Eyes Finally Opened Part 7

“Sir, you have a phone call on your private line.”

“Thank you, Jones.”

“Hello, what can I do for you?”

“Mr. Hunter, this is Mr. Harris with the HSL. I would like to hire you to eliminate a problem of ours.”

“Who might your problem be Mr. Harris?”

“Agent 345 has switched side and joined our enemies. We need for you to put her down.”

“So, your favorite pet has bitten your hand and you want it put down?”


“It’s going to cost you.”

“We’re willing to pay. How much?”

“Two million and all the data you have on this girl. I want to know everything there is about her. All her training and weaknesses she has. I want to know her current location as well. I warned you that this could happen, but you didn’t believe my warning.”

“You’ll have the information by the end of the day.”

“Good, I also want half the money up front as well. The rest upon the completion of this matter.”

“Done. Hunter, you have two days to complete this. She’s with our enemy and who knows what information she has revealed to them.”

“You should had thought about that before you created her.”

Hunter hangs up and looks towards his butler.

“Have the jet ready and loaded to go.”

“Right away sir.”

The butler turns and leaves Hunter’s office.

“I knew they wouldn’t be able to control her. They should had implanted an explosive charge in her body.”

Hunter walks out of his office and down to his armory to gather the items he was going to need to take this girl out. He already knew that he couldn’t afford for her to get within hand-to-hand combat range. He wouldn’t stand much of a chance. She was too well trained to go hand-to-hand with. He was going to have to take her out from a distance. He’ll have to use every dirty trick he knew to lure her out into an open space. She was too good at concealing herself against being detected.

Hunter walks through his gear and select the most effective weapons to use against her. Drones and his sniper rifle would be his best bet. He grabs a missile or two to fire at her. He looks through his specialized traps and pick a few he can set up to lure here to where he wants her.

Cain’s Mansion: lower level training levels
Amy defends herself against Troy and his second as she tests them to see if they have absorbed the lessons. She likely taps Troy behind his head with the Bo-staff she was using since they were in their hybrid form. Amy has been changing up her weapons when she trained them.
She wanted them to be able defend themselves against any weapon used against them. That included handguns and rifles as well.

April hadn’t been too keen when she instructed several normal human security guards to fire at her. She had asked Cain to issue them M16’s and Uzi-sub machine guns loaded with real rounds. Her mother April didn’t like that idea and suggested rubber rounds, but Amy had convinced her that everything needed to be like she trained to demonstrate what she was trying to get across. It took a lot of convincing, but April finally relented to her daughter’s requests.

Once she demonstrated what she was trying to show Troy and his second. She used rubber rounds on them to teach them and when she was sure they had it down. She switched to real bullets. That woke them up when she shot them.

“Always expect the unexpected. Especially, from someone like me.”

Amy just smiles as she tries to shoot them. After they manage to dodge her attacks several times, she switches to another training method.
Which was defending themselves from different type of weapons. Everyone knew she prefers to use Sai’s, but she wanted them to know she could use anything as a weapon. So, that was the way she was going to train Troy and his second.

She has been using the Bo-staff and landing a few heavy whacks on their body. They may not be affected by the whacks, but it still hurts and will for a while.

When they go up for lunch. Amy had a smile on her face watching them limp as they walked. Troy just looks at her.

“You’re having too much fun, aren’t you?”

“Who me? No, I just feel sorry for you two. We still got a few more weeks of training before you can start training anyone else. Just think, all the joy I have of watching you and Darren get hurt. You’ll have that same fun with your trainees.”

Amy walks over to her seat next to her mother and start fixing herself a plate for lunch. Lately, she has begun to enjoy the different type of foods the chef makes. Her favorite has been the fried chicken and tacos. Before she was kept on a strict diet of shakes and protein cakes. The food she has been enjoying lately has been putting some weight on her body. So, she needed to spend more time in the gym training and working out to maintain her combat weight. The extra training was helping in keeping her weight down.

“Lady April, this package has arrived for Ms. Amy.”

One of the messengers Cain uses brings a brown wrapped package to April and herself.

“Don’t touch it mother.”

Amy stops the messenger. Her eyes had spotted something that she had seen before.

“Give me the package.”

The messenger hands the package to Amy and backs away. Amy looks down at the package and carefully walks away from the table with it.
She carries the package outside followed by her mother, Cain, Troy and Darren.

“Troy, can you give me your knife please?”

Troy hands Amy his knife. How she knew he had one was a surprise.

“Don’t look so surprised. I know my mother and Lady Joyce carries a hidden weapon as well. Only Uncle Cain has no reason to carry a weapon. He is a weapon.”

Amy smiles at Cain as she uses the knife to open the package. She was right in guessing it had been booby trap and by whom. Inside was a leather thong necklace with a few Tiger teeth hanging from it. She knew who this necklace belonged to and what he was doing. It was a challenge being requested by one of her teachers.

“What is it Amy?”

Troy could see the necklace like everyone else and wonder what it meant.

“I’m being challenged by one of my former instructors. His name is The Hunter and he was one of the worse trainers I ever had. He was the most sadistic, cruelest and loves to torture and inflict pain while he trains you. He came close several times to almost ending my life. If it wasn’t for my healing ability. I would have died.”

“So, that necklace is too let you know you’re being challenged?”

Troy was looking at Amy and the necklace.

“Yes and no. The place he wants to challenge me is an island I was taken to for my final test. I was air lifted in and dropped off without any
weapons except those I could make from what I could find on the island.”

“You know you can turned it down sweetie.”

“No, I can’t mom. The reason I can’t because he will lay waste to everything here. The Hunter has been known to launch rockets and deliver
explosive devices to his enemies. He’s never been caught.”

“How soon do you have to answer him?”

“By tomorrow mom.”

Amy stands up and hands her mother the necklace. She starts walking towards the house preparing herself for the fight to come.

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