Amadeus Irina ~ Part 33 (Epilogue)

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A lonely young boy is torn between two worlds. Which will he choose—that of his father OR that of his mother?


Amadeus Irina

By Shauna

Copyright© 2017 Shauna
All Rights Reserved.
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Author’s Note:
Hi All,

Writing this book has been a blast and I am ecstatic that so many of you have stuck through it with me and have supported the story while I let my muse explore Day’s world. This is simply the epilogue to set things up for the next book while I take a short break from Day’s world and focus on some other pressing non-fiction matters at home. My plans are to start the second book late this summer or early fall.

Now for the final wrap-up…




Chapter Thirty-Three (Epilogue)




I put the dozen sandwiches and the lemonade on the tray and carry it out to the garage. The windows are open and a nice breeze blows through my hair as I enter. I am still amazed at the beautiful day we are having in March. I shrug—I guess it is a good thing that global climate change is a myth or I would have to chalk it up to that…

I carry the tray over to the three girls who are giggling and playing their instruments—all hooked up to separate amps. I smile as they stop and Day puts down her electric violin that I think has been glued to her hand for the past five months.

Ever since she played it for the first time at our ‘wedding’ at the Jade Garden, I think she sleeps with it.

Kim puts down her e-cello and says, “Thank you, Momma. I’m starved!”

Day giggles and I smile, “I hope you never experience that for real, Love!”

She blushes as she realizes what she said in front of Day and me.

Em puts down her electric guitar and takes a sandwich, too. I smile at the girl and marvel at how far she has come in the past five months in so many ways. She is nearly completely over her Mexico-induced issues—only a very few, infrequent nightmares, it seems. She has taken her Irish dancing back up with a vengeance and will start back at the academy next semester, having caught back up academically through a variety of home-schooling sessions. She has also picked up the electric guitar at an amazing speed.

I shake my head as I think back to our wedding and remember Day starting out with her violin after Rich brought in her amp. Then he surprised Kim by bringing in her amp and cello. Finally, he brought in his old amp and the Gibson.

Kim jumped right in playing and, at first, Em just danced—as much as Jenny would allow. Then Chuck started showing her some easy chords to play along with Day and Kim. Then Jimmy Borden surprised us—Kim’s grandparents gave him the rest of the night off. I secretly think they saw the looks between Day and him and figured he was just making a fool of himself serving anyways…

Anyway, he took up the guitar and played like crazy—then was really sweet and spent time showing Em how to play.

Fast-forward to now and the three girls spend every free minute practicing. Em sings lead when there is a need, but both Day and Kim have voices that aren’t to ignore and sing a mean backup.

I giggle as I watch Em give Kim a kiss as she hands her another sandwich—puppy love moves so fast. Sometimes it grows into much more, though. Em and Kim are certainly more than just crushing on each other. If I were a betting woman, I would say that Day and Jimmy will be more, too…




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I sigh as I sit at my desk. The house is sound-proofed, but I can always tell when it is empty, even so—it is a different kind of quiet. With Em and Day at Mindy’s for practice and Rich out with Chuck chasing down something for their latest case, I am left alone in the house.

I shrug and pour myself a glass of wine and open the folder on my desk. With Rita as the new chairperson of the board and Jena still a full member, they decided to hold an emergency vote and I have been instilled as a permanent member of the board—well, the headmistress of the school now has a seat on the board as a full voting member; since that is me... There will also now be a student representative on the board—elected each year by the student body.

I plan on nominating Kim as the interim representative until an election can be held. She certainly deserves the spot—she no longer needs a scholarship, but she certainly knows what it is like to need one. She will represent the students well, I think.

We still need two community members, though.

I take a sip of wine and start leafing through the bios of our candidates—looking for those that stand out in a good way.

After looking through several, I put the folder down and can’t help but wonder where Reggie is right now. He certainly should be in prison…




I look at Christopher Barns, the U.S. Marshal in charge. Then I look back at Reggie on the table, getting a large rose tattooed on his butt. Not that there is anything remotely ‘his’ about him anymore.

I muse, “I still can’t believe that Reggie—sorry, Regina agreed to the terms and didn’t just go to prison. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad he…she did. I think what…she provided will be enough to put Willie away for good, which is great for the east coast. For us in the west, too, since he was steadily gaining influence in our region, as well. Luckily, there won’t even be the need for her to testify.”

