Shadowsblade: Testing finals...Let's dance

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

Now the end of the school year comes and the tests it brings...One is the film she will work in. But the first hard one is this Dance


Wednesday May 16, 3:40 PM
Poe cottage, my room

I had called Josh around noon today, to make sure our plans for having dinner together today we're still a 'go' and that small question of mine found him very much wanting to see me or is it 'us' again. But he sounded very strange on the cell phone to me, like he was hiding something about dinner tonight from me?

But all the same, I plopped onto my bed after I closed my door and took off that uncomfortable school uniform and worked my way into my jeans and tee-shirt in my newer me. The older me, the original, just dropped all that mess and stripped down to her underwear. Where I found it strange again, that one of my twins, she felt better in jeans and t-shirt and the other in just undies?

With all that quickly done, I spent sometime reading from my magic class notes for the coming tests at year end...those days were coming far too soon for me! The hope of getting a passing grade in that class or some of my others was falling fast, all due to my having taken so much time off of late to deal with all the madness coming at me!

That thought of failure was dwelling hard on me right now, that chance of failing something, failing anything and 'Drow never failed!' That was the Geas talking right now, on the failing part and I tried to ignore it for the time being. After rereading my notes for class this week and a few others, I was finding that human style magic was starting to make more sense to me, after the work Sara had done after our split into twins?

As the last lesson was making more sense to me just now as I reread it over and over. I rolled over on the soft bed and dropped the book on my work table, thus freeing my hands for guiding the weaving of a test spell, from this section of class.

Outside in Poe's main entrance room.

Mrs. Horton noticed a boy that she had only once before walking next to Nikki on her way back from class. So she hit the red flag button...better known as 'we have guests flag' and with that light now lit up in all the buildings warning panels, the residents of Poe, were not to show any physical relations. Thus keeping, Poe's little known secret!

The boy lead the way, held the door open for Nikki where she giggled at him and jammed him playfully in the ribs! Then both teens walked laughing, straight into Horton's room from the main entrance.

"Mrs. Horton, this is Josh and old friend that knows all about us here in Poe and he is here to see's a bit of a surprise!" she smiled to the house mother, her introduction of the boy standing next to her.

"Nikki, is that such a good idea surprising her these days?" Horton wondered out loud to the Elvin teen.

"It's not that bad, she was expecting to go out to dinner with him where he lived and not dinner in town here tonight is all?" she quickly explained the situation.

"Okay, but make sure she is allowed to leave the campus?" Horton asked, but she already knew that Rohanna was cleared and off of any punishment details this week.

"Got it Mrs. Horton!" Nikki sings then starts quickly leading, or was that dragging Josh down the hallway.

Once down the hall and at the right door. Nikki nods to Josh, "That's her's, so knock already!" she said and gave him a playful, almost evil sisterly shove of encouragement.

Josh does as asked and knocks softly on the door.

On the other side of the door, I am so deep within my concentration into weaving this spell correctly. The one of me sitting on the bed, just gets up to open the door, while the new me at the desk grabs hold of the spell within it's flow and keeps it moving along in it's many steps.

My hand spins the door's knob, while paying more attention my spell by looking that way and flings the door open. That is when I spin to see Josh standing there, the look of shock on his face clues me into why, as his eyes are locked in their focus, looking down at my nearly bare chest and then him barking out sharply, as he shuts his eyes, "I did not see anything!"

Nikki just blows up laughing at me, as I think why he said that and realize I am standing at the door in only my silk undies! I shriek out to the hallway, "EEEPPPPP!" as my brain makes the connection. As I try to cover up and slam the door, just as I bark "JORA!" or RATS! in Drow as the loud 'bang' comes from inside my room.

Nikki keeps laughing and Josh is mortified! The only sounds that come from behind the closed door seem like a demon talking in tongues and very angry ones at that!

"What is that she is saying?" Josh asks Nikki.

"That is Ro cussing in Drow, I can tell now from how many times I have to hear it and I am reading books on that language, that Aung left me?"

"Humm and that thin scar she has on know?" he asks with a most embarrassed stutter, as he slowly turns beat red.

"Josh, that is where a sword was rammed right through her, when a assassin snuck onto the school grounds and tried to kill her about a month back." Nikki sadly sighs out.

"A what tried to hurt her, with a what!?" Josh almost yelps now, seeming to get more angry with each second.

"Yes it happened and she was almost killed. If we did not accidentally have on campus that day, an expert on that blade. Ro would have died, that blade was made to kill her kind and is so very rare even from back in her own time."

Josh was about to ask Nikki even more, when a yelling tirade came from beyond the closed door, "Nikki lle silly fae! mankoi ume lle il- warn amin tanya Josh nae eller!"
(Nikki you silly Fae! Why did you not warn me that Josh was there!")

"What was that?" he asked now.

"That was Elvin and all of that I do understand...." Nikki winks then begins with a sigh to the door, "Eithel lle ayail- assume ya naa ie' lle annon ar' amin nowa tanya nae too funny! Nan' let lye e' saesa Ro?"
(Well you should not assume who is at your door and I think that was too funny! But let us in please Ro?)

When I hear that from Nikki, I grab clothes as fast as possible to cover myself up with and the other part of me opens the windows to clear out all the smoke from my failed spell!

After I check the room over once more to be sure that all is good, I open the door to both of them, "Hi Josh nice to see ya here and what a surprise this visit is!?"

"Sorry Ro, I goofed and embarrassed you?" he said meekly to me.

"Not your fault, some of my cottage mates. They need a lesson in manners?" I give Nikki a fang filled grin in warning as she walks in.

"Is that smoke I smell?" she asks taking a place sitting at one of my desk chairs.

"Yep that is what happens when you interrupt a training spell sometimes?" I grin and bear the embarrassment now.

"Ohh...whooops I should have told you Josh was here myself then?" she finally gives in to me.

"Yep, but all that is in the past and no damage was done. Spells are like watching angels dance on the head of a pin, take your eyes off them and they all change into devils to punish you." I repeat an old class saying from my Elvin academy time.

I wave Josh over to the chair that is nearest me and both of us Drow sit on my bed, "So I guess we are having dinner here or what?"

"Yes, Dad was flying out this way and he suggested this little side trip, then dropped me off at the local airport on his way to DC. Then Nikki took over from there and brought me here to your school!" he smirked at me.

"So is it just you and me...Josh? And...should we eat right here at Whateley or in town someplace?" I asked.

"Lets keep this a group thing, mom demanded that Nikki come along with us, to 'watch' over us?"

"Ha that is what happens after you date Sara!" Nikki played with me and accidentally hit a soft spot in me, then she instantly regretted it, when I sighed out as that grief hit me..."Sorry Ro, I just forget she is not here sometimes?"

"Who is Sara and you were dating her?" Josh questions both of us, but stares at me far longer with his personal question.

"Ro, I told him most of the stuff that has been bugging all of us, Sara missing, Jamie dying and some of the other bad events. But none of our personal dealings. I felt that was your decision to tell Josh some or all them or not too?"

"Thanks Nikki, that was a fine choice." then I turned to Josh, as his question still needed answers.

"Yes Josh, I was dating Sara. I am not even going to try covering this up with you. I do date girls, then I might do so more in the future and bare this in mind when you think about it or what I am going to say next?"

Josh nods my way, "Go on...please?"

"Remember I was a guy once, just like Nikki was and changing to this Drow is very confusing at times. Sara was something for me to hold onto and I will for sure see her again when she is found. Sara was a Mythos, a demon some call them, or Great Old One and she was great for me. She helped me get level headed and sane...she helped me over the rough patches and asked for nearly nothing in return." I start to choke on the words.

"I get it, you are still finding your new self and that might take years...just like a child does?"

"Yes, I like the way you think!" I praised him.

"I like him too!" Violet sings from her perch.

"Meeeeeee too!" Lilac joins in, "I knew he was good when we saw him!"

"No you did not, I did!" Violet fights back now to her sister.

"Ohhhh youuuu!" one Pixie yelps and they start tossing around up there on the shelf behind me. All I do is shake my head 'Best to let them have a spat once and awhile?' I think to myself.

"Handfuls aren't they?" Josh asks me.

"Yes they are, but I would never give them up!"

"So I guess we are all going out tonight then?" Nikki asks both of us.

"Yep we are. So Nikki, please get Paul to come along with us, then maybe Gwen and Conner her boyfriend can come along and join in the fun too?"

