The Rival Part 3

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T.J. was the co-plotter and this part was the biggest spark for the story. Read "Sudden Losses" to get an idea about Donald, Al, and Francesca


Senior Year, the week before the prom

Jeanie was getting anxious about the prom. She had set her sights on Monica being the queen and lording it over her colleagues, showing that her daughter was better than any of their children. She hoped that all of the people she had grown to hate over the years were impressed and saw her views on people, especially on that wretched Jaimie Finn. Knowing that she had no actual shot at even making it into the prom court she was eating at her to the point of making her wish harm to Jaimie and her friends but she reined herself in and prevented herself from doing something that she couldn't sweet talk herself out of.

Monica was a lazy student who wasted her four years and had suffered a great deal of ridicule and frustration over simply being unable to become the queen of the school that Jeanie envisioned her to be. No matter what she did it always backfired and frequently required her mother to bail her out and bribe or threaten whoever tried to intervene against Monica's actions. Monica was never at fault, it was always someone else doing something against her and taking the blame even when she was caught red-handed by multiple witnesses.

Prom was the worst. Jaimie winning was an abomination in her eyes. Jeanie was deep in thought about how to deal with her but no matter what she came up with it was always led to her having to do something drastic to get rid of Jaimie and by default, the rest of her friends. Monica wouldn't know what was going to happen, the less she knew the better. It was her last chance for revenge against the girl who deserved it for harming her daughter's life for so long.

Her first line of thought was to try to prevent Reed Pena from attending the prom. His date was just a sophomore, she had no right to be there in the first place let alone going with a junior. This would be tough but it was doable with some forceful words with people she knew she could manipulate.

Her next move was to get it released to the press that a boy was going to attend the prom min a dress. Jaimie Finn deserved the ridicule the press would dish out, in fact, it was well earned in her mind. The press would force the city to bar Jaimie from attending making the vote nullified. This would then cause Jaimie's friends to refuse to attend making Monica the prom queen by default.

All that remained was to get Monica a date. This would be tough as the boys in the junior and senior class hated Monica with a passion. Monica would require some outside help, someone who had no ties to the school. It wouldn't matter to her where the date came from so long as she had one for the prom and she showed up in style- as long as she could lord it over her classmates it was alright in Monica's eyes.

Late August, Junior Year

Over the summer Jeanie had gotten the city into an uproar over the threat of a strike. She thought it would be a good idea at the time that she would make it known how far the union was willing to go to get all of their demands met while ensuring that the press was on her side. The problem was that she hadn't seen the actual contract and once it was revealed to the press she was ripped to shreds by critics and other unions for making bold claims without facts and trying to blackmail the city into getting what she wanted not what the union needed and earned.

To make things worse, every member of the union was against the strike. Jeanie tried to assure them that it was needed but nobody supported it. She had to make due with whatever the offer was now, the city knew they wouldn't strike and unless it was highway robbery the union would quickly give in. Jeanie had cost them thousands without ever knowing what she was going to lose.

John Finn had actually seen the offer thanks to his pseudo-uncle and close confidant Louis Reagan. The union was getting exactly what it wanted and with a modest raise for all. The extras that weren't asked for but would be an issue later were now going to be taken away with what was needed given to them.

John shook his head at the contracts. She cost them hundreds of thousands in perks while getting nothing in return. She could have touted having signed the best contract in the state with the city but instead got an average contract signed and had nothing to actually show for her threats. Her presidency was turning into a disaster and it was just starting.

At home, Jeanie took her anger out on her daughters. She didn't hit them but she ensured that they were stripped of all allowances and forced to work hard doing chores while she oversaw their punishments. It was starting to rub Rosalind the wrong way while Monica simply ignored Jeanie's antics and plotted her annual revenge against Jaimie Finn and her friends.

Jeanie held Monica's trump card to get her to stay in line and do as she wanted, Monica's birth control pills. Monica was out with guys every night and had slept with half of the single boys in her school since her getting kicked out of the school play. Jeanie knew she was becoming promiscuous and held the one thing that could ruin her daughter's future outright in her hands and had Monica where she wanted her disabling any control Monica had in their relationship.

Monica was having issues with the boys. They were starting to bore her and she needed a new challenge. She was setting her sights on the newest boys, the incoming freshmen who she had volunteered to mentor for extracurricular notation but in reality, it was to see who would be her newest notch on her bedpost and maybe a potential boyfriend.

Two of them caught her eye immediately, Thomas Gault and Donald Lee. Donald was the usual clumsy, timid guy who was afraid of his own shadow while Thomas was a strong, confident football player with the best body among the underclassmen. She had her targets for the year and if she played things right, she would get a little revenge on the Finn ladies as Thomas would be leaving his girlfriend for her.

