Eyes Finally Opened Part 9

Amy finally starts coming around. She doesn’t know how long she has been passed out. Her head was hurting her and she was lying face first on the floor. She felt a heavy weight pressing down on her petite body and her arms were pinned by her side. Her whole body was hurting from injuries she sustained from being blown into the wall and having a ceiling dropped on her. She tries to concentrate to see if she could feel if the Hunter was still alive, but her head starts to hurt even more. Tears slide down her cheeks from the pain she felt.

She works at trying to get her arms free and finally manages to get them free. She pushes down on the floor and tries to lift her body up enough to pull herself out from under the rubble. After three tries, she manages to wiggle her body and pull her legs out from whatever was pinning them to the floor. She screams mentally as she feels something cut into both her legs as she manages to pull them free.

The stealth suit was damaged and would need to be repaired before she could wear it again. Whatever cut through the suit, had cut into her legs. The cut extended from the bottom of her butt cheeks all the way down the back of both her legs. She was lucky she didn’t cut her Achilles tendon. She was surrounded by total darkness. Amy pulls a light stick from a side pocket and activate it. This way she would have some light to at least see what her condition was. She knew there was a wall behind her, because she had been blown against it. The hallway in front of her was blocked by a mountain of debris. She looks upwards to see if maybe she could climb upwards towards a shaft or something.

There was fresh air coming in from somewhere. She wets her finger to see which direction the air was coming in from. She climbs the mountain of debris up into an area above her head and test the air again to see which direction she had to go. She crawls along carefully on some pipes. The supports had been damaged and they were just free floating in the space. She feels some water dripping down on her battered body. She looks up to determine where the drip was coming from. She could hear what sounded like rain splattering against a flat surface. She locates a crack in the roof of the bunker. It was a small hole. It was too small for her to crawl through, but she could put her finger through the hole.

Amy closes her eyes and balls her fist up and concentrate her chi and slams her fist into the hole, breaking the concrete around it. She pulls her fist back and does it again, making the hole wide enough for her to pull her body through. Amy wiggles through the hole and felt the rain as it hit her abused, battered, cut up body.

It was night time outside of the bunker and the rain was coming down in buckets. She was laying on top of the bunker sticking out from the hillside it had been built into. The rain felt nice against her face and exposed skin. She lays there with her eyes closed and wish her head would stop hurting. She opens her eyes and stare up at the clouds as the rain comes down. She knows there is food on the island that is safe to eat. She just didn’t feel like moving right now. Her whole entire body was hurting and she was feeling every cut, gash and bruise on her body. As much as she didn’t want to get up, she forces herself to stand up and climb down from the roof.

When she starts walking away from the bunker, she notices she has a slight limp to her walk. The blood flow from the cuts on the back of her legs have stop, but the wound itself was closing slowly. She makes her way to a former camp area she used the last time she was here. Amy knew there were trees near it that she could get food from. She limps to her former campsite and once there, she collapses to the ground. The injuries she sustained were taking a toll on her petite body. Luckily for her, there were several coconuts laying around she could drink from and eat. She knew there was some mango and papayas nearby she could grab.

She crawls over towards the area where she slept on her last visit. She cleared the area away from all the debris and fixed the lean-to she built last time. It was taking everything she had to move around, even after drinking a few coconuts and eating the coconut meat. Her body was using what energy she had left to heal the damage done to her.

Once the lean-to was fixed and back in position. She crawls under it and let her body shutdown to heal. Amy slips into an unconscious state, but still aware of what was going on around her. She doesn’t know how long she will sleep, but she could feel the difference in the temperature when it changes from night into day. It was still raining and she was still recovering. She knew the cuts she had on the back of her legs were completely healed. The few broken bones she had from the ceiling falling on her were healed.