"I can do that, But to where and for what?" she asks while getting up to leave.

"Since I know your funds are in a bad way Nikki, I got this all covered...all tonight is on me and lets go to the pizza place in town, then a Movie?" I suggested.

"Thanks Ro, its been hard going with so little cash. I'll get over to Gwen's room and call them right back!" she sings and runs from my room...but leaves the door open?

While she was gone, Josh gets up and starts looking my room over, "I love all the plants in here and the movie poster of Bullitt!"

"Yes, the plants were added by a close friend and please try a fruit out, they are very good and very sweet!"

He plucks one nice fruit off a branch and bravely takes a seat between us Drow, "I love this fruit and you are right...they are really sweet!" he says after taking a large juice filled bite.

As he sits there, I think about all of this right now. Being with him, part of me still cringes a little at him being there, but more so because he is not a Drow then a male? Then part of me is fine with it all for now, as this will most likely be a short time 'thing' and who knows what is coming next in my crazy life.

But most of all, I still want Roz in my life or Sara when she comes back and that is not changing for a long time. I loved them then at my new start in life and they still deserve that love of mine for quite sometime!

"So Ro, what are you doing during summer, it's only a few weeks off?" he said and that quickly pulled me back to 'here' in the room with him.

"I have a movie that I am working in, I am playing an evil Drow mage in it."

"Too cool, I think my dad mentioned something about that to me? But where is that movie being done?"

"Down in New Zealand for about three months, basically my whole summer is being taken up by that job."

"But it sounds like fun?"

"Still work to me, I have no real choices in what I will be doing till it's all done. So I look at all of that as work, not fun."

"I get it, you can't go to a beach or a theme park and that makes it work."

"You got it Josh."

"Maybe I can come down and see ya?"

"I can see that, me pop-up grab ya and 'port' on down for a few days of whatever fun we can find?" I smile at thinking of having sometime off for a change.

Right then, Nikki walks into my room grinning ear to ear, "Well all set and we will all meet up at the shuttle stop in forty-five minutes. So Josh, come on over to my room, while Ro gets a showered up and dressed a bit better?"

"Great! So off I go and see ya in a few Ro," Josh says as he stands and walks out my door.

When he is finally gone, I strip off my clothes and wait a few minutes to be sure he is not in the hallway, then shoot down to the showers to get cleaned up!

Once I got the shower over with, I found Hip was there at one of the bathroom's many sinks cleaning her face off from working out down in the basement weight room, "I see that you are getting ready for a date with a 'male'" she started sarcastically to me.

"It might be that...a date, but calling it that is far too soon Hippolyta and I know that you hate all males for the most part. But I am still finding myself."

"So you are leaving Sara behind!" she barked at me and I knew she was not really angry at me, but mad at the world.

"Hip when you mutated, you changed from a girl with whatever sexual thoughts you had. To a mutant girl with whatever sexual thoughts that you still have now? But wouldn't you say...just a little...just a smidge? That my change was a bit more harsh for the most part? AND no I am not forgetting Sara and never tell me that I would GIRL!" I shouted back at her.

"Don't talk to me like that, my past was a horror story!" she yelled back at me.

"I never said that, you know mine was too?" I sigh then walk over to her, she tenses up thinking I am about to fight her. Then I hug her, "I miss Sara too, but lets not fight over trivial stuff. We have to stick together and help each outer for now, till she comes back?" I cry to her.

She finally relaxes and gives into my calmness, "I hope we can make it?" she tells me or asks me?

"We all will, we have to for us and for Sara!"

"Sorry I got mad at you, but this month is utter hell on earth for me."

"Hipp, go over to Paige or Gypsy or maybe Feral's room and share this time with them? Please...just like Sara told me all the time, don't keep this bunched up inside you, just let it out to your friends." That is when I realized I was giving Hip advise, exactly like what Sara was trying to give to me for months!

"I'll go over to Thorn to see Paige and help her out then?"

"Good and she will help you too is my bet?" I said as I slowly let go of her.

She nodded to me as I retook my place at the sink and began cleaning my face from that short cry of mine. Then started my usual morning detail of cleaning the fangs that I was so proud of and I started with a cute grin to myself in the mirror before grabbing the toothbrush.


Wednesday May 16, 4:25 PM
Poe cottage, Nikki's room

I strolled into the room and looked at both of them sitting on the bed, Nikki with a book studying her math class and Josh trying to read a year one Magic primer.

"Reading that might rot your brain?" I laugh at him.

"But it kind of makes sense to me, this magic stuff?"

"Well that is good or bad, depending on how you use it?"

"Ro lle alright? amin tyave rutha ar' sadness tul a tuulo' ndu i' hallway ar' ta nae Sidhe?"
(Ro you alright? I felt anger and sadness come from down the hallway and it was Sidhe?) Nikki asked in Elvin to keep it private.

"Nikki usien lle gift en' empathy a' ethir au'...shame girl shame. Nan' tanya nae amin ar' hip havien y' moment a' talk about Sara."
(Nikki using your gift of empathy to spy again...shame girl shame. But that was me and Hip having a moment to talk about Sara.) I gave her a playful evil grin, as I tried to cover up that moment we just had.

"Well good, then lets get going!" Nikki said as she shot up off the bed up and dropped that math class book on her table after saving her spot with a pen.

After she gathered a back pack, that I knew was her huge purse and make-up case! We started to walk out to the main room. But Josh noticed my Blue letter 'UV' armband right then and stopped me to ask about it. "What is that for Ro?" he asked as he fingered it on my arm.

"Josh that is my 'UV' band, it tells other students, that I am off limits and 'shall not provoke' is my warning color."

"So what is that then or means?"

"It's my little scarlet letter for now, it warns the other students not to mess with me. As I get real violent if they do?" I almost look away from him and that shame of having to wear it grows again.

"Why, you are nice to me all the time?"

"Well Josh, others on this campus are not nice and do not understand Ro, or her problems! So she has to wear that armband, so they don't try to bully or mess with her. Because Rohanna is still a Drow warrior at heart and they don't 'DO' gentle at all. I think it stinks myself, but she has to wear it for now because the school said so?" Nikki informs him for me.

"Well that sucks ass!" he raged on for a second and I am sure thought to tear the band off my arm by his staring at it.

"After we get off campus, I will happily take it off, then put on my illusion charm for dinner and the movie. Much like the last time we went out to dinner over at Nikki's."

"But you came over to my house without wearing it...the charm that is?"

"That was a short walk, on a dark street and right to your home where I was expected to show up as a Drow?"

"Ohh, I'm sorry you still have to wear that, but maybe after the movie is out. You can go around outside without it?" Josh felt for the Drows next to him.

"HAAA I bet she has to wear that charm even more, after that movie comes out!" Nikki plays with me.

"Shit, that might happen too! Too much fame is just as bad as none at all and being a monster to some from me playing in that evil role?" I reasoned back to myself.

"Naww, you can deal with it when it comes and my dad does it all day. For the most part, most voters don't even notice him?"

"Ya but is he an elf with dark purple skin and long white hair?" I sass Josh with my reality.

"I see your point, he does blend in with humans around and I am sure you will stick out...some?" he tries to feel some sympathy back to me.

"Well lets not stand here and cry over a bunch of 'what-if's' and lets get over to the shuttle stop for fun tonight!" Nikki urged us as she bolted towards the main doors.

As she walked off, I barked back down the hallway, "Gwen we are going, get moving!" and as she dropped a green baseball cap onto her head, she blasted out of her room at run with my calling her.

"Right behind you!" she sang just now catching up to us three elves, as Josh held the door for all of us to exit.

As we strolled across the Quad, Gwen phoned Conner about his being late and soon as we hit the shuttle stand, he showed up to a somewhat mad Gwen. Who chewed him out for being late as always she barked to him.

While we waited for the shuttle to show, an out of breath Lilac showed up with a equally tired Cein flying by her side, Lilac tried to talk. But Violet took over being the 'older' of the two, "I had Lilac go grab Cein to watch over Josh while we're out in know just in case?' she told me in Elvin.

"Humm good idea my Violet!" I told her, then looked at Cein taking a place on Josh's shoulder, "Cein I know that you do shield spells very well, what else do you have that will help us tonight?" I asked him, as Josh looked very confused at all of us talking in Elvin.

"The plan I have is...I will shield him, till I get a spell that makes a gate back to the Grove all set from a parchment that the elders gave me?"

