Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *1* Doctor’s Verdict

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*Chapter 1*

Doctor’s Verdict

“Thanks for taking her, Gloria,” Mum mentioned.
“It was no trouble Jenny, a pleasure in fact. I must get on though, Mama will no doubt be causing mayhem and my sister is staying over.”
“We won’t hold you up then, good luck.”
“Thanks, bye, Gaby.”
“Bye, Gloria, tschuss!”
The Cayenne took off down Zaungarten maybe a little quicker than the slushy road covering would indicate.
“So, have a good time?” Mum enquired once we’d dragged my case up to the house and got the kettle on.
“Was okay.”
“It’s alright to admit you enjoy something kiddo, you certainly looked to be having fun with that dark haired girl last night.”
“Sophia Thun und Taxis,” I filled in.
“Only you would be friends with a load of double barrels,” Jenny observed getting up to fill the teapot.
“I hardly know her really.”
“I knew I recognised the name, isn’t that who you guys had dinner with at Stuttgart?”
“Er yeah,” I agreed.
“How are things, you know?”
“Bit sore but no bleeding.”
“Good, let’s hope the only blood down there in future is stuff that’s supposed to be there.”
“I’m so looking forward to that,” I grumbled.
“Get used to it kiddo, it’ll be a part of things for quite a while.”
“You certainly know how to cheer me up.”
Mum set the tea to mash, you can’t just add the water and pour, not for a decent cuppa.
“So what’s in the bag?”
“Present from Ana and Johannes,” I dug in the bag and pulled out the red satin bag that held the gift. “It’s a necklace.”
Okay it’s not Cartier but it is Swarovski Crystal, a fine silver chain with a single crystal in a silver setting. Pretty and whilst not super expensive it’s a nice gift for essentially wearing a silly frock for a couple of hours.
“That’s lovely, I hope you thanked them.”
“Yes, Mum,” I sighed, mind you I think I’ll drop them a card.
“Can I go round to Con’s?” I asked after putting my weekends washing to dry in the utility room.
“Hmm I guess so, you staying for dinner?”
“Dunno, I’ll let you know.”
“Okay, don’t be too late we need to be at the clinic for eight thirty in the morning.”
I got to Thesing’s a few minutes before they close.
“Gaby,” Frau Thesing greeted me, “feeling better?”
“Yes thanks, Con about?”
“Upstairs, go on up, you staying for dinner?”
“Please,” I beamed.
“Thought it was you,” my BF mentioned, “you want coffee?”
“I’ll make it,” I offered.
“I want to hear everything,” Con told me.
I could hardly expect anything else could I?
“The lingerie, what would I want with the dress?”
“I guess,” Con allowed.
“The stockings are Wolford®,“ I volunteered.
“You and your Wolford®,” she chuckled.
“They are nice.”
“And expensive.”
“And expensive,” I agreed.
“Dinner, girls!” Therese called through.
“Help yourselves.”
“Thanks,” I allowed eyeing the array on the table.
The Thesing’s always have a proper Sunday dinner, it’s sometimes the only time they all eat together. When I say proper I don’t mean like British Sunday roast, well we are in Germany so pork often features and this week it’s the turn of the good old pork hock served with boiled taters, sauerkraut, carrots and gravy. A veritable feast indeed.
“Next Saturday?”
“If you can,” Tomas confirmed.
“It should be okay, I’m not allowed to ride for a few weeks yet so I’ve got no training.”
“Let me know as soon as you can.”
It won’t hurt to get a few shifts in, Christmas isn’t far away and there are presents to buy and what with Japan my bank account is looking a little thin.
“Relax, Gaby,” Doctor Schindler told me.
You want to try relaxing when you’re strapped in the gynae chair!
“Good, hmm, a little scar tissue but it’s mended well.”
She prodded about a bit more, making me squirm a bit, it’s sensitive down there.
“Well it’s well on the way, it’s still a little swollen but the bruising is almost gone,” the Doc noted standing and pulling her gloves off.
“But it’s alright?”
“No lasting damage, if the scar tissue becomes an issue we can do something about that but otherwise you’re fine.”
I let out the breath I hadn’t realised I was holding. I might not be the biggest fan of vagina ownership but as I have it I at least want it in good order.
“So I can go back to school?”
“I don’t see why not, no fahrrad though.”
I’d guessed she’d say that, “Dance class?”
“Next week perhaps, let’s get everything settled before we start pulling it about, that’s what caused the problem last time.”
“Okay,” I sighed.
“It’s only a few days, Gaby, patience is a great healer.”
“Uh huh,” I agreed.
“Ah, Gaby, Frau Bond,” Sylvie Boxberg greeted, “please, sit, coffee?”
“Please,” Jenny replied.
The Head buzzed through to her secretary.
“Coffee please, Claudia.”
Claudia, as any good secretary would, had pre empted the request and so arrived with a tray of beverages in short order. Once they were each served it was time to get down to business.
“So how is the patient?”
“On the mend,” Jenny volunteered.
“Well that’s certainly good news, you had us all quite worried there, young lady.”
“So you are ready to return to classes?”
“I never thought I’d want to come to school, but yes, Miss.”
“Well we’ll be glad to have you back, you’ve not had the best of starts to this academic period have you?”
“Er no, Miss.” I agreed.
“Frau Bond, I think we need to get Gaby back on track, the work we’ve had recently shows a slip behind her classmates so I propose some remedial work to get her back up to speed.”
“We’d support that,” Mum stated.
Great, it’s one thing to be back at school but extra classes.
“I guess.”
“I’ve spoken to her teachers and we suggest two one hour sessions each week up until the Weihnacht’s break when we’ll review things,” Frau Boxberg proposed.
Joy of joys.
“That sounds fair,” Mum pretty much enthused.
“Wednesday and Thursday then, after normal classes, if you come and see Claudia, she’ll bring you through to one of the meeting rooms okay?”
“Yes, Miss.”
It’s not like I really had any choice in the matter.
I knocked on the door before sheepishly opening it and going into my homeroom.
“Ah, Gaby, welcome back,” Frau Dürst smiled.
“Um thanks.”
“Get sat down, we’re on chapter eight of the trigonometry book.”
“Yes, Miss.”
Of course I was the centre of attraction for a couple of minutes before Frau Dürst resumed the class.
“Really?” Steff queried.
“Yeah every Wednesday and Thursday until Weihnacht’s,” I supplied.
“That sucks,” Pia opined.
“So we doing the market this year?” Nena queried.
“Dunno,” I shrugged, “don’t you have to book everything months ago?”
“Maybe in Köln, we are talking Ahrweiler here,” Brid scoffed.
“What’d we do?” Con asked before taking a mouthful of her sandwich.
“Same as last time?” Steff suggested.
“I can ask Dad what he thinks,” Pia mentioned.
“You think the lads’ll help again?” Nena put forward.
“Gab can check them out,” Bridget proposed.
“Why me?”
“Duh! Max is your boyfriend!” Steff stated.
Maddy Bell 19.01.16

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