Tracy -1


by Pamela

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There are some girls that are born with an indescribably powerful senuality and sexiness that cannot be taught. You have to be born with it to have it. These are girls who move through the world with a rare feminine beauty that creates a chemical reaction in the boys who cross their path. Boys like myself are agog when we encounter such girls. We feel an instant churning attraction in our gut. Often we force ourselves to look the other way because girls like this are out of our reach. They are destined for some other kind of guy. A-list guys who are to boys what these rare beautiful girls are to girls.

It so happens that a new family moved in next door to our house. A nice couple with a 15 year old astonishingly sensual and gorgeous daughter named Tracy who enrolled in my high school as a tenth grader. I'm 16, in the eleventh grade and about an inch taller than Tracy and actually I'm not bad looking though I am not what girls would call a "hot" guy. I am definitely not in the A-list like Tracy is. I mean girls sometimes do flirt with me and I've even had some make out sessions with girls. But Tracy is in that category that will always be out of reach to me. She is hot. Hot in that indescribable way. She exudes femininity, curves, delicacy, gentleness but also a steely inner strength from knowing just how special she is.

From the window of my second story bedroom I can look down to the backyard of Tracy's house. Her family moved in during late summer affording me the almost daily pleasure of watching Tracy stretch out in her backyard enjoying the sun, reading a book, having iced tea. She wore any one of three different bikinis I counted and I could never get over how beautiful she looked. Especially her breasts which were as big as any grown women's and her perfectly formed rear end. Her tush had a perfect curve to it. Not bony nor overweight. Just right.

Of course I wanted to meet Tracy and I did. My family is friendly and in short order we had Tracy and her parents over for a neighborly barbecue to meet us and other neighbors. Since I am a grade ahead of Tracy I was able to tell her about the school she was to enroll in. Her beauty intimidated me so much that I acted one hundred percent the boy scout when I was talking to her. No flirting nor trying to get alone with her. I was strictly matter-of-fact. I was too scared to be any other way.

Of course not getting to know Tracy better bugged me. I was so intensely attracted to her that I kept dreaming up excuses to knock on her door and talk to her or invite her on a date or something like that. But each time I was confronted with the reality of initiating contact, I was too scared to make a move and I hated myself for that.

As it happens, Tracy's parents and my parents hit it off right from the start and became good friends. The four of them have an equal love for golf so they began to play as a foursome on many weekend days at the local country club. This meant that there were many days that Tracy and I would be alone on the weekends and it would be natural for me to go over to her place and say hello. It also so happens that our parents work near each other downtown, so they decided to car pool with the four of them going to work together every weekday morning at 7AM and coming home together at about 6PM. Since Tracy and I don't have to go to school until 8:30 and we come home at 3:30, we also have plenty of time during the week to get to interact with each other without our parents around.

One afternoon right after I had returned from school in the early fall I looked down from the window in my bedroom and saw Tracy in her backyard hanging up laundry to dry. It was very windy and I noticed that while her back was turned to the laundry basket, a pair of panties was picked up by the wind and blown into our yard and landed behind a boxwood bush. There was no way that Tracy would know where the panties were. This was the perfect excuse I could use to get to know her more personally so I ran downstairs and out the backdoor of my house and retrieved the panties. They were pink and lacy and of a light material and barely damp. This explained why the wind would be able to pick them up. I walked across the backyard to Tracy holding the panties in my hand. She turned toward me and I said, "Hi Tracy, I saw your panties blow into my yard," and I held them out to her.

Tracy gave me a slight smile and said, "pin it up with my other panties." She pointed to a row of panties hanging on the line in front of us. I was surprised by what she said and I hesitated. Tracy looked at me and said, "do you know how to do it Greg? Do you know how to use clothes pins?"

"Yes, Tracy," I said.

"Good," she said and with her head indicated the clothing line containing panties.

I picked up two clothes pins and pinned her panties onto a vacant spot on the line. Tracy had turned away from me and was hanging a white blouse on an adjoining clothes line. Looking at her from the side I was transfixed by her beautiful shape and thrusting breasts. I said nervously, "I'm done with that." Tracy turned toward me and said, "now hang up my bras. They're in that basket over there." She pointed to a straw basket that had several wet bras in it. Startled, I looked at Tracy but she looked away and continued her work.