Donald was the easier target. He was new to the city, had no clear friends, and was trying his hardest to stay unnoticed by all. He was perfect for the predator that Monica had become.

Almost immediately she hit a snag as he and the other freshmen were introduced to one another at their orientation to get to know the other members of their cluster. He and another new freshman, Francesca White-Clark, hit things off immediately and it didn't take much to see that the two were acting a bit too close. She and he had chemistry and shared caring glances with one another as they listened to the juniors and seniors talk. What was worse, she was a cheerleader which Monica would never be!

Monica again tried out for the team, only to be turned away as soon as she showed up for the tryouts by Courtney Lawrence who was the new co-captain alongside the despicable Jaimie Finn. Monica never got a chance to show her moves or flexibility, Courtney pulled her aside and told her to go home as she had long since shown that she was not what the team wanted nor needed especially as she was hostile to Jaimie without reason.

Jaimie didn't have to say a word, she simply shook her head in disappointment at Monica's stupidity. Jaimie added "you could have joined this year once Hannah and Paige graduated but you have done nothing but act out against our family and friends. I don't hate you but I don't believe that you are going to be the kind of Inferno cheerleader that should wear the uniform."

Monica did the only thing she could do, she stormed off vowing to get revenge against Jaimie but made the mistake of doing so in front of Shawn Xavier who happily told her that she was not going to be allowed to join any sports teams and may get banned from all extracurricular activities for her actions. Monica was going to say something but thought best not to get suspended again for something someone else had caused her to do.

She later found out that Jaimie wasn't the only "tranny freak" to be on the team. An incoming freshman named Reyna Toro joined the team and unlike Jaimie, she was complete "down below". It infuriated Monica, she ranted and raved about them to her mother but Jeanie knew that there was nothing that could be done about either especially as Reyna had even less against her than Jaimie since she had an actual vagina whereas Jaimie still retained her penis.

Monica fought the only way she knew how- with her boys. The boys though were hitting constant roadblocks whenever they tried to get dirt on Reyna with them constantly being told to stop by their classmates. They were shocked to learn just how connected Reyna was and that she had a lot of money in her bank account making her one of the richest people in school.

Monica thought she could use this against Reyna but Reyna was too well guarded and with Jaimie and the others around her she was untouchable. Even the boys were turned away, Reyna had no interest in them and those who tried thought that there was something off about her as she and another freshman named Rachel Sylvester were always together and affectionate but never sexual. As much as she wanted to take down Reyna she couldn't and after an attempt to get at her via covert rumors died down fast and resulted in her computer getting destroyed she backed away in shame

Monica turned her sights back to Donald and what she could do to get him in bed. Monica noticed that he was always in the library and never spoke to anyone anywhere. At lunch, he was always alone but ate quickly in order to spend the rest of the time in the library or classroom.

She tried to talk with him in both places but was quickly run out by the librarian who didn't appreciate her innuendos and foul language which was clearly making Donald uncomfortable. John Finn told her firmly that she was to stay away from Donald from now on or he would ensure that not only was she suspended, she would get expelled for sexual harassment as what she was doing was well over the line towards harassment as the poor boy had not interest in her at all.

At home, Rosalind stewed over the fact that nobody in her new school would listen to her thanks to the antics of Ms. Mean the year before. Monica found her outlet for her frustrations and decided now was the time to teach Rosalind what she learned from their mother to use people the way Monica had used guys to get what she wanted. It would take a while, but Monica would do a thorough job turning her little sister into someone she could be proud of.

Rosalind listened intently, if her sister was trying to team her then she must have finally reached where she had been before the DCF incident. Despite their friction, she loved her sister and looked up to her with affection even if she didn't like some of what she did. She despised their mother but she loved Monica and it showed to her that Monica was living up to her word as she had said she'd teach her all that she knew when Rosalind was ready to learn.

Monica spent weeks working with Rosalind to hone her skills at manipulation, extortion, enticement, and thievery giving her constant lessons and corrections as they went along. She learned just who to target, who to use, and who was out of her league. Nobody was off limits though, she just had to see how much blow-back each person had first before she went at them and have a plan to get around potential fallout and have patsies in place to take the heat for her.

They started small and built up over time with Rosalind getting high praise from Monica over her selections and subtle actions. By the end of October Rosalind was just as Monica had been at the same age. Rosalind had her targets and her patsies all set, all she needed as a big event to make her impact and that was the fall dance.

She happily used the newcomer Amy Lee to do most of her schoolwork with Stephanie Rodriguez doing their labs. Amy never said anything in class and Stephanie was used to being used. The fact that her mother was the principal of the other school worked for Rosalind's advantage, she simply intimidated anyone through Stephanie's reputation without Stephanie knowing that she was getting blamed by the girls for their actions.