"Good, Josh is your charge for tonight Cein and your honor rests on his care."

"Yes Jabbress, I will do my duty." he gave back to me with a little hand salute and I nodded back to him.

"Josh this Pixie on your shoulder is named Cein and he will watch over you just in case anything happens tonight."

"Why?" Josh asks me, now even more confused that he needs someone to watch over him...'I am over fifteen and over six foot...not a kid anymore!' is what he thinks to himself.

"Josh I am one to cover my bases on everything I do and Cein is that insurance for you tonight. If something happens and I am very sure it will not. Please do as he asks you and he will see you safely home.

"Hey I can take care of myself!" he boasts.

"I am very sure of that...against humans you can. But against mutants and what ever else, who ever else that would fight twin Drows, plus Nikki, Paul, Gwen and finally Connor? You would get hurt or worse, I can't have that...please take Cein with you and promise to listen to his words?" I begged him.

"Okay Rohanna, I will and I understand your worries at times." he sighed a little, knowing that my life might be far different than his at times and that scar on my chest that he just remembered says so!

"Thanks Josh," I started, but Nikki finished for me, "Yes Josh, thanks and Rohanna is just looking out for all of us." Nikki understood my inner demons that made me want to protect her and Gwen. So my adding Josh along in my protection, was me just being normal to her now.

Shortly the shuttle arrived and we hopped on with a small pack of other kids who were going into Dunwich too for the evening. I bet most were heading to the movie theater in the small town, that surprisingly had top rated movies on the release date and even some on the day before? Who ever ran it, they had connections and the theater I was told had the best picture and sound in the whole state!

When the shuttle hit the edge of town, the driver remained all of us with a shout the town rules, "GSD kids cover up and no powers in town...unless attacked or defending yourselves!"

At his prompt, my charms came out and with a shimmer of magic...there I was again, the blond cheerleader! Gaea I hated this look on me, it almost said 'bimbo' to me way too much.

The Shuttle left us at the intersection of the town's main street, with the longest one that contained the theater and just so happened to have the only stop light in town that happily clicked through it's timeless duty...even though no cars were there.

So after taking a second to get our bearings, the pack of us slowly strolled up the street to the large pizza restaurant and walked in. The boys knew our Elvin needs for no meat and ordered three cheese pizzas for us, one of them would have a mountain of veggies on it. They, the boys...stuck with a large meat lovers pizza, I am sure to drive us Sidhe playfully nuts with the smells, or so they thought.

While we waited for the order to bake, we each grabbed a plate for the included salad bar and started on that task for now. As we all sat in one of the huge booths, Josh pulled up some music on the small tables stereo to play while eating and chatting over what school was about.

During our chat, I found out that Josh was going to follow his dad's footsteps into Harvard and then go into state congress or federal congress just like he did. Nikki let off some growing 'steam' that she had building up over the what I knew was a fake lawsuit that had her money tied up.

Gwen for the most part during our chat, she was paying huge amounts of attention to Collin and his issues with Ito's class. She glanced over to me while she listened to him and asked me, "Ro can you teach him some of your stuff?"

"What me? The skills I use now, are what Master Ito is trying to train out of me. But if you want to kill humans, I can teach you how to do that...if that is what you want?"

Collin shook his head, then grinned at me, "Nawww, I'll pass on that. I am sure Ito will not like it, or the cops for that matter?"

"Yep that fight in Boston told us that, most cops really don't like dead bodies laying in the streets?" all Gwen could do was shake her head to me and my dry shot at humor.

While we munched on the Pizza after it came, all of us tried to sneak food to the three Pixies with some success, Cein seemed to like pizza a lot. But he really loved the hot chocolate fudge sundaes, that came for desert just like my Violet and Lilac did.

When we left the restaurant to make the movie showing. I found that Violet and Lilac, had started to make their usual buzzing around us after they had too much sugar. But Cein seemed to stay seated on Josh's shoulder and got real chatty by whispering things into his ear...most of the comments Cein made Josh laugh and glance slyly my way at times.

This was the first time I had seen this movie theater in Dunwich, it was a rather large one that must have been an old vaudeville house decades ago? But now, it had one large movie screen for first run movies and three detached smaller theaters in the back for older or who knows what shows?

I paid for the pack of us at the window, then we went to the snack counter for a round of drinks all-round to start with and a few snacks each for the show. Since we arrived there early, seating was not full just yet and we could choose a row all to ourselves.

The three of us chose a good spot and sat down with Josh sandwiched between us two Drow. Nikki was sitting next to Paul down the row from us and she did not even wait till the lights dimmed before she started to hold him 'very' close. Gwen, she waited and just held Collin's hand, while she leaned over to snuggle against him.

As the light dimmed a little for the trailers to start, while the moviegoers filled in. Josh noticed something strange up in one of the old theater's opera boxes that lined both sides of the huge theater.

He saw that the old box was occupied by two phantoms that became more solid as the lights dimmed a bit and now in the near darkness, he could make out the two figures. One was a tall, thin old man and the other was a shorter, fat rounder one...But what was strange to him, both of them looked just like puppets!

He nudged me and pointed at both of them, as they spoke out to the theater filled with kids and looked right at us, "Hey look at that boy!" one started, "that one with the twins?" the other asked his thin buddy.

"Yep! he went back for seconds!"..."But he is in for a shock when he unwraps that piece of candy that she is!"... "Ohohohoho." both laughed.

"What is that, or them?" he asked me.

"Not too sure, my first time here. But I can tell they are harmless, besides the VERY painful attempts at humor!" I shouted up at both of them.

"Everyone is a critic!" one laughed down at me.

"But what are they?" Josh asked again.

"Ask Gwen next to ya?"

Josh leaned over me to nudge Gwen a bit, "What is in that box up there?"

"Ohh that...." she laughed, "that is Statler and Waldorf, Like in the Muppets! They are ghosts that live here and the kids shaped them over the years. When the show starts, they only tell a few jokes...But I bet you will be paying more attention to Ro by then or her you!" she grinned his way, then over me sitting there.

"Hey is it Christmas?"..."No you old fart, or did you forget what month it is?"..."Then why are there so many elves in the seats?"... "Even elves have to summer somewhere!" ...."Ohohohoho" they laughed again and all I could do was shake my head in shame.

We Drow chatted softly about what classes we liked or hated at Whateley and Josh tried hard to relate to my magic class with what seemed to be genuine interest in the subject.

Then a very new trailer started on the screen.

"Coming this winter....Lord of the Thrones!" it blasted in huge fiery type, then began to show a short action packed trailer, with lots of sudden flashy cuts and loud explosions. One shot cut or flowed into the next...then showed a pack of men running down a long hallway from twin DROWS...ME!

I watched on, mesmerized at seeing myself run after them and the lead Drow leap up to slide down a stair railing into a fight, the other Drow ported into the same fight. Swords flashed, blood spilled, bodies fell into large chunks via my sharp blades and other men were blasted by my most vicious spells!

The last shot of the trailer, was a large human shoving a sword into my chest RIGHT over where my heart should BE and me pulling it slowly back out while smiling at him, "Silly human, we DROW are not THAT easy to kill" I said to him, while my fang filled grin 'zoomed' filling the screen and the mans death scream filled the stereo speakers of the theater!

Then it flashed Westly's name, a few famous others and introducing 'the Drow twins Rohanna and Rehanna their first picture!'

I just sank into my chair with both hands over my face more than mortified! "Ohh brother...this can't be good?" I groaned out.

Gwen, Nikki, Paul and Colin leaned over to stare at me, but only Nikki spoke, "Ro that was great!"

That is when the ghosts spoke, "Well there is another box office flop!" "Ohohohoho"

"Keep it up laughing boys and POW!" I shouted up at them....they shut-up.

A few other trailers played, then the lights dimmed down to fully dark and the main feature started playing "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End". A very new picture. Then also, this film was one of a few that I had seen the previous installments of the ongoing series and leave it to Disney to milk a name to death, I was very sure there will be several more films to come!

As the film played on, I relaxed and leaned over onto Josh, not in that full boyfriend style. But close friends. After he saw me relax and lean over on both sides of him, he relaxed and sighed more than content that the night was going fine.

After the movie finished it's run and the titles played on. The ghosts spoke out on cue "Now that was a disaster!" "Even pirates would not steal that one!" "Ohohohoho"

While the other kids laughed at the two and the lights just started to come up, I whispered to Josh, "I that you are fine with just being close, I am just not ready for more in my life just yet...maybe soon?" I grinned at him.

