The Rival Part 2

Again T.J. co-plotted this story part. References to events in "Righting Wrongs" are made but you don't have to have read it to follow along but one character's actions make more sense if you know what happened later

Senior Year, three weeks before the prom

Monica had to struggle to get people to vote for her. Word had gotten around that Jaimie was in the lead with Stacy and Courtney second and third and that Monica had no shot at winning no matter what.

The ones who were leading the rumor mill were the juniors, the boys and girls attending alongside the seniors and who had their own prom court. Those were people she had humiliated or ignored for so long yet she needed help from the most just to keep up appearances in school. Some took great pride in seeing Monica struggle to get votes while others shook their heads in pity at the sight.

Monica had to scramble but nobody was helping her out. Reed Pena had gotten his classmates to see that Monica was a total witch who had done nothing but belittle and harass them for three years and who was only using them to get what she wanted. He didn't care about what she thought of him or may do to him, he never once said a thing to her and actually snubbed her because of her actions towards him that he never appreciated.

To make matters worse for her, Monica's date had pulled out as the girl he really wanted to go with was able to afford to go thanks to the Finn ladies donating their old dresses with the girl's mother sewing it into a new pattern that actually made the dress even better and accentuated her body. The plump girl looked sexy, with her date falling head over heels for her.

He had only agreed to go as he had tickets bought and the tuxedo rented but Monica's discrete snips to her old dress as it was being prepared in the salon ensured that it would never get finished. Her boyfriend was devastated, she couldn't get another dress made and no stores had dresses in stock that fit her larger frame.

Hearing the news Jaimie and her friends offered their old dresses to her. She wasn't the same size as them but the one she fell in love with was a perfect candidate for alterations. Her mother was a great seamstress and with the help of the store that was supposed to sell her the dress they altered it to fit her body and rework some of the features to make it into a new dress.

The ladies were jealous, she looked better in Jaimie's dress than Jaimie had been. She was in tears as the girls showed how she looked, with Jaimie especially telling her that she looked beautiful in it. Their boyfriends were speechless, she may have been big boned but she was sexy and were causing them uncomfortable reactions getting the ladies to whisper to her that she had done what nobody else had done to the eight guys- make them react sexually to another girl.

Monica resented them. Jaimie won again. Even when she hadn't done anything directly she had done something. It was Jaimie's dress but Jaimie hadn't sewn it nor had she gotten the boy to fall for their classmate, it had happened on its own and Monica was again seeing trouble that wasn't there.

Monica kept a low profile in class and tried to get back at the girl for stealing her date. The problem was that she did so in front of the girl's cousin who countered the claims by happily stating what really happened and why Monica was angry. Monica had to backtrack and narrowly avoided detention again, mumbling to herself as her classmates laughed at her failure while gleefully talking about the cousin's dress and what was done to it.

Things got interesting as Monica had to endure talk about who was going to chaperone the dance. The Hermans, Beth and Ben, were going to be the lead chaperones but bowed out in favor of another couple who were unknown to the school. Some careful digging found out just who they were and infuriated Monica to the point of seeking out her mother only to be told to drop it before it backfired yet again.

Jeanie knew she would lose badly if she tried to fight against the new chaperones. The two were well connected, well respected, and carried more clout in the union than she did. No matter what she did they would be attending and do so in style. It helped a lot that John Finn had been the one to coordinate their inclusion with the full blessing of the high school faculty and school committee.

Jeanie was no fool. She knew the couple from her union meetings and actively sought to have one of them fired earlier in the year but was countered by John who went after her for trying to ouster a teacher with a strong resume and who had the school system in a bind as they had more reason to fire Jeanie than her. Monica stewed over that issue for a day before being forced to give in before Jeanie had to actually follow her daughter's demands and cost herself a job, causing her to retaliate against Monica.

Jeanie had been slowly growing tired of this game of cat and mouse with her daughter. She had grown tired of being the parent and wanted out. Her ex-husband was no help, Monica was 18 now and had severed all ties with him years before and she had refused all offers of help from him until that point making her go it alone with her daughter.