At the fall school dance Rosalind zeroed in on the boys she wanted to have as her gophers and sex partners, Kyle Douglas and Oscar Pierce. Either would make great boyfriends, but she just wanted them for their looks and brains. They were tools to be used, and being two of the smartest boys in her class made them perfect for her.

Both boys ignored her. They didn't want anything to do with her. Oscar actually had eyes on Amy while Kyle wasn't interested in any of the girls in their class. He only went to the dance because Oscar didn't want to go alone and Rosalind was becoming the kind of girl that his uncle Paul warned him against while his mother and father told him she was rich and powerful so she was perfect for him.

Rosalind knew the Douglas family were trying to inch Kyle to her and made every possible attempt to capture his attention, but the boy refused to even acknowledge her outside of required school interactions. Kyle didn't like Rosalind, didn't believe in money being the sole reason for getting together with someone, and simply didn't want to date someone who was fast becoming a bitch in his view.

It didn't help that he knew all about Rosalind's antics the year before regarding bullying Kylie Pena and Nichole Smith. Rosalind wasn't a full participant but taking part was still a strike against her. He hated girls like that, and so far Rosalind had shown she was no different than those other girls.

She figured that they would come around over time, she subtly let it known to the girls that anyone trying to date Kyle would see themselves being called lesbians and have test answers planted in their lockers. It worked on some of the girls, but Stephanie and Amy ignored her. Stephanie had her mother's ear while Amy simply avoided Rosalind completely leaving her without a way of getting at her without it blowing up on her.

Monica worked with Rosalind to prey on the weaknesses of the girls in her class. The girls' biggest fear after being called a lesbian was being exposed as having no breasts, something that Rosalind was herself lacking but hid via larger blouses and sweatshirts and thanks to her sister- silicone inserts. Her threats would work best on the smallest girls, from there she could expand to the insecure and isolated girls until she had most of them in her grasp.

Monica had her sister enthralled and working to do things as she had done before. Her next stop was getting boys to take notice of her and do what she wanted, even if she didn't like them. Kyle could wait, she needed boys and anyone would do even if they were chubby, short, and nerdy.

Monica never noticed that none of her tricks worked that year despite her assuring her sister that they were foolproof. The boys had learned of her tricks and had stopped bothering to get dates with her as they would only backfire on the boys as they didn't like being "tainted" by Monica's reputation for using guys without them knowing. The few that tried only wanted the sexual favors she gave them that they reciprocated, never getting past oral sex and feeling her up but still more than they were getting from other girls in school.

Her reputation as a go-to for easy blowjobs and a trip to "third base" was not lost on the freshmen especially Thomas and Donald. Donald simply left it to his fantasies as he focused on school and trying to lay low. Thomas was tempted, in fact, his father had tried to push him towards Monica as she was more of a woman in his eyes than his current girlfriend Rebecca Lopez was.

Thomas had to isolate himself from Rebecca all Thanksgiving weekend to come up with reasons why he should and why he shouldn't break up with Rebecca. He had a long list of reasons why he and Rebecca were a great couple and the more he wrote out the less he was actually tempted to go with Monica. After several tense hours ended up not finding anything other than sex as a reason to go with Monica, something that he tearfully texted Rebecca about what he had done and why.

Monica used his disappearance from his friends as a way of getting rumors created that he and Rebecca were on the outs and that Thomas was going to dump her. This culminated in Thomas and Rebecca having a long talk in the library then hugging tight followed by her kissing him deeply. Monica was infuriated, her plans not only fell apart they actually backfired!

It got worse. Reyna and her best friend Rachel were with them and kept a close eye on Monica. Reyna walked over to Monica and growled "you failed. If you had actually succeeded we would have made your life miserable. We know what you know and we have eyes and ears at the middle school that knows what your sister is doing. Do this again and all three of you are exposed for what you are."

Reyna dared her to say something. Monica snarled and asked, "did they remove your sense of humor when they removed your balls?" Reyna countered with "I may have been born a guy but I'm more of a lady than you will ever be. Just how long do you think your little cock-tease act will work before a boy goes further or worse- does something you don't want to do? I give it a year, I don't believe that you can stop yourself once you start using boys for more than a blowjob in the bathroom."

This was serious now. Reyna had thrown down the gauntlet and stood her ground. She had backup as Rachel was a notorious white hat hacker who defended her friends and family and was not afraid to humiliate you in the worst possible way. The two cared deeply about one another and were not afraid to let it be known that they were going after you for harming someone they love, and they were not threats either- they had money and people to help them.

Monica had to double down and go all in. She cornered Thomas and dragged him into the girl's locker room then started kissing him deeply after she locked the door. Thomas tried to get away but she just kissed him deeper, moaning and panting along with kissing.

