The Other Woman - Part 2

The Other Woman Part Two

Continuing the story of how a wife meets the other woman in their lives, who happens to be her husband.

This story is dedicated to my friend and fellow author Warm Hearted, who has called me his cheerleader. We have become good friends and confidants, sharing comments and ideas on our stories as well as messaging and emailing each other regularly.

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“So, you’re the woman my husband is involved with” she whispers.

As I close the door behind her she adds, “Samantha, we need to talk…”


Antony Donaldson was born… well, when Mum was ready, as they said in those days (now behave you lot – I may be older but I’m not ancient!). She was carrying twins and we turned out to be premature as well, arriving just before Christmas. What a bummer that was to be in later years for birthday and Christmas presents!

I am the second twin and I always claim I kicked my brother out to get more room inside mum; as it turned out I did not get much time on my own as I arrived shortly afterwards. Around ten years later our sister arrived. This age gap would be a factor when I started cross dressing as I am not into nappies and rubber panties, although panties with ruffles is another thing… well, I diverse a little but it’s my story so I can do so if I wish. OK, OK, back on track now.


Joanna Johnstone was born a few years after Tony into a large family; she was one of seven children and had three brothers and three sisters. Joanna occasionally got called JJ by her siblings.

As mentioned previously, growing up there were issues with an uncle who took advantages with the girls that their parents would not accept. Sadly, to this day Joanna has not revealed to me the full extent of these horrors and all I can do is be around for her if ever she wishes to talk to me about this. I can only say that when that illegitimate son of a b**** died Joanna made sure that we went to the funeral for at least some form of closure.


In all honesty, it was not love at first sight, although we did start to get to know each other better over the coming years. We developed a love which grew and grew until we exchanged wedding bands and eventually had three children together – all in all, the years have been generous to us.

We have had our ups and downs, disagreements, fallouts, making up and they have made us stronger and more aware of each other’s feelings. The other type of makeup started being slowly introduced throughout our marriage.


My dressing has changed over the years and so has how it influences me.

Early on the clothing had an instant sensual effect, for example, the act of clipping the catches of my bra together and twisting it round so the cups are at the front covering my breasts; I still have a fight with any bra if I try to fasten the catches behind my back, either not catching the hook and eyes in the correct place or getting the top hook into the bottom eye.

Once on properly the feeling of the bra hugging my body is just wonderful; then it’s slipping up the panties, some a little smaller to restrain that bulge and give a smoother front. Now the suspender belt and stockings. The suspender belt is easier to put on than the bra, slipping the tabs under the panties before sliding the stockings up shaved legs and attaching them to the tabs. When younger this drove me to the point where I had to get some relief, swiftly followed by guilty feelings and the instant urge to take all these wonderful garments off.

The feelings of guilt eventually vanished and the garments stayed on for longer each time. I much prefer stockings over tights and have a passion for seamed stockings, (fishnets feel different again) and I have grown to love Cuban heeled stockings.


JJ was aware of my dressing although our children were asking her questions as to why I always ducked down in the bedroom if they wanted to come in or covered myself with a blanket as they passed.

This was due to their dad getting dressed or undressed in his girl clothes; JJ was getting more and more annoyed at their questions and would not tell the kids.

We fell out over this and JJ told me that I had to tell the kids about their dad’s crossdressing.

It felt so much easier to chat about THAT talk, the ‘birds and the bees’ talk, rather than about my dressing and fondness for woman`s clothing. Even then I felt the bees won out.

Our daughter was much more accepting than our boys and even has given me nail polish and the like as Christmas presents, adding that just because I like to wear nail polish and the rest I am still their Dad and always will be there for them; I think the presents were her way of showing that she was there for me.


JJ on the other hand was accepting of Samantha she just did not wish to physically see her. We had many a disagreement over the years about finding my clothes in the washing basket on the bathroom floor, mainly due to the children still living at home. They knew about Dad, but knowing is one thing, seeing is different altogether.

I did try not to leave the clothes out and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find some time or place to dress.

This all changed when I moved positions within the company I was employed by to another hotel a fair distance away from home. Having to travel up and down allowed me to dress at least in my underwear when driving and in the privacy my room at the hotel.

Joanna was having a tough time when I was away at work, our youngest was only six weeks old at the time and money was tight. It was essential for us both that I could get home and support JJ and the children, for her it felt like she was a single parent, which I could understand. My love for her deepened even more; I admired her strength looking after a new born as well as the two older children.

It became difficult to return to work as our relationship was becoming strained with us being apart only seeing each other for two days a week and on holidays for almost 18 months.

JJ and I eventually found an apartment close to the hotel, it was not entirely large enough, it did mean we were able to get back together under the same roof.


Earlier in the story I revealed my wife developed some serious health issues which resulted in various trips and stays in a hospital a fair distance away from home. I had to stay down with her and would book a hotel room with one of the major chains. I have used the same hotel over the years for further hospital visits as it is convenient for us.

