Class Reunion Part 3

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The news spread of the engagement of Juan and Lindsay and of Lindsay's pregnancy. As he expected, Juan was called before Louis Reagan to answer why he had proposed to her without his consent. He tried to keep an angry face but seeing the genuine terror on Juan's face showed he didn't have to put on the act and embraced Juan as his new son.

Tamara did the same, adding a soft "as long as the kids are fine with you two then we have no issue with you getting together." Juan mumbled a cautious "they asked me to adopt them" getting a smile and happy "then it's settled. We will help file the paperwork, you don't need to do anything else except show up tomorrow at city hall."

Lindsay was fighting for words but decided to leave it be. The kids would be there to witness Lindsay and Juan getting married, with Katie and Tanya York serving as witnesses. Valerie would know and would keep Cat away while Virgil and Trinity were forced to come along with their mothers.

The next day the kids were abuzz with the news of the marriage. Cat Finn kept begging to be allowed to go getting grins from Valerie who took pride in being able to tell her youngest child "no" over and over again. Virgil and Trinity didn't want to go but were informed that they had to go due to their mothers, neither wanted to endure a boring meeting and ceremony but they were told warmly that they were there on behalf of their cousins giving them smiles and heartfelt hugs to Valerie over the honor.

At City Hall Juan and Lindsay drew the attention of everyone especially when Louis appeared and led the gathered group inside the city clerk's office. The couple signed the paperwork, paid their fees, then had the ceremonial vows bestowed on them by the city clerk. The couple kissed deeply with Willow beaming with pride and Tyler hugging Trinity, much to her surprise.

As they tried to leave they were confronted by a group of city employees who tried to hone in on the ceremony. Louis brushed them off, it was clear that they wanted something from him and ignored them. Lindsay had no clue who half of them were while Juan knew that most were only seeking favors that would never be repaid to Louis.

Several threatened to complain that Juan needed to be fired for nepotism. A few threatened to expose Louis to the city for allowing deviants into his family. One actually threatened that if he didn't resign he'd have the state look into his foundation for fraud.

Louis just grinned and announced "I appointed the best person for the job years ago and I have no control over who my daughter dates or marries. I have worked with every department in this city and none of you have any clout to use against me and any attempt to bring me down without so much as a false rumor or preying on the insecurities of a few will only see you losing your jobs. And I personally know the head of the Attorney General's Financial Crimes Division, as well as her boss, and both are sending their congratulations to my daughter and son-in-law. In fact, the Executive Assistant Attorney General is waiting at my daughter's house for a small party and would love to hear how you threatened me over my daughter marrying the man she loves especially as he is a man who earned his job and has run the foundation without my interference and influence for a decade. But please, try to tell her. I am sure she will appreciate turning the tables on you and ask ‘why does it matter to you' then promptly indict you for trying to use your threats to curry favor with a city council member. I believe that is both extortion and misuse of public office."

Gasps were heard as Louis grinned. Louis casually added, "Angela has wanted to try her hand at going after some corruption lingering in this city, I guess you are giving her a chance." Katie burst into laughter as Lindsay looked at her shocked. Katie added a heartfelt "she knows the legends of the city, she knows it hasn't been purged of ill intent by public officials as these fine folks have shown. She is going to be the next Attorney General, this would be a fine finale to her employment behind the scenes as she takes over at 1 Ashburton Place."

The group dispersed leaving Lindsay trying to gather her thoughts. Juan just hugged her, kissed her cheek, then told her "your dad just made them look like fools and exposed their seedy underbelly to all in City Hall. They will resign in disgrace or bide their time before retirement. Either way, they are powerless now thanks to your dad's sharp words and the brutal truth."

The small group headed to Lindsay's house to meet their well-wishers and give the kids the much-needed playtime. Cat immediately seized Willow while Virgil monopolized Tyler. Trinity was left to play with Ella Finn but both girls were fine with that as they rushed off to Ella's room for fun.

Juan caught the attention of Reyna Toro as she stopped kissing her girlfriend Rachel Sylvester upon seeing him. She had a sad look and pained expression forcing him to walk over ask to talk privately with her. Rachel just grinned, she expected that her girlfriend needed to know how Juan really felt about her and how she wasn't wrong in feeling that way.