Her plan was simple: blackmail him into dating her. If he refused to date her she'd claim that he tried to rape her by running out and screaming for help. In her mind it was foolproof, nobody believed the boy in this situation so she'd get away with it easily while he got expelled or end up in jail.

He refused to give in, pulling away as his friends came inside. Monica tried to claim he was trying to rape her but Reyna angrily told her they saw her pulling him inside and trying to lock the door. Rebecca added that she had finally gone too far and would pay for her lies. Monica tried to flee and cry rape but Sean Xavier was outside with Jake Bollinger to hand her a month-long suspension for falsely accusing Thomas, she may have only gotten a week but the allegation made it worse for her.

When Jeanie got there she demanded Thomas be expelled for assaulting her daughter. That got a laugh from the school police officer who happily pointed out that Thomas had done no such thing and never laid a finger on her while Monica herself was actually looking at assault charges for dragging Thomas against his will into the locker room then trying to lock the door preventing him from leaving. He then added "your daughter has been a pain in the ass for all in this school since she started, she chose to go after the wrong boy this time. Your usual threats and intimidation won't work on his family."

She threatened Jake who countered with a stern "his father is an ADA, he is aware of your reputation and will not hesitate to go after you for criminal conspiracy if you retaliate against Thomas especially as you have been caught before doing this same song and dance threatening act. He is innocent, you don't have a leg to stand on legally and I'll be sure to let your constituents know that you threatened not only me but several students over something your daughter did. As powerful as you think you are, you are nothing. Try me, I held off Valerie Finn from going after you and your daughter but this time I can't hold her off. If you persist she will protect her niece and daughter from you two."

Jeanie walked off in a huff while Thomas' father Taylor Gault entered and pulled her aside, handing her a ceases and desist order that prevented her and her daughter from harassing Thomas and Rebecca. Jeanie ripped it up and tossed it at him, angrily threatening to get them all back while Taylor just laughed at her actions. Out of hearing range of the others, he angrily told Jeanie "mess with my son again and you will regret it. I won't go to the courts, I'll ensure that you enjoy a long ride with some not so nice guys and never return. Whitey Bulger was nice compared with the kind of things those guys will do to you. You can also kiss your kids goodbye, it wouldn't take much to have someone sweet talk DCF into looking into your daughters' actions and make you look like an unfit mother. I may just do that anyway, just to see your reaction as you are hauled before a judge and beg for forgiveness while trying to explain how you got away with clearly assaulting your younger daughter nearly two years ago."

Jeanie now ran off scared. Monica glared at Taylor who simply nodded to her while not giving her the satisfaction of saying something further. She left in a huff, knowing that she was going to be in for a rough return when her suspension was lifted.

At home Jeanie slapped Monica hard, sending her tumbling over a chair. Monica got up and slapped her just as hard sending Jeanie over a table and landing hard on a sofa, making Jeanie gasp in shock as her daughter dared to fight back against her. Monica stood over her and angrily announced "do that again lady and I'll make you regret it. I hold the keys to your freedom now, I make the rules here. I am the head of this family- not you!"

Jeanie ran to the bathroom to inspect the damage to her face but didn't see any marks beyond a hand print that was fading fast. She went back to the living room and saw Monica daring her to say or do something, Jeanie simply left her alone and started dinner while waiting for Rosalind's inquisition. Monica just smirked to her sister who knew that the balance of power was now in the hands of her sister from now on.

Monica took her month-long suspension in stride. She did her work but in reality, boys did it for her as she went over their houses and rewarded them for their services with losing their virginity. She didn't bother with oral sex anymore, she loved the thrill of regular sex once she allowed herself to have it again and it was making her feel more powerful as they would go to great lengths to have it with her.

Monica eventually returned and faced scrutiny from all. Her teachers gave her no slack and Randy Leeds was blunt in his critiques of her work. He failed her for the quarter for poor performance in class so far that quarter and as she missed the student teacher teaching instead of him she had no way of countering her lack of work giving her an "F" for the first quarter as well as a large part of the 2nd. He took great pride in telling her that unless she got 90s on all tests for the rest of the semester she was going to fail again making her sneer at him and vow to make him regret it but knowing that her mother wasn't going to help her directly anymore.

Monica's school issues carried over to Rosalind who was struggling to hold onto her power over the 6th graders. Amy Lee was no help to her, Rosalind's manipulation and belittling had actually caused others to see that Rosalind was using them and getting nothing in return making her have to work harder to do less. The Plastics, as her lackeys were called, were starting to waver in power and needed Stephanie's work to bring them up over the threshold of passing while Rosalind got some of the boys to do it for her.

