Summer Intern - 2 Extended Hours

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Summer Intern - 2
Extended Hours

By Jessica C

Marty was found out traveling on his Spring Break...
Sandy and Hannah enjoyed helping Marti to Blossom...
And now she living 24/7 during her Summer Internship

Mrs. Sally Breese is early like Mr. Sparks said she might be. I am fortunate as she likes me when Mr. Sparks asks if it is okay if I sit in with them. I am off to the side listening, taking notes and being quiet.

Come the end of their time together Ms. Breese says, “You, young woman, what am I wanting to do with my investments?” I look to Mr. Sparks, he nods his head yes. She says, “I didn’t ask him, I’m asking you. I’m the customer here.” She smiles, hopefully to let me know I’m not in trouble.”

“You’re wanting fifty, no a hundred fifty thousand shares more in ALCOA. You gave accounts and a mutual fund that the funds are to come from. I did not write the account numbers; Mr. Sparks said, I’m not to do that. You want him to meet you at your summer home, Monday, August 21. You will have more information coming to him before hand.”

Mrs. Breese, “You missed the part about you.” I look to her knowing I’m like a deer statue staring back. “You’re to be there the week before. I will send the information back with you. You are to come the evening before. Do you object to that?”

“This is my first day, I don’t know what to say?”

She says, “I hope you are even more comfortable being yourself by then.” I’m quickly wondering what and how she thinks she knows things about me. Mr. Sparks walks with her to the door.

I wait for him to come back, but know Mrs. Sparks, Sandy and Hannah are probably here or at my apartment waiting for me.


Mr. Sparks is back and compliments me, “You did well in responding to Mrs. Breese. I was more than happy with your notes. You were being responsible to me and were ready to answer our client.” He looks at his watch and then looks up. “We will talk more tomorrow. Now you need to catch-up with Mrs. Sparks and my daughters. They’re outside waiting for you.” He pauses as he says good-bye, “You will be with us tonight at dinner and you will not talk about work. I might say something about Ellen, but that does not give you the right to talk any business.”

I collect my things, but hurrying out is different for me as Marti. Once I’m out the door I see Mrs. Breese waiting at her car. I know the Sparks are waiting, but I ask, “Ms Breese are you okay; is there something I can do for you?”

“I see you have people waiting for you; but I’m wondering if you might have time tomorrow.” I pause, not sure what to say, but I’m staying there. She says, “Tomorrow I see my Doctor knowing I have a cyst on an ovary. My girlfriend can’t be here, and I don’t want to eat alone tomorrow night. I just thought you’d be good company for me. You need to eat and all you need to do is to lend me an ear. How about that?”

“But I won’t know what to say,”

She smiles, “Bingo, I won’t want people telling me what to do. Hopefully I won’t even want to talk about it. I just want another person to be with me and show a little empathy. I observed you, you’re good at that.” She stays standing there with neither of us saying anything. I sigh and smile, “I will be glad too.”

She says, “Get going, if it is alright I will call the office in the morning and get your number. Hopefully you don’t mind, but I like dining late when in the city. Plan that we’ll be eating around 8:00 and I will take you someplace nice.”

“Now get going, your family shouldn’t wait any longer. Tell them thanks for being patient.”


When I walked over to their SUV Ma Sparks says, “That was nice of you, but get in now and let’s get going.” We were soon to a nice women’s store but going in through a special door.

“Mrs. Sparks, I’m not sure I can afford being here.” She and her daughters giggle, “You have no idea how funny that comment is. My husband insists I get you the proper appliances. You will be able to say, ‘No,’ but I suggest you wait until you know what you’re saying no to. The first question is do you really want to be Martina?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I even think I’m going to love working here.”

Hannah speaks up, “That is good, but you already know Dad’s clients expect the best, even of his interns. They will even expect a better than average trans-girl. Here is where you up-grade your gaff and breast forms. This is where the women of the upper echelon come before and after they go through reconstructive surgery.”

A nice looking woman in a white dress comes and introduces herself. “Is one of you Mrs. Sparks or Martina Stanton?”

“I’m Martina Stanley and this is Mrs. Sparks; she’s helping me.”

“I’m Ms. Carrie and I will be assisting you in your decisions this afternoon. If it is okay with you, Mrs. Sparks suggested we begin looking at some of our better appliances. I don’t think you or most people could recognize the difference of those that are more expensive.”

