Mommy I don't want to try out for the baseball team again Part 8

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Mommy I don’t want to try out for baseball again! Part 8
By Princess Pantyboy

Me, Kelly 9-year-old boy
Miley 5-year-old little sister
Mommy 42-years-old looks 21-years-old
Grandmother/Elizabeth(Liz)Wilmington 77-years-old acts like 100-years-old
Alice Goodyear/ Sister Alice Principle of St. Mary’s school
Samantha (Sam) 5-year old girl
Ms. Karen Dance instructor

I added a few paragraphs from Part 7 so my story would be easier to read, I hope you enjoy it. I am sure I have missed a few spelling errors an especially errors with grammar so please forgive, I am trying.
Hugs Princess

I feel Samantha un-buttoning the back of my dress. “Yes you will get used to it just like all us girl's do. I used to not like uniforms when I started school but it makes it easy to get dressed every morning because you don't have to figure out what to wear because you wear the same clothes every day.”

“Okay your pretty dress is un-buttoned, let me help you pull it over your head. You can leave your black Mary jane shoes on because they are part of the school uniform but now that I see your yellow socks they will have to be changed for the light pink that are part of the uniform.” I feel Samantha pull my dress over my head, I mean the dress I'm wearing. What am I thinking it is my dress no one else in my new house wears little girl's dresses but me even though I am a boy?

I seat down not realizing I am almost naked only wearing my plastic panties and diaper. Samantha pulls my shoes off and slides my yellow socks off as well, she puts the light pink socks on me like I am a toddler. I watch as she folds the lace edges over barely covering my ankles. “I used to have the same plastic panties when I was wearing diapers, I would have to say this pair was my favorite plastic panties, are they your favorite too Miley?”

“Yea I guess I did pick them, usually grandmother picks whatever outfit she wanted me to wear, but today I picked my own outfit so I guess they are my favorite.” Did I just admit that I actually have a favorite pair of baby’s plastic panties, and that I picked this dress I am wearing? Oh, my god I am so screwed up I need to get a grip?

I watch while Samantha puts my shoes back on and I look back down and I now have light pink socks on and my regular black Mary jane shoes. “Okay lift your arms up you need to put the light pink camisole on then the blouse.” I do as I am told not realizing a little toddler girl is getting me dressed. “Good girl can you stand up and slide your skirt on while I fix your tie and put your blazer on?”

“Okay I guess.” I take the plaid skirt from Samantha and I never put a skirt on before but I am not going to tell her. The skirt just looks like a pair of shorts but with no leg holes in it, but has a zipper. I step into it and pull the short skirt up my legs and I feel Samantha pull my skirt around and she zip’s me up. I'm glad she did that because I would have had the zipper in the front like my shorts, or my old shorts I should say.

Samantha steps away after she turns me around to face the full-length mirror and the reflection takes my breath away. I have been wearing dresses since I got here so it should be no surprise but wow I really look like a little school girl now. You can't even tell I am wearing a diaper which is surprising since this skirt is a so short.

“Yes I think extra small fits you just perfectly Miley. I wear a size bigger, a small but you look great. We look almost like twins hehehe, or me as the big sister and you as my little sister.”

I try not to think about this little girl thinking she is my big sister were as I'm not even a girl let alone her sister. On the other hand, when grandmother seen me naked in the locker room at ballet she thought I was a girl. When the real Miley was changing me and I seen my little penis went back inside my body with my balls maybe I am turning into a girl. Oh, I hope I am wrong but that does makes sense.

“Okay you look perfect especially with your hair in pigtails like me, most girl's in our school keep their hair in pigtails it is much easier plus it's not hot on your neck when you keep your hair down, ya know what I mean Miley?”

I feel Miley take my hand not waiting for me to respond, we walk back into the hallway and there is the real Miley wearing black shoes, dress pants, and dress shirt, a red tie and a sports coat. “Wow don't the two of you look so special.” We turn hearing grandmother.

“Both of you stand next to each other and let me get a picture of you two. Sorry Samantha next time you can be in the picture sweetie.” I just stand there not wanting her to take a picture of me wearing this school girl uniform, the real Miley walks up and stands next to me.

I look up at the real Miley smiling at me. “You look so pretty in your school uniform little sister.” I look at her because I want to hit her with a truck because she gets me so angry.