"I understand, Nikki took months to get to that happy place and she had a smooth did not...not even close. I can wait, I'll be there for ya no matter how long."

With the lights fully up, Paul stood up while Nikki fixed her smudged make-up and even helped Gwen get her's all straight from their 'fun'. I had to laugh at Paul as he smiled my way and I noticed his face, "Paul, I think that red is not your color?"

"What my lady?" he asked in his old style proper way.

Josh spoke next as I kept laughing at how dense Paul could be at times, "Buddy, Nikki's shade of lipstick is not your color?"

"Ohhh crud!" he said and pulled a napkin from his pocket to clean his face up with. That one small word is the only cussing one would ever hear from the kid, he was too proper to cuss like us Drows do.

As we strolled slowly out in to the theaters large lobby, the world as if on cue had a kid there changing one of the wall posters to the 'Lord of the Thrones coming soon!' and sure enough there was my face in the corner of the poster.

Once the kid had it up and flat within the frames holders. Gwen pointed at it and played with me, "That does not seem to be your good side Ro!" she laughed at me.

That is when the kid took notice and she was one of the few of our fellow students that worked in town to pay for school, "Ro is that you under that?" she pointed at me.

"Yep it is....and shsushhh!"

"Hey I got an idea, sign this one!"

"Why in the heck would I do that?" I questioned her logic.

"It would make it a collectors item!"

"Fine, get me a marker and I'll do one for you and only you."

She quickly ran off, to finally come back with a silver marker and five more of the posters under her arm.

"What is all that for?"

"My boss wants them signed and he will give them away in a drawing soon for charity!" she beamed at me.

After she laid them all out on a table for me, both of us Drows signed the whole stack and added a flourish under the names of our old unit symbol, "There ya go, all done!"

"Ro, can I suggest something to ya?"

"Go on?"

"You might want to think of getting a personal sticker made up, to show that it was you that personally signed your name."

"Why?" I puzzled over to her.

"Because there are a whole lot of fakes out there, since the internet came out?"

"I will get some and come back to place one on each poster for ya. Will that work?"

"Ohhh ya! That will be great and thanks!" she chirped to me.

Gwen laughed at me even more now, "What is next for ya, comic cons and herds of nerds?"

"Comic book conventions?" I questioned her, but Josh spoke up to answer my question first.

"Yep comic book conventions, they can and do make large sums of cash. The best ones pay people like you to show up and talk about the movies you are in! Then you can sign stuff for money on top of that!" he said more than enthusiastically to me.

"Where is the biggest one Josh?"

"San Diego, but I am sure your director Peter will ask you to come to it for the publicity."

"Ohhh too funny, I can see Rohanna as a action figure!" Nikki laughed out next and Paul was laughing too at my pain.

"What is action figure. I have never seen one or heard of one before?"

"You have seen GI Joe stuff?"

"Yep, he was big in my day. During the Sixties!"

"Well they came out with smaller ones in the late seventies, most are about four inches tall and almost every movie these days makes them!" he told me next.

"I have to see one of these action figures soon?"

"I bet the store here has some?" Gwen said next.

"Please lets go see them, I am interested in what is coming at me soon!"

Shortly we all walked into a large store up the next street and Gwen spotted the toy section for us. When I finally laid eyes on the large isle of toys, the utter shock of how much a movie was marketed in kids toys hit me like a brick!

By what I had seen on our Disneyland trip that all this stuff in front of me, it was only the tip of the iceberg! I had mistakenly made an assumption that Disney was shoving their toys at you there, while you were stuck in the park. But no, this insane marketing style was everywhere and for everything!

There were so many toys from each movie out, including the pirates movie that we just sat through and so many, many others. It hit me, that a movie might flop at the box office and still make a huge killing with the right set of toys becoming popular!

While I was looking at the tall shelves of 'action figures' each hanging on long metal pegs to show each one off, Josh picked up one from a video game that had elves in it and handed it too me, "See Ro even the video games have these now a days?"

After he handed that elf figure to me, I looked it over and bought it. So I could look over what this mass marketing was all about back at Poe, with something actually in my hands! With that small bag in my hands, we had to rush to make the shuttle back to school and the coming curfew!


Wednesday May 16, 8:40 PM
Poe cottage

After a long shuttle ride back, there we were back at Poe and both Nikki, plus Gwen saw their dates off for the night. Mine on the other hand, I still had to get him home for the night.

Both of us walked around Poe to the long service road around the academy and I guided our strolling over towards the Grove, then tilted my head towards it, "Did you want to see where the other Fae live in there Josh?"

"Is that the Grove Nikki talks about?"

"Yes it is, that is where I unwind and what madness happens out here goes away for a short time, so that I can relax."

"Nikki told me that might be a bad idea once?" he almost gulped back to me.

"Well then I will not press you, so lets get you home for the night and see you Saturday at what time?"

"So I guess...I am going to try out teleporting with you right now?"

"Yes..." I laughed at him, "Unless you want to walk or wait for a plane ride home?"

"Will this hurt and what does it feel like?" he wondered to me.

"Well everyone sees it differently and you might get dizzy or much like seasick enough to lose your dinner?"

"Will that happen to me each time we teleport...get sick that is?"

"For some no, others yes and most get used to it with a few trips under their belts, then never have issues again."

"Well, lets get going before my mom calls or sends the dogs after me!" he chuckled to me.

With his last word, us Drow stood on each side of him and touched his shoulder...


Wednesday May 16, 8:50 PM
Cleveland Ohio Area

Josh Suddenly found himself standing on his front lawn, just a little dizzy and very much grinning ear to ear, "That was fun Ro, lets do that again! And did I really 'see' my house before we 'landed'?"

"That is great, most don't see the place we are going to! And did you feel that if you let go of me, that you could go or land anywhere you wanted too?"

"Ya, that feeling was very strange to me? But it felt great and I loved that feeling!"

"Cool!" I beamed and started to hug him, then the guards started to show up! One even had his gun out at the ready just behind me and covered us both in a ring of light with his very bright flashlight.

"STOP!" he shouted at us both, then he recognized Josh as he stood up fully from our embrace, "SIR? Are you okay and who is this?" he asked not seeing my face yet.

"Roger chill out man and put the gun away, this is Rohanna and Rehanna. They were here last weekend for that dinner date!" Josh orders the man.

"This is not good sir, I have to tell your father about this incident. You know that all guests have to clear our checks first?"

"That I do and that is great. BUT I trust her, that she will not harm me and any hoot buddy if she wanted in here...she will get in anyway from what I have lay off!"

"Well goodnight sir and I still have to talk to your father about this," then 'Rodger' walked away, leaving us pretty much in the growing darkness.

"Well maybe next time we should call before taking off?" I had to laugh.

"Yep, but tonight's fun was great Rohanna and see you Saturday at about four? So that we are all settled and ready for the nights fun! And please land in the same spot, right here in the garden. I will clear it before hand with the guards."

"It was a great night," I said and pulled him close one more time, "and this is only for being such a nice friend," I gave him a short kiss, that he returned to me.

"Is that boyfriend?" he asked after we broke off.

"I am still not sure if I am ready for commitment yet, but we will see what develops over the coming months?"

"I fully understand, you need time and Nikki needed it too. Besides, I can wait for the good things in life!" he gave to me and started guiding me towards his front door.

At the door he paused one more time, "Good night then Ro?"

That is when the other Drow hugged and kissed him, "There are two of me and both had to have a turn...night!" and I vanished.


After Josh walked into his house, he found both his mom and dad sitting at the counter in the huge kitchen, eating a light snack while watching the cable news.

"Well honey how was it?" his mom asked.

"It was great!"

"Good to hear my boy!"

"So what did you do?" his mom asked

"We had pizza in town and saw a movie."

"That's nice dear, did you pay for it?" his mom bugged him.

"No She did...because Nikki and Gwen came with their dates, so Rohanna paid for it all."

"Ohhh I see, so you had a couples date like I asked you to do?" she smiled at him.

"Anything else?" his dad wondered from the look on his son's face.

"Funny thing happened dad?

"Yessss son?" his father pondered to him now as he wondered what had gone wrong?

"One of the movie previews was of Rohanna and her film. And she was all over it dad!"

"See I told ya Dot, that little lady will be famous by the weekend!" his dad exclaimed proudly.