She spends two days sleeping. No one had bother to come to the island to check on the Hunter. Which, meant he knew the way here. She wakes-up on the third morning feeling extremely hungry. She stands up off the make shift bed she had made to sleep on. She had to use the lean-to for support, because her energy reserves were dangerously low. She looks around and spots a papayas tree. She grabs two throwing knives and manages to climb up the tree and cut down at least a dozen to eat. She makes her way back down to the ground barely standing because of how much energy she just used. Amy gathers the papayas up and take them back to her camp. The place she had chosen for her camp was well hidden and protected. It was in the middle of a bunch of bamboos. The tree cover was so thick, you couldn’t get a drone through or see anything from satellites or from airplanes.

Once she starts eating the papayas she couldn’t stop herself. Her body was craving the nutrients and calories. She felt her energy levels returning with each papaya she ate. By the time she got to her tenth papaya, she was feeling a whole lot better. She still had two left over that she couldn’t eat.

“I’ll save you two for later.”

Amy gets up and grabs a spear she made last time she was here and leaves the safety of her camp. She makes her way back towards the bunker to see if The Hunter survived. As Amy got closer to the bunker, she moved quietly and cautiously. She stops and searches the area near the door she had blown in to see if there were any footsteps around the door coming out of the bunker. She goes further inward and follows her original route and comes to a massive amount of debris. None of it had been moved and there was no way he could had survive the huge amount of debris there was.

She wonders if he climbed out like she did or was there another way out of the bunker? She looks around the bunker, but she couldn’t find any other escape route out of the place. There was a cafeteria and a few spare rooms to bunk in. There was a weapons locker, prep area and a storage area. She finds a jumpsuit she could change into, since her stealth suit was damage. Even her skintight body suit was going to need some work when she got back. Amy folds everything up and finds a backpack she could put it in to carry it with her.

She spends the day exploring the bunker and finds a path that goes down to the boat docks. Docked at the docks were two strange looking boats. She goes down to the docks to get a closer look at them. It had some sort of canopy that covered where the passenger sat. When she looked inside. She notices six individual seats and a large cargo area. Amy gets into the boat and walks up to the console where there were two buttons. One was marked inbound and the other was marked outbound.

“I wonder?”

Amy gets out and run towards where her camp was and retrieves some mangoes, papayas and coconuts to take back with her. She lays her lean-to down on the ground and runs back towards the boats. Once she is inside the boats, she presses the outbound button and the canopy comes down sealing her inside and she feels the boat moving backwards on its own power. She sits down on the seat as the boat spins around and heads away from the island. She can’t see anything outside the canopy.

The boat makes a sharp turn and goes straight for a while. Then it makes another sharp turn and straightens up. It circles back on itself a few times.

Amy shakes her head. Whoever, provided transportation to the island and back was making sure you couldn’t find your way back. The canopy opens and the boat pulls into a privately-owned boat dock.

Amy gets out of the boat and looks around. She had no idea where she was, but after a while the boat backs out and turns around. It heads away from the dock and back towards where it came from. Amy watches as the boat heads off and then looks around to see where she was.
There was nothing to indicate where she was. All she knew, she wasn’t where she was supposed to be.

She looks down and spots some tracks and follow them back to an asphalt parking lot. Parked in the parking lot, was a hi-tech looking SUV that Amy knew belonged to the Hunter. She walks over towards it and manages to break in with no problem. She bypasses all the security measures the Hunter put in place, like they were nothing. She starts the SUV up and looks around to see if he left a cell phone or something in the SUV. She knew cellphones, radios or any other communication devices weren’t permitted on the island. Not that they would work anyway. There was a jamming field that surrounded the island to prevent such items from working.

Amy finds a cell phone and sends a message to her mother.

“Mom, I have survived and made it back to the main land, but I don’t know where I am. I took the boat back.”

“Oh, sweetie I am so happy to hear from you. Let me get your Uncle Cain to put a trace on the cellphone you are using. He can tell me where you are and I can come out and get you.”

“Okay, mom.”

Amy waits while her Uncle Cain traces the cell phone she is using. Twenty minutes later Amy gets a response from her mother.

“You’re in New Smyrna Beach, FL Sweetie. Me and Troy are on our way right now to come and get you. Stay where you are till we arrive, sweetie.”

“Okay, mom.”

Amy turns the van off and lean back in the seat and make sure the doors are locked and wait for her mother and Troy to show-up to retrieve her.

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