No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – 2 Nightmare to Continue

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – 2
Nightmare to Continue

By Jessica C

Previously… Dr. Campbell came in the next day to check in on Cynthia, “It looks like you have relaxed and become comfortable with being a woman for now. How was your night and having Nurse Denise? …It was surprisingly good, Denise helped her feel comfortable. Cyndi hadn’t planned on talking about being a woman, but did. It made a hard time easier.


Dr. Campbell says, “I’m glad to hear that, because as your doctor I need to recommend you begin therapy today.” I see they took out the catheter as I asked. Was that last night or early this morning?

"Bleeping early this morning

She shows Cindy a number of tapered cylinders, “Do you know what these are and what they used for?”

Chad says, “No, but I gather you’re going to tell me. One looks like what a jeweler uses to measure a ring size.”

Dr. Campbell is amused with the answer, “They are dildos, these finger like cylinders, are used to stretch the wall of the cervix of your new vagina.” She pauses to let me take in what she has said. She even repeats it again. “Would it be okay if I demonstrate it on you?”

“If it isn’t needed for peeing; I don’t think I’m interested,” Chad says. The doctor smiles, “Well I’m going to ask you to allow me to demonstrate it anyway. Medically it will be helpful if you develop health problems such as a urinary infection or prevent adhesions from your surgery.”

A nurse had come into the room and closed the door completely behind her. The nurse helps to remove the cover and sheet over Cyndi. Cynthia was asked to spread and bend her legs at the knee. She’s become very self-conscious. That is before with gloved hands they put on lubricate on between her legs. The nurse says, “We do this because your body is not yet producing enough juices and the lining of the cervix walls are probably to dry.”

Dr. Campbell says, “This may feel a little strange but it shouldn’t hurt.” One of the narrow cylinders is carefully placed at the opening and inserted. She was correct it felt strange to Cyndi like she was being violated. Nurse Talbot is holding one hand and the other is on her leg. She encourages Cyndi saying, “You’re doing well to remain relaxed.”

Cynthia says, “That’s easier for you to say, you’re not having something rammed deep down inside of you.”

Doctor Campbell says, “It’s barely an inch in and we need to go four to six inches in.” The object is giving Cyndi feelings of joy that she neither expects nor wants. The doctor had pushed it in and pulled it out only to repeat it one more time. The next cylinder she says, “This one begins near where the last one left off.” But Cyndi knew it got bigger as it went in deeper. The nice sensation she had before is there again providing even a greater sensation. Dr. Campbell does it several times this time.

Cynthia asks, “Is this what women call an orgasm?”

Nurse Talbot says, “Not even close. Have you ever had an orgasm as a man?”

“Of course I did, I’ve had sex and it was very awesome like this.”

Dr. Campbell says, “It is like that in the fact as you heal the walls will secrete their juices to help lubricate inside of you and the feelings grow. But as Nurse Talbot indicated orgasms can be much more intense than what you’re feeling now. Some orgasms are much more intense than others. If you’re enjoying this, you’ll me interested in knowing women can have multiple orgasms at a time. A man’s organ is likely to collapse and require 15, twenty to thirty minutes to recuperate from one orgasm. Often you guys can ejaculate with a relatively mild sensation and not have an orgasm.”

Chad says, “Sorry, but this information is more than I want to know. I am not going to ever have sex with a man inside of me.”

The nurse says, “Don’t say a lot about what you’ll never do. Many who transition and say similar statements have to take their words back.” The doctor has inserted it all the way in and has pulled it most of the way out. She repeats it two times more and then once more. Cyndi’s breathing had picked up and after the dildo pulls it out the last time Cyndi realizes that her body is glistening from what her body’s reaction. “A therapist will be around to do this two or three times per day.”


They talked some more before Dr. Campbell continued wither rounds. It was an hour later she stops and asks, “Are you up to visiting Ms Kimberly Hopkins, she has requested a visit if you’re willing.”

Cyndi says, “Wont the guards have something to say about me leaving this hospital and going to the one where she is at?”

“They have already approved it and she has a private room in this hospital. It will not take long to get to her room.” I am soon up sitting in a wheelchair. We go up two floors and then over to another set of elevators.

They went to another set of elevators, but it seemed to Cyndi that they went down and got off again. Then they went down that hall until Dr. Campbell asked them to wait. Cyndi guesses she needed to check if they were ready for her to visit. They were soon asked in and though Cyndi did not recognize her, she guessed it was Kimberly in the bed with her head wrapped, an IV and even her jaw had bandages.

Another doctor asks, “So do you recognize her?”

Chad spoke, “Not really, but I assume this is Kimberly.”

Dr. Campbell says, “Aren’t you going by Cynthia now? Your voice was softer last night and earlier.”