Sophomore Year, late August

Monica was angered that she was barred from the cheerleading team by Paige and Hannah. The two ladies had drawn the line in the sand regarding Monica's inclusion and had most of the squad standing with them. Monica had done too much against the seven particularly Jaimie and to include her would mean open rebellion and the end of the team, if she was allowed back on after what she did to Jaimie the team would refuse to participate making the team break up.

There was little choice, Monica was told she wasn't allowed on the team. Jeanie tried to force the issue but Shawn Xavier wasn't letting her bully him. He casually mentioned that it would be a shame that her candidacy for the union presidency was destroyed because she broke the one rule all teachers followed: using her position as a teacher to force others to do what she wanted.

Jeanie gave in, while Shawn casually told her that Monica was going to be kept from other teams until she proved herself to them. Jeanie parroted what was said which got the usual "it's Jaimie's fault" from her. Jeanie actually put her in her place by telling her it was her own undoing this time and she had to clean up her own mess for once.

Monica focused on other things to pass the time, like getting Richard Samuels away from Jaimie. It was a futile effort, he only had eyes for Jaimie and didn't care for her reputation anyway. He saw Monica as another girl who was only interested in his penis not his brains or his humor, things that Jaimie loved about him and his friends greatly appreciated.

It took all of his might to not confront her about her obsession. Richard appreciated that a girl saw him as sexy but would never stray from Jaimie. Monica was slowly gaining a reputation as a tease who used guys and never reciprocated their affections, multiple classmates had told Eric Vincent and George Daniels about Monica as it was widely known that she was going after Richard while having a huge grudge against Jaimie for no real reason.

Monica finally cornered Richard the first day of school after the last bell. He was blunt and to the point, he angrily stated "leave me alone. I want nothing to do with you. I don't like you, I don't want any part of a girl who harms my girlfriend. And yes, she is my girlfriend. You can call me whatever the hell you want but back away from her. I won't abandon her for someone who wants a cheap fling before moving on to the next idiot willing to put out."

Monica angrily moved on as the girls laughed and whispered about her trying to steal Richard from Jaimie. It stung Monica hard that he saw right through her, she did want him for sex and nothing else. It was all about the chase and not about him, she just wanted him because Jaimie had him.

At home, she was fuming again. Rosalind tried to ask what was going on only to be growled at and pushed away. Rosalind shook her head in anger, her sister was getting to be a bitch that she didn't like one bit.

Rosalind confided in her father about what was going on and didn't like where her sister was going She was different than her and could see some of what she was doing as being idiotic but felt some of the same feelings about wanting to be on top. Monica and their mother had ambitions and plans, Rosalind liked to be powerful but not at the cost of being all alone like her sister.

Shea kept her spirits up, if Monica or Jeanie became violent he'd take her in and fight for her removal from the situation but didn't hold out much hope that Jeanie would do anything about Monica directly. Rosalind sighed at hearing that, he cared about her enough to know how things really were and offered an ear which was more than her mother was doing regarding Monica's obsessions. Shea could see the signs that Rosalind was a bit too much like her sister and would only take a little nudge in either direction to become like Monica or becoming a decent human being, he hoped it was the latter but with Monica and Jeanie, it was more likely the former.

After her confrontation with Rosalind Monica plotted to get Richard back for spurning her so publicly. Her only hope was preying on the insecurities of the school by claiming he was gay and actually dating one of the guys on the football team. There were plenty of candidates, particularly among the freshmen players who had no way of retaliating against her for the falsehoods.

Jaimie would be directly impacted by this rumor. Monica knew that Richard would react badly and fight it by trying to get more affectionate towards her but that wasn't going to help. Any spurning by her would both humiliate him and help spread the rumors more giving Monica a double win.

The next day she started to spread the rumor around school. Her first attempt at spreading it failed though as she went to Reed Clarence(the future Reed Pena) who was the worst possible person to approach. Monica was so isolated in her own privileged world that she didn't know that Reed Clarence was the biggest loner in middle school and the one person nobody would talk with outside of class!

Reed listened politely then ignored Monica. She tried to tell him off but he continued ignoring her, looking over his homework and writing out a few things for biology. He calmly told her that he wasn't going to do her dirty work to spread false rumors and she needed to get away before his reputation tarnished her own already damaged reputation.