"Well," his mom said as she stood up, "Time for your bed, so go get cleaned up and ready please?"

With that command, Josh was off like a shot up the stairs, to his room and to get showered up for his bedtime.

"You think anything else happened Earl?" his wife asked in the worried motherly voice she has at times.

"No Dot, Josh is a good kid and so is Rohanna. I sure all they did was kiss a bit?"

"Why are you so sure Earl?" she wondered at him.

"Rohanna and Rehanna are Drow dear and if they did anything poor son would certainly be showing signs of it!" he laughed.


Saturday May 19, 7:40 AM
Poe cottage

Well it was Saturday! The whole last three days have been at a running maddening pace. When I came back from that date with Josh, I found a note on my door that Art was here with his crew to help me with learning my stunt parts and to practice my acting a WHOLE bunch!

Then Thursday, the rest of my time was spent on some finals testing in all my classes and while on the subject about more testing? Arc called me up and wanted booth of me in for one night on Thursday, that took five hours of my limited time up for their testing and then back to Art's class for my stunts till morning!

Friday was enduring even more testing in class and turn in the 'magic project time', a team made scroll that worked for minor healing and boy did I need that to work for both class, plus myself with all the times I get injured! That night became more than a little strange in Art's practicing session! As his wife heard from him, that I was going to a Prom dance and she insisted all that night be spent learning proper dance steps, I thought my martial arts class was hard at times, she was brutal!

Now finally here on Saturday morning, I am rushing both of my dresses into costuming class, so that the other students or the teacher can help me make sure it's fitted to me correctly and that what I choose to wear with it matches the rest of the outfit.

I ran into class with my usual back-packs of gear, but the large dress boxes under my arms got more than some attention from my other classmates and the teacher who spotted the designer label like a hawk even at her age!

When class started up, I took out both and waved her over to me, "Mrs. Ryan, can I have your expert help on fitting these two dresses on me?"

"Yes I can, but lets make it a class lesson and since you are twins. One can partake in the lesson while the other models both for us?"

"With her plan laid before me, one of me went to put that first dress on, while the other collected all the necessary tools from around the classroom, as Mrs. Ryan told me the list of them."

Once both of me were ready, she started to show us all how to make a dress made of very nice silk fit on a person better. I might know how to fit armor, but that is hard leather and acts far differently than very soft delicate silk does.

When one dress was done fitting with her guidance, we moved on to the next one quickly and finally both were done in short order. Both were fitted to my body size and my taller height now.

"Hummm I would love for you to use the sewing machine and practice your sewing. But this is much too fine work for that and besides, your hand stitches are some of the best I have seen in years dear." she told me.

"So hand stitch this like I always do my leathers ma'am?" I had to ask to be sure of what she wanted, as I had never done dress work before now.

"Yes, but use that matching silk color I pulled from stock for you."

By lunch time, both outfits were done with my work at sewing them and a devisor machine in the costume shop, quickly gave both dresses a final cleaning and pressing. They looked beautiful, just perfect!

With lunchtime at hand, off to crystal as usual.

As I plopped into my regular seat at the table, Gwen took a spot across from me and then all of our Sidhe magic lab group showed up, to take up most of the rest of the seats at the large table. As I ate my meal, Rhia told me that she needs a group for combat finals and so do most of the other Sidhe.

After she informed me of that, I added next as I ate, "Well all of you can get together in one. Constance, Thorn, Rascal, Bree and maybe Gwen?"

"Well what about you?" she asked, more than puzzled why I would leave myself out of the team.

"I am sure that they want to test me alone, because my skills are not very team friendly?"

"I am pretty sure they will want you working on a team for a grade, to see how well you work within a framework of one?"

"Okay, let's set up a time for either very late tonight, like way after midnight or sometime on Sunday?" I suggested back.

When I suggested late tonight, a puzzled Rhia asked me, "Why so late?"

"Gwen started to snicker at me, "You did not hear?"

"Shushh you pointy eared, green haired devil!" I growled at her.

"What then, this must be good!" Rhia grinned out.

"Rohanna has a prom date with a boy that Nikki 'the matchmaker' set her up with!"

Now very embarrassed, my head starts banging into the table top!

"That's great, who is the lucky boy?"

Gwen interrupts my next sentence rather too quickly! "Some nice Senator's son, back from where Nikki's dad lives."

"Ohh really!?" Constance interrupts Gwen, as she sits down at our table with Thorn and Rascal.

"My Lady has a date with a human this very night?" Rascal asks me.

"Yes and we will see if it works out?" I say back to him, as I think of what having Rascal as a boyfriend, a fellow Sidhe might be far better than a human?

"Hummm will have to see that Ro? But did Rhia tell you about our little testing issue?"

"Yep, we might practice very late tonight or most of Sunday?" I said back to her.

That is when I thought about the time, "Shoot time for powers theory class...the most boring class in the universe!" I gasped out quickly while standing up to run off for it.

"Good luck!" I heard a chorus of Elves behind me yelp out.


Saturday May 19, 3:05 PM
Poe cottage

As fast as my 'port' would let me, I left that powers theory class behind! I was happy that it was finished forever, with the passing grade I now had and it's harsh, slow punishment was over with..."Must remind myself to use that teacher in my torturing! He is truly gifted in making time seem to stretch beyond all reason!"

With a flash of a quick port, I hit my room, disrobed and ran off to get showered up for the coming night. Once that was done, the basics were now done. Underwear came next and then the deep blue dresses themselves, next added the red or black nice high heeled shoes that Sara had me buy were the last addition to the full look.

When that was done, one of me did the other's hair in a nice looped water fall of her long hair down her back, all held into shape by a large gemmed tie and the other was all set in a simple straight layer of hair falling down her back, that laid over her butt, then hovered collecting at her knees in yet another gemmed clasp.

The biggest part of my jewelry came next, my necklaces. One was a fine choker made of many colors of small gems set in rows of Orichalcum, the other a long drop necklace that ended up in a very large gem nestled where most eyes would travel to...

My ears received the jewelry treatment also, via the best Mithril based set of gem covered 'elf' style ear rings or ear covers I had. This one set I did not even dare show to Nikki in fear that she might want them!

Since make-up makes no sense on my dark skin what so ever, all I added was a shade of lipstick that matched each dresses trim of light blue on one and lilac on the other, that color even matched my Pixie Lilac...she loved it and chose that Drow to hover next too all night!

As time came close to show Nikki and gain her approval was coming up fast. I added the last accessories to the dresses for the night, a thin red sash just like the one I wore to Aung's funeral and I ran them both just like last time, over my left shoulder running to right hip where it was tied with a Mithril brooch from my collection. That brooch, either had the academy crest or the crest I used for representing family?

The last item for tonight, was my rows of award ribbons. But this one was far different from the set I used that sad day, this one was very much smaller, far better crafted and used the best metal, plus gems that glowed via magic even in this rooms light. I had only used it twice in the past, each previous time was to an academy event. That had all of us Drow instructors very well dressed and it was more of a show of force by the Queen having us there, then an honor for us Drow...she was showing to other rulers around her, that she had us Drow at her beck and call.

After I shook those dark thoughts from my mind, I walked down the hallway to Nikki's room and I as we came up to her door. We heard a crash down the hallway, apparently made by Hank crashing into a wall, as he was walking back to his room and was so fully mesmerized by us dressed so finely?

When I was fully framed by Nikki's door, she gasped up at me and the sight I made all dressed up for a change, "Perfect Ro, just perfect!" she smiled my way.

Then Bunny spoke up next, as she rose up from her laying on the bed studying next to Nikki "If I was not already spoken for and you too...I would go for you all day!"

Toni walked up behind me, then with ease she slipped past me, like only she could and simply said next, "Well I guess Drow do clean-up rather nice?" she joked at me.

"Thanks Toni..." I started.

"We do try our best!" the other me finished from the hallway.

"Ohh we have to get pictures of this right now!" Nikki happily sang out.

With her plans made and no way for me to avoid them! Nikki pounced on me, then dragged me to the main room to have me stand near the stairs, just by the bust of 'Poe'. As she readied her camera phone, others joined in quickly. Gwen heard the commotion and ran down the hallway to watch. Roz was yelped for and showed up smiling at me, plus drooling from lust a little I was sure.

