Summer Intern (Continuation of Spring Break)

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Summer Intern

By Jessica C

Marti discovered herself and came out during Spring Break.... She was invited back to South Carolina for a summer internship... Joyfully in involves more than she expected.

(This is a continuation from my Spring Break series. Readers are advised to begin there, though it is not a must)

Marty Stanley’s feminine side was discovered by Sandy Sparks as he went on his college spring break. She was a stranded motorist he stopped to help. It was then Sandy saw his panty showing as he leaned over to replace a flat tire. She also noticed traces of makeup he missed removing from the night before.

Sandy and her sister Hannah were delighted to help this dirty blonde guy to be a Barbie Doll and discover the girl inside. Marti emerges much to her own delight. Marti is not a complete surprise to him. Though coming out and discovering she’s full of life and her own spirit is new. Marty had never allowed Marti to emerge completely before.

Howard Sparks, Sandy’s father, took a liking to Marti for helping his daughter Sandy. He even encouraged Marti to come back to South Carolina in the summer and begin finding her way in her new life.

Mrs. Sparks, Hannah and another summer intern Stephanie Karma were there to welcome Marti when she rode in Sunday afternoon. Steph was out on the porch to greet Marti, while Alice Sparks and Hannah were up in what’s to be Marti’s bedroom. The window coverings are fresh and bright or pinks and white. The bed is an old but pretty four poster. There’s even a picture taken at spring break that has been made into a poster for the wall. It is of Sandy, Hannah, Janice and Marti on the beach at New Smyrna.

There is a new dress in the closet along with an outfit that Marti had not packed when she left at the end of spring break. The scent of Dogwood blossoms and potpourri fills the bedroom. When Marti pulled up to the house in her dated car; Steph answered the ring of the doorbell, greeting her arrival.

Steph had seen the poster picture of Marti, but was still expecting someone who looked like a guy trying to look as a girl. No, Marti’s transformation wasn’t perfect. One could see the college guy if they knew what to look for. His shoulders were a little too square, his feet a bit further apart than they might be and while his Adam’s apple isn’t very noticeable it is there.


There is a third floor to the grand old house; it is for the other person. It’s reserved for Bradley Jordan III, a summer intern and the son of CEO Bradley Jordan Jr. The Chairperson for South Carolina Investments, Inc.’s Board is Mrs. Brianna Jordan; she is the mother of Bradley Jr. Though she was a mature sixteen years old when her son was born.

Bradley, Sr. had died two years ago; he was already sixty-six when he plucked the young blossom of her youth.

The young Bradley goes by Lee, and while he is fairly intelligent he is suspected like his grandfather to be a skirt chaser.


Marti for having been a guy thinks she has an abundance of clothes as she carries two handfuls of dresses and outfits on hangers into the house. Steph ask, “How much more do you have to bring in?” She’s surprised to hear there are only two suitcases, though both are large. “Well girl, we will need to change that while you are here.”

Hannah knows enough to search for a box of shoes, a makeup luggage piece as well as other odds and ends. She too comments, “Mom, Marti’s still not use to being a girl.”

Ellen says, “You need to remember Hannah, not every girl has as much as you and your friends.”

“But Mom even Tricia has more than twice as much as Marti.”

Ellen says, “Speaking of Tricia, you should call her and see if she can meet us along with your father and Sandy Jo for dinner. It should not take long to get Marti settled into her apartment.”

It took two hours to settle in and for Marti to shower and refresh herself to Mrs. Sparks liking. She says, “Marti, you need to remind my husband to let you off work the next two days at 3:00 p.m. so we can do some shopping for you.”

Marti says, “I can’t do that. It will be my first two days and well I want to make a good impression at work.”

Mrs. Sparks says, “I’ve seen your wardrobe and even your work clothes need to be bolstered. I am sure Howard has put aside an allotment for you to be properly dressed to meet clients. I did not see anything appropriate for an evening dinner meetings or hosting a client. These are money people and they expect you to be properly attired.”

= ^_^=

There was already a colorful dress in Marti’s closet and it is what Mrs. Sparks encouraged Marti to wear. Sunday evening at the country club is only half full. While the staff takes notice of the Sparks they are considered second tier in wealth, being the working rich.

Marti knew that many had observed her. Mrs. Sparks whispers, “They looked at your dress and how you presented yourself. You should be well pleased, I think they think well of you in your first impression.”

Sandy whispers, “Marti, if anyone should ask, your name is Martina Marie Stanley. You should give them that for your proper name; Marti should be for those who know you better or those you work with.” Marti begins to speak but is interrupted. “I know your name is not formally Martina Marie yet. Others do not need to know that.”

Mr. Sparks says, “Martina, I am sorry that I have not communicated with you as much as I should. This first week will be geared to introducing you to your work and getting you on board with what is expected in this environment.

“We will compromise with your South Carolina mother. I will seek to have you off tomorrow between 3:30 and 4:00. She and my daughters can help accomplish some things that I cannot.”

He says, “Come Wednesday, your schedule will include three dance lessons, one each of the first three weeks. I hope you don’t mind, but it is part of the expectation for all of our employees.”

We are seated and ready to order and there is an empty setting at the table. I am surprised when Tricia arrives to have dinner with us. She greets the others, but more warmly greets me with a light hug and air kiss to the cheek.

Tricia has her summer job as a historian working to classify relics at the museum. Along with artifacts from southern history they have artifacts from two European collections that have recently been received at the museum. Tricia is a history major in secondary education.

The meal goes well and the evening out takes a good two hours with as much socializing as anything. Hannah and Tricia took me for a short walk and talk after the meal. Tricia says, “Columbia, is a fairly open city, and you are not going to be seen as very unusual here as you might other places. You are encouraged however not to flaunt yourself. There is much pride here that you should honor to as well. I will wait until Thursday or Friday to see you.”