Sitting her down Juan carefully explained "you and your mother mean the world to me but Lupe and I are just too alike in so many ways. She is an amazing woman and I love her but not as a boyfriend or husband would. She is so much like a sister that I honestly can't see her as anything other than one. Just as I can't see you as anything other than a niece. We just aren't meant to be together and as much as it pains you to see it we are not meant to be together."

Reyna had tears in her eyes as she reluctantly admitted "I thought you might be my dad. All of my friends have dads as do all of Uncle Miguel's teammates' kids have dads. Mom loves you too but I guess I was only seeing you as what I want not what you are."

He hugged her then added "your mother lost her soulmate, nobody can ever replace Reymundo in her heart. You have a lovely girlfriend who has a father who will be that man for you if you give him the chance. You have the best uncle anyone could want and have multiple adults who care deeply about you and treat you as a daughter the same way any father would. Your mother may find another man to love but nobody can replace the man who was killed as your father. Please don't try, it stinks but it's the honest truth. Just let others be the father-figure for you. Sometimes the best father is an uncle and for you, that is crystal clear. You have Richard, John, Willie, Dan, Zeke, Ben, James, and Mark as father figures, each who love you as their own niece and treat you as a daughter. Let them be the father for you."

Everyone waited for the two to stop talking. Lupe came over and hugged Juan then kissed his cheek. She took Reyna aside and talked quietly with her, ensuring that she understood that Juan had her blessing and what he said was the truth. Reyna just shed a tear and hugged Lupe then went inside with Rachel while the others continued on with the gathering.

Miguel showed up and happily told the couple that they deserved happiness. He loved pointing out that Juan didn't need any dad training, he had years of experience with kids of all ages. Zeke Bollinger laughed and added "that won't prepare him for late night feedings and diaper changes" getting all except Miguel to laugh as his own inexperience with that left him open for the joke.

Miguel just smiled and accepted the laughs, knowing Juan appreciated him taking the spotlight away from him. Lindsay gave Miguel a big hug and kiss on his cheek then countered with a happy "so when are you going to settle down" causing him to blush deeply at the turnaround. Everyone else now laughed while Miguel pondered her words with the group agreeing that it was inevitable that the bachelorhood was going away soon.

Lindsay and Juan endured dozens of friends and family stopping by to congratulate them with the Yorks and Elizas being the ones who stayed the longest. The Finns kept the teens at bay while Melanie and Dan offered to host the kids while the couple had some privacy. They turned down the offer, insisting that it was no big deal and they wanted to just get things back to normal.

Over at the Finn home, Jaimie Finn worked with her cousins Iris Sylvester, Stacy and Rebecca Lopez, and Emma Peterson to find the perfect dress for the reunion. She hated to have to go but lost the draw among the senior class student council. She resigned herself to being put on display and under scrutiny but was thankful that she was going to have her aunts and uncles there alongside her parents.

The ladies debated her wardrobe for two hours before Ella and Trinity came in to try to help. Both looked at what she had and picked something none of them thought of- one of her dresses from the previous weddings. One, in particular, was perfect as it was similar to what their mothers were wearing while also youthful and respectful.

Jaimie had also filled in some more since she had first worn the dress making her bust appear fuller up top making the dress almost too tight but was perfect for the event. The girls got hugs and kisses from the teens and Emma with both happily saying they were just bored and wanted to do something. Emma took both downstairs to play with little Sophia Peterson as a reward and to allow Jaimie to fix her hair to have a new style without a major makeover, something the talented Rebecca was expert at doing for them.

Downstairs Rick Samuels was shown the picture of Jaimie in her dress. His reaction caused the two young girls to snicker as he stumbled for words. Michael Finn shook his head and boldly told him "you know she is good looking and you have seen everything, it's not that big of a deal."

Rick showed him the picture causing Michael to blush and admit "OK maybe she is extremely beautiful in that. Don't you dare tell her I said that." Emma just grinned and led the girls to Sophia while Rick recovered and Michael hid his shame, adding a happy "she really is beautiful. Maybe not model beautiful but she is full figured and athletically built making her the envy of most women."

John and Valerie were shown the picture and agreed with the dress choice. John had to hold back his tears, his little girl looked like a grown woman. Despite being her father for six years he had to finally come face to face with his little girl looking like a grown woman, much more so than any time before.

