A Life Greater Than Expectations

Greater Than Expectations
Supposition Life

Sean Kinsman Raul a genius, very rich, history geek, that is socially stunted, and still a virgin at twenty-two. Finds out your life and be a real life Fairy tale. If that is your true Destiny.

I was born four months premature and spent my first six months of my life in the hospital. My early birth was brought on by a car wreck that my mother Mary Kinsman Raul, didn't survive but before she died she named me Sean Kinsman Raul. She was sole heir to the Kinsman fortune which was large and very old money. My father William Raul was from old money too and his parents were dead also. I had the best medical care at birth that money could buy and that was why I survived.

My first memory was of my nanny feeding me and my first words were Ms. James. Ms. James was good at her job but it was a job. I was just her charge to care for which she did in a cold stoic manner. There never was any attachment to me and I was rarely held. Under her instruction, I was talking in sentences in my second year and reading in my third.

I have a 164 IQ but my body did not match my brain. I was always small and thin but not sickly. My health was excellent and I had very metabolism and I could clean off a pastry tray and not gain an ounce. I had very little upper body strength so being good at most sports was beyond me but like Forest Gump, I run like the wind.

I might throw like a girl but I could run very long distances effortlessly. My father was never home much and always blamed me for my mother's death. He also had the idea that should not be spoiled by my family's money. I was not sent to a posh private school but to Magnolia Boarding School.

Magnolia was in mountains of North Carolina near Maggie Valley, a very rural area. The nearest large city was Ashville which was forty miles away. All the immediate area had was Tweetsie Railroad, an old steam locomotive, and a mock-up western town. They had poorly staged wild west shows and shops that went out of style in the 50's.

The school itself was cold, orderly, and strict as Ms. James but they were very scholarly. There was a huge library on campus that I enjoyed most of all but there were no sports. We did have free time from 3 pm until 5 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm. On Sunday morning to the students that their parents gave permission could go to Chapel. My father was not religious so I could spend that time in the library.

Considering where the school was it never ceased to amaze me the number books they had concerning the Occult. Some of the books were very old and rare and written in Latin and Greek. Both were taught as an elective at Magnolia and I became good at reading the old writing style. I also became good at reading Old English and Old Celtic which I taught myself which my favorite were books of archaic lore.

I caught the eye of the headmaster of the school one Sunday morning when most were at chapel. I was reading an Old Celtic book he was looking for. Headmaster Greenwood short gaunt man but had eyes that had a freezing stare that demanded respect without saying a word. Students and teachers alike only spoke to him when they had to and always in hushed tones.

As I was writing a note on a certain passage I became aware of the headmaster behind me reading over my shoulder. He took my notepad and asked,

"You're Mr. Raul and you're in the ninth grade"

I stood instantly and answer, "Yes Headmaster Greenwood."

He continued to read through my journal, and absent-mindedly continued his calm interrogation, "You're our only year-round students. Last Summer You hid and nursed a raven with a broken wing back to health."

I answered in a frightened tone, " Yes sir."

I thought, "How did he know, I'm in trouble now."

He stopped reading a third of the way through my journal and said: "You made fairly bad mistake."

My heart sank and I thought, "There go my privileges for a long time"

He took my pencil and erased a word and changed it and said, "You used the wrong tense here and it changes the whole meaning and that was very kind of you to help that Raven. They are one of my favorite birds. Mr. Raul, you have done well for someone of your age would you like come to my residence on Sundays for luncheon with my wife and I for some private tutoring?"

My feelings went from fear to relief, to shock, and I said "YES SIR!"

He answered, "Come along then and let us see what my wife has prepared."

After lunch Headmaster Greenwood said, "I have watched you from time to time and I saw you avoid much contact with the other students but I have observed you helping students that were having trouble in a class. After they improve you leave them to their own devises and interests.

This shows me that you have a kind heart and empathy for others but you have nothing in common with them because of your IQ and poor social skills. I have seen students pass through our gates but you're the first that reminds me of myself at your age. So much so I pointed you out to my wife three years ago. She watched you for a time and saw that you are very similar to me at your age.

My wife has known me most my life she is a cousin and was raised by my spinster aunt her parent died and she did the for me shortly after when mine died. We grew up together and no one knows me better.

I'm moving you from the main dorm to the annex dorm that has a hall connection to this residence. You will still have a private room your father pays for and your welcome to use the resources of my private library. I know you'll not betray my trust in you and make the most of these special privileges while keeping them to yourself."

I was silent for a long time absorbing all that I had just heard. The Headmaster, in essence, was taking me as a family member or an apprentice. I finally answered, "Thank you very much, sir. I won't let you down."

The headmaster's face showed a small smile which made me very happy for some reason and he said, "Most the students and teachers here would look at this as a fate worse than death have to live on my doorstep. I'm glad you are so pleased with the arrangement."

