduled date when Monica desperately called Shea. Shea looked over at Alice who gave her blessing to help her, but Shea added the conditions. Alice grinned as she called her father Jorge to get him to help and within a few minutes had a whole new apartment for Monica to stay at once she was released.

Jorge was happy for the two and could see that it was only a matter of time before the two went further in their relationship. He could see that they were compatible and actually complimented each other's personality quirks. Alice was the orderly one while Shea was imaginative, Alice had the ability to get you to open up while Shea would protect you to the point of almost smothering you.

What surprised him more were the three kids getting along. Rosalind was hopeful that Alice would make her dad happy while Stephanie and her brother Raul hoped they would give one another something to do giving them independence. All three overlooked flaws to help ensure the relationship thrived on its own without their intervention.

Victoria Castillo greeted the couple as they returned from setting up Monica's new apartment. The girls showed Shea the pictures of the 16 going to the prom as well as regaled them with what the had seen from Juan's and John's photo albums. Shea and Alice couldn't help but smile as Stephanie and Rosalind were acting like sisters while Raul ignored them but did so in a brotherly way.

Shea told the trio that the two were going away for the weekend and they would be staying with Victoria and Jorge which got a grumble from Stephanie and Raul while Rosalind looked to Shea for clarification. Shea had to explain that it was simply that they needed some time alone and that she was mature enough not to need him around all the time while Victoria added that she wasn't going to be in any trouble and it was something they had planned for two months.

The families split for the night with Shea explaining to Rosalind that her mother had finally cost herself that night. Rosalind didn't ask how or why she only told him "Monica deserved to go to jail a long time ago. You are a good dad, you didn't need to help her again. Mom isn't mom, I hope you and Ms. Rodriguez are going to marry so you get a good wife so we can forget about the old one."

That little bit of anger warmed Shea as he had her approval for marriage. Alice got the same response from Stephanie while Raul was indifferent. As long as Shea loved her, he was alright with Shea possibly being his stepfather and as long as thy were treated well he didn't want to stand in the way of his mother's happiness.

While Shea was helping Monica the prom was getting into full swing. Monica's departure and Jaimie all but ignoring what happened caused the DJ to get things going better as he saw that as the opening for the dancing to start. Jaimie was the first onto the floor with Rick being dragged along for the ride leading others to follow along causing their classmates to join them en masse.

Jaimie was a great dancer and Rick was a poor one but the two were the ones to lead all of the dancing for the first set. It was infections as their energy revitalized everyone. Even John got into the act as he, Katie, and Alison danced together with the DJ playing some hits from their era getting them smiling and enjoying the fun as the teens joked and cheered.

The DJ had a long chat with Alison and Katie in between sets and got to know them. He loved that they had taken in Trinity for all of the right reasons and loved her as their own despite being so similar to her. He told them about his connection to her and how she was like a niece to him but one that sadly he never got to see very often due to his schedule.

Trinity was a darling who took after her birth parents in personality and talents but didn't want to be a musician like them. He understood why she didn't want to, her heart was set on being a normal person with a normal life but being around musicians was still possible even if she didn't tour which Alison was happy to allow her to do especially given her own hidden musical talents.

The teens asked who Trinity was with Jaimie happily telling them "she's their daughter, she's a seven-year-old version of Aunt Katie but with Aunt Alison's abilities. She's amazing and is going to make a great big sister when the twins get older."

The teens left things alone as they realized just what Jaimie meant. Her subtle nodding just confirmed what was suspected from the little they knew about Katie. It was sweet in their eyes that she had so much of an impact on people in such a short time

Jaimie was happy to do things for her aunt given how much of an impact Katie had on her life before she even met Jaimie and how much of a person she had become since meeting her. Katie helped her a lot in the time since she met her and had grown to be Jaimie's closest confidant with the subtle nudge from John and Alison after their talk the previous summer. She could talk with Katie about anything and had actually gone to Katie for help with the constant abuse from Monica since school started.

Monica had actually worn down Jaimie's nerves and if she hadn't gone after Michael, Jessie, and Deborah she may have finally caused Jaimie to snap. Katie kept her focused on not doing anything and was the one to have Deborah look at Monica's work closely while emailing Randy Leeds about Monica's efforts to go after Reed through Jessie. It was the little kick in the ego that kept Monica from going after Jaimie directly that year and the distraction that Jaimie needed to ensure that she did better emotionally as she dealt with her new brother and sister at a time both needed their new siblings.