After a few dozen pictures were snapped, Nikki chirped at me, "I know that I hate my modeling now since I lost all my money from doing it. But you should get into it a little Ro? You could make money doing the more...risqué pic's that some love?"

"That she can, I can see her all dressed up ready for bedroom play. Asking the camera in her husky voice to 'come hither!" Roz added and made Hank turn beat red. Plus a few of the 'All girls, only girl' team that were present with us in the hallway and room!

Nikki had to move fast to keep Roz from hugging me and even more, "Roz if you do that now, the dress will wrinkle and her make-up will smudge!" she warned the stalking cat that Roz could be at times.

"I got it Nikki! But when you are done with the dance Ro...I want to unwrap this present before the midnight magic ends?" Roz cooed at me in her luscious voice, then smiled over at me and I felt like her prey once again, from that very first day here at school.

I was suddenly very happy my skin is very dark. Because I felt my face, and body get very hot. “Uh...Yes I will see you later?”

"Darn right you will, or don't come home!" she played with me next.

Gwen waved at Roz now in her usual funny way, "Enough sex play Roz, I need more pic's for sending over good old Bill and Art!"

I laughed at her, always the one who wants things for others! "Yes Gwen, for Bill and Art, plus my new photo album!" I smiled to Nikki, she nodded back her understanding of that meaning and I am sure Gwen felt it too!

A few more pictures and a whole slew of well wishing at me. And now it was time to go! I walked out to the front of Poe and ported to Josh's home.


Saturday May 19, 3:50 PM
Cleveland Ohio Area

When I popped to Josh's home, I landed in the place he chose for me. That lovely garden of his mother's. Once there, I spun searching around for him and found Josh was just coming out of the house to this spot, "Good evening Rohanna and WOW you look great...spectacular!"

"Thanks, I lucked out in LA and found both of these dresses on in my size!"

"Lets go see mom and dad!"

Josh leads the way for both of us into his home, then guides me to the living room where his parents stand up as I enter, "Ohhh she is lovely in that color and all the accessories match her looks so well." his mother sings out.

"This is a very fine dress you have there Rohanna." Senator Earl says to me next.

"We have to get some pictures before you get any winkles in that!" his mom adds now and waves in a lady professional photographer from the entry hallway, that she had at hand for this event.

Josh's mom had us stand in front of the home's huge grand staircase, as I stood next to Josh. That is when I noticed that my heels made me taller than him by a few inches, normally our height matched at an even six foot. But the heels I wore now, they added four more inches and that did not look good for a photo like this. So I kicked them off for now and posed bare footed to match us better.

His mother radiated happiness as she took several photos with all of us combined, both of us Drows in or out of the picture and Josh's family in each as Dotty his mother wanted. After what must have been dozens of different poses and person in each shot, we were finished to her satisfaction.

But before the camera lady could start collecting her gear, I had to ask Senator Earl one thing, "Sir do you trust the photographer fully?"

"Yes she is one of the Senate's and is cleared for this kind of work. Why Rohanna?"

"If I ask for a few personal photos and that she only gives them to me, will she do that?"

"Why yes, that is why I use her and not some other 'media monkey'! Those media flunkies never know when to shut up for the nations sake."

"Senator, I would like a few pic's of myself, then some of Josh and you all too. But the personal part is my Pixies being in the shots with us and her being quiet about seeing them...please?" I grinned to him, hoping that this was a good idea and I wanted some pictures for that photo album of my new life.

"Sure Rohanna, she will do as asked and I will make sure of that...then add my personal guarantee. Do you want a oath from her too??"

"No sir, I trust that you will oversee this correctly, besides...I think that Dorothy will make sure for all of us!"

"That she will, her bite is far worse than mine!" he laughed with me.

The senator pulled the lady photographer aside and gave her some quick personal instructions, then gathered all of us up for the wanted shots of mine. All the next dozen poses had the Pixies in them and they loved every minute of all the fussing over them!

Soon enough and far too soon for the Pixies, as they loved the attention dearly! We all filed into the kitchen area and I sat down on a tall stool to help save my dresses from wrinkles. Dorothy quickly gave me some juice to drink while we sat and chatted a little.

"So what are those matching brooches you are wearing on your left side, they seem to be glowing some?" she asked me, as she places glasses of juice down for Josh and his father.

"These?" I tap the twin award bars on my left breast and she nodded back to me, "they are the awards, that I was given back in my days in the Elvin academy and for my military service."

"So you had awards back then?" Earl queried me.

"Yes, most of this was for show at events that the Queen held. It showed her enemies what I had done in her name...fear tactics of the Western court. Thou some are from her sister Queens, as they traded my services, skills back and forth quite routinely."

"Proud time in the service of your kind!" the Senator said next.

"Not so much. But some of that time, where I fight the enemy of us all. I am very proud of and for my combat mates. But most of what the Queen made us Drow do...I may never be proud of that time of my life."

"Stop it now dad, that part of her life is a horror story and Nikki told me so, what she could about it?" Josh demanded of his dad now.

Earl glared at his son for but one second, before the 'stare' of death coming from his wife hit him. The one that said to him 'line crossed, back off' and he did so instantly. As he trusted his wife in matters like this.

"Earl, I think it's time for them to get going to the dance?" His wife expertly changed the subject for him.

Josh glanced at his watch quickly and then over to me, "Mom's right Rohanna, it's time to get moving."

Josh led me out to the drive and that is where he pointed at a very nice SUV based limo that was just a few feet longer than a regular one. He opened the door for me, as I climbed in, I found a large 'L' shaped bench that could hold all three of us plus a few more.

Once we were all ready and settled, the SUV drove off and Josh waved to his parents at the end of the drive.

Very shortly, the driver turned into the very long entrance drive of a high end country club and I could see a long line of expensive cars, all mixed in with limos waiting their turn to drop off passengers at the front doors.

"You like so far?" Josh asked me.

"This is fine, the hard part comes next when I have to get out and face your classmates, plus their guests." I had to worry back to him and that dagger flowed into my hand, to spin about as I worried on.

"If they have a problem, we leave and their loss!" he held firm to his choice and then grinned at me, "It will be fine Rohanna, you can lose the dagger?" he chuckled to help me lighten the mood.

"Whoops sorry, that happens when I get nervous sometimes?" I admitted as the blade vanished from my hand.

Finally the wait was over, all too soon and the SUV rolled to a stop, then a valet opened the door for Josh. After he exited, he waved to a few friends then leaned back into help me out. As I stepped down to the pavement from the SUV, I could make out one of his friends whisper, "Hey that's the elf chick from that movie! The Peter Martin one?" then his girl added in next to him, "Yep that's the one and thought it was all make-up?"

After I was out and standing, I grinned at the others around me and Josh leaned back into the SUV to help my twin out. When that twin was finally out, one of Josh's other friends whispered to his date and his buddy standing next to him, "Josh is dating twins...what a man!"

When all three of us were finally out of the SUV and all set, I moved to each of his arms as we walked into the main entrance and made a Drow sandwich with Josh in the middle. At the dinning halls main entrance, there was a very short line for photos for the school was my guess?

Josh leaned to me and whispered to me softly, "You want to skip this photo part?"

"Your choice, I was only cautious when the Pixies were in the photo. This is fine to me."

"Might as well do it all and get it out of the way?" he laughed to me, as we took a spot in line.

As we waited, a friend of his took the spot behind us, "Hey Josh, who are the twin elf's?"

"Heya John, this is the Leigh twins...Rohanna and Rehanna and buddy? That's Elves and they are Drows to be fully correct." he corrected him

I turned to introduce my selves, "Hi I am Rohanna."

"I'll take Rehanna then sister!" added the twin, as I played with them.

"Nice to meet you ladies, this is Mary my date tonight and she goes to a all girl academy across state." John was talking in a tone of voice that almost told me, this girl was a 'tonight' thing only. She looked very much the part of pretty prep school blonde.

Then I shook hands with both of them in turn as they spoke.

"So you are a elf...a real elf?" Mary questioned me, even thou I was very sure she just overheard I was not an 'Elf', but a Drow?

"Mary that is Drow, to use the correct description and I am real too." I smiled lightly to her.

The photographer waved to Josh that he was next and Josh yelped out to his friend, "We are next, see you inside John. I think we have you at our table?"

"Yep, ya do!" John said back, as Josh walked us all forward to pose in front of the huge carved wood crest of the academy he attended during the year and that had a beautiful painted back drop just behind it that is showing the schools stonework entrance gates.