The rest of my time at Magnolia flew by and was the happiest. I spent my Christmas' with the Greenwoods. We always exchanged gifts I had an allowance from my father it was not a great amount but I normally never spent it all but saved it. I started using what saved to buy gifts for the Greenwoods.

Head Master Greenwood would give me a rare book and Mrs. Greenwood usually made me something out of wool she knitted. When it came time for me to leave Magnolia they gave me an open invitation to spend whatever time I wished with them. Mrs. Greenwood hugged me crying and I did not know how to react.

She would playfully hit me with her apron and said, "Your just like Mr. Greenwood you don't know how to handle emotion."

Headmaster Greenwood shook my hand hard and I gripped him just as hard. We look each other in the eye being almost the same stature and build. We look more like father and son than I did with my real father. For over the last year Mrs. Greenwood had said that I had the same stare her husband had when I dealt with my fellow students and teachers.

Headmaster Greenwood helped me get enrolled in the Celtic History and Archaeology program at Adelphi University. One of leading universities in that field in the country. Adelphi University is in a rural area near Garden City, New York but only twenty miles from New York City. Being that close to the big city was a little scary but also exciting.

The next day my father's driver was loading my few belongings in the trunk of the limo. The driver said I would be spending the night with my father before my flight to school. That didn't excite me at all. This would be the first time I saw him in almost twelve years.

We arrived at his house just out of Ashville, NC a large mansion with a huge garden and woods with a high wall around it all. They had a meal waiting for me since it was late when we arrived. I ate alone and when I finished my fathers PA told me to freshen up and meet my father in thirty minutes in his study. He was flying to Huston tonight but wished to talk with me before he left.

After I cleaned up a little and changed clothes I followed the PA who led me to his study. He opened the door and I went in the austere study that only had a couch, two chairs, in front of a huge wooden desk. My father was sitting at the desk behind an open laptop. When he saw me he shut the laptop and gestured for me to sit in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

I looked at my father who I bore a very little resemblance. Ms. James always said I took after my mothers side of the family. He was near Fifty but he was a very tall well-built man looked like he was still in his late thirties. He greeted me and I greeted him and I just sat silently looking at him waiting while he sized me up. I must have on the Headmaster Greenwood stare. Because when he looked me in the eyes I could see this big powerful man appear a little shaken.

He looked away and said, "Well let's get to the point I will be having to take the helicopter to the airport soon. Sean I know I have not been much of a father to you but I had my reasons and I make no excuses. Of course, I am paying for you studies one of my accounting firms has been the responsibility of making sure your needs are met.

I'm raising your allowance from $100.00 to $500.00 a week. As I said I will not have you being like a spoiled trust fund kid. I know you have your drivers license from driver education at the school. So I bought you a new Subaru Legacy for Graduation.

Headmaster Greenwood told Ms. James that you were one of the best students that Magnolia ever had. Well Done Sean and with your strengths and weaknesses what you chose as a career best suits you. You seem to do well as a scholar and you're not cut out for business.

That brings me to the final matter your inheritance. You did not know that the conditions that were perpetually placed on the Kinsman fortune. At you mother death her inheritance which now is over $2,000,000,000.00 liquid and much more in properties were placed in trust for you till your twenty-third birthday then control will be given to you.

Presently it is under the oversight of a team of attorneys, accountants, and investment managers. They have done very well for you with it and it has increased yearly at a very good margin. The Raul holdings are not that large roughly half that and will be yours at the time of my death. My advice to you is when you turn twenty-three is to leave your finances in their hands. Have them report monthly to you so they will not forget whose money it is and at my death place that inheritance with them also.

With that, I will leave you. Do well in your studies and career I'm not wishing you good luck because we make our own luck." With that, he stood and offered me his hand and shook it limply and he avoided my eyes, not like Headmaster Greenwood. That was the last time I saw him. He died two years later in a bombing in Paris.

Following his wishes as stated in his will, there were not any services and he was simply laid to rest next to my mother in the family crept. I did not even leave school but following his advice I put it in the hands of the same group that managed the Kinsman fortune and they sent me monthly reports and I just became richer each month.

Till my father died I lived on campus in the dorm as he wished. After his death when I had the resources I bought a small nice house off campus but it bordered the grounds. I had a cleaning service come in twice a week but in general, my lifestyle didn't change with my new wealth. I still drove the Subaru may father gave me. I kept in not for sentiment it just suited me and I liked it.

Adelphi had and an accelerated program so I was able to test out of most my undergrad work and most of my Master's classes thanks to Magnolia and Headmaster Greenwood. I was the youngest Doctorate student Adelphi ever had at 21 but in matters of the heart, I was a failure.

