The Seven Deadlies: Chapter 1

“Oh jeez, another big American Pop group performing at the mega concert hall around. Please just gag me with a knife or a rusty spoon” Craig muttered, putting down the newspaper he just bought at the gas station. “Why do I even bother to hope, in the Midwest or the dead spot of the U.S. for foreign musical groups? I mean I know Chicago scores sometimes but generally most popular foreign groups may hit the coasts and that's it. Sure there are SOME foreign artists at cultural events but they're generally no name and some, if not most, are traditional music.”

Cracking open the soda he bought, Craig proceeded to head home in his car. Jeez, even one big KPop group would be great, preferably a girl group, he thought. Craig liked some of the boy bands but a lot of them didn't have the same spark that H.O.T., Shinhwa and others had while the girl groups still had quite catchy beats with a nice edge at times too. It didn't hurt they always like quite cute or beautiful as well.

The videos weren't difficult to look at as well, it was crazy how much was on display. The dance moves themselves were quite forward, he almost thought they were worse than what he'd seen from some American female artists. He couldn't believe how the market had gone from “Sung In Suk” by Park JiYoon being quite forward but not provocative to this.

Maybe it was the comparative narrowness of the market for girl's and girl groups or maybe it was the pay. He heard that groups were paid pennies per song, including the writers. Apparently getting a sponsor by way of a product endorsement was the gravy train, or using your fame to try to transition successfully into Drama's. There was the 20 Million Won club. Still, some like Honey Family who founded YG and Park Jin Young founded JYP which was doing quite well.

When he got home he decided to check the streaming sites, seeing if any good video's had come up. He came upon a really bizarre group which was called “The Seven Deadlies” called “Release” whose song was just as captivating as the video. Part of the song had a rap hook in which one of the members started slowly feeling up one of the other member's bodies...said member also did the obligatory pelvic thrust and grind. It looked, he looked closer and it appeared she was almost fingering her partner but it was so subtle most people might have missed it.

A bit of it focused on soft bondage, but there was a bit of harder stuff with tight leather bodysuits on that left nothing to the imagination. A cat o'nine tails was hinted at by a few quick shots done during the video with a pictured gasp at the end. That's not subtle at all is it, Craig thought.

Curious about the group he proceeded to find out more, being referred to the official site. Strangely enough, it was actually a .us site. Seeing various tabs, he looked at the “Auditions” one and clicked.

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