Powyr 1


Clad with a letter P on her shirt, Powyr was a new superhero who was ready to help get rid of criminals in her city. She had the ability to fly and was invinceable among many other powers given to her by a freak electrical storm. She flew over her town, looking for anyone trying to commit crimes.

"Excuse me but you should probably not be out so late." Powyr said to a woman who was walking down a dark alley nervously. She had a sexy blue dress on and was holding a cigarette as she moved through some shadows, Powyr floated down right behind her and the woman stopped.

"I suppose it's a bad idea to be out, but I can take care of myself.It's you who should be...nervous." she retorted.

Powyr was taken aback, she meant to help the possible woman in danger. The woman stepped out of the shadow she was draped in and revealed herself. The woman smiled at Powyr and sucked on her cigarette seductively. Powyr wondered who would be so bold to her until the woman blew smoke toward her, her mind quickly grew fuzzy. The woman seemed to float closer till she was face to face, "I'll bet you're confused...curious...maybe a bit scared. Well...you should be, honey."

Powyr was about to fly away when the woman touched her shoulder and began massaging, it felt so good she couldn't move. Both of the woman's hands clasped the superhero's body and in a matter of seconds, she uncontrolably closed her eyes as pleasure poured through her invincible veins.

"Mmm, you've got powers, right? Well, I've got a few tricks up my sleeves too." The woman slid her fingers along Powyr's neck line and kissed her cheek. "I'll bet that felt nice. I'll bet that felt so good...didn't it, babydoll?"

Powyr tried to speak but only a soft whimper came out, "That's right...squeal for Mommy." Her tongue gently captured Powyr's ability to think as it slid along her neckline. She tried with all the power she could muster to raise her hand up and the woman laughed a little before taking her hand. She guided it to her own waist and wrapped her arms around the helpless superheroine, enclosing her in a warm hug.

The woman's lips touched Powyr's ear and sweetly whispered, "...so relaxing...so hot...so...empty..." A whirlwind of feelings came over Powyr, who was trying not to listen.

"...not...no...this..." she fought to get a few words out and the woman slowly moved her cigarette in front of Powyr's lips, letting her smoke take even more control of her.

"I...love...Jade...say it, sweetie. I want you to say...I...Love...Jade" Powyr sighed, trying to protest so hard. "No...I..."
Jade's cigarette touched Powyr's lips and she whispered, "Don't fight, honey. Just repeat my words. I..."

Powyr was so aroused and trapped, "...I..."

"...love..." Jade continued softly.

"...l...love..." Powyr repeated.


"...juh...Jade..." Powyr mumbled and relief came over her as she felt like she finally let her feelings out. Her mind rationalized the whole night as love at first sight and suddenly their hug seemed so warm and sexy. She was hugging the woman she loved.

Jade backed up so they could be face to face and she smiled a gorgeous, loving smile. "I love you too..." Jade said to her then slowly moved in and passionately kissed her. Powyr kissed back agressively.

"And honey...I really want to be with you." Jade said with a sly smile. "You do? Really?"
"I do, baby. But only if you give up this risky superheroine stuff. I need you all to myself...forever."

"Oh honey...I'm so...I...I can't stop helping people though." Powyr hugged Jade and felt so sad that she might lose her true love. Jade kissed her slowly and looked into her eyes with such love.

"What if I took away those pesky powers from you? Then you don't have to worry about anything...your powers are the only thing keeping you from being with me...your lover. Don't you want to be with me? Don't you want to be mine...forever?"

Powyr wrestled with that, she didn't want to lose her powers but the spell she was held under made her want Jade so badly. "Nothing else matters but me, princess...nothing but me. I'm everything you want. I'm everything you need." Jade whispered seductively.
She took out a new cigarette, a pink one, and placed it between the distracted woman's lips.
"But...wait..." Powyr mumbled, Jade interrupted her.

"Just think about how happy we'll be...we'll be together...live together...make love..." Jade kissed Powyr's neck and began sucking gently, Powyr melted a little and moaned softly. Jade's handcupped the enthralled woman's breast and she stopped sucking on her neck.

Powyr felt strong imaginations taking over her thoughts, she imagined waking up and seeing Jade sleeping next to her, doing makeup together, shopping together, she imagined waiting for their front door to open and seeing Jade come in from work and how happy she will be to greet her with a hug and kiss.

Jade watched Powyr slipping deeper into the fantasy of living a happy life together andwhile Powyr was so distracted, Jade raised a lighter up and lit the cigarette.

"You're not Powyr anymore, you're just a beautiful woman...giving in. What's your name, honey?"
The trapped woman slowly sucked on the cigarette and in an orgasmic exhale, she let go of her superpowers and her body exploded with intense pleasure.

To be continued...

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