Most the women students thought I was creepy. I'm sure if it was known how well off I was I would have had many girls dying to date me. Therefore I told no one and my lifestyle didn't show it. At most, they thought I came from upper middle-class family because of my lifestyle.

Combined with the fact that I took an assistant's job in the Archeology Department cataloging Celtic artifacts from recent digs. They could not understand I took great pleasure in that work. I would spend hours examining small bits of pottery or scraps of iron and piecing together stone runes.

I did get the nerve up to ask some unattached women out and some said yes.
I found out with women I'm very awkward and boring so when I called for a second date it would either go to voice mail or they would answer and say they were busy. I finally gave up trying. I had the will and the desire, boy did I have the desire, but not the skill.

I threw myself even deeper into my work and my Ph.D. Thesis was published ahead of schedule. It was a scholarly work on the Mythology of the Celtic Sithiche (Fairies).
The reviews were great and it was picked up by two journals and I gave permission to a Cambridge Professor to reference it in his book. I was most honored by Headmaster Greenwood wrote me and asked if I would donate a signed copy for the archives at Greenwood.

I called as soon as I read his letter and said, "I'm not going to send a copy... I'm going to sign the original and send that." He thanked me greatly.

Then an idea struck me and I asked the Headmaster, "When do you plan to retire?" I heard him laugh for the first time in our long relationship and he said,

"I know to you Mr. Raul I seem ancient but I am only 54 and I'm in very good health. I have been here at Magnolia thirty-three years so I could retire but what would I do with myself. The only thing I would enjoy more would be to go into the field on a dig. I doubt anyone would take me on one and I don't see anyone sponsoring me for my own. I think it is best I stay here till they put me out."

I said, "Headmaster I wasn't implying you were old I was just wondering. I will get that manuscript off to you this week. Have a good day and I hope to see you soon. Good Bye Headmaster." We hung up and I pulled out the card for my accountant and did the first lavish thing self-pleasing thing I ever did with my money.

I had him contact the board of regents for Magnolia and set up a large endowment, funding the building of a new large up to date library named "The Greenwood Library", and sponsoring through the school a large new dig in west Scotland.

In a few weeks, my accountant called me and said everything was set. All I had to do was set the date when Headmaster Greenwood would be told and when the dedication would take place. I told him I would tell them personally the day before on my twenty-third birthday. Have them plan for the dedication on my birthday. That is about six weeks from now a two weeks after my Orals the last thing I have to do for my Ph.D. I told him I would call him if anything unforeseen happened.

The next morning which was Saturday I went for a run got cleaned up and went to the diner near the house for breakfast. Then I headed over to the archive to open a new crate that came from did in a high rock cave in on a small island near Kintyre.

I cleaned out the crate and check them off the invoice. They were not very exciting mainly late Sixth Century ACE common stuff but in very good condition. I guess they were protected in the cave but that was not normal so that part was interesting. Not many foundations are interested in the early Celtic history. Norse digs are the what is hot now and what's hot gets the funding.

After cataloging the last item I took out the packing to be reused and take the crate to the store to be reused also. With removing the last clump of packing a saw something in the bottom of the create. I took it out and it was amazing. I held it looking at it in shock it was a lantern of some sort.

The lantern was made from brass and large clear natural quartzes. It looked like early Third Century ACE judging from the runes in the brass. It must have been put in the crate without invoicing it by some bored student working for extra credit and logging contents while talking on their cell phone.

I thought that shouldn't matter a find like this would cause quite a stir in the academic community. I looked at the label to see whose dig this was. When I saw the name it all made sense. It came from the Holt dig. Holt was very secretive with his finds till he was sure he would get credit for anything major.

That is fine but not if you die on site and they close down the dig and send in a bunch of armatures to box everything up and ship it for cataloging. The joker that loaded the crate must have found this after it finished his invoice and did not want to start another. So the lazy dog just hid it in the bottom of the crate and sealed it for shipping.

I knew it would take some time to translate and it was long past lunch time so I thought I would get a couple sodas and a few snacks from the machine in the lounge and bring them back and get to work. As I was leaving I switched off the light and I saw the lantern start glowing brightly blue.

I turned the light back on and I forgot about snacks and went to work translating the ruins. They said a fairy was imprisoned inside that he was in a spell sleep and only someone with fairy blood opening the lantern would awaken him. I thought,

"It is probably just a lump of natural phosphorus and the lights charged it but still unusual for that to be in that part of the world at that time. It might be proof that there was trade with Europe earlier than is thought now. Let see if I can open it seems like a puzzle box which is also unusual for the early Celts. There are the signs of four of the Celtic gods. Each one related one was the parent of the other so what would happen if I would press them in order of birth."