“Oh that was very sweet of your big brother to say to you Miley that you look so pretty in your new school uniform.” Great now I'm supposed to thank him for teasing me she has to be kidding. “Okay look this way children.” We both look forward at grandmother then I notice she is taking a picture of us. “Say cheese and smile.”

Grandmother takes several pictures in about 3 whole seconds, now there is living proof that I am wearing girl's clothes at least no one can see I am wearing plastic panties and a diaper underneath. I will have to get at grandmother’s cell phone when she isn’t looking and delete those pictures before anyone sees them especially mommy.

“Oh yes the pictures came out just lovely come take a look at them children.” The real Miley almost jumps over me to look at the pictures, I walk slowly to grandmother as she shows me the pictures and sure enough I look like a little school girl and the real Miley looks like any other school boy you would see.

I look back up at grandmother and wonder what she is doing. “Hold on a second then I want to take a picture of Miley and her new best friend Samantha.” I turn and see Samantha smiling not sure if she is smiling because we are getting our picture taking together or if it is hearing grandmother saying she is my best friend, but I guess she is. Samantha is my only friend except for the other girl's in ballet that all wanted to be my best friend too. Did I just say in my head like the other girl's? Man, I am thinking of myself as a girl.

“Here almost done I am just sending a text to your mother with this picture and now I am done.” I am in shock I hope and pray I heard her wrong.

Samantha stands next to me smiling. “What did you say grandmother.” I feel Samantha hugging me she is so excited.

“Miley I just wanted to send that picture of you and Kelly wearing your school uniforms. I should say if your mommy wants to send you here, then they would be your school uniforms. Hopefully when she sees that picture of you both wearing your cute school uniforms she will see how happy you both are. And when she calls tonight she will say sign you both up to go to this school than you will both be wearing those school uniforms every day for class until you graduate out of high school in 10-12 years.”

All I heard was she sent that picture to mommy of me wearing a little girl's school uniform with my hair in pigtails and short baby bangs with pink lace socks and Mary jane shoes. I try not to cry but all I can do is wet my diaper thinking about mommy seeing the picture of me looking like a little school girl.

“Liz if you want to take Samantha with you while you drop off Kelly that will be no problem. I am sure she would love spending more time with Miley.” Turning I see Samantha smiling from ear to ear at me. “Of course both you girl's will have to wear your school uniforms to drop Kelly off at practice because that is a school event.

That is not a good thing having to wear this little school girl's uniform out in public. “Oh yes I think you look so pretty in your new school girl uniform Miley. Sister Alice is super nice; I really hope mommy lets us stay here and go to school with sister Alice, don't you?” I am thinking not just no but HELL NO I don't want to go to school wearing a girl's uniform for the rest of my life, but if I say no in front of sister Alice she will be upset I am sure. I guess it is only a small lie if I tell her I want to go here to this school no one else will no.

“Kelly you can go back in the boy’s bathroom and change out of your school uniform. You can hold onto it in case your mom says you can attend St. Mary's school okay?”

The real Miley is smiling wearing the boys school uniform. “Yes sister Alice I had better hurry so I'm not late for baseball practice.” The real Miley runs off back into the restroom to change. I notice grandmother and sister Alice are both staring at me since I never responded to the real Mileys comments about how nice sister Alice is and hoping we both can go to school here.

“Umm yes I agree with, umm Kelly I like sister Alice too and would love to go to school here.” Samantha smiles with grandmother and sister Alice and little Samantha comes over to me and hugs me like a bear hug trying to break my spine.

The real Kelly comes out of the restroom carrying a bag with guessing has his school uniform in it. He is watching us hugging and sees the adults smiling. “What did I miss everyone is smiling. I put my school uniform in this bag in case I need to wear it again for school Monday.”

“Little Miley was just answering your question Kelly after you made the statement of how nice sister Alice is and that you hoped you and your little sister Miley would be going to school here. Miley tell us again so your big brother hears you sweetie.” Grandmother says aloud.

Oh, god I can't believe I have to say this lie again especially in front of the real Miley. “Umm I was just saying Kelly that umm, yes I agree with. Umm, I like sister Alice too and would love to go to school here.” I turn seeing a red light blinking on grandmothers iPhone which means she just recorded me like in a movie.