Mrs. Sparks says to Carrie, “You said once there are in place and seams properly concealed that she will look completely like herself?”

“That is true, and she will even clean up as a woman in the shower.” Carrie turns to me, “Martina won’t that be wonderful to get up in the morning and not have to worry about this. Just like any other woman you will only have worry about your clothes, hair and makeup.”

She shows me three vagina appliances, “Tell me which one you’d like to see first and I will show it to you on this lower torso?” She presents each of them and I am amazed how life like they and even the hairs look.

I have a favorite, but I joke, “You didn’t keep one back that I might like even more?”

Carrie says, “Truthfully I have.” She pulls one more out even the pubic hairs are partially blonde. She stretches it out and asks, “Did I save the best for last?” I am ready to undress, but we’re to look at breastforms first.

She says, “I’m going to ask you to trust us on this. I have a variety of breast forms but they’re all for a ‘b’ cup bra. By the time you choose to have surgery or your breasts fill in then you might choose differently.”

She first matches my skin tone and then I choose the pear/tear drop shape breasts. I like that they look young and delicate. Reminding me more of Sandy when she was in a bikini.

When I ask how much do these costs; she answers, “We can go up to $2,500 dollars but I think you won’t know the difference. Mr. Sparks authorized up to $5,000, but as of now you are barely at $3,000. He said the cost is not coming out of your earnings. But what he and his wife feel you should be wearing some of the better appliance.”

For all we’re doing, I am fitted and wearing temporary forms until mine are back with the proper skin tone. And it is barely after 5:00 p.m. My understanding it I’m getting a second gaff as part of my order.

We enter the women’s clothing store via another entrance. Sandy and Hannah say they can see the difference in me. Sandy says, “Part of it is the confidence and joy you have in being the new you.” I cannot argue, I know my mood is happier. Tami asks will you mind if I measure and fit you for a couple of bras and panties today.”

It is a little humbling but way more exciting. I swear I can feel the breast lying in my bra, but know it can’t be. They fit beautifully and I can see them moving above the top of the bra. One bra is more conducive to giving me cleavage. We are at six o’clock and I’m only selecting my first dress for work tonight.


We go back to Mr. Sparks work home. It is modest compared to their house at Hilton Head. Hannah takes me into her room, “It is safe now. You can shower and refresh for tonight. One of these dresses is for you tonight and if you want you can wear the other for Mrs. Breese tomorrow. They are both nice but will not out do your hostess.”

“I can’t wear that off white dress to go out and eat in. It’s too risky, I’d ruin it.”

Hannah says, “That settle it. You’ll wear it tomorrow night with Ms Breese. You’ll just need to be careful. You need to do that anyway.” She pats me and I’m off to the shower. I had to wash my bottom front a second time after I washed my breasts.

Sandy tells me as we go for the car, “Dad thinks you look real nice in that dress. I thought you should know. It is a little shorter than he likes for work, but tonight you’re with family.”

He drives up to a fancy restaurant. Someone gets the door for us to get out and another person gets the keys to park the car. Dad hits a code and the car will be completely locked after it is parked. The salad has worn off and I’m hungry. I order river trout, something I have not eaten before. Mr. Sparks says it is a good choice. It has a distinct taste. I like it but it is too much for my nervous stomach.

The four of us women go to wash up after dinner and fix our makeup. Mrs. Sparks says, “I think you did very well. I know my husband likes to see how a person does with a new food. You’ve had a very full day and I hope you are happy with yourself.”

Dad Sparks had taken my car keys earlier and when I’m driven home my car is there. Steph is impressed when she sees me. “Who did your makeup for tonight?” She gives me a hug, when I confess I did some of it.

I didn’t get to talk as much as I wanted to my Spark sisters. I believe they will be heading back tomorrow.


The next day is starts nicely as I tell Mr. Sparks of Mrs. Breese invite to dinner. He says, “I’ll note she has a health problem. I’ll be acting as I don’t know unless she shares it personally with me. I could tell yesterday that she had taken to you.”

But I say, “I’m not really a woman like her, I won’t understand.”