Valerie hugged him tight then added "she hasn't been your little girl for years. It's almost time to let her leave the nest. You know Rick and her are destined to wed, and she is almost ready for her surgery. Our little angel has become a woman right in front of our eyes and will break the hearts of many in the fall."

John kissed her and fell asleep with a smile on his face. Jaimie Finn, the little angel he had taken in after trying to help get over her mental health issues, was almost ready to finally have the last bit of her past excised from her. It was tough to accept but having long ago seen the boy who won the heart of his daughter grow into the young man who all fathers want to date their daughters and having earned the respect and admiration of thousands, Jaimie was going to be leaving the Finn home for her own home.

Valerie didn't mention it but she wasn't going to be alone in her new home. The group of six who were attending school out west at UMass-Amherst were staying together with the other eight attending school back east staying in their own home. Michael and his girlfriend Courtney Bollinger were getting their own home from his earnings and not even trying to pretend they weren't serious as a couple.

John woke up refreshed in the morning, kissing Ella and Cat while hugging JD and Logan. Valerie just shook her head and had to explain to them "your father got a little bit of a shock last night seeing Jaimie in her dress for the reunion. Don't look too much into this, he is simply coming to terms with his little girl being a grown woman."

Jaimie kissed John on the cheek at hearing that causing him to blush. She happily said "I love you too, dad" to him as she ate while her brother Miles groaned at her getting him riled up again. He then added "keep it up and you are going to slip in a request for a super-stretch limo just for you and Rick for the prom" getting a cold stare from Jaimie while John added, "not going to happen, a normal limo with your friends is enough."

John dressed in his Winnisimmet Reserve Police uniform and got a complaint from Michael over him intimidating the students. John just grinned and shot back "there's only a few who are intimidated and it's for all the right reasons. Not all of your classmates are lawful and seeing me like this might scare a few of them away from trouble. I know just who will complain and it won't be anyone who matters to you."

In school, he had to endure a lot of ribbing from his colleagues but John was proud to wear the uniform that day, even if it was due to his classmates being unable or unwilling to help out with last of the decorating and setting up. The fact that it was his class-A dress uniform as opposed to the normal one was even funnier to them as they ribbed him about his reunion being at the school. John just grinned and pointed out that it was perfect given they had spent so much time there anyway and he loved showing the students that he was in touch with his city despite having no real need to be.

The students were at first shocked to see John dressed up but hearing that he had to go to his reunion that night and was going to finish decorating he got praise. There were some snide remarks from several students about him being a pig but John casually mentioned "I am proud to represent the city and not try to take a hand in destroying it. I am sorry that your street pharmacy business keeps being interrupted by us but the rest of the city don't seem to mind."

John's passive-aggressive put-down earned an uproarious laugh and respect from the students as he dared the students to say something. When one quietly told him "watch your back" John pointed to his digital recorder and cameras, adding "I'll be sure to send this off to Chief Pena should anything happen to me. You said it on your own free will knowing full well that all interactions in this classroom are recorded."

The student ran off, humiliated and afraid that he would actually send "the real cops" after him. John simply forwarded the recording to Willie who looked into it and happily emailed back "criminal threats against a teacher and officer, ADA going after him while drug unit uses him to go after the real target. Fool thought he was a bigwig but is just a drop in the bucket in the local trade."

John just smirked at reading that. The student thought he was a tough guy but was really nothing but a wannabe thug. John walked over to Jake Bollinger, the principal, and had him listen to the recording then started the expulsion process with John giving his take on what happened and why, leaving out parts that were sensitive to the criminal investigation. Jake just nodded at the attempt at not saying everything, even when he had everything going for him John still knew what mattered most.

The next class period went smoother as word had gotten around that John was in full uniform and not afraid to go toe to toe with the druggies in school. By lunch, word reached the student body of the expulsion and arrest of the student who threatened John getting him a few angry glares that were matched by students asking if they supported someone threatening a teacher. This led to wars of words among several classes as a dozen students were suspended and two expelled for their criminal activities- all due to John simply pointing out the stupidity of the threat to him by a student.

John worked with Melanie in the gym after school ended and endured being put on display as people watched him setting up the tables and chairs then decorating them, all under Melanie's knowing eyes. He did a lot of heavy lifting and moving, with Melanie being methodical about where everything would go and how many would be at each table.