Monica growled at him as snickers were heard over her trying to use Reed for rumor-mongering. Monica glared at the girls who laughed loudly at her as Monica fled in anger. Reed just shook his head and walked to class, not bothering to look up as he was the next target for the girls' gossip.

As the day wore on nobody would bother listening to Monica. The few who entertained her laughed in her face at what she was trying to say. By the end of the day, Monica was furious and was going to harm one of the girls until Randy Leeds sent her to the principal's office for disturbing his class.

Randy knew full well what she was doing and emailed her mother to tell her to get Monica to back off of the rumors or she was going to face punishment. Jeanie tried to threaten him but Jake, who was CCed on the emails, countered her threat with a warning that Monica was treading on thin ice already. Jeanie said she'd fight any discipline but Jake countered that with showing that Monica was already a known trouble student who had targeted classmates already and to create false rumors of the magnitude of the ones Richard was facing she was going to face hard suspensions that year that would only lead to expulsion if she kept at it.

Randy was no fool, he was in contact with his colleagues who were working hard to ensure that Jeanie was facing tough fights over her candidacy for the presidency. The problem was the consensus choice for president was John Finn and he refused to run, stating he wasn't built for politics only ensuring the kids' futures were safe. That left them without a viable candidate to counter Jeanie's power and with some of her supporters being shady and not afraid to force their views he feared she would win.

At home, Jeanie immediately slapped Monica for what she had done to her. Monica didn't respond, knowing that her mother was going to force her to lay low until she got what she wanted then go back to ignoring her until it was convenient to pretend to care about her. Rosalind though got her full ire and received a slap from Monica who yelled at her for not warning her that their mother was angry.

Rosalind slapped her back, then called her father to ask to stay with him to get away from their mother's anger. She honestly told him that she couldn't stay there when they were in their angry moods and that they were going to be a problem for her. It pained her to do it but she knew she was about to get worse from the two of them as they got further into the school year and things didn't go their way again.

Shea agreed and called Jeanie, telling her that he had video of her slapping Monica that would be used against her if she tried to fight him on Rosalind getting away from her. Jeanie tried to counter but it was clear that Rosalind was angry and wanted out of the house fast. Monica growled that she should let the runt go, she was holding them back and she didn't have to worry about her ruining their lives anymore.

At Shea's house, she got settled in and immediately put to work finishing her schoolwork. She hated it but it was either that or go back to Jeanie. Rosalind erred on the side of caution and listened to him.

Shea contacted Ricardo Ramirez and got a change of custody drafted with an email of the video sent to his friend at the Department of Children and Families on his behalf. Monica was going to get visited by them while Jeanie was left to cover her tracks if possible. DCF wouldn't let her get away easily, but Jeanie had a few tricks up her sleeve to get the girls to lie to protect her reputation.

The next day in school Rosalind was taken aside by her principal, Ms. Mead, and angrily ripped to shreds to the point of crying. She got the message, lie to DCF or her life would be miserable from now on. To further the point, Ms. Mead had her teacher single her out for disciplinary action for faked reasons making her out to be a lazy student rather than the straight-A student she really was causing her classmates to laugh at her all day.

Anne Connors, the DCF social worker sent to investigate on Monica's behalf, met with the girls. Monica lied while Rosalind told the truth then recanted and lied later into the interview. Monica gave her a serious look which caused her to say she never saw her mother hit Monica and the video was a fake. Monica then took her aside while Anne wrote out her report and threatened her with even worse if she ever did that again causing Rosalind to cry.

Anne informed Shea about the results and felt that the girls were holding back but there wasn't any proof. The video was called into question but without Rosalind confirming that she shot it and it wasn't faked they had nothing further to go on. The girls were staying put but Jeanie was on her radar now and would be so until the girls turned 18.

At the teachers union's annual election meeting Jeanie was met with no opposition as John refused to run. Randy Leeds didn't have the time to run and even so Jeanie had her people ready to work against him. Jeanie won by default and immediately fought back against John's changes but was unable to get any movement as the people supporting it were entrenched and the legalities clear and concise. To removed the changes brought issues with the courts that would harm the union and the city which hurt them all.

