Walk of Life

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(Just something I'm trying to get a feel on....)

Walk of Life
I. On Every Street

I think I've heard every version of my name that can be made. My name used to be JoAnna Pee...
Yes, please, laugh it up.
Chortle a bit, yeah, continue....
I've got all day.
I say that because, due to the lack of taking my meds today, I have no concept of time and it may take me hours to get myself back on track. Yes sir, you could just hear me drag on about nothing in particular all because...
You're still laughing about my last name, aren't you?

Well, wow...where to begin...okay, no time like the present to just put it on out there right?
I defied the wishes of society.
I became "that person"who you hear about from people who have no freaking clue on what they're talking about...you know, the ones who claim that if I even breathe in you general direction that you--
Yes, you...will become like me.
Which would be great for everyone, you know? Everyone should become strong willed.
And outgoing
And at peace with themselves so much that Buddha would ask "where did you get your enlightens from, Bro?"
At the age of eleven, I grew into a boy.
There was no blue fairy to assist--I do wish she would have arrived though; I mean magic would have been great but...this is the real world.
Fortunately, in the real world, we have something like magic: attorneys!

On June 8th, 2010 I received the paperwork that said I was bonafide, legal male. Natural? Well, there's a lot out there that would say no...including the assistant principal at my new middle school.
"Why are you not taking P.E.?" His name was Calvin Stephens. He was the type of school administrator who would have fit in perfectly if all schools were ran as military academies.
"Why do I need to?"
"Everyone has to take P.E.". He responded with a gruff, sour demeanor. He did not like my attitude. I admit, I wasn't being 'friendly' but I also admit there was no way in Hell that I was going to take physical education.
"I think it would be better use of everyone's time if I took an extra study hall or, I'll take an advanced class. Wait, I'll do one more, I'll join the band."
"All students are required to take P.E."
"Mr. Stephens?" An office assistant stepped to his side and gave him a stack of papers.
Mr. Stephens took a look at the first page and then at me.
"What kind of instrument do you play?"

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