This also gave the opportunity for Samantha to come along with us so I could dress in the room for a fleeting time while JJ was having her check-ups; often this was just overnight due to the timing of the appointments.

One of these appointments was different from normal as JJ was not due at the hospital until 8pm and would be staying for up to three days. This appointment was to monitor her sleep as she often stops breathing in her sleep, with previous stays causing the nursing staff to wake her to get her to breath. They eventually found my wife suffered from sleep apnoea, which I have discovered is not uncommon.

Due to hospital visiting guidelines certain days do not have visiting in the afternoon to allow for operations in the theaters.

With the late time to get to the hospital and the following day with no afternoon visits I would have time to be Samantha for longer than normal. Having already taken Samantha`s suitcase into the room and running the bath water ready for a soak in the scented bubble bath it was not long before Tony disappeared and Samantha appeared.

Sam left the hotel and went for a drive and parked up in a car park where she went for a walk in the late November night, pulling her jacket close around her body – unfortunately the jacket was her male one as she had no female jackets or coats. I say unfortunately as she got some make up stains on the collar and did not notice this at the time.

Back at the hotel Sam was in a great mood having been out as Samantha and, with the help of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, would spend the night in her black nightdress. To wake up in the morning and spending most of the day dressed was just heavenly for Samantha.

Later in the evening, back in Tony mode, I arrived for the evening visiting to see JJ. As usual we did not have much to talk about. This seems to be the way with hospital visits – after the first five or ten minutes the conversation dries up.

I got up to leave and picked my jacket up; JJ noticed the marks on the collar and asked what they were. I tried to say it was just some dirt but JJ knew better.

“They look more like makeup stains to me,” she said, looking me in the eye. “You’ve been dressing up again and using makeup as well. I know you dress, Tony, I just don’t want to see it,” she added with a sigh of frustration. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips before turning away.

‘That’s just the thing,’ I thought to myself, ‘I need you to meet her.’

Back at the hotel I sat on the bed absently caressing my black nightdress and wondering about how I could get JJ to meet Samantha and what effect this might have on our marriage.

JJ was discharged the next day and I put Samantha away for the moment so as not to upset my wife. It saddened me to do so and I continued to think of ways for the two women to meet in person.


It was an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ acceptance of Samantha, although early on it was not always out of sight.

In the early days of our marriage, before the children arrived, as consenting adults we had fun and games being intimate with each other. I remember one occasion with us lying in the living room in front of an open fire, just relaxing and enjoying our time together after a busy week for us both.

I was wearing this wonderful red basque with stockings tugging on the clasps with a little make up assisted by JJ – I’m sorry to say I have no recollection of what JJ was wearing, despite taking some pictures on a Polaroid camera. The photos all ended up in the fire when the children eventually enhanced our lives and made a couple into a family.


Our daughter is much more accepting of Samantha than the boys, which I find interesting as I am fully aware that one of the boy’s dresses on occasion as well. I only found this out when I was looking for some tools to do a repair to something or another in the house and opened a tool box which proved to have no tools inside, just some sexy female clothing.

For some reason, I find it difficult to raise the subject with him and am waiting for him to do so himself, which I doubt very much will happen. I have even thought of asking to borrow the black boots I saw to broach the subject.

I am comfortable being Samantha at home or in a hotel bed room but find it difficult to go our as her – when I do it’s dark and only for a fleeting moment. Although it’s not illegal to dress in the clothing of the opposite gender it is not generally viewed as socially acceptable, so exactly how comfortable I am, I’m not sure – I do know Samantha is Tony and Tony is Samantha.


JJ and I have a wonderful marriage, apart from this other woman in our lives; Samantha. Samantha Ann Donaldson, to give her full name. Yep, her initials do spell SAD and she often does not use the surname for that reason.

Over the years, she fades into the background and then rears up and appears again although she is never far away. Always packed in a suitcase when we are away from home and appearing, discreetly, when Joanna is sleeping or in the hospital.

I did say to JJ that I wanted her to meet Samantha in person as she is aware of her and despite me respecting JJ’s choice I still leave Samantha’s clothing – mainly bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt, but sometimes skirts and tops – in the bathroom in the washing basket. I generally get ‘that look’, followed by the talk about the children in the house; well, they’re adults now and know about Samantha.

Anyway, I kept on at JJ about wanting her to meet my other persona and over time I just wore her down – after all, she did have some hand in the earlier days of Samantha. Not her birth as the woman inside was already around, though she did not have a name. JJ suggested a few and we settled on Samantha.


Tony in the meantime was still uncertain about meeting Joanna while dressed, although he knew he had to let her she him dressed, not hidden away in a suitcase in wardrobe in the house.

JJ also had reservations regarding meeting this other woman and made some conditions when eventually agreeing to meeting her. The children were not to be involved and it could not to be at home or even in our home town.

I suggested the hotel we used when JJ had to visit the hospital and she agreed provided we booked two rooms, explaining that she still was not entirely comfortable with this and needed her own space. Naturally I respected her request as I was the one pushing for her to meet my other self.


“So, you’re the woman my husband is involved with” she whispered.