I took one of Tracy's bras out of the basket to hang up. It was white and I couldn't miss seeing how large the cups were for a young girl. But it made sense as I took another surreptitious look at Tracy. She had on a white sleeveless blouse and her large breasts pushed out the front in an attractive way. I pinned up the bra and then took out another one. It looked to be identical to the first one. I saw a tag on it and read that it was a 34D bra. Even with my limited understanding of the subject I knew that that was a pretty considerable size especially for a 15 year old girl. I saw Tracy take a look in my direction and I finished hanging the second of her bras and then bent over and picked up another one. This one was pink and had shiny cups and just some lace on the side straps. I hung it up. There was one more bra which was white and I hung that one up also.

"I guess I've hung up your bras Tracy," I said.

She looked at me without saying anything and feeling like I should say something I said, "I hope they'll stay up in this wind. I mean your panties and bras are blowing around a bit." The more I talked the more foolish I felt I sounded. Tracy worked at hanging another blouse and just occasionally glanced at me. Finally I said, "well I guess I better be going. I just saw the panty fly off and wanted to get it for you."

Tracy nodded her head and our eyes made contact. Then I turned away and went back to my house feeling like I had made a colossal fool of myself.

Back in my room I looked down and saw that Tracy was gone from the backyard. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what had just gone on. Part of me felt a little surprised that she didn't thank me for bringing over the panty and part of me felt overwhelmed with desire for her. I wondered if I should have refused to hang up her bras. It felt so strange to have actually held Tracy's bras. The next time I saw her in school I'd probably think how I had held the bra she was wearing that day.


A day or two after the strange incident with the laundry I pretty much chalked up the experience to Tracy sort of playing a joke on me. Perhaps it was a friendly joke or her way of saying I ought to be a bit more forward about asking her out. On the other hand, I could be completely wrong about her. Maybe she was just making fun of me. It was hard to say.

That next Saturday our parents were off playing golf together. The night before my parents said to me that Tracy's parents thought that I ought to pay a visit to Tracy. She'd be alone and there was no reason why the two of us couldn't do something together. I tried to get my parents to say that this idea was Tracy's idea and not just her parent's but they didn't know. Still they insisted it would be a nice gesture.

Saturday morning after my parents had left I wanted more than anything to go over to see if Tracy wanted to do something, but I was terrified of doing it. Ten times I went back and forth in my mind, deciding I would do it and then chickening out. Finally, about noon time I decided that I had better just do it because I was sick and tired of thinking about it. I went next door and knocked on the door. After a minute Tracy opened the door. She was wearing a nightgown as if she had yet to get dressed for the day.

Tracy looked at me without saying anything and I said, "hi Tracy, I thought I'd say hello, um, you know our parents are all playing golf today. Maybe you would like to do something?"

Tracy said, "come upstairs, Greg."

Elated by her invitation to enter the house I went in and followed her up the stairs to what turned out to be her bedroom. It was fairly spacious with a large high queen size bed in it and antique-like furniture. "Such a nice room," I said trying to make conversation.

Tracy sat on her bed and said, "I've got to get dressed. In the top drawer of my dresser are my panties. Get me one."

Once again blindsided by her request my mind raced to figure out what I ought to do. She looked at me as if she was wondering why I hesitated and nervously I walked over to her dresser and opened up the top drawer and looked in. To my surprise the panties were pretty much jumbled up in the drawer. For some reason I would have thought that she was a very neat person. "Which one?" I said, "they're all kind of jumbled up."

"Give me any one of them," Tracy said. There was a slight tone of impatience in her voice, as if she was suggesting I was dumb for asking which panty.

I saw a light blue panty and picked it up and brought it to Tracy. She took it from my hand and stood up and I watched in awe as she stepped into the panty and pulled it up her legs. Though it was partly hidden by her night gown, for a brief fraction of a second I'm sure I saw her shaved vagina just before the panty was fully on. "So take all my panties and put them on the bed and fold them neatly and put them back in the drawer. Do you think you can do that?" Tracy said.

"What?" I said in sort of a gasp. Tracy drilled me with her eyes and I said, "well OK, sure, I suppose so, I mean I just noticed the drawer was sort of messed up. I wasn't insinuating anything."

"You fold up the panties," Tracy said, "but first get me a bra. They're in the next drawer down.

There seemed to be some sort of pattern here to her requests, so I walked back to the dresser and opened the second drawer. Sure enough her bras were in there. They were a bit in disarray also but not as much as the panties. "Should I take any bra" I said looking at Tracy.

"A white bra, Greg," she said.

I selected a white bra and walked over to give it to her. Without missing a beat she pulled her night gown up over her head and took it off standing in front of me with her unbelievably beautiful 34D breasts. Mesmerized I watched her put on her bra. When she was done I heard myself saying, "I could straighten up your bras too, once I've done your panties."