Ms. Shriner, her teacher, kept Rosalind from getting too reliant on the boys and kept The Plastics from going too far with Stephanie. She couldn't keep Rosalind from ruling the classroom directly, but she was able to ensure that she held onto power loosely and would topple easily with just the right kick from the right person.

As Christmas approached things turned drastically as Rosalind had to deal with the new girl in her class. Al Washington was stunning, as soon as she entered she had all of the boys eyeing her and the girls jealous of her looks. Rosalind herself felt insignificant as she was taller, slimmer, and had a great haircut that made her look like a model.

She had to go. She had to know who was in charge in the 6th grade. She needed to be put in her place. It was what her sister had taught her to do, it was the only way to keep herself as the top dog in school.

Al immediately caused a stir as The Plastics lost their biggest helper in Stephanie working with Al as her partner at the happy suggestion from Ms. Shriner. They were going to have to do things on their own and likely fail. Thankfully Rosalind had the boys to support her so she wasn't going to be impacted by this paradigm shift in the class's power.

As the day went on Rosalind saw that Al was not a normal girl. She was too smart and not interested in leering at boys like the other girls in their class had done. She had eyes on some boys and surprisingly some girls but she was focused on class or on talking with Stephanie and answering Ms. Shriner's questions.

She needed to do something to knock the new girl down to size. She would either join Rosalind or she would be cut down to size. She was going to go easy on Al, she would be subtle and get her to go along with her before she went heavy on her and resorted to her sister's way of heavy-handed action.

She tried to steer Al away from Stephanie during the short breaks in class but she kept getting away. No matter how much she tried Al wouldn't leave Stephanie's side. It was annoying but she refused to abandon Stephanie for her making Rosalind have to think up new ways of maneuvering her to where she needed Al to go.

She was about ready to threaten her but Al countered and told her firmly "I'm not abandoning my friend for you. I don't care if you are the most popular girl in class or you have all the boys leering at you, I won't leave her. She is my friend and earned the right to sit beside me and I actually like her company so please stop."

Al's tone of voice was serious and she had the other students eyeing Rosalind closely, waiting for her to say or do something to get her back. Rosalind went against school rules and used her phone to search for why Al would need a special cushion in class. A few minutes in she got the shock of her life- Al was transgender!

This was perfect. She could get back at Al and make her lose every bit of support and respect the kids had given her that day while ensuring that she became a pariah. Her mother would ensure that Al's life was miserable from then on and would get kicked out of class or expelled so she didn't have to deal with Al any longer. The balance of power would be restored.

Rosalind blurted out what she discovered causing the whole cafeteria to stop dead in their tracks and all conversations to cease. Al didn't bat an eye and confessed the truth then proceeded to belittle and disarm Rosalind over her insecurities regarding her. It was an amazing sight and a speech worthy of great debaters and left Rosalind unable to say anything as all in their class knew it to be true.

Rosalind was sent to the principal's office for her looming punishment and was angered that she received a two-week suspension for violating the school's anti-discrimination policy in what she had said about Al. It was nonnegotiable, she was heard by everyone in the cafeteria including both principals. It was also reinforced earlier in class when the day started which she just then realized that Al joining them had sparked Ms. Shriner to retell them the rules regarding discrimination.

Jeanie came in screaming for her daughter to be exonerated and allowed to return to class. She threatened to sue the school for ruining her daughter's reputation but did so in front of the worst person possible, Valerie Finn. Jeanie was ready to fight back but Valerie wasn't intimidated by her threats and dared her to actually do it, catching her off guard and having no way to retaliate without a costly battle that she would never win.

The whole exchange turned serious as the mention of Jeanie throwing her weight around was mentioned with Jeanie not backing down despite knowing who Valerie was married to. Alice Rodriguez and Dorothy Vega both grinned, Jeanie had just broken the cardinal rule of being a teacher and that was not using their job to intervene on their children's behalf. Jeanie was threatening them and in front of the one person who would not back down and would actually fight back twice as hard in Valerie.

Valerie just smirked and sent texts to John and Randy, letting them know that Jeanie had crossed the line big time and was tossing her weight around to get her daughter out of a suspension for a major discrimination infraction. John simply said "OK will talk with them" while Randy called her directly. He wasn't happy but he understood why it was being done and what it meant to him.

Randy sighed and asked if her sister would be able to take in his grandchildren at the daycare center which Valerie had to smile at. She happily announced "all you had to do was ask John. Melanie, Lupe, Tanya, and Leslie give all of the teachers a steep discount for their kids and grandchildren. Just ask Beth and Ben, little Benny has been playing with some of the kids during days Beth needs to go to appointments and has done wonders for his personality."