As I close the door behind her she adds, “Samantha, we need to talk…”

“Yes, I know we must talk,” replied Samantha, her nerves showing in the shakiness of her voice.

Without saying another word, she thought to herself, “Well at least she looks passable,” which surprised her as she had been expecting Samantha’s makeup to have been overdone, something like teenage girl trying makeup for the first time. “SHE,” Joanna realised. “That’s my husband and I’m thinking of him as a ‘her’!”


Joanne had thought long and hard about Tony’s insistence that she should meet this ‘other woman’. other woman? Maybe it would be better if it was another woman, but it was not. It was her husband, her soul mate, her… well, she was not even sure what to do, say or even think.

He is a man, my man – or so I thought. They don’t dress in woman’s clothing unless they want to be one, to be treated as one.

But… from the very beginning he was there for me, even when I pushed him away when the memories rushed in from my childhood. I hurt him emotionally and he was still there, sharing the hurt with me without asking for the details.

Will meeting the ‘other woman’ do more harm than good? I can’t discuss my feelings with someone else without revealing the reason; after all, it’s a family secret. No, it’s not even that – it’s his secret, not the family’s.

If it gets out what will it do to me, to the kids, to the marriage? What about my feelings about this – MY feelings… and, I suppose, what about his?


Now they are face to face in the other woman’s room.


Joanne noticed the glasses and the unopened bottle of wine on the dresser, turning back to Ton… no, not Tony; that night, the way he was dressed he was Samantha; she could see no sign of her husband.

“We may be a least be relaxed as we talk,” Joanna said as she sat down. “Open the wine, I think it will help me – you look as you need one as well” she added.

JJ watched as Samantha opened the wine; all her movements were very feminine, totally different from the way Tony walked and thumped around, a finesse and gentleness obviously practiced over the years.

Her makeup… although not perfect it was at least presentable, JJ had to concede, with some admiration despite her initial reservations.

Samantha handed her wife a glass and sat opposite her, smoothing her skirt like she had been doing so all her life.

Taking a sip of wine, JJ looked at Samantha.

“I’m listening,” she said.

Samantha was still very nervous and took a large gulp of wine almost emptying the glass in one go.

“I’m not sure this is a such clever idea now – I’d best get changed and we can talk later.”

She went to stand up but JJ just held up her hand.

“No,” she said firmly, “we’re here now so stay dressed as you are. I know this is difficult for you, well for me as well,” she added, her nerves and anticipation showing in her voice; “Go easy with that wine swallowing it that fast will hit you hard and you want to talk, not get drunk”

“Sit back down, to be honest you look better than I had expected. For a man, you make rather an attractive woman,” she smiled as she spoke. “You need a little help with your makeup, but otherwise…”.

Trying to relax the tense atmosphere Samantha sat back down after topping up her glass.

“Well, I wanted you to meet Samantha, the other woman in our lives… sometimes, it’s more of a need.” Samantha said, looking at her wife.

Standing up, JJ moved over to her husband.

“Well Samantha, we meet at last. I’m Joanna, or JJ if you prefer.” She then leaned forward and gave Samantha a peck on both cheeks as ladies tend to do. “What do we do now?”

“I am not sure, JJ. I’ve been wanting you to meet me, Samantha, for a long time and have been trying to think of a way to do so. When you noticed the makeup stain on my jacket collar that last time you were in for tests, I knew there and then I had to get you to meet me, the other person in our marriage."

“I know you are aware of Samantha and have been for many years. Well, she has become a large part of my life and she helps me to relax from the strains of my work. Recently they have been asking me to finish something by tomorrow, well that’s the day after today and I am still working on things from yesterday. Samantha helps me calm down and be more relaxed around you."

“I love to dress as a woman and still be a man as well. There are many others in this world who have problems being who they, born in the wrong body or are intersexed and struggling to be accepted by family, friends and colleagues. I’m lucky, I have a choice – others don’t. So, where do we go from here?”
Samantha looked at JJ with some anticipation.

“Well, I think to start with I will go back to my room.”

JJ saw the look of disappointment in Samantha’s face and even the start of some tears with her comment.

“I’m just going to get my nightdress,” she continued. “While I’m gone you can change into the one that’s peeking out from under that pillow. I already know Tony and I think I want to spend the night with Samantha to try and get to know her better”

JJ went to her room to get her nightwear while Samantha was in shock that she wanted him to wear that lovely nightdress and to stay as herself for the rest of the evening.

JJ returned with her nightwear and popped into the bathroom to change.

Leaving her makeup on she returned to the bedroom and looked at Samantha with love in her eyes and in her body language.

“I know it’s not good to sleep with make up on but we will just this evening, both of us. We’ll take care of it in the morning. Now darling, why don’t we slip over under the covers so we can talk more?”

JJ joined the other woman, her husband, dressed as Samantha, slid in the bed, one hand reached down between her husband’s legs, as the other switched the rest of the lights off “not sure we will get much talking done” JJ added as darkness filled the room.

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