I press them in that order and nothing happened then I pressed them in reverse order and the bottom fell open and something flew out and circled the room. I just about passed out with shock. I kept from passing out by thinking I must have fallen asleep working again and this was a dream. I pinched myself and I discovered I was awake then a tiny naked winged man landed on the table.

He asked in Old Celtic, "How many Fae you do you hold prisoner in those pipes to give this much light."

He immediately flew up and broke one of the florescent lights and a shower of glass shards hit the floor but missing me.

He flew back a forth where the tube was and flew back to the table. He then said in Old Celtic "I'm sorry for breaking one of your Mage lights I know how hard they are to make and you have made so many. I thought you had Fairies trapped in them. That was a sorry way to repay the one that freed me. With so many lights you must be a power Wizard indeed."

His ignorance of modern lighting was a little humorous and I was able to calm myself enough to answer him. I said in Old Celtic, You have slept a long time that is not magic but Science. There is no real magic now I wish there was and all the Fairy Folk was still here."

He answered with a sour face, "Oh that new art of Science I find it disgusting it makes a king out of a fool. Strength and Valor are not needed just coin to buy powerful weapons. No wonder the Fairy Folk left and Magic with them do you know where they went?"

I answered, " I'm not sure but most say Avalon with King Arthur but no one now knows for sure."

The Fairy said, "This Arthur I don't know but Avalon I know and it was foretold that one day we must leave this world and go to Avalon. So my greatest thanks for freeing me but I must find my people and find out what happened but I will return and show my thanks properly.

For I am Aili'n of the lake brother to the Lady of the Lake and I pay my debts both for well done for me or bad in kind ten fold. Soon ah what is your name so I can tell my Kin of the good you did me."

I said, "I am Sean Kinsman Raul finder of what is lost." I don't know why I added the title I guess I was caught up in the weirdness of the moment.

Aili'n said, Well met Sean, we will meet again soon." Saying that he was gone in a poof.

I looked at the lantern and it was still there and the broken glass from the tube was still there but no other proof that I just met a real Fairy. I was convinced it was real but I knew if told anyone they would think I cracked under the pressure. It would be even worst if the media picked it up and I would be classed with those Big Foot hunters. I would only be welcomed on digs looking for Ancient Aliens or the Fountain Of Youth.

Well, Aili'n promised to see me again after he checked in with his family so if he was real I might see him again sometime but I have no idea when. The best thing I can do at this present time I contact the head of the department and tell him that I found just the lantern and nothing more.

A week before Orals everything was done toward my Ph.D. and there was no way to study for Orals at Adelphi. There was no format for the questions they would ask. I have heard the tells of the board asking silly stuff like how to bake a cherry pie to grueling questions on some obscure histories. The only thing I could do was wait and try to stay calm.

I thought that I would read an old book on Fairies while I had a cup of coffee at one of the sidewalk tables at a local coffee house. The day was very pleasant and the atmosphere was very relaxing so just sitting and reading. Then I heard a sweet woman's voice saying,

" Is that chair at your table taken?"

I looked up and saw a very pretty young woman looking at me and smiling. I answered smiling back, "No. Please take it."

She started lifting it to move it to another table where two other girls were sitting and my excitement left as quick as it came. I offered to be a gentleman, "Let me move it for you." I picked it up and moved it for her and held it for her to sit down but before she sat I was spun around. I found myself facing a large frat boy that said, "Trying to pick-up my girl like she is some whore?"

I answered, " NO. She asked for the chair and I just helped her with it." I looked at her to verify what I said but she just sat there grinning. I could tell she was loving every minute of this. Her big boyfriend protecting her honor and took sadistic pleasure in my dilemma.
The frat boy saw she was enjoying it so he pushed me into the wall. I didn't fight so backhanded me and busted my lip and the two of them walked off so she could reward her Knight.

I grabbed my book and a napkin and started to leave but the owner stopped me. He said for me to wait and he would call the police, that he saw the whole thing. I just shook my head and hurried to my safe place the Cataloging room. I went in the building most the classes were over so the place was empty.

I went to the basement and switched on the lights there sitting cross-legged on the table was Aili'n .

"I shouted Aili'n your back!"

He said in perfect modern English, " Yes I returned as I said I would. I knew you would return to your lab soon and I can see why all these old things radiate comfort to those that love the past."

I asked, "How did you learn English so fast and how is your family I truly hope they are well. I bet they were glad to see you and it must have been some welcome home party in Avalon."

He looked at me very somber and said, "I could not find them in Avalon or anywhere else and to Fairy having your family close is everything. As to the rest of your question, remember who I am. I used Magic to learn your language and much about this time and its customs. I was asleep for over 1,500 year and mortals have so much power through their machines now. Yet still the masses are controlled by a few greedy people."

I said feeling very sad "I'm truly sorry you could not find your family. I would love to hear that they're still happy in Avalon."