He says, “She’s chosen you and she can put you out of her confidence if it doesn’t work for her. If you break confidentiality you not only lose her but your job.” He says, “That is not a threat, but some people are not cut out for this work. Some only do the work and are not like you seem to be. I do advise you not to be like this for everyone.”

I learn and practice some more with Gary. I’m given account identity hs3-si. Come 11:00 o’clock I’m given an account and parameters for investment. I send them to Gary and Mr. Sparks before I go to lunch. I am at the Cafe Gardens when I’m called back to work. It cost me a lunch that I didn’t get to eat. I did get to take the mint iced tea with me.

Being called away like that was all routine for them to see how I handled my responsibilities. Ms Teresa, Mr. Sparks Secretary calls me with Mrs. Breese’s phone number. She also gives me a number to call suggesting I get my hair brushed out. I did not have permission to leave at 4:30 but took a hair appointment for then anyway.


I’m getting a little more than a brush out and an appointment with Aubrey for Saturday at 7:30 a.m. I’m not a morning person, but that seems to be changing. She uses a product she works into my hair and then uses a styling brush and blown dryer to form curls and a waviness to my hair. I have time to find three nice business dresses for work. It’s debited from my account and leaves me with only emergency money until pay day. I do have my credit card but that too is kept away from frivolous spending.

I’m back showered and ready for Ms Ellen Breese come 7:30. She doesn’t arrive until 7:45 and we’re to the Fox Hideaway by 8:00 p.m. She moves fine but I suspect she’s hurting. She orders us wine and we relax and begin to talk. The dinner is not ordered for a good while. I’ll eat lightly even though I’m famished.

I am listening as Mrs. Breese tells me of this cyst and that it may be cancer or pre-cancerous. I don’t fully understand how important an ovaries is to a woman as she will not be having more children, But I’m learning it impacts somehow a woman sees herself. I’m thinking it should be a real woman she is talking to, but it is me and I listen as best I can.

When the waitress asks if we want another glass of wine and I suggest iced tea. Ellen says, “Thanks, I’d rather be able to just talk. I will get emotional enough. I get tired of my son and daughter being like their father. He could talk business all day and that would be alright. But if I talk about how I feel about things, then all my business savvy gets discounted by them.

“My best friend would have been here, but she needed to go help her own mother. I was hoping you being you, you could be sympathetic to me finding love and comfort with another woman.”

“My daughter Jackie is very caring but she had a lot of pressure, like I did, to see business from a man’s viewpoint. Ultimately she needed to move away from the family business. Her step-brothers resented her and me. I can understand them not liking me, but it was their Daddy who put himself on me. Her husband’s family live in northern Virginia. I’d like her to move back close to me, but I don’t expect it to happen.

“Bev’s Mom judged me harshly until we met. I think she’s come to terms with me being good for her precious daughter.”

She changes tone as she asks, “Is it okay if I ask what your parents and family think of you? Did you come out years ago or recently?”

She lightly laughs, when I say they found out this past spring break. “My sister and mother both had times they thought I was into their clothes, but then they thought that passed. Mr. Sparks is the person who encouraged my folks to come and see their second daughter. It was not pretty, but I think the Sparks helped them not to rush to judgement.”

“Both my parents and sister thought it was a foolish college thing. But once out I decided I was staying out. They came around I have a lot to learn being a woman, but I’m very sure it is the right thing for me.” I tell her, “I’m no expert, but you going out of your way to ask me to be with you; is because this is who you are. You didn’t want that getting in the way of how someone sees you with this health problem.”

“It’s sad, how the world discounts a woman. We’re more than our breasts, and so much pressure is put on a woman to see a breast how a man sees them. An ovary is out of sight, and you probably don’t want children, but this has to be a very emotion filled time for you.”

Ellen Breese squeezes me hand. She asks, “Do you think you might have always had a woman’s heart?”

I smile, “My friend at my old college and my friend Tricia have both said something similar. I have a friend Patricia back in my home town, she says, ‘I’ve been a girl.’”

Ellen found herself attracted to Beverly a half year before her husband died. “But it was only months after I contacted her. She was already out.”

Ellen and I do not finish our dinners but decide to have a special coffee and dessert before calling it a night. I ride back to her hotel with her and then get an Uber driver to take me home. Once again I find having Steph to talk with being a big help.

I am glad that sometimes I’m away from others…

To be continued…

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