I watch Reg…ina squirm as Billy, the tattoo artist, switches from her butt to her left shoulder and starts permanently inking a large and very colorful flowering vine on her shoulder cap.

Chris says, “Well, overall, it was the better deal. Life as a woman—or life in prison. Even with a deal, Reggie would have never gotten out alive. Willie wouldn’t have trusted that he wouldn’t turn on him and would’ve had him taken care of. I’m just glad the judge agreed that this is not some form of cruel and unusual punishment, since it’s voluntary on her part. Of course, there weren’t a lot of other options to fully keep her safe.”

We watch in quiet for several more minutes.

I am still amazed at the figure on the table. Reginald Fisher—now, officially Regina Hernandez, is responding well to her hormone therapy. Having a first-generation immigrated Hispanic mother, she looks fully Hispanic, in spite of her mostly-Caucasian father. She also speaks fluent Spanish because of that heritage. It was an easy thing to set her up as a Hispanic woman in San Francisco.

Of course, even though it was a ‘voluntary’ act on her part—the judge insisted on a battery of psychiatric evaluations. Even I wouldn’t have guessed that Reginald was basically androgynous in terms of gender identity. As such, the judge and doctors had no moral issues with going along with the plan, since she should, technically, be as comfortable as a woman as a man—at least at the deepest levels. That is certainly not to say she will like it—or would have chosen it.

In time, if she asks for it, she will be made a complete woman. For now, she is sufficiently hormonally controlled to ensure that she won’t ever be mistaken for a man—let alone Reginald Fisher.

I reflect back on what Chuck had dug up on Reginald’s history, as a build-up to the case. He grew up a spoiled rich kid that took up with the wrong crowd. At only twenty-two he shunned his parents and, with his mob connections, quickly rose to power. That led to him becoming the youngest chairman in the long, distinguished history of the music conservatory’s boards. All for the singular purpose of tearing down the school for the mob’s profit—it took him only two years to dismantle the school’s over hundred-year proud history.

Luckily, Reginald never ‘manned up’—not physically, that is—making it that much easier to feminize the now twenty-five-year-old. Some facial feminization surgery erased any errant minor developments the weak testosterone in his system had encouraged. The surgery had also emphasized Reggie’s already prominent Hispanic features.

Now, there is nothing remotely manly about Regina—aside from the skin tag between her legs—and the external ovaries, she has—useless as they are.

Billy finishes the tattoo and Regina is nearly ready for prime time. She has been carefully conditioned by the feds to speak mainly in Spanish and with a heavy Spanish accent when speaking English.

She is wearing a racy bra that shows off the ample cleavage she now sports, thanks to some judicious enhancements to solid C-cups—which should only grow, along with her other curves, as her hormones continue to kick in.

A little liposuction and some other cosmetic surgical enhancements ensured ‘Gina’ is a bombshell.

As she sits up, I watch her greedily suck on the e-cig that Reggie would NEVER have dreamed of using and carefully pull up the top of her dress. Billy zips up the back of her dress for her and smiles at the result of his work fully showing, since the dress covers little up top—front or back.

She minces over to Chris and me in her five-inch stilettos, her cleavage showing and her large hoop earrings swaying in rhythm to her exaggerated steps. She nervously smiles at Chris and I notice the additional piercings in her ears and her heavy makeup. She looks a lot like a hot young woman on the prowl for a man—not quite at the level of a hooker, but certainly…encouraging…

Chris says, “OK, Gina. This is where we part our ways. You have my emergency number memorized, but I have absolutely no doubt that you will never need it. You have the perfect cover. Oh, and this is your new employer, Mr. Barnabas Jones. You will be his permanent live-in housekeeper. Enjoy your new life and your freedom from fear, Ms. Hernandez. Good day!”

And he walks out of the tattoo parlor without a backward glance.

I smile at Gina and say, “Say, Gina, I think you would look lovely with a nose ring and a belly button piercing! Billy, want to do the honors? My treat! Then we’ll go home and I will show you the house—some call it a mansion, but I am not so vain. Anyway, I am sure that you will have plenty to do every day to keep you busy keeping it clean and everything in order.”