“That was so sweet Miley, I just made a little two-minute movie with you explaining that you want to go to St. Mary’s school.” I need to get at grandmother’s cell phone and figure out how to delete that video of me saying all those lies.

The real Miley is just grinning so wide when she looks at me. “I am ready grandmother to go to practice. I am glad little Miley wants to stay and go to school here too.”

“I am glad too Kelly but let me just send this short video to your mom in Japan. I know she has been really concerned about if she can't get back in time for school what she would do. I want her to see that you both want to go to St. Mary's school.” I get all kinds of nervous not believing what is happening. “I know your mommy especially concerned about Miley being so young not returning to the same school that her big brother has been going to.”

The real Miley pats me on the back and it scared me and I noticed that I was peeing in my diaper I didn’t even realize I started too pee. I don't even try to stop peeing hearing grandmother talking more. “Yes we will have a lot to say to your mommy Miley when she calls tonight. Okay let's all go and we will be back shortly sister Alice if you need us to pick something up on our way back just give me a call okay?” grandmother says to sister Alice who is also smiling.

“Okay I will see you girl's in a little bit. Samantha, you be good for Ms. Liz and help little Miley be good too.” Great sister Alice actually thinks little baby Samantha is going to make me behave. What am I saying Samantha isn’t the baby I am the one wearing a diaper and plastic panties I guess I am the baby. This is so messed up the more I think about it. I lift my hand up and grandmother takes my hand and Samantha takes grandmothers other hand while we leave the school heading to the van.

My life is getting totally out of control. “What are you thinking about Miley you look deep in thought? Did you wet your diaper again from getting so excited about maybe going to school with me?”

“Um no Samantha I didn’t wet myself from excitement about going to your school.” Wow that sounded like I admitted I went pee in my diaper just not from being excited. I had better change the subject before grandmother checks my diaper. “Umm I know your daddy is the baseball coach Samantha but how long do practices usually last?”

Samantha looks me in the eyes and smiles. “Don't worry practice is usually two hours so we will have a lot of time to play with our Barbie's.” Samantha says sounding very excited. “Maybe my daddy can bring Kelly back to St. Mary's when practice is over so we have more time to play with our Barbie's.” I hear Samantha's suggestion and it seems the longer I am with her the more I act like a little girl. What am I thinking I am acting like a little toddler girl peeing in my diaper?

“Great that will be cool to not be surrounded by girls for two hours.” The real Miley says when he overheard Samantha telling me how long practice is usually.

Before I can say anything about him overhearing our conversation we pull into the parking lot by the baseball fields. “Yea we are here, looks like we aren’t even close to being late. Looks like the only one here is the coach and some other player.”

“You are right Kelly that is my daddy and my big brother Steve. You will like him he is just like you loud and very talkative.” We all pile out of the van, I forgot I was wearing the little school girl skirt until the wind is blowing our skirts up as Samantha and I are running towards her daddy.

We stop right next to her daddy when Samantha let's go of my hand and hugs her daddy's leg. “Hi daddy you remember my best friend in the whole wide world Miley?” I look up at her dad and see how big he is like a football plyer.

“Of course Samantha this is little Miley. How are you today little girl? I see you and Samantha are already wearing yours school uniforms.” It is still weird when someone calls me a little girl you would think I would be used to it since the moment we arrived at grandma’s house that is all anyone calls me. I know I am wearing a skirt or to be more accurate a school girl's uniform. I know the real Miley is a girl but if she was wearing this uniform she would look like a boy wearing a girl's school uniform.

I shake myself free of being deep in thought and smile at Samantha's daddy. “I am fine sir than you for asking.” I feel Samantha hugging me again.

“Well that is a good think little Miley. Did your big brother come with you for practice? I guess I don't need you to answer that, I think he is running over to us now.” Both Samantha and I turn around seeing the real Miley running up to us carrying his baseball glove.

The real Miley is smiling from ear to ear. “Hi coach, maybe we should put my little sister and her friend Samantha on the team they run like lighting supper fast hahaha.” I hear the real Miley saying and she sounds more like a boy the more I listen to her. I guess I am sounding, acting and looking more like a girl and she is sounding, acting and looking more like a boy.