John and she were showing the school that they were extremely close and got so much attention that Jake had to explain to anyone asking "John and Melanie have been together since middle school and have been inseparable since she moved back here. Before you claim they are more than friends, know that they have never seen themselves as more than friends and are actually more like siblings. They are a great team and are doing this so their classmates have a nicer reunion than would have happened otherwise."

Over at his home, Juan tried his hardest to get ready but had to be snapped out of his delay by Lindsay calling. His heart melted at hearing her voice, with the two talking about anything as he dressed. Lindsay then finally asked him "are you dressed yet or do I have to send the girls over to get you dressed? Cat will not be happy to have to set out your shoes and put on your coat while Willow tries her hardest to get your hair just right."

Juan realized she set him up and casually mentioned that he was dressed. She snickered, telling him warmly "I knew you were struggling with tonight so I thought you needed a distraction. I would have been there to help you but I didn't want you to get any more behind schedule." The sexual tone of her statement caused him to blush and put on his shoes, almost gliding out the door as he finished dressing while Lindsay had to hide her obvious blush from the kids.

He looked over his house and sighed. It was his family home but it was going to be sold soon. He had a couple of buyers in mind, particularly Michael Finn who could use the home away from most others but close to his future in-laws. Juan would approach John and Michael about the house after the prom, it would give them enough time to think it over while Michael finalized his plans for the summer and Courtney got the blessing from her parents to move out.

Over at the Finn home Kennedy, Willie, Katie, Alison, Dan, Paul and Rachel Douglas, and Valerie were dressed, had their makeup perfected, and hair styled. The ladies had used Riley Pierce to style and put on their makeup allowing Rebecca to focus on her homework, much to Rebecca's dismay. Jaimie was the last one to join them, with the group eagerly awaiting her entrance.

As she descended the stairs the others all gasped at her look. Michael and Miles fumbled for the right words while Logan gave her a long, lusting stare. The poor boy had to turn away in shame as he started to feel something stirring "down there" that he hadn't wanted to have stir at seeing his big sister. The adults caught his little movement and had big grins, the 10-year-old had just entered puberty the hard way and was feeling the effects of hormones and seeing a beautiful girl.

Jaimie looked at her two older brothers and swiftly told them "not one word." Michael smirked, took a picture, then forwarded it to their friends and family. Miles shook his head and added "a picture is worth 1,000 words. Michael said a mouthful there."

Jaimie leaned down and hugged Logan as he blushed at the attention. She whispered into his ear "it's alright, it's a natural reaction. Those two got them at your age too, and it's one of many you will get from now on."

She was toying with him but he ran off in shame. The adults all shook their heads while Valerie pointed out "I guess you are going to be doing a lot of diaper changes for that little prank. But he needed to know the truth there and John will need to have a talk with him anyway. John will love this coming of age talk."

Lindsay and Juan joined them outside with Juan letting out a barely audible "wow" as he saw Jaimie. She grinned widely, adding a swift "you should see our prom dresses, Stacy will make you faint at her look." Juan looked at Dan who added a firm "thank goodness Scott knows to keep his hands off Stacy but she is a good girl anyway."

The Sylesters, Yorks, Kellys, Hermans, Vegas, and Pierces saw the reunion-bound people off with each having big grins on their faces while hoping the event went without trouble. Sean Kelly and his wife Danielle vocalized it most, adding "if she can't get a quiet night with her parents and relatives that poor girl will never know peace." Sean added a firm "they will learn quickly she is off limits."

At the high school, John and Melanie joined the group with Melanie going off to the locker room to change quickly into her dress. John groaned that she got off lucky but Melanie added: "at least you don't have to put on makeup." John glared at her as Dan added ‘he could use some blush to bring out his cheeks while Valerie added: "maybe some concealer for those worry lines as well."

Once Melanie changed the group entered the gym, greeting Jake Bollinger and the few city council members representing the city. Louis happily hugged Katie, Alison, Lindsay, and Juan while kissing Jaimie's cheek and giving John, Dan, Willie, and Paul handshakes. Valerie, Kennedy, Rachel, and Melanie got kisses and hugs with all four giving him the same in return.

The others already there stared at the sight, holding off commentary regarding the group until they were clear of Louis. When Louis entered he happily told the few he knew would gossip the most "I love those people. My daughters, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law are some of the greatest people I have ever met. And that young lady is the greatest thing to ever happen to our city. For decades people will remember the name ‘Jaimie Finn' when they talk about our city."

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