Class Reunion Part 2

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I guess this story isn't that good or has turned into yet another predictable mess, I'll try to make future stories more exciting but battling pain is causing me to write maybe 1/8th of what I normally write in a day. It doesn't help that the green-eyed monster constantly makes his presence known and I resort to a jealous idiot who is constantly second-guessing himself while comparing my works to others.

Juan Alvarez was the one member of the group who had the most on the line at the reunion. He was a multimillionaire thanks to being the agent of star Red Sox pitcher Miguel Toro. He also was single and rumors were circulating that he may be gay or transgender or even a pedophile simply because he rarely dated and was always around children.

The truth was that he was too busy running the Reagan Foundation as well as making frequent trips to Boston and New York for meetings regarding Miguel, his endorsements, his public appearances, and his standing within the player's association. This past November he had successfully negotiated a new contract with the Red Sox for Miguel and had actually helped several local prospects sign big deals with clubs earning him a tidy sum of money alongside the money from his contract with Miguel. All of this left him with little time for a personal life, much to the dismay of his new girlfriend Lindsay Reagan.

The two had grown close as Lindsay had taken a liking to the man who was a mystery to her. She and Juan had talked many times when she visited her parents but he was all business and treated her like a person instead of a sex object. She liked that about him, in fact, it drew her to him as he slowly got closer to her to the point that she asked him out during the week of February vacation.

The suddenness of her asking caught him by surprise and brought a smile to his face. Lindsay was unlike any other lady he had dated in the past, in fact, she was the opposite of the usual bimbos his friends often tried to set him up with. He and Lindsay talked on a personal level and what they talked about always captured him and made Lindsay feel great about herself without even thinking about it.

The only ones who knew about their relationship were her parents Louis and Tamara Reagan. Juan had to come clean to his boss and the way Lindsay had been acting had caught the attention of Tamara so they needed to address it quickly. They were thrilled that the two had started to get close and approved of their relationship, Louis even offering to have the kids over for a few nights getting both to blush and assure him they weren't at that point yet. It didn't take them long to get there though which Tamara happily needled her daughter about.

The only person not told about the relationship was Lindsay's sister Katie. She and Juan being classmates and still having some unresolved issues led to them delaying telling her until late. Katie knew already, it was tough to hide the smile on Lindsay's face nor that her niece and nephew told her that their mom was dating Juan.

The couple had been able to keep their relationship a secret from Katie for a few weeks but Trinity spotted Juan leaving when she was playing with Lindsay's son Tyler and daughter Willow. She told her mother about the strange man visiting Lindsay getting a smile and happy "about time she found a man" from Katie.

Katie called her sister to ask about the gentleman caller only to receive the runaround from Lindsay. Katie sensed something was up and demanded an answer, fearing the worst such as Lindsay dating a drug dealer or one of Katie's former abusers. Lindsay tearfully told her sister "I'm dating Juan Alvarez. I can't lie to you anymore, you deserve to know."

An hour later Juan and Katie sat down with Katie at Lindsay's house. They told her that she wasn't told because they didn't want her to react badly and wanted her to focus on being a mother. She cried and hugged them tightly causing Lindsay to hug her back while Juan leaned back out of the way.

The three kids came in and thought they had done something wrong but Katie happily told them "your mother did something very right, she wanted me to not have to worry about Juan and her. I love her for it, and if Juan makes her happy then I don't mind one bit. Besides, they would have told me when the time is right. I love what she did for me, and if Juan makes her happy then I would be proud to have him date my sister."

The couple kissed as Katie hugged Willow and Tyler. Trinity just sat back and waited for them to be finished then hugged her aunt, asking boldly "is he going to be their daddy?" Juan's face went white at Trinity's forcefulness while Lindsay happily told her "it's too early. We just started but if he feels the need to marry me I will happily allow him the honor of adopting Willow and Tyler as his son and daughter."

Katie smirked at Juan who had just walked into a tough situation. He liked Lindsay a lot but he wasn't sure if it was infatuation or love. Lindsay told him confidently that he didn't have to rush, she would be proud to work things out over time, plus he still had to explain to her father about him dating the boss' daughter without his approval.

The kids all laughed at that as Juan realized just how much trouble he was in. Katie was no better, teasing him about having to tell John and Melanie about being around more often. Juan sputtered and tried to figure out if it was a trick or if they were really going to do that to him but Trinity added: "Uncle John won't be so bad, but Aunt Melanie might want to put him through the dating ritual."