“Well I like your new haircut Kelly you look much better with a crew cut than you did with your old long hair in that girly ponytail. Plus, if you go to St. Mary's all the boys have to have short haircuts anyway so you made a good choice young man getting all that hair cut off.”

Wow if I went to St. Mary's as a boy I would have to have all my long haircut off too if they knew I was really a boy. Mommy would sure like that. I play with one of my pigtails ignoring the real Miley talking to his coach. “Steve come over here and warm up Kelly pitching. I need to talk to his grandmother okay?”

“Sure dad. I mean coach.” Samantha and I watch her big brother runs over to the catcher’s spot and Samantha waves to him. “Hi shrimp is that your new best friend in the whole wide world you won't stop talking about at home?” The coach gives Steve a dirty look. “I mean Samantha is that your new friend?”

Both of us hear him correct himself when he called Samantha a shrimp. Seeing the look their daddy gave him sure made him correct himself super-fast. “I'm not a shrimp by the way look I'm taller than Miley you big Meany.” Samantha says sticking her tongue at her big brother. Hehehe, I start giggling softly watching them.

“I wouldn’t be laughing to loud little sister Samantha is right she is taller than you, little squirt hahaha.” I stick my tongue at the real Miley. Then I realize I am acting like a little toddler girl just like Samantha.

Samantha and I start walking over to the swing sets as my grandmother walks up to the coach. “Miley when will your mommy be coming back? Is she pretty like you?” I hear Samantha ask me two questions real fast out of no-where.

“Umm yea my mommy is very pretty and I don't know when she will be coming back from working in Japan.” I see Samantha looking down sadly for some reason. “Why do you ask Samantha?”

I look closer at Samantha and she looks like she is going to cry. “Well my mommy is real pretty too but she doesn’t live with us anymore.” Oh, wow that explains why she has sister Alice as a babysitter. “I miss my mommy a lot, she moved away and I remember she looked real pretty, I miss going clothes shopping with her. I can't wait to meet your mommy I bet she is real pretty and plays with you when you play Barbie's and plays outside with you too right?”

“Umm oh wow I didn’t know that about your mommy. Umm yea you would like my mommy she is a lot like you a girly girl hehehe. I can't wait until she comes back from Japan, I know I told you she is there on business. I miss her a lot, seems like life has changed so much since she is gone I don't know how it will be when my mommy finally comes home.”

I look at Samantha her asking if my mommy ever played Barbie's with me, I can't lie that would be rude. I know she is a little girl but she conceders me her best friend, or like she tells everyone her best friend in the whole wide world. If I tell her the truth that I never played with Barbie's with my mommy she would know I wasn't a girl and she would cry I am sure.

“Umm my mommy never played Barbie's with me, she always works a lot, like now and she is away. So, I play with my little sister, I mean my big brother Kelly.” I play with one of my pigtails nervously.

I turn and saw Samantha playing with her hair also. I wonder if I'm acting girly because I saw her playing with her long pretty hair or if she is copying me. Or maybe we are both just super girly and we are just playing with our own long hair because that is what little girly girl's do. Oh, I sure hope it is not the last thought that I really am a girly girl, or girly sissy boy.

“Ya know what would be funny Miley? Since I don't have a mommy anymore and you don't have a daddy anymore wouldn’t it be cool if your mommy also became my mommy and my daddy became your daddy hehehe.” I hear Samantha giggling and I look over at her dad who is more the size of a bear than a man. If he was my new dad I would be down at the barber shop the same day getting a crew cut like his other son.

The thought of all my hair get cut off makes me daydreaming and I don't notice grandmother walking up to us. “Girl's what are you two doing? Little girl's just playing with your long pretty hair giggling.” Samantha smiles and I start to smile too seeing her smiling. “Why don't you two go play on the playground while I talk to your brother’s coach.”

“I'll race you Miley, I bet I am faster than you. We are both wearing school uniforms so it will be a fair race. Our skirts are really short but there aren’t any boys that will see us when are panties are seen.” I hear her whisper in my ear. Ready 1-2-3 run.”

Samantha takes off like a lightning bolt, I start to run too. “Look at our two sisters Kelly do you think they know that they are showing the whole world their panties as they run in their school uniforms.”