Aili'n looked amazed at me and answered, "You seem truly are stricken by my bad news. You have an inhumanly kind heart almost Fae like." I'm in your debt but I like you Sean Finder Of Lost Things. I know you took that title as a joke but it describes you. Think about how you found me and I were lost a very long time. Yes, I like you very much Sean and I would like to offer you the hand of friendship. I know you will never betray it."

I answered in kind and meaning every way, "I like you Aili'n Of The Lake. I gratefully take your hand and promise to do all in my power to have your family close to you. I understand what that means so there is no need to warn me of promising anything to a Fairy. I will have to follow it to the letter and I have no power to stop myself from doing it. Please take my promise for I feel like this is my highest destiny."

I reached out my finger to the small fairy for him to take but before my eyes in a flash of light, he was a tall man. His face looked the same but he was fully dressed casually and he took my hand firmly. Shaking it he said,

" Yes I take your promise and I too feel it is your highest destiny. You are too gifted to be fully mortal let me look."

He stared deep into my eyes and then a big smile came on his face and he laughed out loud.

I asked, "Why are you laughing at me is there something that funny in me"

He slapped my back and put his hand on my shoulder and explained, "It was a laugh of joy Kinsman. It is very small but it is there you have Fairy blood and it's Royal blood from King Elrond."

My mouth fell open and said, "You're not kidding because you wouldn't kid about something like this. I know what respect you have concerning and there are many stories of humans with Fairy blood and Changelings. It must be from my mother's side her family's roots go back to ancient Scotland. The name Kinsman only goes back a little over 900 years before that we have no idea what it was."

Aili'n corrected me and said, "Changelings and Fairy Blooded are different. It's the Elemental Deities that choose make a Changeling. They are full blooded human and they must be a pure-hearted virgin. Which the Elementals see a great need for as part of the Fae world. I guess if they used that magic on a Fairy Blooded I guess they would be fully a Fairy, not a Changeling.

Fairy Blooded came from unions of Fairies and humans. They must love each other greatly because fairies mate for life. Mating with human forces them to watch their true love fade, wither, and die in a very short time. The Fairy normally mourns himself to death shortly after.

So there were only a few and most died childless so even when there were many Fae Fairy Bloods were rare. Speaking of blood there is some running down your face from your face. Before I ask you where you got that injury lets me see that drop of blood."

He took the blood and rolled between his thumb and forefinger and sniffed it. He shut his eyes and looked like he was smelling a fragrant flower. He looked me and said, "It smells of happier time. Your true family name is not Kinsman but you are a Fae kinsman your true family name is Sithiche Fuil.

I know the story well how a brave human saved the life of a daughter of King Elrond and killed the troll that placed a spell on her. They fell madly in love and when he died of old age his daughter Willow died and they her buried her next to her human husband and a tree sprung up there whose hang low with grief. It was named for Princess Willow. Enough of sad love stories tell me who hurt you.

I could not lie so I told him the story and I made him promise not to use magic on the couple. Although he wanted to see the place it happened so I took him knowing that girl and frat boy had long left.

When we got there who I thought was the owner but evidently not. He was laughing with the frat boy and the girls, As a small geeky underclassman passed us holding up a bloody nose. Him not seeing what was happening back at the coffee house.

When we got to the coffee house Aili'n asked which one struck me and I meekly pointed him out. I worriedly said, "Remember no Magic." He just nodded his head red faced.

He walked up and got in the frat boy's face and hissed, "What gives you the right to lay hands on my family you coward. You took unfair advantage because of your size"

The frat boy said, "Did the little troll pussy bring his big brother to get his ass kicked too."

With that, the frat boy tried to sucker punch the Fairy who just caught his fist in mid-swing. Then he grabbed his head and slammed his face into the brick wall of the building. The frat boy's nose was broken and pouring blood and his front teeth were knocked out.

I yelled for Aili'n to stop and he did but he looked down at the frat boy and spat on him and said, " Touch him again I promise you much worst." We left then and went to my house that was on the border of the schools seventy-five-acre garden it was part of the natural area with no paths but beautiful.

We talked or I should say Aili'n talked at my urging for him to continue to late in the evening. We sat in my back yard near the garden we sat on the ground next to my fire pit that burned low. It all seemed a perfect setting to hear Fairy tales from the past he spun. I finally couldn't hold my eyes open so I said, "Come in and I will show you your room."

He shook his head and said, "It's a Fairy Moon tonight I will take my rest in this lovely garden"

With that, he pops back into his winged Fairy shape and said, " Rest well my true friend and kinsman." He flew off and watched him fly off until his light got too small to see and I went to bed and had strange dreams.