When the photo guy snapped his last shot, he nodded to us, "All finished, next please?"

As we walked away, an older lady dress in a top of the line gown with a thin school sash covering one of her shoulders, she stopped us three and looked over at Josh in a very puzzled manner it seemed to me at the time, "Josh who is this young set of ladies, I did not know you knew any Sidhe personally?"

Her saying that word impressed me greatly, this woman knew many subjects that others certainly did not! She took his offered hand and shook it, "Mrs. Keldener, these are the Leigh twins...Rohanna and Rehanna. We are dining together tonight." then Josh glanced my way, "Rohanna, Rehanna, this our Headmaster's wife Mrs. Keldener."

"Nice to meet you ma'am." we both said in unison.

"I had heard that a movie was coming out soon, that would have real Sidhe play a large role in, but I did not think that I would meet any...anytime soon that is and two at the same time dear!"

"Yes ma'am, that is my movie and there are some of us about? And it is very nice indeed to find some educated people in the world, who know the correct names for my race."

"That is why I am here Miss, an educator must always know more than her students?"

"Yes ma'am, they should."

She then turned to the elder gentleman next to her, who was dressed in a fine tuxedo that had a Ivy league school sash on his shoulders and I noted at the time it matched the one Mrs. Keldener was wearing. He was very busy right now talking to another set of students, "Jeff, you must meet the Leigh twins, we have our first Sidhe here at this dance." she said and tapped his shoulder to gain his full attention on her.

He finally waved the other students off and turned around to see us all, "Well May, that we do! Seeing real Sidhe, this is quite the treat!"

"This is the Leigh twins...Rohanna and Rehanna, sir...This is Dr. Keldener...Rohanna and Rehanna," Josh introduced us.

"Nice meeting you Doctor." we Drow gave him in stereo.

"Humm, this is great. Me finally getting to meet what has been my main subject of study for decades! See my dears, my doctorate is in ancient Fae creatures and some of the magic they use...I am not even going to suggest I practice the magical arts, but I do understand something of the subject."

"Very nice I know why your fabulous wife knows what I am, surly both of you must have met while studying the subject?" I said to him, thinking that the matching sashes is a clue to where they met and the subject they both studied at college.

"That we did, many years ago in college and one day soon, I hope? I must ask for a short talk with you over what you know and we what can share...or more share with me and educate me on the subject of the Fae...that I am sure of!"

"Dear, let the three of them go. We have other guests to attend too?" his wife urged him on.

"Please call me soon?" he asked next, while handing me a small card that I dropped into my storage in front of him with a flourish. That small spell, he grinned ear to ear at seeing it being used.

"That I will Doctor, very soon." I gave him.

As we walked off, I whispered over to Josh, "I will have to see him now and talk is ears off. That might gain you a nice grade or two with him?"

"Ohh I am very sure it will!" he beamed back at me.

A waiter showed up at the end of the receiving line, then he showed us to our table. Where I found we were sitting with John and Mary, the couple that we met on the way in, plus Dan and Todd who came 'stag' to the prom sitting next to them. But Todd had plans to meet with a girl here, he just did not come with her because she changed her mind too many darn times about 'who' she was coming with?...he grumbled on and on to us.

No sooner than I was settled into my seat and begin chatting a little, then the staff brought us all the appetizer course of the meal and showed me a list of what I could choose from on what was served on the main course. Josh picked up the card, then showed me what he thought I might like and I nodded to the choices he made, too bad I really only had the one selection that was truly meatless?

After the waiter left us all, Josh grumbled to the table this time, "Too bad a place this expensive, does not have more than one choice for Full Vegans like Rohanna and Rehanna!"

"Ohhh you two can not eat meat?" Mary asked me.

Both of us quickly shook our heads to her,
"No we can not, most over Elves don't like the taste, but us Drow can not eat meat at all, Doing so is a bit more than upsetting?" we told her in stereo voices.

While the waiters took my nearly finished appetizer plate from me, Mary took keen interest in my ear covers, "Nice jewelry both of you have there, can I see one of the ear rings or what ever you call them?"

I started to reach up to take one off when Mary stopped me, "You don't have to take them off, just lean over and I will look them over?"

"No inconvenience on my part, besides. Touching another Elf's ears is something personal and not done in public...except by someone intimate." I told her with a grin and handed her one, after my finger snapped off the inner clasp, that held on via pinching on the ear's center a little bit.

Mary examines it closely in her hand, then weighs it a little in her open palm, "This is very heavy, a bit like gold...but looks like steel or silver?"

"That is Elvin or Sidhe made Mithril, bit stronger than steel and a little bit lighter than gold when used in jewelry like that."

"Mith...what? Never heard of that metal and are the diamonds real or the emeralds?" she asked me while John fished out a cell phone to look Mithril up on the net I guessed.

"All very real and very fine cuts." I told her as the server placed a plate of salad and a few side dishes of my other wants in front of both of us Drow.

John almost interrupted me, when he found Mithril on the net, "Mary that Mithril is Three thousand an ounce!"

"Nice!" she grinned as she reluctantly handed it back to me.

"Rohanna, would you sell that?" John asked me quickly.

"Never, not really mine to sell. But I give them away to other Sidhe or elves like me." I said as I slipped it back on and I am sure he asked because Mary looked like she wanted the set.

We talked about all sorts of subjects over the fine meal, most of the time I was on the sidelines not being from their school and me being a Drow. From what John alluded to, I was sure he was going into politics or be a CEO of a large company, just like his dad one day. Mary for the most part, she was exactly what she looked like on the outside and that was a bit sad...she would just be only some person's wife one day, a rich one that I was sure of. She had no ambition to make it for herself.

Dan, seemed to want to be 'normal' in his opinion, not rich like the rest of his family and just wanted to be a company leader, just never at the top of one, he hated that idea with a passion! Todd, he was looking forward to a VERY large inheritance. One that came in large lumps at eighteen, then end of college at twenty five and then the last huge one at thirty as long as he had kids. We laughed at that one, his great grand father did that one to him!

After the main course of dinner was done and the desert was being served. Dr. Keldener stood up at the stage podium to announce the running for Prom Queen and King. The voting was being held right here at dinner via a 'app' on everyone's cell phone. When the vote ended, no one at our table won. But strangely, I received quite a few votes? Must have been the exotic looks I have and the boys lusting after seeing their first a elf!

When the vote was over, the winners were bought on to the stage and given their crowns by the Keldener's. Then, they danced for a few songs by themselves. Soon the tables started to empty to join them and that is when Josh stood up, "Well shall we?" he asked me, I nodded back and stood with him.

At the dance floor, he took it slow till he asked me, "You do know how to dance?"

"Yes a few steps, an old friend's wife insisted I learn a few before tonight," that is when I gave him my short list of dances I knew and he danced to that list.

Once one of me was gone, Todd was already gone from the table over to his date and that is when Dan asked me, "Well since Josh can not dance with two girls at the same time, want to join me?"

"Fine by me, I'll take a shot at it too?" I said as this twin me stood up, with him asking for my hand.

All of us danced for a long time, but I had one problem that started during the second song and it was my Butt! Or Dan and my butt! His hand slipped down as we danced and I had to move it back up. On the second time it 'slid' I was sure that this was no accident and moved it again with a bit more aggression, plus force in my hand wrapping around his wrist.

Then song five started, as we glided across the floor...Dan and I. That hand moved again as we started to spin a little and I leaned over close to his ear, "Dan have you seen that film trailer of mine yet?"

"Why yes Rohanna or Rehanna, I am not too sure what one you are?"

"That does not really matter, the fact you saw it is great. Just think about this, all of that trailer is really me, no stunts, no EFX, no fake blades made of plastic, and my magic is VERY real!"

"Okay, that is neat!"

"Well all that I did in that trailer, that is one thousand times...LESS than what I will do to a guy who touches my butt without permission, three times in a row...while dancing or anything." I smiled a fang filled grin into his face.

He gulped back at me.

"That's right Dan, I can bench press over a thousand pounds and know my way around the human a bad way. Then there are two of us!"

"I am sorry, but...not 'Butt' your Butt?" he gulped again, "...but I like you and I am showing it?"

"In my life, you respect me and I will respect you. I am not a trophy wife, nor stupid, vapid or dim or BLOND. When you look at me, think Green beret and a SEAL had a baby...a mean one that knows magic. But I will give you one more chance and lets see what you do to impress me? And do remember this, I am far, far from poor and don't need your money...ever...I have my own and can get more."