“Steve, yea girls are weird dude who can figure them out. I know my little sister Miley is a girly girl couldn’t tell you the last time I seen her wear pants, or shorts. She is always wearing skirts and dresses.”

“Yea my baby sister Samantha is the same way, hey dude is your little sister wearing a diaper? I can see Samantha's panties when she runs and it looks like your little sister is wearing plastic panties?”

“Yup I guess I should be calling Miley my baby sister like you do your sister since she is wearing diapers hahaha. Okay you ready to start? I will start with slow pitches.”

Grandmother walks up to the coach. “Hi coach how are you doing today?”

“I am doing well ma’am, you are looking rather nice today if I may say?”

Grandmother smiles and I am watching her from the playground of course little Samantha beat me again. How can this little girl beat me at everything I do? Maybe the real Miley is right I am a sissy boy. Well I guess a sissy girl wearing these clothes.

“Well you are too sweet coach. We came early so I could ask you a few questions if you don't mind?” I stop and watch while the coach puts his hand across his chest like it is a serious conversation.

The coach smiles. “Sure thing ma'am, what is it I can help you with?” The coach is smiling at grandmother as she starts talking.

“Well coach I don't know if you realize or not but my daughter who is Kelly and Mileys mom is out of the country on business. My question to you is, when my daughter comes back from Japan will Kelly be able to stay on your team? Because their house is in LA county and I live here in orange county here in Huntington beach.”

The coach looks in deep thought. “I am sorry Liz but the school districts decide what regions the kids can play baseball. So, he would have to try-out for the team back in his district. Unless he lived here and went to school here. I hope he stays here because he is going to be our star pitcher if he lives here.”

“I will make sure I bring that up when my daughter calls tonight. Did I tell you my pretty daughter is also very single and you know both her wonderful children? Not to be to personnel coach but I know Alice told me you are also single and haven’t dated since your ex left or since you became a single dad?”

The coach looks down kind of sadly. “No this is a small-town Liz and everyone knows everyone else’s business I am sure you know from you living here for your whole life. I have spent all my waking hours trying to be a good dad to my three kids and it isn’t an easy task. I wouldn’t know what to do without sister Alice in our lives helping me with having two girls’ which I have no clue how to raise. Her helping with Samantha makes it easy for me to be the baseball coach and her helping with my older daughter as well.”

“What the heck happen?” I look around and I can't believe were I am. What the heck is going on as I rub my eyes trying to clear the visions in front of me that shouldn’t be there. I look at the woman pushing her baby in her stroller and looking at the stores as she walks by us.

Rubbing my eyes, It must be whatever I don't know. “What is the matter Miley? You look weird, no offense.” I continue walking in the mall watching my grandmother and sister Alice window shopping. “Are you sure you are okay? I mean one second you are okay the next second you look like you seen a ghost. Are you okay Miley?”

“What are we doing in the mall? Yea I know looking around I can see we are in the mall with my grandmother and sister Alice, and they are laughing and looking in the store windows. Samantha is staring at me like I just landed here from another planet but wow what is going on?

I look around and she is right we are in the mall. “Umm yea umm, I am alright I think I was out in the sun to much today Samantha.” I look down and I am still wearing my school girl uniform, oh know I mean the school uniform sister Alice made me wear to help out at her school. Samantha is still staring at me but she is also wearing the same clothes so umm did I blank out I rub my head.

“Are you sure you are okay Miley you look weird and it looks like you are starting to sweat.” I listen to her and she is right putting my hand on my forehead I can feel I am sweaty.

I look around and everything looks normal in the mall except that my mind is freaking out not even knowing that I am at the mall or why I am at the mall with Samantha and staring at grandmother and sister Alice laughing while they chat looking in the windows we walk slowly through the mall.

“Yea, yea I am okay Samantha, I mean I guess.” Looking around I feel like I am missing something, but everyone looks like they are in slow motion. I blink my eyes and rub my eyes again.

Samantha takes my hand like she is scared. “I need to go potty. Will you come with me Miley?” I hear her and I am not too crazy about going into the girl's restroom but again I do look like a little girl.