The first part of the dream was Earth, Air, Fire, and Water were around my bed. They told me because of my pure heart and giving spirit they were going to help me fulfill my promise to Aili'n to have his family close to him. They then me the option to submit to their will if I wanted their help.

I almost begged for them to help me and I would submit to whatever need to do. They agreed and cast their Magic. I became a fairy but not a male Fairy like Aili'n but a beautiful female one with long blond hair, breasts, curvy shape and a female silted mound with a triangle of soft blond hair on it. The perfect artist's rendition of a Fairy and I was alone in my room and I flew out the window and played all night in the garden.

Then in the still darkness of the early morning, I spied Aili'n asleep on a big leaf. I gently laid beside him not to wake him. My new sex grew warm and I realized he was much more than a friend to me now and I loved everything about him. I laid there more relaxed feeling more loved than I have ever in my life and I went to sleep.

I woke up feeling wonderful laying there with my eyes shut I felt the Sun and smelled fresh due. Laying there not wanting to open my eyes I pondered how weird the dream was. I was not worried about dreaming of myself as a beautiful female Fairy and how I loved Aili'n. Even the part about me wanting him sexually seem natural.

As I laid there thinking on all this I felt a large arm lay across my waist. I sat straight up feeling my breasts jiggle my eyes flew wide open. Feeling his arm slide down across my new sex sending a thrill through my whole body and seeing Aili'n's still sleeping Fairy body next to me. I just screamed at the top of my Fairy girl voice.

He woke up and look and saw me and said, Who are you in Fairy Tongue which I understood perfectly. I told him and told him about the dream, well most of it. How the Deities came and offered to help in fulfilling my promise to him about you having your family close. Which I actually pleaded for their help and they turned me into a female Fairy.
I asked, "How is this helping you finding your family?"

He said, "Think about it how it normally works with a male and a female wanting a family."

I said, "OH SHIT! Well, it is a shock but for some reason, I like the idea little and I should be revolted."

He looked me up and down and said, "Well my true friend Sean it seems your promise is very easy for you to fulfill now. You promise to do all in your power to help me be to close my family. This way it is going to be a lot more pleasurable the Deities do very good work. You're a healthy female Fairy that was already close to me before the change. Now our natural desires are changing that male bond to love and passion that lovers feel.

Then I realized something and tears started pouring out of my eyes and I wailed. He took me in his arms which felt good and I laid my face on his strong chest and continued to cry. He asked what was wrong and I told him my old life was gone. All I worked for taken from me even my inheritance was gone so I can't surprise the Greenwoods. They will think I just disappeared from the face of the earth without saying good-bye.

He looked off in a far away look and laughed and said, No it is all still there but just waiting for your female human guise your Orals are still just five days away and the ceremony for the Greenwoods and your inheritance is all the same. Your name now is Willow Kinsman Raul and Magnolia has always been co-ed and you're like a daughter to the Greenwoods."

I felt great comfort being held so tightly my new naked female body against his naked skin. Even though I felt comforted I still was troubled. I whimpered, "I'm three inches tall now how do I explain that?"

He stroked my head and his touch sent shockwaves through my body. I thought "I can't believe how easily I'm accepting my change in sexuality. Even me being so upset about some of the problems my transformation has caused I would be willing let Aili'n take my virginity here and now."

Aili'n softly whispered to me, "Don't worry my dear Willow you're full Fairy now and just any Fairy you're a full Royal Blooded Fairy and you have even more magic than I do. Actually, I should call you Princess Willow but I take liberty because I deeply love you.

When you were mainly a human male. I didn't understand why you felt more like a brother than a friend. Even though you only had a very small bit of Fairy blood but with the change that it immediately into a deep passionate love that I never felt for another Fairy. I understand now that you were always my destiny that's why I never mated."

I looked up and said, "I deeply love you too." He then tilted my face up and willingly kissed him. Not just any kiss I returned his kiss in a way that told him he could take me there on the spot and I wanted him to.

As willing as we both seemed he pulled away and said, "It is taking all my willpower not to take you now but making love as Fairies burns very hot with passion and would overwhelm you. So the first time should be in our human forms. so let's fly back to your house for privacy and change into our human forms."

I said, "I don't know how to fly."

He laughed again in that wonderful laugh of his and said, "When you thought you were dreaming you flew to this leaf and landed soft enough to not wake me that takes great skill. Flying is like Magic it is as natural as breathing. don't think about it just fly."

I tried it, I just stepped off the leaf and I was flying. I was so overjoyed I did loops and spins all the way to the house. Aili'n took a more direct route and was there in my bathroom waiting for me in his human form next to the full-length mirror. I landed on his shoulder and sat there in a perfect female Fairy fashion.

He said, "Stop being cute so I can keep my mind of showing you how to use your Magic. Wait here I saw a catalog of women's clothes on at table by the door."