"Fine Greg, you go do my panties and then my bras." Before I moved to do the jobs I watched as Tracy stepped into a pair of jean shorts and then put on a white sleeveless blouse that was on a chair. Tracy then said, "when you're done with that, you might as well hand wash my panties and bras that you can find in the hamper in my bathroom. Then you can hang them out to dry on the clothesline. I know that you know how to do that."

"Wash your bras and panties?" I said. I could hear some panic in my voice. It seemed to me that this was getting a bit crazy or something. Me washing her underwear. "How can I wash your panties and bras?" I said. "Where and how can I do that?"

"I'll show you how. You use the basin in the laundry room downstairs. There's some detergent for delicates that you use in cold water. Remember to rinse them thoroughly before you hang them to dry."

I didn't know what to say or do and stood somewhat frozen in place. Tracy said, "you've got some work to do Greg so get started."

I turned away and went back to her dresser and took out her panties and put them on a corner of the bed. It took two trips to carry them all. While I did this Tracy's smart phone rang and she answered it, saying "hi Abby, what's up?" She sat down on her bed and then leaned back against the pillows while at the foot of her bed I began folding each of her panties one by one and making neat piles of them on the bed.

I could hear Tracy's half of the conversation with Abby who I was pretty sure was another one of the tenth grade girls in school.

"Nothing much. I've got Greg here straightening up my panties and bras," Tracy said and then after a pause, "yeah from the dresser."

"Uh huh."

"Uh huh."

"He's in eleventh grade."

"Yeah that one."

"Well it looks like he's good at folding panties. He's making some neat piles."

Whatever Abby said caused Tracy to laugh.

"When he's done with that he'll straighten up my bras and then he's got to wash my dirty underwear and hang them out to dry."

"I know, I know, its crazy isn't it."



"Some guys, for sure."

Part of me felt like crying and another part of me could not get the image of Tracy's breasts out of my mind.

I heard Tracy say, "Tom said what?"


"He's such a stud, that guy."

"He likes you, I'm sure about it."

"No not me, you're crazy."

The conversation moved on to other things which I couldn't concentrate on as my mind kept wondering over and over again if I had made a big mistake by not protesting the jobs that Tracy had assigned to me. I probably should have told her to get her own panties and bra and straighten her own drawers. Then the image of her putting on her bra came roaring back into my mind. I'm sure I'll never forget that image as long as I live. Ten more minutes went by and I had finished folding the panties. There were probably 25 of them covering all kinds of different styles and colors. Some had lace and bows and others didn't. It was a lot different than the identical pairs of white jockey shorts that my mom bought for me to wear.

I carefully put the panties back into the dresser drawer and then took out Tracy's bras. I heard her say, "news flash, Greg is starting up on my bras now."

"No, I'm not sending him over to do your bras."

I heard peals of laughter coming from the phone and Tracy laughed herself. She said, "see you soon" and then "goodbye" and hung up the phone.

Tracy got up and went into a bathroom that opened up off a side of the room. I heard her peeing. It was a loud forceful sound that went on for at least half a minute while I folded up her bras. While I had never folded up a bra before, it looked like there wasn't much more one could do than just fold the cups over each other lining up the underwire, and then lay the straps over the bra. The toilet flushed and then the sink ran and I heard Tracy brushing her teeth. I was just placing her bras back into her bra drawer when she came back in the room.

"I've got to go now," Tracy said. "Come with me downstairs and I'll show you where the laundry room is. When you're done washing my panties and bras and have hung them outside you can lock the doors when you go."

"I hope I folded the bras OK, I've never really folded bras before," I said.

Tracy looked in her bra drawer and said, "they're fine Greg."

I closed the bra drawer and went downstairs following her. She led me to the laundry room and pointed out the detergent and told me how to use it in the basin. Then she left through the back door and closed it behind herself. I went back up to her room to her bathroom where I found the hamper. I opened it up and looked in. There was a jumble of her clothes in there. I must be crazy I thought to do this. Still, if I didn't do it she'd probably never talk to me again. I should just go home now and end this silliness. She obviously has some strange ideas about boys. And telling her girl friend about me. It certainly sounded like she was making fun of me. I closed the lid of the hamper and turned to go away but then stopped. If I didn't wash her clothes that's probably the last time I'd see her. But I really would love to see her naked chest again. OMG it was unbelievable. And how she put on her bra. I lifted up the hamper lid again and reached in. By poking around in the clothes I found five panties and three bras and went back to the laundry room carrying them. I washed them just the way she told me to, and rinsed them off carefully and then went outside and hung them up on the clothes line. I locked the front and back door of Tracy's house and went back to my own. I felt kind of happy because I felt sure that Tracy would probably thank me for washing her underwear.