Hannah says, “You have done well in keeping your composure. It is hard enough to manage the heat and humidity here. Mint julips are not a requirement, but you should come to know your drinks as a lady and decide what your interests are outside of work. You need to figure out what you want to do for exercise to gain and keep your girlish figure.”

Once back to the house I’m staying at, I am ready to unzip my dress and step out of my heels. Steph and I share the second floor, both having a bedroom, a walk in closet and another room to ourselves. She says, “I hope you do not mind but I have started a bath for you. Hannah says, you might always remember that the good hygiene of a woman takes a larger effort and more time. That includes unwinding and relaxing from travel and an evening out.”

I want to say, ‘But I’m not a woman,’ but then again it is who I am. Steph pours to glasses of wine and she allows me to tell her my story starting with spring break.

With the AC keeping my room comfortable I had a great night of sleep. I woke first and have a glass of ice tea and half a scone. I read a newspaper on my iPhone. I have a TV but decide it distracts me in the morning too much from getting ready.

My choice of clothes this morning is a light bright lime green dress, a color I liked but would not wear as Marty. Steph agrees that my yellow and orange accessories give a colorful and cheery touch to my ensemble. I have a leather purse with green and yellow straps and buckle. With my tablet inside I am off to work.

I have an attractive pink and white mug in which I get my coffee at Higher Grounds. It is a place that Steph already knew and we share a table. Both of us are looking to be early. Mr. Sparks introduces me to Gary Schmidt who is to acquaint me with the different programs they have and give me my own account number and password. They have to be entirely knew, nothing I’ve used before. Gary says, “Not even close.”

They give me the information of a deceased person. I am to practice in setting up a new account and choose possible investments. They give me a fake amount of money and investment goals. Something told me to search for SCI’s parameters. It was 11:10 a.m. when I happened upon a list of fifty plus investments recently tied to SCI investments. Not knowing which Mr. Sparks likes. I quickly look them over and go to see him.

“Mr. Sparks, I’ve seen a list of investments used by SCI and I’ve come to see if there are some you prefer over others.”

Mr. Sparks takes me list and looks at them. He then asks, “Some have a 1 or 2 by them. What is that for?”

I had meant that for my own knowledge. “Um, you weren’t to see that. They’re my guess of what you might have used.”

He says, “Except for these three ones, you’re on target. You and I will need to look at these three and see if they should be part of my folders.” He asks, “Where did you get the notion, I’d like these?”

I say, “When you talked to me about the internship; you told me your philosophy of what you look for and then to balance it.”

Mr. Sparks told me, “Go get some lunch and try to get back before one. I’d like to show some current accounts. I may have you sit in with a client who I’m to see at 2:00, but she’s always early.”

I saw, Café Gardens walking from my car. I decide to go there for lunch. When I order the spinach tossed salad, the waitress compliments me. She says, “For a newbie, I like your choice. Could I suggest a raspberry tea with mint?”

“I need to stay away from too much sugar or I would.”

She says, “That’s where the mint comes in. It adds to the sweet taste and the sugar is cut way down.”

She asks, “Would you like me to replace the strawberries in your salad with raspberries? Maybe I shouldn’t the strawberries are fresh, not the raspberries.”

I say, “Thanks, I too prefer the fresh fruit.” The lunch is good and better yet it comes soon. I didn’t rush, but I am done in plenty of time. Melissa thanks me for choosing her table. I didn’t but I’ll ask for it from now on.


Back to work, Mr. Sparks Secretary rings me. “If you’re ready, Mr. Sparks wants to meet with you. Make sure by 1:30 you allow him time to prepare for his next client. Mrs. Breese usually comes early.”

Mr. Sparks has me use a stool to look onto his computer. He has the investment folders I had marked. He asks, “These three folders, do you remember any numbers or letters associated with them?”

“I’m not sure; mkh I think was with that one but the other I remember because its mark was confusing, b2s.”

Howard says, “I’m not sure how you got in there but that’s Mrs. Brianna Jordan’s i.d. She was an up and coming second tier investor when the old man took notice of her and trained her for thecompany. She is not only attractive she knows her stuff. Please understand this information stays with me and no one else, do you understand?”

I smile and say “Yes.” He says, “Cute. You and I will meet with Mrs. Jordan yet this week. She needs to know about this. I can’t afford not to be upfront with her.” He pauses, “And she’ll want to know about you and how you found it. Can you do that?”

I say, “Yes, I’m pretty sure. I marked it as a source I wanted to keep. Will I be in trouble?” Mr. S says, “Other than not reporting to me but her in the future. No, you should be doing very well.”

We talk and I know I will be continuing to work for him as I have a lot to learn. He was joking about Mrs. Jordan taking me for herself…

To be continued…

Marty/Marti Stanley
Alice and Charles Stanley - parents
Sandra and Hannah Sparks – Marty helped Sandy and she saw his panties
Howard and Ellen Sparks – their parents
Trooper Joyce Ryan -
Maria – Housekeeper
Rex and Dilbert – Classmates from college
Steph – antagonist
Brian –danced with Hannah
Troy – danced with
Nick Adams – danced with Sandy
Lela, Tina and Cassidy Hendersons
Tricia Morgan attends – FMU in Florence, South Carolina
Stephanie Karma – Summer intern of Constance Rivers
Bradley Jordan III – Intern and son of CEO Bradley Jordan Jr.
Brianna Jordan - mother of Bradley Jr. though only fifteen years older
Chairperson of the Board
Bradley Jordan, Sr. – Recently deceased

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