Randy was relieved, it meant his kids could work days while he was able to watch the kids at night for them. It also meant that there was no reason to retain Jeanie as president as he was free to assume the job in her place. He talked with John directly and told him warmly "I'll take the job, someone has to clean up her mess." John just nodded and gave his blessing that he would fully support Randy earning John a nod and thanks as their colleagues joined in John's support.

Jeanie was humiliated as she received the phone call from the union's legal representative a couple of hours later. She was to appear in front of the executive committee to face a recall vote as there was an overwhelming majority voting for her removal. It was the call she dreaded, Valerie Finn had gotten her way and finally gotten revenge on a problem that was two and a half years in the making.

She had not known about the vote though, it was actually the work of other members of the union with Ms. Paula and Ms. Shriner working hard to ensure the removal went through without violating their charter. Jeanie was purposely not told so she wouldn't be able to counter the vote and in any way.

In reality, Jeanie had no actual support, only Ms. Uxbridge remained and that was only because Jeanie knew her dark secret: she was being paid off by several parents to pass their kids on without actually doing any schoolwork. Jeanine's own colleagues at her elementary school refused to even help her, she had burned bridges with them when she took the presidency and several were angered at what she had allowed Ms. Mead to do to Rosalind the year before despite knowing that it would harm the school in the long run.

It didn't help that Ms. Mead and her boyfriend Mr. Hogan were removed from their jobs, fired, then sent to jail for allowing sexual and physical assaults on students particularly Kylie Pena. They may not have cared for transgender children but they weren't about to allow a kid to be assaulted like Kylie had been. Jeanie had nobody to help her, she was ousted with 98% of the teachers voting for her removal and only Uxbridge voting to retain her while the other six didn't care either way.

Jeanie took the news hard. She sought out Rosalind and hit her hard several times, causing her to collapse in tears as Jeanie continued to hit her. Rosalind crawled out and ran off, heading directly to her father's condo and begging him to let her stay. There was no denying what happened, he could hear the angry yelling as Rosalind answered her phone and put it on speaker so her father could hear Jeanie's ranting and threats.

Shea called Ricardo Ramirez who brought Anne Connors with him. Anne looked over Rosalind's injuries and heard the voicemails threatening her and concluded that Jeanie was done as Rosalind's mother. She considered removing Monica but Rosalind angrily refused to have anything to do with Monica anymore especially after her teachings had backfired so badly.

Rosalind came clean, she confessed "Monica really runs the house. After mom smacked her a couple of months ago she fought back and now she has enough dirt on mom to make her do whatever she wants whenever she wants. She will do the same here with dad only unlike mom she won't hesitate to put dad in prison for something that she herself does. She is worse than mom, she will use her boyfriends to hurt us while she gets away with it. Please don't bring her here."

Anne decided that she had to do something anyway and sent her colleague Mark Sylvester to check out the condo and ensure that Monica was fine. Monica tried to lie about her sister hurting herself and lying about her injuries to her back and legs but Mark never mentioned them to her nor did Anne mention them to him. He texted Anne to check her legs and back and sure enough, there were bruises and scratches on her that were several days old.

Monica realized her mistake and tried to change her lies. Mark asked if her mother had hurt her as well and got a load of lies that he saw right through. He asked why she lied before about what her mother had done to her getting a sneer as she realized she couldn't outsmart him, he simply added "I'll have to remove your sister but I won't be removing you as I see that she is in just as much danger from you as your mother, however, I don't believe that you are in immediate danger. I will have Anne Connors visit you to observe your interaction and determine if you are safe with your mother or not or if you are actually as I suspect the one who is the danger to both. Your sister will not be returning here again."

Jeanie was handcuffed by officers accompanying Mark while Monica, being 17-years-old, was allowed to stay the night by herself. Her mother would return after being bailed in the morning but would be speaking with Ann immediately as this was not going to get brushed under the rug again. Monica had to tread lightly, her mother could just as easily claim abuse by her which would cause her to get into legal trouble but unlike her mother, this was backed up by her already nasty school record for assaults and whatever dirt her sister had been digging up unbeknownst to Monica.

Word of Jeanie's arrest spread through the city's teachers as Anne happily told John, Beth, Ben, Sean Beretta, and Randy. Her principal removed her from her classroom and the city suspended her pending the outcome of her legal issues. It was the end of the line for Jeanie, she couldn't come back from this as she was tarnished beyond all possible means with no future in the city.

Jeanie pleaded out and accepted anger management classes and probation while giving up all parental rights to Rosalind. Anne had ensured that she knew what she was doing, explaining firmly that DCF would fight to keep Rosalind away from her and her daughter. Monica got off easy but she still had to avoid Anne who casually let her know that she knew about Monica's reputation and what she had been willing to do to people to get what she wanted and DCF would be happy to step in to protect someone from her even if it was her own mother.