Monica hadn't realized that Jaimie was on the verge of losing her composure or that she had so thoroughly harmed Jaimie emotionally. If she had known Jaimie would have had her complete focus and from that she would have gotten her to lash out the way she wanted with Monica and Jeanie calling for Jaimie's expulsion while crying to the media about the school coddling and protecting Jaimie at the expense of "innocent" students.

In addition to the subtle maneuvering, Katie had also kept a close eye on Jeanie which was how John knew about Chandler's real life. They couldn't do anything about Chandler before he struck but some prompting to Reed to stay close to Jessie while telling Ian to look up Chandler's real name once he finally stepped over the line brought about his downfall. She loved the teens of the family like her own nieces and nephews and even if she wasn't at the prom she would have done the same thing for Ian, Jessie, and Jaimie.

Her one regret was that Jaimie almost got hurt by Monica. Jaime just shrugged it off, it was better that she have her meltdown there than at the school where she may have gotten help from others who thought they could take advantage of the situation and get some of their own prejudices out on her. It was horrible seeing Monica grab Jaimie but it was something that had to happen then and there for all involved if only for Jaimie's sake.

After two hours of dancing and a well-made dinner, the awards were presented. The juniors were all smiles as Jessie was nominated and actually won Prom Princess alongside Reed's Prom Prince but "abdicated" in favor of one of the junior girls. It was all staged as she wasn't technically eligible but juniors and seniors wanted the couples to be together with a special photo taken to show handing off the crown to the one who would have won had she not gone with Reed.

As expected, Jaimie and Rick won Prom King and Prom Queen. Some of the jerks in their class voted for Jaimie to be Prom King but those were tossed out with the boys who did it getting detention and having their prom tickets revoked. The same tickets were given to several guys and girls who couldn't afford to go with two of them ending up dating as they joined together as a couple for the night.

Jaimie took it in stride, Katie had told her to think positive and look on the bright side which to her was a loving couple coming together after having a blessing bestowed on them by people who didn't deserve to attend. The couple actually ended up being in both major newspapers as they kissed during a slow dance and had the lighting perfect at that moment. The school talked about the shot, it was a one in a million shot but one that lived on in school history.

The rest of the prom court were filled in with Courtney Bollinger and Michael Finn as the 2nd runner-ups and Stacy Lopez and Scott Nelson as the first runner-ups. The two couples kissed deeply while Jaimie rolled her eyes at her cousin and brother trying to upstage her for laughs. Poor Monica actually finished 6th overall, behind two darkhorse candidates who didn't really try to run as they were simply trying to ensure that Monica didn't get close and found some support among the outcasts who had the same idea as them.

Monica actually finished 15th among the seniors in voting but had manipulated or slept with so many juniors that she earned a higher than normal spot. She actually finished 2nd among them with Jaimie winning outright among both classes. All of her hard work was for nothing, all she had to show for it was several boxes of condoms and a lot of dirty bed sheets.

The prom broke up once the court had their solo dances with all of the adults joining them in a final dance. Jaimie and John danced together with Jaimie smiling brightly at her father then hugging him tightly as the song ended. John handed her off to Rick who kissed her deeply to calm her. Rick was soon followed by the other six senior Finn Family guys who then promptly dropped to one knee and showed rings that they had kept in their pockets all night.

A collective gasp went through their classmates as the ladies looked at one another in shock. Jaimie, Stacy, Courtney, Jenna, Christina, Jessica, and Claire Peterson all said a tear-filled "yes" to their boyfriends. John shed a tear of his own, his three teens were engaged to two lovely girls and a strapping young man that he will be proud to one day call "son". Katie and Alison were in tears as well, it was beautiful with Alison proudly announcing "she really is my most successful patient and I am both happy and saddened to see her become an adult. She will do well with Dr. Bell, I can't wait for the day when Kylie and Nichole join Mia as her patients as well."

Jake came over and asked John "how did they do it without the family rings?" John grinned and announced "they have them. Will has the Peterson ring, Claire needed that ring more than my mother's. Michael used his grandmother's ring, Miles wanted him to use it as he was the first to date and has the strongest bond to his girlfriend. Miles used my mother's ring, Hannah, Paige, and Emma were doing their best to hold onto it until he begged them for the right to have it. Rick used his grandmother's ring, that's why he was over your house yesterday and why he avoided you today. He didn't want to give the big secret away and tip off the girls. You know how Amy and Al can be with him."