Juan realized they were fooling around with him and made a tactical withdrawal from the area, narrowly avoiding John and Melanie's gazes while being spotted by Dan Lopez and Valerie. The two spouses shared knowing looks, Juan had finally gotten serious and gotten a girlfriend and was dating the one person they thought wouldn't be on the market for years. Dan had to give him credit, Lindsay was a great woman and who deserved a shot at love while Valerie played the part of the concerned sister and saw the stability of a good man like Juan who had everything to lose and would treat Lindsay right or lose everything he had built up.

Katie had to give Juan credit, he actually did care a lot about Lindsay and it wasn't lusting that they were after. The two had real chemistry and the way the kids were reacting to him they might be setting themselves up for either heartbreak or happiness. She was glad that she would be having support from Lindsay as nobody would dare say something against him with Lindsay having the ear of their father and the power that goes with it.

At home, Alison happily told her that she had nothing to fear at the reunion. Lindsay would never let anyone say anything bad about Katie and Juan was already acting like a brother to her. The two hugged as Katie shed a tear over her final fears evaporating, Lindsay and Juan would protect her well before John, Willie, Melanie, and Paul could.

Alison asked her how she really felt about the two of them dating. Katie blushed as she admitted "they look good together and he cares deeply about her. I just want her to be happy and if dating Juan makes her happy then she deserves him."

While the Winnisimmet High Six were in the final stretch towards their reunion Lindsay received word that she was dis-invited to her reunion over her relationship with Katie. She tossed it in the trash then told her father about the rejection of someone who never attended school. He then promptly revoked his scholarships and had a vocal meeting with the board of governors over their actions. He then grinned and informed them that the state had a keen interest in the school as its bullying was finally at the point where they would step in despite claims they weren't needed sending the school into a fury as they tried to cover their tracks.

That was the worst mistake they could have made as Kennedy's office had been passed along the investigation as several police officers sent their children to the school as well as two ADAs. She just grinned as her assistant, Angela Victor, went at them quick and without mercy.

Angela had wanted to get at the school for years as they had openly allowed the bullying of several transgender students who were enrolled and caused one to commit suicide while the other to have to be sent to a mental hospital for a year and "graduate" from the school on paper. They skirted investigations by falsifying documents and getting several doctors to claim the students were mentally unhealthy before they entered but once the statute of limitations ran out they confessed not telling the accurate truth to prevent funding from large donors from being removed.

The school was a thorn in the side of Angela for years and she finally had pay dirt. Louis Reagan was unaware of the situation but had access to the internal files that were hidden from investigators. He happily turned over everything that he had access to and upon seeing just how far the school would go to keep out paying students who had no issues except gender change how much they sought to shut them down so the school wasn't made to look bad in the eyes of the public.

It may have been a private school but they had to abide by the same laws as every other school. They knowingly lied to police about students' behavior, kept assaults on those few "problem" students from the police, covered up harassment by students outside the school, and even went so far as to claim that the students who were caught in the act of bullying and harassing were innocent and blamed everything on the "unwanted" students.

They didn't need a search warrant but they got one anyway, but Louis' information was kept under guard and away from prying eyes just in case. Three DAs sent their outrage over the investigation but backed off when Kennedy point out just why they were shut out as they casually mentioned that nobody in their office had told them so someone in their office had to have known thus showed why they were not involved. That caused them to back away and suspend five ADAs for misconduct with two being fired for refusing to back away and voicing their outrage over the state helping those "who didn't belong in their school."

Angela just grinned as they earned themselves reviews leading to more depth of the initial investigation and more connections to a conspiracy to remove the students as well as cover up criminal behavior. The DAs simply apologized to Angela and Kennedy and pulled all support from the school as well as offered their cooperation. Two had later been contacted by the Attorney General and got the all clear as the two who were fired being from the same office.

The Attorney General's office team raided the school and found reams of files showing just how horrid the school made students' lives. It wasn't just the transgender students, it was every student. There were strict codes that were enforced daily and home visits that had no reason to occur. Those that complained were targeted for removal from the school and those that went along were rewarded with bribes and falsified grades.

The timing was key, colleges around the country were alerted to the situation and students were warned that they were either going to see their college acceptance letters revoked or they were going to have to prove that they were on the college level. This tainted the school beyond recovery, donors started to pull out their money and the board of directors called into question with many being shown to have exuded undue influence to get their demands met. Louis was the only member of the board who had no involvement in the illicit activities and was shown to be the one member with a clean slate.