I knew the one he was talking about. It was with the mail that came for the former resident and I was holding it till I had a chance to take it back to the post office. He returned with the catalog and laid it next to the lavatory which had girl stuff on it. just like the house, it was a women's house I guess he was right no matter what I remember to the world I was always a female.

He told me to stand in front of the mirror I did but being three inches tall I could not see myself. Then he said, "Back up about three feet and think of yourself as a human." I did what he said but I had to shut my eyes to think of myself as a human. I thought of myself automatically as a female human that was same as I was as a Fairy but human. The same height difference ratio to Aili'n that as I have as a Fairy.

I opened my eyes and I saw me not the old human me but the new me. I was exactly the same but a naked young human woman. It was easy I wondered what else I could do. I was sure Aili'n would tell as it was needed. I looked at myself wondered how I would fully make up with my hair up in one of those braided styles I liked and poof I looked way.

Aili'n said, "You're a fast learner here look in this catalog and try some outfits."

I paged through the thick catalog and wore different outfits I came to I liked casual to very formal with jewelry the real stuff to match. Finally, I came to the lingerie section and I found a very transparent, white, full length, silk robe. It was full yet clingy that tied in the in the front. It was perfect for what I had in mind I thought,

"Enough playing around let's get down to business."

I thought of myself in just the robe and my hair free and in waves down my back and no makeup and poof, it was done. I lean back into Aili'n and his arm circled my waist and he whispered into my ear, "Your beautiful and I love you more than life." He then started kissing my neck and he undid the robe and it dropped to the floor and vanished.

While his hands fondled my breasts and I moaned "I love you the same." With that, he picked me up and carried me to the bed Kissing all the way there. Then he laid me naked on the bed my body was feeling overloaded with new wonderful sensations. I never had sex as a man so I had nothing to compare it to.

It felt like hot butterflies were spreading out from my core and causing my new nipples to swell and throb with pleasure every time he brushed them as laid beside me on the bed. His lips left mine and he started kissing one nipple while he gently massaged the other. I started moaning with my eyes shut riding a sea of ecstasy.

In could hear my moans become more intense and I noticed my new sex feeling very warm and wet. I started to feel empty there and that emptiness started to demand to be filled. I could not stand it I needed Aili'n to fill me in a breathy pleading scream I said, "Please Aili'n take me now!"

He leaned his head down and whisper, " You know my love that we will be forever mated and you will be my wife and me your husband."


He whispered, "You must first spread your legs for me and say, "Take me my husband." and I will do the rest.

I spread my legs wide and almost begged, "Please take me, my husband."

He went to his knees and took a firm grasp of both my legs lift my lower body up and I was helpless and loving it. Now he opened my legs farther apart so he had unrestricted access to my new sex. He pressed the tip of his huge cock slowly in and I felt a pinch but the pain was gone quickly and he slowly filled me with pleasure beyond words.

He slowly pulled back the pushed in, again and again, speeding up the process slowly and tenderly. I felt my world consume by his cock making me his wife forever. I felt my body convulse and I screamed and without time to recover it happened again this time making scream louder and feeling the world burst into a fireball of pleasure. He kept on harder and faster and it happened again and I almost passed out. when I came back a little from the edge I felt him pumping slower and I felt his cum squirting deep in me.

He rolled off me and spooned with me in his arms and I laid there in a wonderful bliss. I didn't want speak or move to break the peace but some time later Aili'n said softly,

"Sorry I was so quick it was my first time too."

I dreamily answered, "Was that quick it felt like hours of magical pleasure thank you, my wonderful husband."

He replied lovingly, "No thank you, my perfect wife."

A thought hit me surprisingly it did not scare me but it seemed very pleasant so I asked my new husband.

"Do you think we just made a baby together?"

He said, "No my dear wife. Let me explain about Fairies. We are not truly immortal we live about 1,200 years but we age very slowly. I was captured when I was less than Fifty years old. The spell I was under kept me in state of sleep in which I did not age. You opening the lantern released the spell. The glowing you saw was the light that came off of me when a Fairy Blooded person touched the lantern.

Even not being immortal 1200 years is a long time and if Fairies could get pregnant like humans we would overpopulate the islands we lived on. It was very strange I can live in this new land I guess because the Deities willed it so you could find me and me you. For us to have a child we must mate twelve Spring Equinoxes and you will give birth that twelfth Fall Equinox.

Our child will not be able to fly till he or she hits puberty in about three years. We mature to adulthood quickly we are fully adult fairies at five. Then the aging slows way down but we know everything an adult needs. Just like humans, there are brighter and duller Fairies.

It will be some time before we have our first and we will love our children only as a Fairy can love. They will be the start of a new race of Fairies. our race will survive after our deaths. Like the human tales of Adam and Eve and the gods of Olympus.

