Plus Sizes

By Pentatonic

Inspired by a comment submitted by TMI Fairy on Wed, 2017/06/28 - 11:57pm:
“Are there fics where the T-girl starts out at 6'3 and 250 lbs? With big feet and a hairy back?”

Hugh stared out the kitchen window. It was raining. “No field work today,” he said to himself, and he poured himself another cup of coffee. He farmed a piece of land, about 320 acres. Corn and beans. Crops he could sell. He also had a good sized vegetable garden, and raised a good variety of produce which he could sell at the local farmer’s market. Rain meant inside work. He had completed repairs and maintenance of his agricultural machines, so no work in the barn.

Hugh was a big man. He stood 6' 3" and weighed 230 pounds. He wasn’t particularly fat, just big, especially his behind.. He lived by himself in a small farm house, well off the section line road. No spouse, no children. He turned from the window and carried his coffee into the bedroom, and looked at his fingernails. His hands were well cared for, unlike many farmers. His fingernails were well manicured and trimmed. But there was a further difference; they were painted a subdued coral color.

He sat down and removed his work boots and woolen socks. He then stood and took off his flannel work shirt and t-shirt. He loosened his belt and his jeans dropped to the floor, revealing a pair of sky blue panties. He picked up his jeans and put them on the bed, along with his other clothes. He reached into his panties and pushed his privates between his legs to rid himself of the bulge in front. He then went to his dresser and picked out a large bra, also sky blue. From another drawer he took out a pair of breast forms, With practiced ease he fastened the bra behind his back and slipped the brest forms into the cups. He was glad that he had used the hair remover creme the day before, so there was no hair on his back.

Hugh had to admit to himself that he wished that he had been born a girl. That was probably the primary reason he had never married, even though he had a lot of opportunities.

He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror, frowning slightly. “Why couldn’t I be petite, like a hundred pounds lighter and seven inches shorter,” he said to himself. With a sigh, he turned to the closet, and took out a chemise marked 24W, which he slid over his head and let it drape down to his legs. No need for hose today, he thought, and removed a similarly sized housedress from its hanger. He slid it over his head and bent over to pick up a pair of rather large sandals with one inch heels, all he thought he could get away with, being so tall.

He sat down at a low table with a mirror behind it, his version of a vanity. He picked up a hair brush and brushed it until it resembled a pixie cut. Maybe not the best for a large person, but it had to do. Lastly, he put on some red lipstick. Full makeup can wait for another day, he thought.

He stood up and walked to the full length mirror mounted on the back of the bedroom door. He gave himself a critical look. Not really good enough to go outside but not terrible. A pretty good job, considering what he had to work with, he thought.

Just then, the door bell rang. Hugh looked out and saw Ralph’s pickup in the driveway. Ralph farmed the other 320 acres of the section, and had been his closest friend for many years, Thankfully, Ralph knew about Hugh’s “hobby.” Hugh pranced to the front door on his heels, and opened it with a flourish.

“Oh, I see it’s Natalie today,” Ralph said as he walked in. “All dressed up, and nowhere to go,” he added.

“Hardly,” Natalie replied. “Don’t you know that this is a house dress,” she said, holding out the hem. “House dress, as in wear in the house. Not for going out.”

“Whatever,” Ralph replied. “Hey, I’ve got a favor to ask of you.”

“Well?” she said, waiting to hear what the favor was.

“My sister is coming in for a few days, with her kids. While she’s here, she wants me to go with her to visit her aunt for a day. Could you watch her kids and Amy?” Amy was Ralph’s 7 year old daughter.

“As Hugh or as Natalie,” she asked.

“I’m okay with Natalie, and I think that sis is too, so it’s your call.”

“Oh, I don’t think I have anything to wear,” exclaimed Natalie.

“Sheeesh,” Ralph responded. “Put a dress on him and he starts acting like a dizzy blond broad,” he added, with a smile.

Natalie gave him a dirty look. “When is this happening?” she added.

“Next Monday,” was his reply.

“Okay. I think that I’ll wear a full length skirt with a peasant blouse.” she said.

“Whatever,” Ralph replied. He wasn’t that interested in what women wore.

Natalie really liked Ralph’s daughter Amy. Ralph’s wife had passed away a few years ago, and Natalie was able to practice mothering skills on her. The only thing that Ralph noticed was that Amy really liked to be with Natalie. “Make sure that Amy doesn’t tell her cousins that my real name is Hugh.”

Natalie asked Ralph if he wanted a cup of coffee, and he accepted the offer. “I’ve got a beef stew on the stove, and a fresh apple pie for dessert. Why don’t you get Amy and join me for dinner. There’s plenty of food.”

After dinner, they walked into the living room. Natalie’s sewing machine was open and there were patterns and fabric on a table. “What are you making, Aunt Natalie?” Amy asked. Amy had been calling Natalie ‘Aunt Natalie’ for a year or so.

“A nylon blouse with big sleeves,” responded Natalie. “Do you want to see the picture on the pattern envelope?”

“Please,” Amy responded, and Natalie showed her the picture. “Some of my friends’ mommies make clothes for them,” Amy continued. “Would you make some clothes or me?”

“I’d love to. What do you want?” Natalie said as she pulled out a pattern catalog. Does this mean whe wants me for a mommy? Natalie wondered and she smiled at Amy

Ralph just stood there, watching Amy and Natalie. “I really miss my wife,” he said softly, but just loud enough for Amy and Natalie to hear. Natalie could see tears starting in his eyes. She moved closer to Ralph and gave him a hug. He didn’t turn away, but rather he hugged Natalie back.

Suddenly she felt a desire to kiss Ralph, a man. This had never happened before; not as Natalie, and certainly not as Hugh. As she continued to hug Ralph, the feeling didn’t go away; it seemed to grow. Maybe a little peck would be okay, she reasoned, and she kissed Ralph on the cheek.

When he released her from the hug she noticed a smear of her lipstick on his cheek. Something else new for her. “You’d better wipe your cheek, before someone notices,” she said. He just smiled at her.

It was a few weeks later that Ralph again dropped by. It was Natalie who answered the door, wearing a maxi skirt and a cream colored blouse with big sleeves. In fact, it was the blouse which Natalie had been making when Amy asked her about it. “Good, I’m glad that you’re Natalie today,” Ralph said.

“Any reason why?” she asked.

“Well, when Amy and I were here a few weeks ago, you gave me a kiss on my cheek,” he started.

“I hope that you’re not mad about that,” she interrupted.

“No, it’s just when Amy and I got home, Amy asked me why I didn’t kiss you back.” he continued. “I’d like to change that,” and he pulled Natalie into his arms and gave her a solid kiss on the lips. This made Natalie all tingly inside, a new sensation, and she kissed him back.

“I know it isn’t right, but somehow I feel that I’m falling in love with you,” Natalie said softly.

“I know that I’m falling in love with you,” Ralph replied, “so it’s got to be right. Anyway, Amy approves, because she asked me why didn’t I ask Natalie to marry me, and be her new mommy.”

“Would you marry me?” he finally said. “You will have to be Natalie all the time if you do.”

“Yes,” she said, “I’d love that,” and they kissed again.

The next day Natalie ordered a pattern for a bridal gown, size 24W. It required a LOT of fabric.

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