As we danced on, he changed the subject to one of many and finally landed on one I knew. Old fast cars and my bike, that is the one we stayed on till we sat down again.

I did notice one thing while we both danced...the twin me's. The other students took photos of us as a couple while we danced across the floor. Well I guess I am 'out' to the world now, those pic's will be all over the net by midnight and being out now, it will be a bumpy ride is my bet!

While the other me danced with Josh, we chatted about him maybe coming out to New Zealand to see me? But I had big reservations to having him there as a distraction and I might not have the time to even talk to him, let alone go out with him or anyone else who showed up? The shooting schedule was that tight, very tight, plus fast paced and I knew that Bill wanted a break during it somewhere, for what he had not said to me yet?

Dan was laughing when we took our seats back at our table with Josh and the twin me already there. Dan sat next to Josh and I was on the outside of both of them, "Josh, did you know she is nuts and races sport bikes for fun!?"

"Yes I did Dan and very sure she is good at it too!"

"Yep I bet, then Rehanna?" he glances my way and I nod back to be nice, "she knows cars, lots about cars and some that I have never seen in person?"

"You don't know the half of it Dan, she is special and that is why I like her!"

"I have, or dad has a place on the cape or the one penthouse in NYC. We can all get together after our finals next week?" Dan then looked over at me for an answer.

"Ahhh my class finals are done next week too, but then we have tests that...are long and hard that we only do. Like aaaah set of college March madness finals is the only way to put them or call them? Teams or small groups of students, testing on certain problems?" I tried hard not to lie, but gave them little in the way of truth...Gaea I hate this curse at times like this, it makes talking to outsiders so very hard at times like this!

Then add while I tried to talk to them about the finals to come next week, I had to wonder what in the heck would Carson or Sam or Ito or whoever at the school? What would they try to test me with and how?

"We can see to that later then, I'll give Rohanna a call and we might see what arrangements can be made?" Josh added in next.

As the night went on, we danced a few more times and the waiter served a small plate of warm snacks to the table. Dan tried to get more information about my life at Whateley out of me, but I knew to keep him in the dark as I did not really know him. Josh knew Nikki, she trusted him and so did I because of it. Besides, his dad could get tons of information on me or the school via his office seat in Washington!

When it came time to leave, Dan wanted in our SUV for the ride home. Josh looked over at me, already sitting inside as Dan asked him about coming along from still open door. I shook my head to the question. In my mind right now, if Dan came along. He might think it was alright to go father with me and his 'dance act' told me not to trust the kid just yet...till he earned it!

"Dan we are going straight home, Rohanna and Rehanna have a class in archery that they teach on Sundays." Josh just lied for me and came up with a truly good reason in one second. Josh was certainly a person that thought fast under pressure.

"She is a teacher too?" Dan had to ask.

"Yes she is, she teaches many martial arts subjects and ones dealing with weapons."

"Ohhh!" he gulped and must have realized my warning on the dance floor was true!

"See ya in class Dan!" and Josh closed the door, then told the driver, "Lets go home?"

"Yes lets go home." I agreed to his question.

As we drove off, Josh raised the partition to the driver and asked me, "Why did you not want Dan along, you seemed to like him a little?"

"I don't trust him yet."

"I hear a...AND in there someplace?"

"And, while we danced. He grabbed my Butt more than a pair of my jeans do! So I warned him off and he barely got the message in my opinion?" I gave to him.

After I finished with my explanation, Josh was fuming mad and anyone could tell that! "You should have said something to me?" he nearly growled much like I do and I found that very funny for a moment.

"And have you punch him? If you did that it would get filmed, ruin the night and make your mom skin you alive, while your dad watched the carnage." I reasoned with him.

"But still?" he started and I stopped him quickly.

"Still, nothing! What could he do to me...well?" I questioned that fact.

"You are right," he laughed, "all Dan could do, was bleed all over that nice dress and grovel for his life!"


Back at Josh's' home

The SUV dropped us off at the front door and there we stood on the porch together for several minutes in silence till he finally spoke to me, "Well this was a great night Rohanna, did you enjoy it?"

"I loved it, to go out and be for a change! To be this Drow that I am now and not have to hide behind magic all the time."

"I am glad I played a part in that, can we see each other soon?" he almost begged me.

"Yes, we can keep dating for now and remember I am still trying to figure out this new life of mine. So I might get or it might get a little bumpy at times, so if you can hold on...if might pay off?"

"I can hold on, there is no one at my school I even like beyond the...she looks good part. Most of the girls are not out to challenge the world, to conquer it like you are?"

"I will see you soon, very soon Josh!"

Josh was about to say more. I stopped him, gave him that longer kiss I was sure he craved and vanished into the darkness.


Sunday May 20, 12:10 AM
Poe cottage

When I ported one of me into my room, I found a sleeping Roz waiting there for me. She had fallen asleep sitting, half laying on my futon while watching my DVD's and by the looks of it I found as I creep quietly across my room. She put six DVD's in the carousel and hit play for the night. The fouth one was half way done, so that meant she had been in my room waiting for me since I left for the dance.

I thought of her waiting her for me all that time, that was nice of her! Waiting to make sure that this night of mine went off without a hitch and if it did not, she would be right here waiting for me to come back and tell her my horrors of the messy night.

I nudged Roz gently, as I whispered to her "Girl I would love to lay down and sleep some on my bed?"

"Hey you!" she said as she woke-up, "Can I unwrap my gift now?" she asked while pulling at my sash to get it off me.

"Fine by me! I can play the role of gift tonight."

"Where is the other half?" she smiled at me, as she stood up to help me out of the dress.

"Ohhh her, she is off having her own fun!"

"With Josh?" she puzzled at the thoughts running through her mind to me.

"No not him, just something else I wanted tonight."


Sunday May 20, 12:10 AM
Twain cottage

It was so very easy to sneak into Twain cottage, there is no guard, the house parent was nothing to worry about and finally Thuban, he might have some students fooled into thinking he is a real dragon of some sort? But I know far better, I have met lots of that race in my life and fought beside more than a few too!

Finding Rascals room was all too easy. the building's was set-up just like Poe was, by year on each floor and all I had to do was listen for a Sidhe heartbeat from there. When Rascals room was found, I slid in quietly and dropped a silence spell over his roommate.

Slowly I moved my dress out of the way and kneeled at his bedside. I watched for a long time on how cute he was when he slept, how peaceful he was in that deep slumber, his soft breaths sounded so calm to me and I loved that.

It took sometime for him to 'feel' that someone was watching him and he woke slowly to find my face grinning at him, "Rohanna my Lady, am I dreaming that you are here in my room this night?" he asked me, with some eagerness showing in his voice.

"This is not a dream tonight and have you had any before tonight with me in them?" I had to ask, "But if you don't want to answer that question and have me leave your that I did not ask to enter. I will leave instantly and never mention this night ever again to anyone?"

"That answer is yes I have dreamed that in past nights and no please don't leave?" he asked as he slid to sitting up and swung his legs off the bed.

"I had thought, no hoped that I was reading your signals correctly and wanted me here tonight or some other night?"

"You read me like a book and one I would like this Lady to read over and over! But why tonight?" he asked at a whisper.

"Tonight...tonight, a Prom, a dance I just came from. That being with a human boy, it made me so wanting to be with someone tonight and I am with someone now...the other me. But I need someone not human, Sara is gone and I am sure no other Sidhe on campus would like me near them tonight? Nikki, Gwen," I shook my head slowly, "Then Constance and Thorn have others off campus I am sure by how they talk at times?"

"It would be a pleasure to be with you my Lady, far beyond words to measure it!" he whispered

I almost shouted out "Then lets go, leave for the Grove and the refuge it offers us Sidhe!"

"Shhhh Rohanna, my roomie?" he shushed me and waved at me like mad.

"He is sleeping like the dead and can not hear us from under that silence spell I placed on his bed and the light of day will make it fade way to nothing. So get your clothes, then lets be going!"

Rascal quickly stood up, then leaned over to pull me up into a hug and a long kiss. "What should I wear, I don't venture out into the Grove that much with the teachers warning us all the time?"

"Dress for fun, we will run through the forest from tree to tree in the morning. After we....." I smiled to him and looked down as I thought about that.

He quickly picked his light work out armor, then a nice set of thin shoes and we ported as he hugged me again.




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