Eyes Finally Opened Part 6

Amy was dress for training today with Troy. They had a private gym to themselves to train. The two of them have been at it since five in the morning. Amy had gotten up early and went for a twenty-mile jog to get her body back in condition. Since she has been here. She hasn’t done any training and her body was letting her know it. Her two body guards where huffing and puffing by the time they got back. In their human forms, they weren’t used to the type of jogging she was used to.

She gave them a break while she changed out of her jogging clothes and into a skin-tight workout suit that didn’t restrict her movements.
She watched Troy spar against his second and then corrected him the only way she knew how, which was with hard discipline. She whacked him hard when he did a move that wasn’t right or to her satisfaction. She knew no other way to train, except the way she was taught.

Troy could understand why Amy was being so strict in the way she was training them. It must have been the way she trained. That was why she never made mistakes in what she did. Her moves were perfect and that made them think she was older and more capable then she appeared. Troy felt sorry for his second. She had been extremely hard on him, but Troy had talked with him and explained why she was hard. He felt sorry for her body guards, because they were next after them.

He would have to show Army a better way of teaching people. However, right now they could survive her style of training.
Amy put all her concentration into training Troy and Darren she improved their moves and showed them the counter moves to their moves and how she did it. She only showed them once, maybe twice if she moved to fast for them.

By the time Troy and Darren was done. They had bruises from their head all the way to their toes. Amy had been merciless with them and they knew they had to go through this again tomorrow as well. Amy stood and watched as the duo walked/limped out of the training gym. She puts her training stick up on the wall and grab her water bottle and walk out of the gym and upstairs to the dining hall for dinner. They had taken only a fifteen-minute break for lunch. That was all she allowed them to take.

April watches as her daughter comes over and sits next to her. She has been learning sign language and has been requesting that Amy used it as well.

“How was your lesson?”

“It was fine mother. Troy and Darren are good students and didn’t complain to much as I wracked them hard to remind them to do a move right. I wouldn’t want to be them right now, because they are covered in bruises from their head to their toes. I remember being trained like that.”

“Is that how they trained you? By using extreme force on you?”

“Yes ma’am. Everything I learned was by extreme measures. Even learning to fight a Were. They would get a were all wired up and forced them to come at me. It was life or death every time. No instructor was permitted to show me mercy or kindness. It was all or my death. I did get injured several times, but with my ability to heal. It was nothing for me to get up the next day and be put into the same situation again.
The more I experienced, the better I got.”

Amy fills her plate from the food being passed around the table. There was plenty, so she never needed to worry about not having something. Tonight, she had a little bit of wine with her supper. April had approved it.

When desert came around she wanted some, but her stomach was full. So, the kitchen staff said they would save her a slice. She had watched as Troy and Darren came limping in and all beaten-up. Everyone at the table turned and looked at her. Amy just shrugged her shoulders and leaned against her mother.

“You know, everyone thinks you did it on purpose.”

“I guess I sort of did mother. It was the way I was trained to fight.” Amy looks up at her mother.

“I know and Troy said he’ll teach you a new way of teaching after you finish theirs, that’s if they survive you.”

April had a playful smile on her face as she looked down at her daughter.

Amy returns the smile and hug her mother. There were times she did act as a baby and not as a teenager should around her mother. She had found out that her Uncle Cain, her Aunt Joyce and her mother didn’t mind if she did. If was her way of healing and having some sort of her missing childhood back.

She just stays seated next to her mother listening to everyone as they talked. This was something she has come to enjoy. The union of everyone here. It was like where she came from where her teammates were kept separate from her. Plus, they weren’t allowed to talk about anything except training and the occasional mission.

Amy signs to April “Mom, I’m going outside and sit on the swing seat for a while.”

“Okay dear.” April replies in sign.

Amy gets up and walks outside and over to the seat swing and just watches the stars from the porch.

SHL Headquarters:
Agent Williams wasn’t happy about losing one of their most prized weapons to the other side. He had gather everyone that was still a lived and wanted answer about how this happened. He looks first at the Doctors that made her night time learning disk.

“How did Agent 345 manage to overcome the subliminal messages you have been implanting into her mind? You said it would be impossible for her to ever turn against us?”

“We don’t know. The messages have been working fine since she was born. Even inside the chamber we created her in we feed her those messages. There’s no reason she should had been able to overcome that process.” Chief Scientist Clarkson was sure of it.

“Well, she overcame your programming. Explain that to me? How is it possible?” Agent Williams wanted facts, not guess or unsure answers.

“Do we know what lead up to her defeating and going to the other side?”

Special Agent Brooks had just walked in when he asked that question.

“We don’t. All security records for that base have been completely erase or taken. She knew what she was doing when she left that base. The only reason we know she is still alive is because one of the surveillance drones spotted her in the market with known hostiles with her.”

“Why did she surrender to them and why are they treating her like one of them?”

“I can answer that question Agent Williams and I warned you this could happen with her as she was exposed to them. You treated her like a weapon and not like a human being. You made her question herself and didn’t realize that she was craving affection from another human being. We warned you that her conditioning could take her to this state one day. You’re lucky she didn’t snap to the point where she came after the whole organization. She’s trained better than anyone currently employed by us.”

Dr. Fulbright knew this day would come one day.

“Didn’t we build a fail safe in her?”

“No, you didn’t want one because what if our enemy got a hold of her and scan her with their mental or magical abilities and used it against her. You said you didn’t want to take a chance on that.”

Dr. Linkster was one of the doctors that helped engineer her.

“So, what options do we have in bring her back to us or destroying her?”

Special Agent Brooks was looking at everyone that had helped create agent 345.

“Well, we could do a drone attack or sniper attack against her, but it might not work. She seems to be able to detect snipers and drones. Like some sort of combat awareness. There’s the possibility of using the HUNTER. He was the one person that could hold his own against her when we hired him to train her. His training was brutal, but they did work in training her.” Dr. Kinsley knew the HUNTER was the one person that could deal with her, but if came down to a straight fight with her. She would win. He used traps and drones against his prey.

“Then get in touch with him and offer him twice his normal rate. I want her dead before she trains any of them or expose any more of our weaknesses.”

Agent Williams wasn’t happy and neither was Special Agent Brooks.

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