After that rest of the week till my Oral Exams went quickly in a blur of Fairy fun and love making. As good as it was as humans in comparison making love in fairy form is like comparing a firecracker to a nuclear blast. Aili'n was right I could not have stayed conscious if my first time was in fairy form

My Orals were easy and not strange and I received my Ph.D. Aili'n and me spent the rest of the time till the time of the surprise awards for Greenwoods at the house I last talked to my father at. We enjoyed the private gardens and woods, I mean we REALLY enjoyed them.

We got ready to go and I had called the Greenwoods and told them after I got my Ph.D. that I was bringing my fiancé with me to meet them. Headmaster Greenwood seemed a bit surprised but Mrs. Greenwood injected that they looked forward to meeting him. So the day before my 23rd birthday we Aili'n drove my Subaru to the Magnolia School where my only real family besides Aili'n lived.

When We got to Magnolia we drove straight to the Greenwoods I wanted them to like Aili'n terribly. We pulled up and while Aili'n was getting the luggage out (it was for appearance sake) I rang the bell. Mrs. Greenwood answered the door and hugged my neck and I hugged her back for the first time in my life.

Headmaster waited and shook my hand firmly but his normal stare changed to one of surprise and I felt strong Fairy Blood in him and Mrs. Greenwood for the first time. Somehow I knew that was what I was feeling. Then Aili'n walked up and he had a strange look on his face too.

Headmaster stuck out his hand and said "This must be your young man Miss Raul. I'm Headmaster Greenwood."

Aili'n took his hand and said, "A pleasure I'm Allen Cruthlach."

I looked Aili'n with shock I should have warned him that Headmaster understood the old tongue as well if not better than I did. Headmaster knows Cruthlach means male Fairy.

The Headmaster just responded, "Of course you are."

Mrs. Greenwood worriedly said, "No reason to stand out here in the open let's go in and find out all about Miss Raul's husband to be."

As soon as the door closed Headmaster started in on Aili'n and me. The Headmaster was looking at Aili'n in awe and asked, " Why did you come from Avalon and are there more coming and what did you do to Miss Raul?"

Mrs. Greenwood said me, "I hope he told you Fairies mate for life and they live a very, very long time. He will stay young while you grow old and die. Then he will die of grief. Did he tell you all that."

The Headmaster hushed his wife say, "Mrs. Greenwood be still I think that's not the case here. Now tell me what you did to Miss Raul. She is a full Fairy isn't she?"

Mrs. Greenwood gasped and covered her mouth. I grabbed Aili'n's hand out of confusion at the reception we got. He said, "Don't worry Willow it seems the Greenwoods are mainly Fairy Blooded and they sensed who I am and your change into a full Fairy."

So I told them the whole story of the lantern, the Elemental Deities, and that we were already husband and wife.

Mrs. Greenwood sat fanning herself with a magazine saying, "My Willow a Fairy Princess and going to be the mother of a new race of Fairies."

Headmaster said with a sad look, "I had hoped there were still Fairies in Avalon. Since it's empty I can tell you what most likely happen to most of your race. If you truly wish to know because it is not a happy story?"

Aili'n nodded and Headmaster cleared his throat and said, "This was handed down for many centuries in oral lore and our family was known as keepers of lore so we learned it exactly without variation(At this point he went into Old Celtic but it is in English for you dear readers).

With the coming of the North Men in Seven Hundredth year by the Roman calendar a plague they carried covered the land. The humans called it the black death. This like other human illnesses seemed to have no effect on the Fairy Folk. What was not known was that it was that this illness was really a small animal smaller than could be seen.

Once it got a taste of Fairy blood In the Fairy Blooded humans it changes to be able to curse Fairies. It was not noticed at first and it spread to all the female Fairies. It did affect the males but it only entered the female first it made them barren and then they aged as quick as humans. When the last female died the males that did not die from grief the unwed ones died from grief also over the loss of the race. So is the end of the Fairies."

I was crying and I asked, "Will it affect me like that now I am a Fairy?"

Headmaster said " No your blood over the centuries have developed immunities just as the humans have. Since you already mated I can't call you Mrs. Fairy, what shall I call you?

I said, "Why not just call me Willow?"

Headmaster said, "Since you're a married woman and a Ph.D. you best just call us Aunt and Uncle."

I hugged his neck and he blushed and I said, "Thank You Uncle!"

The next day went to a dream Uncle and Aunt Greenwood was breathless. He found a replacement from one of the better instructors. Aunt and Uncle immediately started interviewing staff for the team. Aili'n and I went to Scotland to find a good site for the first dig. We bought a farm where he said there was a large Old Celtic large town.

My life had been a wild ride since I opened that lantern and found my true destiny. My life turned out much greater than my expectations.

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