Nobody wanted to admit that the target was clearly Jaimie. Jeanie was actively working to get her kicked out of the school with those in the union who knew her fighting back. It was tough when Beth Helena, Ben Herman, Sean Beretta, Randy, Ms. Paula, Zeke Williams, Vance Taylor, Ivan King, and Cynthia Eagleson were fighting back. Strong teachers from three schools were a tough combination to fight against especially ones who were backed up by the Finns and their legal might, that's not counting John himself leading the charge with his own financial clout behind him.

Jeanie lost the battle before it started. She had nothing to counter the might of that group with even more people throwing their weight behind them as the Finn kids met more and more teachers and made friends with more and more influential people in the city. Jaimie, as it stood, had the police and fire departments on her side not to mention half the city council and most of the major employers, Jeanie had nobody except her own supporters and none of them actually lived in the city nor really had ties outside of their teaching jobs.

John was disappointed that nobody would stand up to fight her, but Randy had legitimate reasons for not getting involved as he hated politics and others were too old to effectively lead or too young to avoid being manipulated by Jeanie and her proxies. Randy simply couldn't find the time with his youngest kids graduating college and his oldest needing him to help out with babysitting at home, his family always came first and John was a staunch believer in that ideal.

Jeanie had what she had been coveting and was going to use it to her full advantage. Her first victim was Rosalind's teacher who would have to explain why she was disciplined for gossiping about the new tranny girl attending school. Rosalind was an active participant but not the actual instigator, but she still got disciplined which Jeanie wanted removing.

Ms. Mead gladly supported the removal and threatened the teacher with being fired. The teacher countered with a hard stance that if she did she'd have her ass handed to her by the union no matter what Jeanie said. Jeanie tried to threaten her back but made the mistake of doing so in front of Ivan King who just smirked and explained that if she tried to she'd find herself removed after just two days for violating their rules and abusing the position. Jeanie backed down but vowed revenge against him.

Jeanie turned her attention to easier pickings and left Rosalind alone to face whatever her punishments were alone. Rosalind did better but still had to deal with Ms. Mead's constant scrutiny. Ms. Mead had her targeted and would ensure that she went to middle school with a bad reputation that nobody could counter, what she put in her file she knew would not be ignored and would cause Dorothy Vega or Alice Rodriguez to ensure that Rosalind had a rough three years with them.

Monica was relieved that her mother was going to help her with her Jaimie problem. Their first target was Jaimie's involvement with the student government which Monica had coveted but Jaimie had blocked due to having more supporters. Jaimie wasn't aware of this, she simply ran to represent her class while Monica wanted the power that went with it including a say in who participated in the school dances and events like the annual field day.

Jaimie was elected class representative while Claire Peterson won sophomore class president. Monica had support from the boys in their year which gave her a leg up but Jaimie won outright with sheer numbers. It stung badly but Monica couldn't do anything about it without her mother's help.

Monica had to endure countless dates with guys who she had no interest in and at the end of the night had to give them a "special" gift in the form of oral sex. She actually enjoyed that part, and the boys weren't that small so it was giving her pleasure to see them as well. Monica's exploits were near legendary, with the boys happily telling their friends about her skills and what she would do for them while ensuring that nobody talked badly about her.

Jeanie ignored what her daughter was doing with the boys, it was building a political power base and in doing so she ensured that she wasn't going to suffer as she did the year before. The guys went out of their way to protect her and even did her homework while making it look like she did it so she avoided the humiliation of having the teachers claiming she cheated again. She still did her own tests and studied, but the boys did all of the other work and ensured that anyone who said anything about it was shut down. Her grades weren't that good but she wasn't in danger of failing, just a solid "D" grade.

When she tried to move on to the freshmen to get them to go for her she found that they were tougher to crack. She actually found a few good looking among them with Reed Clarence as the best of them. His reputation as being the pariah of the freshman didn't matter to her, he was handsome and she even swore that he could be the one to "claim" her virginity if he was as big as she suspected him to be.

The snag with that was Reed had the hots for an 8th grader named Jessie Lawrence. He refused all of Monica's advances and when it became clear that he was actually not interested she took it as a challenge. He had to finally tell her off once she became overpowering, with Reed happily telling her "I don't like you, I never liked you, and I don't want any part of you especially not your virginity. I would rather die a virgin than give up mine to you."