The one who had the worst of them was George Daniels who had to endure Anne Connors' questioning but also had to explain to his father Mike why he should be allowed to marry the girl who Mike had helped raise from a baby. It was a lot of fun for both Anne and Mike as they had always envisioned their children marrying and with them on the cusp of doing so they had fulfilled a long hidden oath to Anne's deceased husband George Connors to try to get them together one day if Anne and Mike didn't fall in love themselves before the kids did.

The whole group walked out to their limos with Katie and Alison being the last ones to exit. John happily told them to leave their car at the school as Valerie was going to drive it back in a bit. The seniors thought it was odd that the four limos that the Finn Family got into didn't head for a hotel, John just smirked and happily pointed out "they'd have to explain to a group of 32 tweens and kids plus multiple infants and toddlers why they didn't come back home. They don't need to have sex tonight to make this the night of their lives, they already did that with their proposals."

Being the father to three and uncle to four more he was hard to argue against. John just grinned and left in his own car after helping clean up with Jake asking if that was really why they didn't go to hotels. He nodded, adding "do you really want Cat and JD to ask if they had sex? Logan would faint from embarrassment while Ella would never let the trio hear the end of it! I swear Logan is becoming just as sensitive as I was, I never realized how much I loved being a father until he came into our lives. The boy is me at the same age and I could not be happier with him as my son."

At home Logan was still awake and saw the six teens enter and give each other goodbye kisses. Jaimie blushed as she saw him with Logan smiled back at her. Rick hugged her goodbye and tussled Logan's hair, with Logan hugging him goodbye as he spotted Jaimie's ring.

Valerie Finn walked in after Rick left and didn't bother to ask what happened, she told the trio to get ready for their cousins to come by in the morning. Logan hugged Jaimie with Jaimie kissing his cheek and telling him proudly "you made dad's night by being a great brother. He told Uncle Jake just how much you mean to him and it's true- you are the son he needed. You make him into a better dad."

The weekend turned into a constant stream of visitors as the seven couples endured relatives coming by to greet them and congratulate them. Rick had the toughest time as his sister Al had him wiggling in embarrassment over having to beg their aunt for his grandmother's ring. Jorge and Victoria were hard on Eric Vincent as he had to ask for Jorge's mother's ring with Jorge smiling the whole time as Victoria got to do something she had never believed she would be able to do as she had been unable to have kids herself and only had children through adult adoptions.

The family never noticed the new girl who quietly stayed in her room while visitors came by. Rosalind didn't want to be the center of attention and with Stephanie and Raul out with their girlfriends she was left to herself at Victoria and Jorge's apartment. Nobody noticed the bedroom door closed or the TV inside playing, everyone seemed to be focused on the two which was what Rosalind wanted.

Sunday evening Alice and Shea returned with blushing faces as the two elders shook their heads and smiled. Raul and Stephanie's faces went white with Alice showing off a new gold ring on her finger. Rosalind stared at them in shock while Shea carefully explained "we enjoyed our time together and felt it was right to make our union official. We went to justice of the peace at the casino and married."

Stephanie hugged Shea while Rosalind shed a tear. She hugged Alice who hugged her back. Raul didn't move, he looked Shea over then asked pointedly "what about us?"

Alice looked at Shea who offered a solemn "we didn't want to do anything without your approval. I know about the past issues with relatives trying to get at kids for their money so I wanted to ask if you would let me do the honor of being your father, not just your stepfather. Rosalind, I was hoping that you would allow Alice to do the same and become your mother not just your stepmother."

Rosalind hugged Alice tight, crying and saying "thank you" over and over again as the gravity of the situation finally hit her. Raul simply nodded to Shea while Stephanie hugged him tightly. The five left with Victoria and Jorge chuckling at the man getting in way over his head with Stephanie wanting a real father and Raul on the cusp of manhood and needing a positive figure to talk to about things that he couldn't talk about with Alice and wouldn't with his uncle Ricardo. Shea was that person now.

Word reached Ricardo via his son Diego with Ricardo almost collapsing as he had never envisioned Alice going so far so fast with Shea. Ricardo's husband Alex just smiled and happily pointed out "that's what a big brother is supposed to feel regarding his little sister. She found a new man in her life and he is willing to be the man for Raul and father that Stephanie always needed while Alice gets to be the mother Rosalind needs given how close she is to becoming a woman herself."

The others left Alice and Shea alone as Shea dealt with the legal issues of marriage to Alice that included not signing a prenuptial agreement. He grinned as he worked out just what would happen if he strayed from Alice, giving her half of his fortune and their home. He then had a small sum given to Alice if she cheated on him with both splitting custody of their children.