Lindsay was kept unaware of what was going on but Katie knew through her best friend Ricardo Vincent, who was heading the lawsuit against the school by those abused by it. Katie knew that Lindsay loved her time at the school but she didn't deserve to be shunned because of her. The two finally talked about what was happening with Lindsay shedding a tear but hugging Katie deeply, telling her "you matter more than that place ever did. It sucked that you didn't go there but I believe they lied to dad to keep you from there. You deserved a good education, I am glad that you did better than anyone from there has ever done."

Katie helped Lindsay with her wardrobe for the reunion leading to Melanie, Valerie, Rachel Douglas, and Kennedy to join them. Valerie finally told Melanie the truth about Lindsay and Juan, getting a head shake and terse "I'll pay you back for that dear sister." Katie countered with a hard "she did it for Lindsay's and Juan's privacy, are they not entitled to have some privacy or does being your neighbor mean they give up right?"

Rachel and Kennedy saw Melanie's smirk and knew she played the three nicely. Melanie finally admitted "you know darn well the kids can't keep a secret especially when it's a stranger to them lurking around their home. Julio didn't know who Juan was and DJ can't lie to me so the twins told them about Juan and Willow told them about Juan dating her mother. The only ones who didn't say anything are Tyler and Trinity but that was probably because Tyler didn't want to upset Lindsay and Trinity didn't want to get caught in the middle."

Katie looked at Lindsay who shook her head at Melanie getting one over on them. Melanie hugged Katie tightly, whispering into her ear "you missed out on these sisterly things, we love you and are happy you kept your sister's privacy." Katie hugged her back then pointed out a few dresses that none had seen but was perfect for Lindsay getting a snicker from the ladies as Katie unintentionally found just what they were looking for.

The ladies talked for hours as they tried on various dresses in different stores. Katie smirked then teased her sister about Juan drooling over her in her dress leading the others to laugh as Lindsay smiled brightly at the idea causing Katie to shake her head at her joke backfiring. Melanie and Valerie both happily noted that Lindsay was smitten with Juan, no matter how hard she tried to hide it she enjoyed talking about him.

Alison joined them towards the end to get her dress and spotted something off about Lindsay. Rachel caught on and casually asked Lindsay if she had told Juan the news yet getting a gasp from Melanie and Katie. Valerie and Kennedy both stared at Lindsay then hugged her tight, she hid her symptoms from everyone except the ever observant doctor.

Lindsay sat down and confessed "I just found out yesterday. I have been having some issues with my period due to a lot of nerves and not seeing a doctor regularly so I figured it was nothing to worry about but missing it twice I had it confirmed. What gave it away?"

Alison just smiled and pointed out "I didn't know, I was bluffing. The way you were acting yesterday after I picked up Trinity I figured he asked you to marry him or you were pregnant." Lindsay laughed at Alison doing something so bold, but Alison added "plus you were fawning over the twins more than normal the past few days. It was more motherly than you had been. I guess the hormonal changes have already kicked in."

The ladies looked at Lindsay expecting a response. Lindsay sighed and added "I'll tell him tomorrow. I just hope he doesn't take it wrong." Katie looked at Melanie who nodded then explained: "he won't do that, he will do the right thing and be a father even if you two aren't meant to be husband and wife."

Alison found a dress that was perfect for her body and didn't hug her too tightly. It didn't match the others but it was perfect for her tall, slim body while not showing too much of her now ample breasts. Katie had trouble speaking after seeing Alison in it causing the others to joke that she had better buy it before Katie rips it off her and does some indecent things in the middle of the store.

Back at home, Kennedy and Katie spent the next hour talking about the reunion while their significant others chatted and the kids played. Kennedy was adamant that Katie not shy away from anyone and to just be herself. Katie thought it was best to just be silent and not push herself on others, she didn't want to be the center of attention and didn't want the event to be remembered for her showing up the rest of the class and forcing them to accept her change.

Kennedy just waited until she calmed down then pointed out "you are simply talking to people not forcing yourself on them. If they don't want to talk then they won't but you shouldn't hide away from anyone because you fear their reactions. Besides, being yourself may show that people were wrong to shun you in school and at the worst, you will know just how little they have evolved as people."

Kennedy had her hooked. Katie asked her firmly "are you going to address the rumors when they ask about you? They know you are like me but don't have the guts to say something due to Willie. You have done just as much as I have and have a job that makes a huge difference."