Reed walked off in disgust. He knew she was turning into a slut and knew that she only wanted him for what he was hoping to save for his wife. He wasn't like his brothers, he may have lusted after beautiful women but Monica wasn't his type and he could do a lot better in his mind than her.

The rejection by Reed hit Monica hard. It only got worse when word got around that Reed Clarence turned her down hard and humiliated her. She had to go on the offensive but was stopped by Beth Helena pulling her aside and insisting that she temper her libido before she ends up in a delicate situation especially with someone she didn't actually like.

Beth felt pity for her, she understood that she was overcompensating for her mother's neglect and influence and was seeking any sort of friendship and affection even if it was the wrong one. Beth knew she wouldn't listen but she knew that others were aware of her actions and were there to help if need be. It only caused Monica to lay low for a bit and focus on her sister's life while making sure that Reed regretted spurning her.

Rosalind was doing better in school but was constantly on the lookout for Ms. Mead and teachers. She barely spoke outside of class and closed herself off from her classmates. None of them bothered to ask why she was acting odd, they were used to her mother's actions and had in the past gotten threatened by her and Ms. Mead making them reluctant to know anything more than Rosalind was willing to tell them.

Ms. Mead hated the scrutiny that Rosalind brought her and was actively seeking to be rid of her. She got her chance when she caught Rosalind out of class but with a note. She ripped it up and sent her to the office then claimed that she was going to be suspended or moved to another school, she had to make up her mind then and there or face worse punishment. Rosalind chose to move.

Ms. Yvette Prince, her new principal, looked over her records then shook her head at the notes. When she read between the lines she saw that here was no actual problem and Mead wanted to be rid of a problem that didn't exist. In her new class, Rosalind was tense but her teacher assured her that she wasn't about to let her mother dictate what she did in her own classroom and if she tried to overstep her authority she'd be held accountable for her actions, giving her some relief.

Jeanie wasn't involved, she just signed off and told Yvette that she was watching, getting a sneer and terse "as will I. Only unlike you, I have actual support. It comes with respect and knowing my colleagues and members of the city council and school committee. And don't think just because you are friends with Mead or Hogan or Uxbridge you will get away with whatever you want. You won't."

She dared Jeanie to go further. Ivan King separated them while Yvette's secretary gave Jeanie a warning to back away or she'd regret it. Jeanie stepped back, but said she'd pay for her actions earning a quick "just try it, I have 30 years here with members of both the school committee and city council knowing me since they were kids and my union is a lot more powerful than you and not afraid to fight back against your thugs."

Jeanie left in disgust but without recourse. Rosalind was assured she was alright and nothing would happen to her further which was further emphasized by Ms. Mead being called and told that her comments would be reported to the superintendent making her have to explain herself. She ran off in anger with Yvette proudly telling her secretary "I give her a couple of weeks before she finally snaps. She will do something she can't defend and get fired."

Rosalind ignored her sister and mother for the next month. Monica herself was battling against Jaimie's supporters and losing at every turn. She had scored herself a spot on the student council by taking over for someone who moved away but every attempt to get Jaimie booted were met with roadblocks making her even more frustrated.

Jaimie was not going anywhere. Monica tried every which way to get people to see that she was terrible for the school and they would suffer by having her there but each of her ideas was unique, original, and well thought out. Monica was always the one to debate her on whatever Jaimie brought up and each time Jaimie's debate prowess and preparedness overrode whatever bigoted, hateful comments Monica brought making her out to be the villain to Jaimie's hero in each.

Jaimie's debate skills were legendary even before she arrived at the high school. Monica didn't believe that the "freak in a skirt" as she always called Jaimie had done half of what was claimed she had done in 6th grade but no matter how many times she was shown the video or heard recollections from people who were there she simply didn't listen. Randy simply told her that she was out of line and if she didn't want to believe the truth then it was her own fault but nobody had lied and it was a shining moment in the history of the school.

Randy got a huge round of applause to which he proudly told the student council that he enjoyed the debate and was proud that someone who had no preparation time had been able to both disarm his arguments but also show that it was easily countered. Monica scoffed but Randy shook his head and started their next order of business while Jaimie was left oblivious to Monica's clear disgust.