“You girls can't use the bathroom by yourselves I will go with you both.” Grandmother says over hearing Samantha's bathroom request. I'm not too thrilled going into the girl's bathroom but I look more girly than the real girls me wearing this super girly school girl uniform. “Alice the girl's need to use the restroom.”

We wait for sister Alice to respond while I watch Samantha crossing her legs doing the potty dance. “Okay you take them inside I will wait her and look at the pretty dresses in this store window unless you need some help?”

“No we are fine enjoy yourself, we will be right out.” We continue to walk in the women’s bathroom with grandmother holding both our hands. “Okay girl's do you need help or will you be okay?”

I watch as Samantha pushes the bathroom stall open. “No ma’am I will be fine.” I look up to grandmother and I push the next door open and see the stall is empty.

“Umm no grandmother I will be fine too I'm not a baby.” I see a look on her face like maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I hope grandmother doesn’t think I am being disrespectful. I turn and close the stall door and I lift my school girl skirt up and I pull my plastic panties, and pull-up down to below my knees. I sit on the toilet and I try to go potty and I look between my legs to see if my little penis and balls have come back out. I stare at myself and all I see is a little slit, which is from when she pushed my little penis back inside my body.

I start to get nervous and I see it looks real I have no more boy parts between my legs. I push my finger inside hoping I will feel my balls or penis and nothing. Closing my eyes, I can't believe it I am a girl now. “Are you done yet Miley I am standing out here waiting?”

“Umm yea I think so.” I stand back up getting my pull-up on and plastic panties up making sure the panties completely cover my diaper. The last thing I want is anyone to see my diaper. I pull my skirt down and stare at Samantha smiling.

Grandmother cleans her hands at the sink. “Did you go potty Miley?” I look down feeling sadly from me being rude to grandmother and finding out I don't have any boy parts between my legs now I am still in shock.

“Umm no grandmother I couldn’t go potty at all.” I look up at grandmother and I notice I am starting to wet my diaper an I am talking to grandmother.

Oh, man I can't believe I am wetting my diaper now after I just tried to go potty I really am a baby. “Did you at least try to go sweetie?” I want to cry but am not going to tell her I just soaked my diaper while we are talking. We walk out of the bathroom all three of us holding hands.

“Yes grandmother I really did try to go potty.” Leaving out the details that I am now soaking my diaper with pee will we are talking; I concentrate and I stop wetting my diaper. “Oh my god is that mommy.” I see mommy walking over to us kissing Samantha’s daddy the baseball coach. Oh, man mommy is going to see me wearing a dress with my long hair looking all girly and everyone thinks I am a girl and the movie and pictures grandmother sent her she seen me oh know what am I going to do?

Oh, know I thought mommy was going to call us tonight. I guess she surprised us. I get so scared her seeing me dressed like this I start to flood my diaper with pee and I feel my tummy get all twisted up and I am squatting down pooping in my diaper filling it up as I cry. Mommy comes up to me and kneels down in front of me in her short skirt and I can see her panties underneath clear a day. I feel mommy put her hands on my shoulders looking into my eyes.

“Are you okay sweetie, did you not make it to the bathroom quick enough and you peed your diaper again sweetie?” I feel mommy’s hand going up underneath my short skirt. “Yes you are soaked and by the smell of it you made a mess in your diaper. Let’s go in the girl’s bathroom and get you changed sweetie it is okay everyone has accident especially little girl's.”

Mommy takes my hand after she kisses the coach on the lips, and takes my diaper bag from grandmother. “I am so sorry mommy, I mean look at me. I missed you so much mommy, and I love you don't be mad at me.” I point to the super girly school girl uniform I am wearing. I feel mommy pick me up and put me next to the diaper bag on the changing table in the bathroom.

“I am not mad at you sweetie let us just clean you up and we can go back to shopping okay?” I feel mommy pulling my plastic panties off and then I feel mommy taking my pull-up off. “Wow you really had to go sweetie, next time don't wait so long if you feel like you have to go potty tell me or another adult and we will take you to the bathroom okay sweetie?”

I feel mommy using diaper wipes and cleaning me up. Mommy drops my icky diaper into the trash can next to us. “Here sit up a little bit and see how clean you are now sweetie so you don't have to cry anymore okay?” I sit up and look and sure enough I am all cleaned up and I look to see if my little balls and penis are clean and there gone. All that is there is a little slit were my penis used to be, oh know I am a real girl, and mommy sees it too. How did that happen? I lay back.