When my parents came home that afternoon they asked me if I had seen Tracy. I said, "yeah, I knocked on her door and she invited me in, but she was on the way to see her friend Abby so I wasn't there more than about a half hour."

"Excellent," my dad said. "You see how easy it is? It's a good start. Girls really do like the attention from guys. You plant a seed and then it grows and who knows where it may lead. She is a very beautiful young lady and from what I hear she is very very smart also."

I smiled weakly at my father. I wasn't so sure about the being smart part, unless it meant that she was smart at getting me to do her biding. On the other hand I did get to see her breasts up close and delight in seeing her put on her bra. That alone was probably worth everything else that had happened.


On Monday I ran into Tracy in front of her house as we were both coming home from school. I called out a hello to her as she was stepping up to her front door. She looked at me and nodded her head. "Hi," I said, "got a lot of homework?"

Tracy nodded her head slightly as if she was saying yes. Then she waved her hand signaling for me to come over. I stood waiting next to her as she looked for her keys. I was expecting to hear her thank me for the jobs I had done the other day, but instead she opened the front door and went inside without inviting me to go in also. Just when I was going to leave she came out and said "I need to start my homework, so I'll need you to get me a package of tampons. Here's a ten dollar bill, get the Tampax Pearl Tampons with LeakGuard- Multipax. They have them at the supermarket."

I looked at Tracy with surprise and said, "buy your tampons?"

"Yes tampons. They're in a blue box. What kind did I tell you to buy?"

"I don't remember the name," I said.

"Tampax Pearl Tampons with LeakGuard- Multipax," Tracy said, "now let me hear you say that."

"Tampax Pearl, um, .."


"Oh yeah, Tampax Pearl Tampons with what?"

"LeakGuard. And get the Multipax. Now say it again."

"Tampax Pearl Tampons with Leakguard - Multipax," I said.

"Now go and don't forget," Tracy said and went back inside her house.

The truth was that I had a lot of homework to do also, but obviously I'd only be able to get to it after I helped out Tracy. I repeated to myself "Tampax Pearl Tampons with Leakguard - Multipax," and strode off toward the supermarket 5 blocks away to buy them.

My family had been shopping at the market for many years so I knew all the checkers and other staff on a first name basis. How I could buy tampons without them making a comment or asking me why I needed them seemed impossible. I would just have to tell them the truth, more or less. A neighbor needed them and I was helping them out. Hopefully this wouldn't get back to my parents because I'd then have a pretty hard time explaining what I had done.

I went to the ladies feminine products section and saw that there were a whole bunch of Tampax Pearl Tampons. All the boxes looked similar. I tried to recall what she wanted and I knew it was Tampax Pearl but the last part of the phrase escaped my memory. I saw a package that said Tampax Pearl Plastic Super Absorbency Tampons. It seemed to register in my mind as to what Tracy had said though part of me thought that maybe it wasn't quite right. I examined the other boxes and none of the others leapt out at me either. I saw a woman coming down the aisle toward me as if she was going to buy tampons also so I took the box I had been holding and briskly walked to the front registers. Luckily there was a vacant cashier and I put the tampons down on the counter. The cashier was Sandra, a middle aged woman with sandy brown hair. "Hi Sandra," I said.

"Hi Greg," Sandra said scanning the tampons. She looked up at me and said, "tampons?"

"Oh, yeah they're for a friend," I said.

"How nice that you'd help like that. Most boys are squeamish about tampons," Sandra said.

"She really needs me to get them and I don't mind helping," I said.

"You're a sweet boy Greg," Sandra said and I blushed.

I handed her the money, took change and left. When I stepped outside I breathed a sigh of relief. It had gone much smoother than I thought it would.

I walked back to Tracy's place and knocked on the door. She called out to me to come upstairs, and when I handed her the bag containing the tampons she said, "Jesus Christ Greg. What did I tell you to get?"

"You said Tampax Pearl tampons?" I said lamely.

"Do you remember I told you to repeat and memorize the kind of tampons I wanted? Didn't I?" Tracy said.

"Yes," I said, "I'm sorry."

"What did I say exactly?" Tracy said.