Kennedy just smiled then pointed out "I won't deny it but I will point out that it doesn't matter to anyone except the criminals who are sent to jail by my office. The only ones who have tried to use it against me have been those who had nothing to lose and were trying to prey on the insecurities and bigotry of others. For them to try to use that against Willie or me will be the same result so no I am not going to lie but I am not going to flash to the world that I am trans. I am me, they don't matter only you and the others do. You all care about me, I don't give a damn what the others at the reunion think."

Willie had to kiss his wife over saying that. Willie then added "nobody except John, Melanie, Paul, and Juan has bothered to say a word to me since the last reunion. I don't care what they say about me but if they say something about Kennedy or think they will use her against me I will seek a pound of flesh from them. I lost two already, I have no problem losing more. She is off limits, as are you and John and everyone else."

The families eagerly awaited Juan's arrival the next day. The kids weren't told yet but suspected something was going on as Cat Finn and Virgil York were prevented from playing after school with Willow and Tyler. The teens sensed something was going on that was epic but their parents kept them busy with prom-related talk ensuring that they didn't have a chance to ask about Juan and Lindsay.

Juan was led in and the kids seated around the living room as Lindsay steeled herself for the announcement. Tyler expected something was going on so Lindsay blurted out "I'm pregnant. We were careless and now I am pregnant. The two of you will have a little baby brother or sister."

Tyler and Willow looked at one another then at Juan who was struggling for words. Juan looked at the kids and saw them hoping that he'd say something only to get a somber "I don't have a ring for you to do this right." Lindsay kissed him deeply while Tyler and Willow waited to find out what they meant, getting a soft "he is proposing to me" from Lindsay.

Tyler wasn't moved. Lindsay hugged and kissed him, telling him affectionately "he isn't like your father, he won't run away from me. He doesn't have to be your new father but he will be part of our lives." Tyler just nodded then hugged Lindsay, going upstairs with Willow to let Juan and Lindsay talk.

Juan saw the sadness in Tyler's eyes and carefully asked "should I do the right thing, should I adopt him and Willow as my son and daughter? I don't want him to become jealous of his sibling because s/he has a father." Lindsay looked at him lovingly and responded: "you need to ask him that yourself."

Juan went upstairs to talk with Tyler, who was now crying into his pillow. Juan sat down, hugged him, then asked "you deserve a father who loves you and I like you and your sister a lot. Will you do me the honor of being your new father and not just your stepfather?"

Tyler hugged him tightly, crying into his shirt as he did. The look on his face was enough to give Juan his answer. Tyler quietly proclaimed "mom loves you and dad is never coming back. I want her happy and if you make her happy then I want you to be my dad." Willow popped in to say the same, not wanting Juan to rethink things and to show her brother she wanted what he wanted.

Juan and Lindsay called Valerie and Melanie over so they wouldn't think the worst. Seeing Dan with the bat and John with a shovel caused Lindsay to ask "where's Willie or did you finally resort to using GPS?" Willie came over with a map and grumbled about them not folding it after the last time with Dan casually saying "at least the blood rinsed off the bat" causing Juan to shiver as the three grinned at him.

Lindsay sat them down then explained "Juan proposed to me. He has asked the kids if they would like to be adopted getting an enthusiastic yes from them." The guys asked "anything more?" leading to Lindsay saying "we are also expecting a baby in about seven months."

The three guys slapped Juan on the back while Valerie and Melanie hugged Lindsay. Even though both knew about the pregnancy it was important that Juan knew they were fine with it. Juan accepted the ribbing while Lindsay enjoyed the friendship the two ladies shared with her adding further depth to her feelings that she missed out on something special over the years.

The teens watched the mini-celebration and finally realized that something big was going on. Cat casually told her siblings and cousins "Aunt Lindsay is having a baby and Uncle Juan is going to marry her." The teens looked at her in shock while JD Finn added "mommy was talking to Aunt Melanie about it. She forgot we were in the dining room eating a snack."

The teens went outside and looked at the couple, asking "is it true? A baby and marriage?" Lindsay looked at Valerie who blushed and mumbled "forgot they were there" causing the others to laugh at her momentary lapse in judgment.

Cat and JD came out and asked if Juan was going to be Willow's new daddy getting a happy "yes" from Juan. The teens just smirked as the bachelor was finally pinned down with a family and happy to do it. Jaimie casually added, "we thought you would have gotten together with Aunt Lupe."

Juan expected that and countered "I love her like a sister, same with Miguel. She is a great woman but her heart forever belongs to her deceased husband. Besides, Miguel is too much of a brother to me to ever consider dating his sister. I love Lupe and Reyna but not in the same way as I love Lindsay."

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