Shea smiled as he realized he now had a son who could follow in his footsteps. He already knew that he may have an aptitude for engineering but needed some guidance. Alice was thrilled that Shea was opening Raul's future simply by showing him that he understood him and wanted to help him.

Thanks to his weekend with Alice Shea didn't bail out Monica right away. He was going to have Ricardo do it on his behalf in the morning but he received word from Kennedy Pena that Monica was in deep trouble and he needed to speak with her immediately. Shea knew that Monica had done something that was beyond his ability to help, she had broken serious laws that had nothing to do with the assault on Jaimie at the prom.

The state police had been told about Chandler's activities and gotten search warrants for his home and all electronic devices he owned. Once they had gotten those they expanded their search to those involved with him. It took only a few hours but they turned up all of his hidden videos and hundreds of thousands of images of local high school girls including several who were being tutored by Jeanie.

Jeanie was investigated as a warrant for her home was undertaken. Unfortunately for Monica, they found the camera as well as her laptop which still held the videos of the boys having sex with one another as well as Monica having sex with them. Given that she was over 18 and they were still only 14 she was in major trouble with Jeanie having to explain what was going on in her own home to the troopers.

Jeanie ratted out Monica which was proven by statements from the boys as they were interviewed next. Monica's threats to them caused the DA and Attorney General to go after her for as many crimes as they could muster. Jeanie was slapped with charges of accessory after the fact as well as criminal enticement and criminal pandering once she unintentionally admitted to setting up Chandler's business and getting a cut of his profits when she thought she was going to get off easy.

Jeanie miscalculated just how much trouble she was really in. She was still on probation from her assault charge against Monica and Rosalind making her have to endure actual prison this time. She tried to blame it on Monica but it was her own undoing as her greed had taken over her common sense.

Monday morning Monica was brought to Winnisimmet District Court. She growled loudly about her mistreatment and that she should have been released but the court officers ignored her complaints. She didn't see her father in the court and demanded to know where he was only to be told: "he will be here and will speak to your lawyer later."

Monica waited as Chandler was arraigned first. Judge Matthews read the charges and simply denied him bail as he was a clear flight risk and was a danger to children and women. Chandler had a long criminal history which Jeanie had ignored in favor of getting what she needed from him, she was lucky that he didn't get upset as he was known to assault women who angered him.

Jeanie was arraigned next and Judge Matthews happily told her "you are in a heap of trouble and like last time this is all of your own making. You are supposed to be an educator yet you put the girls you were teaching in danger by enticing them to pose for that predator. Bail is denied as a violation of probation has resulted from the arrest."

Finally, Monica was arraigned. Judge Matthews shook his head in frustration as Monica had gone from a simple assault arrest into a major criminal simply by extortion and lust. Monica tried to glare and intimidate him but Judge Matthews ignored her actions.

The defense lawyer tried to argue that as she had no prior actions she should be released on personal recognizance but Judge Matthews grinned and pointed out "she has multiple sexual offenses that she is in violation of. She could even face federal charges for disseminating the videos to her school. Bail is set at $250,000 and an order of protection is granted to Ms. Jaimie Finn."

Monica fought the court officers as she tried to get away but stopped when more came in. She wasn't leaving, she was going to jail until her trial as she had nobody to raise the money and nowhere to go. She was all alone and with no future and no place to go once she got out of prison.

Inside the jail Monica learned just what people thought about her. She was tormented and abused by inmates while the deputies had a few harsh words about her antics as her sister was known to them through Todd Flynn. He was more than happy to explain how it was Monica who was the mastermind behind Rosalind becoming a terror in school as well as bullying kids like Todd's daughter Nancy and Nancy's best friend Kylie Pena.

Shea visited her just once. He was seriously angry with what Monica had done with the boys and wanted her to see that she was a monster. He couldn't hate her, he just hated what she did to people. He loved her but she had created her own mess and this time she needed to account for her actions.

Word reached the high school about Monica actually going to prison for what she had done with the boys that fall. The boys were horrified, they hadn't known that Monica had broken the law but a long talk with Jake and the school counselor showed that she knew what she was doing and did it anyway. Monica had sex with them, she knew they were underage and knew that there were laws against filming yet chose to show the video and caused the four of them to be assaulted and humiliated.

Jake officially expelled Monica with Shea receiving the notice and not reacting. Monica was told the news and broke down, she had finally lost everything. In her mind no matter what happened Jaimie Finn had finally won. She had a family, a boyfriend, a home, and a future. Monica had nothing. Jaimie had finally won. The rivalry that Monica had with Jaimie was just a waste of time and energy after all.

The End

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