Randy stopped Jaimie after the meeting and asked why she put up with Monica's antics. Jaimie sighed and admitted "she isn't the first nor will she be the last to dislike me for no good reason. I don't know why she doesn't like me but she doesn't and I can't fix it so I just have to deal with it and move on."

Randy nodded his head while making sure to note that Monica was starting to become just as bad as she was the previous year. He kept a close eye on her in class but she never went over the line and whenever she was taking her tests she did the work without any notes. Her hands were always checked and her bag and books handed over so she had nothing to hide making her previous cheating issues hard to prove that year.

During Thanksgiving week Monica again tried to get close to Richard. This time she was shut down by Sean Beretta who was happy to point out that he was busy all week with various activities. Monica tried to tell him off but Richard happily told her that he was volunteering at soup kitchens with his mother and taking Jaimie out to the movies and shopping for his aunt and cousin leaving her speechless while Sean grinned on.

Monica tried to go after Reed again but he was gone. She waited all week to get in contact with him but he didn't answer her emails or Facebook requests. She finally heard something from him via Rosalind who told her that he nearly died in a fire with his little brother Kevin and wasn't going to be in school for two weeks and that she needed to stop pining for a guy who hated her.

Monica was going to do something to which Rosalind happily said "try something. Hit me. Mom's friends won't save her this time, I'm not going to lie to save her ass. Go ahead, it'll see you in jail while mom has to explain to DCF why I bruises and a black eye."

The line was drawn as Rosalind defiantly stood her ground making Monica back down. Rosalind found new energy and realized she was just as powerful as her sister and mother if she stood up to them. She could use this to her advantage, she could make people do what she wanted with a simple threat. It was what her sister and mother did best, she was tired of being pushed around and would be her own person even if it meant being a bully to others. She'd be her own bully, just like her sister and mother.

Monica bided her time until she could get her sister back. She would restore order in the condo, she just had to find a way of doing it without her sister knowing she was being used. She found her chance when Reed and his brother went back to school.

Reed's brother Kevin was transferred into Yvette's school and assigned to a class alongside people who knew him outside of school. The kicker was that Kevin was transgender like Jaimie and was now attending school as a girl named Kylie. Monica manipulated her sister through subtle suggestions that made her get other girls in her school to bully the newly dubbed Kylie leaving Rosalind to take the fall.

The new Rosalind never noticed the manipulation until she was suspended for a week by Yvette. She glared at her sister who proudly told her "I have five years on you. I know every dirty trick in the book. Mom taught them to me and I was going to teach them to you once I graduated but you stepped out of line so you won't get them. You will have to earn them back, maybe in a year or two you will get them back."

Reed returned to school but was surrounded by a group of people who Monica hoped he would never get involved in. The Finn Family 16 enveloped him into their group, keeping him close and ensuring that he didn't have a chance to be alone. Eric and George got close enough to her to tell her that he wasn't interested in her making her angry that the two small geeks had dared to speak to her let alone in that way.

She was all smiles as Reed was humiliated by his English teacher and ran off in near tears. She didn't like that he had caused the man to be fired, he actually was a great teacher for her and the only one who didn't say anything about her using boys to get her work done. Mr. Sky actually said she was going to be a great looker when she grew further, making her heart flutter even if it was creepy to hear it from a guy in his 40s.

John told him off for saying such a thing to a student and had Mr. Sky reprimanded with the school attorney having harsh words with him until her mother stepped in to defend him and make him back down. John and she clashed while Mr. Sky escaped without punishment but told that he would be on a short leash in the future and if any students had accusations that he was out of line or being sexually explicit again he was gone, which Reed had accidentally caused to go into effect that afternoon.

She held a grudge against Reed for the next three months. He was not joking about having zero interest in her, in fact, he was head over heels in love with Jessie Lawrence that Monica had to leave the January dance early because of the scene. She went home with another couple of boys and ended up spending the night with them, losing her virginity and giving them a night they'd never forget.

It turned out that they were actually gay and were fighting their feelings for one another. She was a convenient distraction but once they were all together they lost all semblance of it being normal and went at it with one another once she had gotten herself satisfied. They were good and thankfully they wore condoms but it was still a bitter pill to swallow for her as they came out the following Monday and her going home with them had gotten notice making her a laughingstock yet again.

