Today's Parable - 2017 - 06 - 12 - I'll Give You The World...

I'll Give You The World...
(c) 2017 Haylee V

Alaine had to be, without a doubt, one of the loveliest and most graceful women in the entire world. Everyone in the hamlet of Dervonshire simply adored her. Women wanted to emulate -- no, to actually BE -- her, and men courted her day and night, trying in vain to win her favor -- and her heart.

But Alaine, both noble and gentle in all her ways, would have none of it. She was her father's only child, and had sworn to her mother, on her deathbed, to look after Papa until his dying day. She didn't mind this task, as Papa was every bit as kind and loving as she, herself was. But, as hearts are often wan to do, she longed for someone her equal, to share her life with.

True, she loved Papa dearly, but it just wasn't the same. Who would she turn to when he passed into the Great Beyond? She needed someone that would love her unconditionally, and help her take care of Papa as well.
=== === ===
One day, a handsome stranger rode into town on a gorgeous white palomino. His attire spoke volumes as to his wealth, and his charms set every girl's heart aflutter. He was suave and debonair, and exuded sophistication and breeding in every movement he made. In short, he was every woman's Prince Charming.

He set his sights immediately on Alaine, determined to win the heart of the unwinnable goddess of the land. Many nights would he treat her to dinners by candle ligt or midnight serenades. He lauded platitudes on her, and poured on every charm he possessed, eventually catching her eye.
=== === ===
"My Dear Alaine," he stated. "What must I do to win your heart?"

"My wants are simple, Sire. Love me, and help me care for Papa."

"For you, my beloved, I would give the world."
=== === ===
Alaine was overjoyed at hearing this. She gladly accepted his proposal, and the two were wed.

After the honeymoon, however, the "prince" began to show his true colors. He had Alaine's father placed in a nursing home -- the worst in the country, and proceeded to usurp the family fortune. Having no further need to disguise himself, he reverted to his old ways -- tyrannical and overbearing.

"But you promised me the world,..." Alaine cried, heartbroken.

"Aah, sweet, innocent, naïve child," the prince said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Don't you know? I would have said absolutely anything to get what I wanted. It's not my fault you fell for my charms."


All's fair in love and war.

One of the sad truths in life is that there are some people that will do almost anything to further their own selfish agendas.
Never sacrifice your morals or principles for these smooth-talking charlatans. Always stand your ground, and you'll come out on top in the end.

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