“See sweetie you are all cleaned up and back to being mommy's little girl.” I feel mommy sliding another pull-up under me while she sprinkles baby powder in my private area. I start to think back trying to figure out how this happen to me, and the last I remember the real Miley pushed my little penis back inside me. I wonder if that is how my balls and penis disappeared and I turned into a real little girl and now mommy thinks I am the real Miley.

Mommy will never believe me that I am the real Kelly, I mean I am a girl now. I can't show mommy my penis and show her I am Kelly her son. What am I going to do now? I cry softly to myself, mommy pulls my skirt down and puts me on the bathroom floor taking my hand as we walk out of the bathroom.

“I think someone needs a nap.” I hear mommy saying to Samantha's daddy pointing at me crying softly while I rub my eyes.

I look up and see mommy kissing Samantha daddy again. “I don't need a nap mommy I am not a baby. I start stamping my feet on the ground and I drop on the floor of the mall kicking my feet while I am laying on my back like I am having a toddler fit.

“You get up right this minute young lady.” I hear mommy saying which makes me scream and cry louder her calling me a young lady. I close my eyes feeling myself start to go potty in my diaper again but I don't even try to stop it as I am soaking my diaper.

I feel hands on my shoulders. “Are you okay Miley, Miley are you okay?” I open my eyes and Samantha is looking at me with tears in her eyes. I turn my head and everything is in slow motion again and I see grandmother and Samantha's daddy running towards us. I continue to cry looking up at Samantha's crying eyes and that makes me stop crying that I am making her cry.

“I'm okay Samantha don't you cry please, that will make me cry seeing my best friend in the whole wide world crying too.” Wow did I just call her my best friend in the whole wide world that sure sounded like something a toddler would say. I sit up and I realize I am laying in sand and I see the swings set and the rest of the playground around me.

Samantha's daddy takes my hand. “Are you okay Miley? We heard Samantha scream and seen you laying in the sound?” I look up trying to figure out what happened to me as I feel sand in my hair, and sand in my diaper.

“Daddy she was swinging next to me on the other swing and then she said she could jump and land farther than me and when she jumped she didn’t land on her feet she landed on her face and didn’t get up and that is when I screamed. Is Miley okay daddy, is she? Daddy is she, okay, is she?” Miley says while she starts crying again.

I sit up more starting to wipe the sand off of me and I start to stand up feeling my diaper is soaked again. “Miley are you okay sweetie maybe we should call an ambulance or at least take you to the doctor's?” I hear grandmother saying with a very stressed tone in her voice. I stand up and my skirt is all bunched up and showing sand all over my plastic panties.

“No I hate the doctor's grandmother; I am fine, umm I don't know what happen I guess Samantha is right what happen.”

I continue to wipe the sand off of me which is everywhere on me. “I think she is alright she is more worried about looking dirty and wiping all the sand off of her like the little girly girl she is.” Samantha's daddy says smiling at me. I look over at Samantha and she starts hugging me.

“I was so worried Miley are you sure you are okay?” I smile hugging her back while everyone is watching me if they only knew that I was wetting my diaper in front of them.

I turn and look at grandmother. “Umm grandmother I think I had an accident again.” Looking up I see grandmothers face change from sadness and concern to smiling.

“Yup that is my granddaughter Miley she is alright, and back to normal having another accident in her pull-up. Now I think she is alright. Okay we better be getting back to the church to help sister Alice girl's so let’s walk to the van NO running give Miley a chance to catch her breath.” I look at Samantha smiling but hearing her saying GIRL'S meaning I am one of the girl's still sounds weird. “Thanks again coach we will talk later.” Grandmother says waving good bye.

I feel Samantha take my hand. “Can I hold Mileys hand so I know she is okay?” Grandmother looks down at me smiling and nodding her head yes.

“I feel fine Samantha but don't tell anyone, but I had the weirdest dream after I fell that your daddy was kissing my mommy and that I had an accident in my diaper and I also pooped in it.”

Samantha smiles at me. “Well I think half of that is true because it smells like you did more than wet your diaper again hehehe.”

The End of Part 8

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