When Monica returned to school she had to endure cold stares and pity filled head shaking as whispers about her actions got around. She found solace in the school's boys with many of them getting what they wanted from her without giving up anything. Over the next two months, she was constantly with boys who were happy to tell anyone who would listen that Monica was an easy lay and would give you the time of your life.

Her reputation was in shambles and she simply didn't care anymore, she had no power to fight back anymore the way she had in the past. With the boys under her thrall, she resorted to her old tricks and went after her favorite targets again, starting rumors that the newly minted Francesca Herman was dating Donald to hid their being gay while adding that the newly adopted Thomas Samuels was the love child of his new father. That didn't have the impact she wanted but it was enough to get people to whisper about his new brother Richard Samuels and what else may be going on at the seemingly perfect Samuels home.

It was further compounded by Thomas' biological father being sent to prison for crimes he tried to pin on others that resulted in four people dying including Francesca's mothers. That was, in addition, Al being his biological sister and being adopted by Richard's family. it didn't matter that they didn't find out until Al had been with the Samuels for a couple of weeks but it was a juicy story.

The rumors fizzled out once the whole story was told as trials got underway it was a huge thing at the school and Thomas received a lot of sympathy as well as congratulations on hitting the jackpot as he was both rich and with one of the best families in the city. Even Francesca came out stronger as her former mothers' riches were given to her and she was now the richest kid in the city by a wide margin.

The rumors didn't have the desired impact Monica wanted. In fact, they were starting to turn around against her as news about Rosalind being removed from her condo and her mother being a child abuser was known. Then rumors started that she was pregnant and hiding it by going after a guy who had the best girlfriend in school and a girl who was richer than everyone else in the school combined made them believe it all the more.

The pregnancy rumors were hitting her harder than any others. Most of the guys who were always around her were avoiding her while those who remained with her tried to act like they wanted more from their relationships in case the rumors about her being pregnant proved true and they were the potential father. It was humiliating and every time she saw Francesca or Rebecca Lopez she saw a big smile while their friends gave her a pitied look followed by whispers.

Reyna and Rachel were the biggest ones to show how they felt about the rumors. They would casually drop hints that payback was a bitch but never went over the line to bullying nor did they do it where others could hear. It was the truth, it was a bit of payback for Monica going after Donald and Thomas and showing that they were willing to get down and dirty and fight for their friends and unlike Monica, they had deep pockets and were willing to use them to help their friends out.

She had to move on and broke off all relations with boys until things died down. She happily showed them her bloody tampon when she had her next period and angrily told them that she wasn't pregnant and for thinking that she was she was cutting them off. They didn't really care, the free ride was over and they moved on to other girls.

Monica had to focus on getting things done in school and doubled down on the work. It was futile, she couldn't do it and barely passed the few tests that she took. Randy simply didn't bother anymore with her, she was going to fail no matter what she did thanks to her poor grades the first semester and borderline failing grades the third quarter and he didn't believe for a second that she could pass the department's final exam without someone doing the work for her.

Knowing she was going to repeat her history class no matter what Monica focused on her simmering feud with the Finn ladies. The prom was coming and she wanted to ensure that the ladies had a horrible experience. As they talked she honed information and used it against them by leaking their dress choices followed by what limos they were looking at using and what shoes they were getting.

The girls had to scramble but found the right dresses. Monica paid several boys to stain the dresses before they got out of the store after the last fitting but was overheard by Randy who then had the store keep the dresses under lock and key until the girls were ready. Monica's group were corralled as they entered the shop and even though they were there with their dates they were kicked out and told to not bother with the paint bit.

Monica tried to get them to do it at the prom but only got three to do it for her. The boys were not actually going to do it, they agreed only because they owed the ladies a favor and wanted to get back at Monica for making their year miserable the year before. As she entered she told them which girls to target only to be booted from the prom by Jake and John, with John grinning as he told her that she was going to end up out on her ear if she didn't grow up fast.

Monica fumed at being kicked out of the prom. Her mother had not sympathy, she was still angry at having to find a new job but was coming up short in her searches. Monica seriously contemplated making her sister pay for ruining her life but Rosalind sent her an email the day after she fled the condo telling her that if Monica ever contacted her again she would get a permanent restraining order against her.

Rosalind spent her previous suspension with her father at his lab rather than lounging at home. She was forced to study, read, and work on schoolwork while he finished his next project. Rosalind and he were at odds early but once she saw that he wasn't using her to get what he wanted she stopped being standoffish and angry around him.