Now as Cynthia, she says, “I’m sorry you were hurt, but I wasn’t the one.” The person with the stethoscope says, “But you acknowledge you were one of the two who were there. How do you account for her head injury? It took more than one kick to do the damage she has?”

Cyndi gets defensive, “I don’t know, I do know the man I saw slammed her head down and hit her across the face with his backhand. But I was still a fifty feet away. I lunged and tackled him off of her and we fought.”

“So why did you let go of him?”

“I didn’t, he was bigger and forced himself loose from my grip and then he ran over Kim kicking her in the head. That is when I decided to help her instead of running off after him.”

“So you felt remorse for what you two did and decided to help her.”

Cyndi says, “I felt bad that I couldn’t get there faster nor that I could have beat him to a pulp as angry as I was. That was my only remorse, if you want to call it that. I too am a victim of having tried to do a good deed.”

Sarcastically the Doctor says, “You’re comparing yourself to Ms Hopkins?”

Cyndi looks to Kimberly, “Kind of, she was trying to do something good in setting a trap for would-be rapists. She was assaulted by the person she wanted to catch with the help of friends.”

Kim speaks up, “There were two men, and you spoke of one. Can you show me how you would have held me down and hit me across the face and tell me to be quiet bitch?”

Cyndi says, “But I didn’t.”

Kim says, “I want to believe you, but there was another guy.”

Cyndi says, “If I had you on the ground I would have held you like this and hit you like this.”

“You’re left handed like the other guy.” She begins to weep.

Cyndi says, “Yes, but I’ve been taught never to hit a woman.”

Kim says, “You sound a little like the man, but not quite.” She’s still crying and Dr. Campbell tells the nurse, “Please get Cynthia back to her room.”

Kim says, “Please not yet. I’d like to know about her and her family as well as her about my dreams and hopes.” She says, “Can she and the nurse stay here as we visit and you two leave?”

The other doctor says, “I would advise against that.”

Kim asks, “Am I too being held here against my will?” Dr. Campbell convinces the other doctor that they should be safe. After some instructions they leave.

Kim says, “I’m from up near Syracuse in a smaller community, actually out in the country. My parents weren’t too happy that I came to college in New York City.”

Cyndi says, “I’m from a small town near Fort Wayne, Indiana and I go to the university in Fort Wayne. I came here after I finished my semester. My mother is getting here later today. I’m not sure about my dad, he’s usually pretty busy. If they think I’m guilty, my ass will be fried. If I have to remain a woman, they’ll say I was so stupid that I deserve it.”

Kim asks, “They won’t just take your side, why is that?”

Cyndi says, “Matt’s the one everyone looks up to, I’ve never measured up to him.”

Kim asks, “What about sisters?”

“I have two, Carrie’s the oldest and graduated from the university last year. Sage, well Sage is my little sister and everyone loves her. She’ll be a high school senior next year. If my dad doesn’t come, Sage probably will be so that my mother doesn’t travel alone.”

Kim waits wanting Cynthia to say more, “I’m a business and communications man at IPFW. Well I guess I’m just a student, after now it will probably change.”

“So why were you in New York City? Don’t you know women aren’t just ‘its’.”

Kim asks, “So why were you going through Central Park as it was getting darker?”

Cynthia states, “I got separated from the others and was on the east side of the park. We were to meet near one of the hotels on the west side. I was jogging across hoping it was a short-cut. That’s when I heard your scream for help. There wasn’t a path, but I was fairly sure of the direction. I came over a hillcrest and I could barely see you on the ground with the guy on top. I yelled and ran toward you. …About twenty feet away he was getting up and began to look at me. By then I was tackling him.”

Kim asks, “Do guys from Fort Wayne have excuses ready when something goes wrong?”

Cyndi smiles a little, “I’ve never been short of an excuse if I need one. That might be why people might not take me seriously.”

Kim is reaching out to take hold of Cyndi’s hand and they’re soon next to each other holding hands. Then she says, “How am I to know you’re not making up an excuse now?” Cyndi’s ready to cry and tries to pull her hand back. Kim asks, “Please don’t, I need a feel for if you’re lying or not.”

“My friends say they caught you over me. One says you were trying something and another says you we with me and your arms around me.”

Cyndi, “I had lifted you, you were moaning and crying. I wanted you to know you were safe, but you kept struggling against me. You were afraid I was going to harm you. That’s when your friends started to hit me and pull me off to the ground. There were too many of them and they wouldn’t believe me. I thought they called 911 but I don’t remember much until I woke up. I couldn’t believe what they did to me.

I think it was probably the next morning after that when the police who found me, but I guess it was a full day or two later.”


Cynthia was tired and fell asleep when she was back at her room. She did not know what time it was when she awoke hearing her mother and sister’s voices. Sage believing her brother is innocent says, “Boy you got your ass in trouble this time and now I have another sister. You know I didn’t want you to be changing genders.”