Reed fulfilled a need in her as Monica redirected her hatred for Jaimie towards him. She wasn't combative towards Jaimie, she simply ignored her and barely participated in the government meetings. Jaimie didn't mind it one bit, Monica was in her own little world and if it meant she was targeting someone else so be it. Reed could handle himself and he had the other Finn Family members to help him out if she became an issue to him. He just ignored Monica as he always did.

That wasn't to say that Monica didn't pull her normal pranks to get back at Jaimie. Throughout the winter and spring, she had hired several boys to put used tampons in her locker and got big laughs from the students in the school. Nobody knew who was doing it but it was an open secret that Monica was behind it.

They were her own used tampons which she was happy to give to the boys as they got to see her remove them, giving the boys a free show while also ensuring that Monica got a little action from the boys as their natural reactions made her give in to her lust for oral sex with the boys. The boys kept quiet about what was going on and only expanded beyond the first two boys once someone suspected that they were the ones behind the prank. Monica happily let more boys join the fun, she enjoyed it and the fact that they didn't care for Jaimie helped a lot.

The tampon bit got her some notoriety as the months went on and led to more and more pranks against Jaimie by others. The fifth day of the prank war the boys were caught and immediately ratted on Monica. She was caught red-handed with a bag of them in her locker and forced to endure a long session with her mother and Jake as she tried to justify it.

Jeanie tried to use her office to get at Jake for humiliating her and slandering her daughter for the boys' actions but it backfired on her immediately. The boys recanted thanks to some discrete payments from Jeanie leaving Monica to get away without punishment. At home Jeanie slapped her face and told her that she almost cost her job, Monica countered that it was her own arrogance that did it and if she slapped her again she would cry to DCF that she was abusing her which would not only cost her presidency- it would cost her freedom.

Jeanie gave in and left it alone. Monica knew she had to do something else and opted to go out for the school play to make a run at one of the boys in it especially as the drama boys were good looking that year. It didn't matter that she did poorly in Shakespeare, she would do whatever it took to get a good part albeit one without too many lines.

It turned out that Stacy Lopez won the lead of Juliet alongside Scott Nelson's Romeo, a match that was laughed at by the school as being a forgone conclusion that the notorious lovebirds would make a great leading couple. To her anger, Reed won the role of Tybalt while she got stuck as one of the supporting ladies with a few lines and several costume changes required of her. She was forced to focus on what she needed to do at all times making her upset that she wasn't just going to stand around and do nothing as she tried to look pretty for the crowd.

Reed ignored her and was focused on the lines he had to perform. Monica tried her hardest to throw him off of his game and mangle his lines but it actually turned out to be the worst thing she could do as the play's hotheaded Tybalt was exactly what she was making Reed into. Nobody realized that she was doing it on purpose, they thought Monica was trying to help Reed which Reed refused to acknowledge and quickly dropped when asked.

In between scenes Monica was constantly bugging him about his sister Kylie, constantly calling her Kevin instead of Kylie. She had the most hurtful jokes about Kylie, from her losing her balls in the fire to her looking like her oldest brothers in drag. Reed tuned her out but after the third day of her badgering and insulting Kylie the play's director overheard her remarks and kicked her out.

He finally understood where Reed's anger and frustration were coming from and had him see that it was helping fuel his performance and that he should find something better to fuel him as Monica was no longer going to be involved in the production. Reed turned it around and told him that he was quitting the play, it wasn't worth it to him. He left in disgust while the rest of the cast did the same.

Word spread quickly that Monica had ruined the school play. Reed didn't talk about it, Stacy and Scott refused to even acknowledge the play, and the director had to scramble to find replacements. Stacy and Scott returned once a new director was found and after a long talk with Kylie Reed returned to hugs and praise for doing the right thing for his sister.

Monica was humiliated and defeated by the school yet again. She had failed to do anything successful all year and Reed was only making her feel worse. He was getting the last laugh, as the school knew just why Monica was kicked out of the play and she had to endure whispers and angry stares at her for the rest of the year while the production went on to be their best in years.

Reed had won without knowing they had been battling. He was the one that got away, even if he didn't want her. Monica gave in and would move on to someone else next, hoping that the incoming freshmen would have easier pickings and the right boy for her.

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