Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 10

Yasmine stops and looks around the pasture. Something was bothering her and she couldn’t put her finger on it. There was a strangeness in the air and it was bothering her. Even her horse felt it. Ryder told her that animals were sensitive and she should be aware of what they felt.

She hears a whistling sound coming towards her and then the ground exploding in front of her.

The explosion knocks her off her horse as she lands behind him on her back. She lays their stun as another explosion happens near her.

Her ears were ring and she was hurting. She notices a group of people in black armor coming towards her.

Yasmine summoned her knife as she slowly gets up off the ground. The men lower their guns towards here and starts firing.

Yasmine throws up her shield to block the bullets. Her head was still ring from being blown off her horse. She starts getting angry and summon a blizzard like Carmen did against her. She causes huge hail stones to pelt them as the snow gets high around them. She already sent out her senses to find her parents and they were under attack right now.

One of the men fire a rocket at her. She turns it into a snowball before it can hit her. She redirects the snowball back at him and turn it into ice. She turns the blizzard into an ice storm and start freezing the men into frozen popsicles. She feels a blast from behind her and glances at towards the area behind her.

Yasmine stomps her foot down and cause the ground to roll like an Earthquake just happened. She could feel her magical energies being used up fast. She concentrates on their weapons and cause them to explode in their hands, even if it meant killing them. Yasmine hears a roar and the next thing she see is two Were-wolves, a Dingo and a Canadian lynx. She had felt a surge in the magical energies around the ranch, but didn’t expect to see a cinnamon color huge wolf, a golden color Dingo and a grayish color Lynx appear. She watches as they change into their hybrid forms and go hand to hand with the soldiers.

Yasmine reduces the ice storm as she watches the reinforcements force the soldiers back. The lynx hybrid she noticed is tossing magic around like it was nothing. She had never seen a witch do that before. Yasmine had to draw a little bit of magic to support herself. She was bone tired and exhausted. The area in which she fought looked terrible. She was doing what she could to stay standing.

She notices the Hybrid lynx come walking over and change forms from a Lynx to a short girl with short black hair and Native American features.

She catches Yasmine as she is about to fall to her knees.

“Easy there young one. Sorry for being late to help you.”

Yasmine looks up at the woman “who are you?”

“A friend is all you need to know.”

The woman picks Yasmine up in her arms like she weighted nothing and carry her towards the house. All the ice and damage Yasmine did starts to either disappear or return to the way it was.

“Are you doing that?”

“Sort of. See that Dingo over there?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“He’s from my pack and his specialty is the ability to control Earth. He’s an elemental.”

“I didn’t know that there were Were-Dingo’s in the United States.”

“He’s the only one in the United States. They normally don’t leave Australia because of how few there are.”

“Oh, Who’s the deep cinnamon female were-wolf?”

“That’s my wife. Her name is Courtney the teenage girl with shoulder length black hair standing next to Carmen is my sister Kelly.”

Gabe comes walking up still in his hybrid form.

“You know boss, if you keep carrying cute girls like you are. Your wife is going to get jealous.”

“Courtney knows I love her.”

The hybrid Dingo walks with Yasmine and the black hair woman.

“I think this young lady belongs to you Lydia.”

She hands Yasmine to her mother.

“How is she Ava?”

“She’s fine. Her magical energies are low, but other than that. She could use a good rest to restore her energies. “

“How about you squirt?”

Ava wraps her arms around a teenage girl about her height.

“I’m doing alright, sis.”

Yasmine looks at Carmen and her mother.

“Let me introduce you to members of the Chattan Pride and Hipamika Clan, Yasmine. The young lady that was carrying you is Ava Vreeland and she is a member of the Chattan Pride. Her mate Courtney is from the Hipamika Clan and Gabe is an employee of Ava’s and doesn’t belong to any clan or pride.”

“Ya, he’s lucky. He only has to answer to the cute Native American chic there.”

Carmen elbows Justine.

“The young lady you saw Ava put her arms around is her sister Kelly. She’s half fae like Carmen. Ava is a were-lynx and can use magic like any witch. She has fae blood in her veins. Her bloodline is the only bloodline that has fae and Were in it.”

Yasmine looks at Ava like she was strange.

Ava looks around “do I have something strange on me?”

“No, but Yasmine is wondering why you are so special.”

“Trust me kid, its more trouble than its worth.”

“How did you guys know we were in danger?”

“I sent them a message asking for help.” Lily was holding her side.

“Courtney” Ava nods her head towards Lily.

“Gotcha.” Courtney walks over towards Lily and examine the wound.

“It’s a clean shot.” Courtney knees and use her special talent to heal Lily’s wound.

“Why did they attack us?”

“That’s easy kid. They hate supernatural and you must have done something to piss them off to use this type of fire power against you.”
Gabe had spoken and was looking at Yasmine.

“We didn’t do anything bad against them. All I do was blow-up one van by accident.”

“Well, something got them on edge kiddo.”

“Gabe, you know as well as I do. That the HSL organization doesn’t need a reason to kill our kind.”

Kelly was keeping quiet while she stood with her sister standing behind her. Yasmine was only a few years younger than her and there was
something unique about her. Like she has been touched by some divine power.

Yasmine notice the one name Kelly looking at her with her tricolor light blue eyes.

“Carmen, are your eyes like Kelly?”

“Nope, mine our one color. Kelly and her mothers are tricolor. We’re from different types of fae.”

“You’re busted sis.” Ava just hugs her adopted sister.

“We’re getting off track here.” Justine looked at everyone.

“I know Justine. Let’s go inside and sit down and talk about this.” Lydia leads everyone inside the house.

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