Shea hated that his wife had harmed his daughter but she started to see the light and realize that what she was being taught was going to harm her, not actually make her into a queen bee. The two spent hours talking over the break, with Monica's abuse and Jeanie's neglect coming up a lot as he got to know the real Rosalind Porter. Shea was trying to reach out and eventually, Rosalind saw that he was trying to help her while showing her the wrong things she had done and why they were wrong and how to correct them.

She eventually had to face her classmates, especially Al. Rosalind sighed and knew that Al would be gunning for her but Shea smirked and explained "I know she isn't like that. I had a long talk with my lawyer about Al and Stephanie and know that they simply want to be left alone and allowed to be themselves. I know you are going to have issues when you return but know this: your teacher understands you more than you realize. You will be moved to a different class so you can start fresh and be who you really are, one that isn't on Al and Stephanie's level but isn't remedial. Give it time, you might befriend some people or you might find your true self. Either way the old you is done and hopefully never comes back."

Shea and Rosalind spent the rest of the time getting to know one another. Rosalind was her father's daughter down to her inquisitiveness and understanding of science and math. He missed out on this side of her over the years, Rosalind actually loved her father and was happy to talk and help him out and for the first time, she felt like she was loved by her family and not being used to get what they wanted instead.

When she did return to school she found herself facing Al and Stephanie right away. She looked down in shame and apologized and said she wouldn't bug them again and walked off as the two didn't offer a response. Alice led her to her new teacher, explaining that she was going to do better if she just allowed her true self to come out and ignore everything her sister and mother had taught her.

Over time she did find her true self. She found a couple of friends in her class and impressed her teacher who was angry that her mother's influence had created a monster while her father's influence had slain it. Rosalind thrived in her new environment, giving Alice a feeling that Rosalind may have given herself a new life by having something horrible happen to her.

Rosalind had to smile as she heard about her sister's antics through her classmates. She really didn't care about Monica anymore, it was entertaining hearing how their older brothers had been in so much trouble thanks to getting caught with Monica after being told to stay away from her or getting caught in bed having sex with Monica while their parents were out. Rosalind happily said, "it'll be a miracle if she doesn't get pregnant before she graduates that is if she graduates at all."

Word had also reached Monica about Rosalind doing well with their father. She was angry but couldn't do anything about it yet. Her sister was dead to her and like any other person, Rosalind too would get what she justly deserved even if it took a while to get access to her.

Monica had to do something to distract herself from her sister's turnaround and decided to finally go after Reyna directly. She was better looking than Monica, so much more so that she had heard snickers from some of the boys about her being more manly than the girl who was born a male. It irked her but she refused to give in to the taunting yet.

She used her status on the student council to get herself appointed to the field day committee. She then tried to get Reyna banned through her usual manipulations. She concocted a good excuse but no matter how much she tried she couldn't get any traction and saw it fall apart before her eyes as it was voted down unanimously.

Reyna had looked forward to the field day but was thrown out of the locker room by an angry Monica. Monica angrily told Reyna that she was a boy no matter what others aid. In her eyes having a fake vagina didn't make you a woman, she didn't belong with "real" girls and would never let Reyna join them.

Monica got into a long, heated argument with Jake about Reyna being there. Monica's boy toys had gotten some of the most bigoted parents to join her and saw a crowd supporting her. She thought that she was going to finally win but Jake calmly told them all "she is female. We have no right to bar her from the locker room or bathrooms nor do we have the right to stop her from participating in a school event. You can sue and you can go to the media but it won't change our minds. She participates whether you like it or not."

Monica was then angrily tossed out of the locker room in retaliation by the seniors for making their last field day turn ugly. Monica tried to fight back but she was no match for the ladies. To make things worse, she was in her bra and panties and gave a free show to all of the boys in all four grades as they waited outside the locker rooms and out on the field for the ladies to finish.

It was the worst thing to have happened to Monica yet. Her bra was see through and she wore thong panties putting her entire body on display. And to make things worse the boys could clearly see that she was wearing inserts in her bra making her breasts appear two cup sizes larger making Monica again the laughingstock of the school.

Monica tried to play it off as no big deal and picked up her clothes, going home in shame as the boys laughed at her. Jeanie was no help, she was given her final statement that she was terminated with all seniority revoked. She couldn't teach in the city anymore and until her probation ended she was barred from being hired by any school in the state. She now had to rely on her meager savings that were 1/10th of what it was two years before thanks to Shea getting their divorce settlement overturned once the abuse and manipulations of the previous judge were shown, getting the prenuptial agreement reinstated which forced Jeanie to repay the money she had gotten illegally.

Monica was told that they had to move and sell the condo. Monica was outraged and fumed but Jeanie was a broken person, she had to do it for their sake as they couldn't afford it anymore. Monica simply packed up her things and moved while plotting her final revenge for the next year as she dealt with the last year of school.

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