“Shush Sage.” Cyndi’s mother has Cyndi’s hand now as is talking to her, “Sweetie, we’re here now, we’ll help you.” Cynthia’s catheter tube had been taken out in the morning and she now feels the urge to pee. She scoots out of her bed and trots for the toilet, shutting the door behind her.

Sage says, “That’s funny seeing her in a nightgown running to pee. …Sis, do you know to gently wipe your front?” It is the first time Cyndi’s peed sitting down. She finds it embarrassing enough what she’s doing so. More so because Sage and her mother are outside the bathroom. She wipes as Sage suggests and then pulls up her panty and washes her hands. She runs her fingers through her hair to brush it back. Seeing her mom and Sage, she gives them hugs. She sits on the edge of her bed and tries to pull the sheet over her lap.

Her mom asks, “What’s happened to your voice?”

She says, “I’m trying to sound the way I look. When someone comes in and if I use my voice I get strange looks. …I’m told I can be like his three to six months before they dare do the surgery to change me back to me.”

Sage bluntly says, “Mom said this is the new you.” Cyndi stares at Sage, not knowing what to say. Sage says, “It’s not like that you make a bad looking girl and without your stuff to make testosterone you should change some more. If you don’t change back you might want a boob job.”

Mom raises her voice to Sage, “Enough young lady. There’s a lot for her to deal with right now.”

Sage asks, “Can I at least brush out her hair to help keep my mouth quiet?”

Mother says to Cynthia, “Cynthia, I hear you’ve formally been charged and are to appear in court to see a grand jury for you to plead innocent and the judge to set bail or not. We haven’t had time to contact a lawyer for you yet. I guess there is a public defender that stopped by. How was that person?”


A women speaks up from behind Chad’s mother. “I’m just getting here so Cynthia won’t have an opinion yet.” She introduces herself, “I’m Maggie Rush from the Public Defender’s Office. By the way of introductions; I’ve been a public defender over ten years and I asked for this case. I think I’m the best hope you have to be taken seriously and well represented.” She extends her hand with a card to Cyndi’s mother and then to Cyndi, “You’re Cynthia, I take it, or would you rather I call you Chad?”

She’s at least offering Cynthia a choice which Chad notes. “You might as well call me Cynthia or Cyndi, unless you think it’s better for my case to remain Chad.” Cynthia motions to a chair that Sage has vacated.

They talked together for an extended time. Cyndi shared her story once completely and then at least one more time as questions were asked. Finally Maggie said, “My thought right now is that you present yourself as Cynthia. Both as a victim of a rush to judgment with dramatic life changes and as a Good Samaritan falsely excused of a crime.”

She says, “The charges were made by an Assistant Attorney of Manhattan and not by Kimberly Hopkins. You gave some answers supposing it was to Kim and her doctor, not knowing the doctor was the City Medical Examiner.”

Cyndi, “Do you mean that they knew they were deceiving me? I thought the doctor in Kim’s room was her doctor!”

Maggie says, “Technically, we’ll call it deception and misrepresentation. Your doctor has neither answered my calls nor answered the question if she knew who the other doctor was? With you as her patient, she should not have ethically been party to that deception.”

“I want you to be open about any and all difficulties you have in adjusting to your new self or about the incident in the park and after. I will not beat around the bush, you have less than a 25% chance of becoming a man again and even a smaller likelihood that you would be happy with that change if you choose it.”

“I do hope you make a healthy transition. That you accept who you are and come to love yourself whatever you choose. Please let me know how I can help you and be here for you as it’s important.”


Mom and Sage had left to go check into their hotel and are now back after their dinner. Mom had been a beautician when Chad was a child. Sage talks Cyndi into allowing their mom to shape her hair into a more feminine look. They hadn’t asked for permission and one nurse complained about that.

Cynthia’s Mom barked back and the nurse did what she needed and left.

Cyndi’s mom says, “We’ll need a good beautician with the right equipment and probably hair extensions to give you a good look. …Let Sage do a little makeup and give you a lesson or two.”

Sage found it humorous that the only therapy Chad was having was to stretch his new opening so she could accommodate a man for sex. While Cyndi does not find it funny, her mother insists, “Cynthia, I do insist that you do this. We’re all looking after your future welfare.”


It was early Monday when officers of the courts and guards come early. Clothes are thrown to Cyndi and she’s told to dress and get ready for court. Her attorney calls to the room. “Cynthia your court appearance has been moved up to early this morning. Please cooperate and I will see you at court.”

She wasn’t given time to shower and the clothes are ill fitting. Mom’s trimming of her hair has her looking more feminine, while the clothes are for a man. She does her best to cooperate. And soon she’s in shackles being taken to court…

To be continued…

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