Eyes Finally Opened Part 5

Amy had gone back to her room and changed her clothes into her uniform she had worn here to the house. The damage that had been done to it had been repaired. She looks at herself in the full-length mirror. She was hoping that she would never have to put this thing on ever again. She picks up her Sai’s and examine them. They had been made of the toughest metals and forged by a master weapon maker.

Her sai were made just for her. Amy does a few warm-up exercises in her bedroom before walking down to the training area. She shows no emotion on her face as she walks towards the challenge circle. She waits for Troy to show-up and make the announcement for any one that wishes to challenge her.

Troy shows up at the challenge ring and notice Amy already there dressed in the clothes she uses to wear when her team intruded on their area. Troy turns around and in a powerful strong voice.


Seven guys come walking over to the challenge circle. All of them were looking at the Keres as she stood in the middle of the circle. Her
Sai’s were holster on her side.

“What are the rules? Are we allowed to attack her as one or do we have to wait?” The leader of the seven was directing his questions to Troy, since he was second in charge.

“You may attack her as an individual combatant and prove yourself that way or as group if you think you’re not man enough to fight her by yourself.” Troy wanted to see if he was going to take the bait.

“I can take her by myself.” He walks into the challenge ring and changes into his hybrid form.
Amy just watches him as he paces around her looking for the right time to strike at her. She doesn’t move or twitch any as she waits for him to attack.

Samuel paces around the Keres as she stands waiting for him. He hasn’t turned her head or her body when he goes to strike her from behind with his claws.

Amy ducks and spins around in place sweeping his legs out from under him. Amy then strikes him three time in rapid session.
Samuel couldn’t believe what just happened to him. One moment he was striking the Keres and the next thing he knew he was lying on his back unable to move at all. He looks up and notice a Sai pointed at his throat.

“I yield.” Samuel didn’t know how she did it, but she beat him in no time flat.

Troy had watched the fight along with the others and couldn’t believe how fast Amy had moved. He had watched as Amy hit three different nerve clusters on his body and paralyzed him. Her last move had been for her pointing her sai at his throat. If this had been a real fight, she could had killed him and moved onto another target. He was going to enjoy fighting her.

The other six had seen how fast the Keres had taken down their packmate. They all charged into the challenge ring and surrounded her.
Amy waits patiently for them to make their move. Two moves at once from opposite directions of her. Amy closes her eyes and just as they get within reach of her. She ducks and spins around and hit the same nerve clusters in the same place on each one’s leg, paralyzing that leg.

The rest of the men move and try to overwhelm her. She ducks and bobs from every blow directed towards her. Where she can, she strikes a nerve cluster and paralyzes that part of their body. They try to keep her cluster in between all of them not giving her a chance to move, but she manages to move in such a small space and hits them in different nerve clusters.

Amy didn’t want to hurt them, but she figures she needs to show she can do more than paralyze them. She kicks, breaks and stabs with her hands at valuable parts on their bodies. She moves with the grace of a well-trained ballerina and with the speed of a large cat. By the time she is done, all six were laying at her feet moaning and groaning.

Amy turns and looks at Troy and motions for him to attack her.

“If you want to darling.” He changes into his hybrid form and circles her. He knew she watched the body movements and moves silently.

He lunges at her and automatically follow up with his other arm, but misses her twice as she blocks his moves. He keeps pressing his attacks not giving her time to react. He manages to push her back some, but doesn’t expect or notice as her fist comes from nowhere and strikes him. She not only strikes him once, but several times in different parts of his body. The strength behind her punches weren’t impressive, but they did hurt him. He could feel the pain from those punches all the way through to his bones.

“Impressive Amy. Did they teach you that?”

Amy nods her yes to his question. Her mind was on the fight and she was blocking all thoughts directed towards her. She felt Troy trying to distract her by talking to her mentally. She smiles and moves in with an open palm strike and then does a roundhouse kick to his head.

Troy feels the air knocked out of his body as Amy hits him square in his chest with an open palm strike and felt her foot connect with the side of his head. First, he can’t breathe with the air being knocked out of his chest from the palm strike and the next thing he notices is blackness overcoming his from the kick to his head. He drops to the floor of the ring unconscious.

Amy looks up and notice that almost the whole pack was here watching her. She notices her Uncle clapping his hands and her mother and aunt smiling proudly at her. Amy walks over towards Uncle and kneels in front of him.

“Raise Amy, you have proven yourself to everyone. I don’t think anyone is ever going to challenge you again.” Amy stands up and looks at everyone present.

Cain looks at his people “is there anyone else who wishes to challenge The Keres?”

He looks around at everyone one present.

“This is your last chance to challenge her. She has beaten eight of our people already, including my second. After this day there will be no more challenge against her understood? Settle whatever grieves with her here and now or let them go. She never asked to become The Keres and she has never wanted to kill. She was force to do that by those that created her.” Cain observe everyone listening to him and notice that no one was going to challenge Amy.

“Alright, from this day forth The Keres is no more. Her name is Amy and is part of my family. You will address her like you would Lady April and Alpha Joyce.”

“What is her position in the pack Alpha?” Troy's first in command of pack security looks at Cain.

“She will be mine and my mate’s personal assistant from this day forth. If she tells you to do something, you do it. She has our authority behind her.”

“Yes Alpha.”

Darren wanted to make everyone understand that Amy couldn’t be order around by them and that she was to be obey. Lady April has already approached him and Jose to be her personal body guards, not that she needed them. He had to admit she was a pretty good fighter and hope she can learn some of her fighting style.

Amy walks over to where Troy is and screams his name to wake-up in his head.

Troy opens his eyes instantly. He looks up at Amy a she leans over him.

“Did you have a good nap?” She sends to him mentally.

He just growls at her and gives her the evil eye.

Amy just smiles and helps him up off the floor.

“Here, stand still.” She walks behind him and runs her fingers down his back till she gets to a certain spot and lightly tap it.

“You should be feeling better quicker now. That strike I did against your chest messed up those nerves.” Amy wanted to make sure there was no permanent damage to Troy.

“I want to learn everything you know how to do. No one had ever been able to drop me or any Were as fast as you did.” Troy stands up and brushes himself off.

Cain walks over followed by April and Joyce “did she hurt you?”

“No, but she did damage my ego some.” Troy was looking at Amy and had a smile on his face.

“I told her I want to know everything she knows. I have never had anyone drop me like she did. Even her punches hurt. The pain wasn’t where she hit, but traveled down to my bones.”

“She did a chi attack against you?” April looks at her daughter.

Amy nods her head yes to her mother.

“Oh, you are sneaky.” April smiles at her daughter.

“I just used what I was taught mother.” Amy stood close to her.

Troy looked around as the packs members started to leave the gym and challenge arena.

“I think she made her point with taking me down and those other yahoo’s.” Troy watches as the seven Amy fought were leaving and rubbing the spots she had hit them.

“Let’s wait till everyone leaves and before you start training me.”

“Okay.” Amy had been watching Troy’s lips while he talked to her.

She didn’t always need to hear what someone was saying if she could see their lips.

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