I grin at the look on her face and continue rubbing it in, “We have a nice little room for you to stay in, right next to your co-worker—our chef. He just LOVES to eat up little hotties like you! And since you will be mostly confined to the house for several months while you continue to settle in and solidify your new identity, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other. Of course, he has no idea about your ‘situation’ down below—or your past—and it absolutely must stay that way for your own protection. In several months, if you want, we can get the issue down below fixed…and you should be fully immersed in your new persona by then, so that you won’t have to worry about slipping up. We can loosen your leash a little then…”

I smile at the look in her eyes—she knows she is screwed and it is all of her own accord. Her prison will be more the fact that she will basically be an indentured servant to me and not be able to lead the life of luxury she is used to—and the terms of her protection are that she must remain in that position for as long as she wants said protection. The fact that she will have to chase off the men with a stick and will be treated just as HE had treated women by them is just icing on the cake! I still want to slap him for the stories that Grace has told me…

She just curtsies with a fake smile pasted on her plumped, pouty, glossy-red lips, and says, “Si, Senor Jones.” Her eyes tell a different story, though.

Billy waves her back over as he pulls out his piercing instruments…

I can’t wait to see if Grace and Chuck will recognize her when they come out next month. Of course, I can’t say a word about her true identity…neither confirm nor deny—if they ask… My bet is they will know and know enough not to ask…

While I wait for Billy to finish putting in a large, sparkly fake diamond into the newly punched hole in her naval, I think about the fact that I still need to pick out a ring for Brea.

Yes, it’s going to be an awesome summer!

I smile and pay the bill for the piercings, then lead Gina to my car—and hurry home so that she can start her new life of ‘freedom’…




I smile as Aunt Mindy brings us out a platter of sandwiches. Yes, I have taken to calling her ‘Aunt’, having ‘adopted’ her as family, the same as Em has. Oh, and Kim has done the same with Momma—calling her Aunt Grace. The first time she slipped up at school, I thought Momma would have a coronary, but she just smiled at her. The ‘family’ has grown even more, though, with Uncle Barn—and I am pretty sure, soon-to-be Aunt Brea…

Em and Kim make ‘fools’ of themselves, fawning all over each other while eating. I giggle and can’t help but think about how I would like to with Jimmy—I haven’t QUITE gotten him to the point of asking me out, yet. But I WILL get him there!

I smile again at Aunt Mindy while Em kisses Kim over another sandwich and I reach for one, myself. I ask with a wink, “So, Aunt Mindy, will these be on the menu at ‘The Bridge’?”

She giggles and says, “Oh, sure! Bologna and cheese sandwiches should be on every gourmet restaurant’s menu, right?”

I nod, as if serious, and retort, “Of course! As long as you use ‘Grey Poupon’ mustard, right? Are you ready to open next week? Do you need us to help with anything? You know we’re going to miss you at school, right?”

She smiles and says, “I’d love some help, Day. I may also ask you to play there sometime—you and the girls, I mean.”

I look at the two others, still locked in a kiss and shrug, “If we can get them apart long enough… We still need to audition for another player—I’d like a keyboard or piano player, I think.”

Aunt Mindy giggles at my quip and asks, “Oh? I hear that Jimmy Borden is a pretty mean piano player.”

I blush and think about the fact that I had mentioned his name ONCE. The other two girls think we should go ‘all girl’…

I giggle as I think about a cute story I have been reading on my favorite transgender story site, BigCloset. It is about an all-girl band, ‘The Wildcats’, and how the brother of the lead singer ‘turns into a girl’ to be in the band.

Maybe we could do the same to Jimmy? I shake my head and laugh. Nope! He’s too cute as he is!

Aunt Mindy gives me a funny look and I just shrug, “Sorry! Just a random thought. I’m afraid we’re looking to be all female—or, at least M2F!” I giggle. “Give us a bit to come up with our fourth member and we’ll give you as many nights as you’ll have us—at the family discount!”

She laughs and says, “Deal! I’ll give you the family discount for food while you eat there, too!”

Kim and Em look up, confused, and Kim asks, “What’s going on?”

I say, “Nothing! Break’s over! We need to get on auditions, though! We have a gig!”


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