"I guess I only remember the Tampax Pearl Tampons."

"I said, Greg, Tampax Pearl Tampons with LeakGuard- Multipax."

"Oh right," I said.

"What kind did you buy?" Tracy said.

"I guess I didn't get them," I said.

"What kind did you get?"

I read off the box, "Tampax Pearl Plastic Super Absorbency Tampons."

"Is that the same?" Tracy said.

"No, I guess not, I'm really sorry Tracy," I said.

"You'll have to take these back to the store and exchange them. What kind are you going to get now?"

"Do I really have to?" I said.

"What kind of tampons are you going to exchange these for?"

"Tampax Pearl Tampons with Leakguard - Multipax," I said.

"Go," Tracy said, "and hurry."

I felt wounded by my encounter with Tracy. Here I was doing her a favor and she seemed impatient with me. Why would she expect me to know how to buy tampons I wondered? When I got back to the store I saw that Sandra was just finishing with a customer. I went up to her and said, "I bought the wrong ones. Can I exchange them?"

"What kind do you want?" Sandra said.

I hesitated for a few seconds and then said in a low voice, "I am supposed do get the Tampax Pearl Tampons with Leakguard-multipax."

"But you bought Tampax Pearl Plastic Super Absorbency Tampons," Sandra said.

"I know, it was dumb of me. I got confused there are so many different kinds on the shelf," I said.

"Well OK Greg. Get the kind you want and we'll ring up the difference," Sandra said.

"Thanks," I said and I went back to the feminine products aisle and went through the boxes one by one until luckily I found the right one.

"Here they are" I said, rushing back to Sandra before any other customers could come by.

Sandra rang up the order and I ended up having to pay a couple more dollars. Thankful to finally be out of the store I went back to Tracy's house as fast I could.

Once again I knocked on the front door and once again Tracy called to me to go up to her bedroom. When I got there she was sitting at her desk writing. I stood next to her for a few moments waiting for her, until she finally stopped writing. She swiveled her chair around toward me and held out her hand for the package. "Good Greg," she said after checking it. She handed the package back to me and said, "open it up and give me one of the tampons."

"Open it?" I said.

"Do you know how to open a package?" Tracy said.

"Yeah, sure," I said.

"Then open it and get out one of the tampons."

While I figured out how to get her a tampon from the box, I noticed Tracy hike up her skirt and then pull aside her panties and then she seemed to grab ahold of something and the next thing I knew she was holding a used tampon by a string in front of me. It was sort of puffed out and covered with blood. "Do you have that tampon yet Greg?" Tracy said.

I had just gotten the outer plastic cover of the box open and then managed to quickly open the box and take out a tampon, "yes, here it is I said."

"Take the paper off it Greg," Tracy said a bit testily. I realized that there was a paper cover to the tampon and I opened it up and handed the new tampon to Tracy and to my surprise she handed the used one to me. I recoiled slightly about taking it and she said, "take it Greg, it won't bite. Wrap it up in some tissue paper and put it in the trash can in the bathroom."

I took the end of the string in my fingers and went to the bathroom where I disposed of it. When I came back in the room I watched as Tracy seemed to push in on the center of the tampon tube and then pull out the tube from her vagina. She handed me the tube and I put it in the trash bucket in the bathroom as well.

When I came back from the bathroom, Tracy had swiveled her chair back toward the desk and was writing again. I thought of saying something like, "I guess you're having your period," but it seemed that it was obvious and she'd probably not say anything. I did say, "well I guess I should go."

Tracy looked up at me and said, "I'll need you to hand wash my panties and bras again Saturday morning."

I hesitated for a second thinking if I should be hurt by her not even trying to get to know me and the fact that she just wanted to use me to clean her clothes. "Sure Tracy," I heard myself saying. I didn't see how I could possibly tell her I wouldn't wash her clothes. On the other hand, I felt a bit happy since for the first time she had actually made a future plan with me in mind.

"Well I'll see you then," I said.


I had several days to think about the fact that I'd be washing Tracy's panties and bras again. That meant that whatever panties and bras she was wearing in school that week I'd be washing. Every so often I saw Tracy at school and when I did I felt a strange sense of pride because I was the only one, or I assumed that I was only one, in school who got to personally get to know her underwear. It was sort of a secret between me and Tracy though of course she had told Abby about it. But perhaps nobody else. So I no doubt had a very special relationship with Tracy that none of the other guys did. It was definitely something that made me feel special.

Of course I had also disposed of her used tampon and it was filled with her blood. I couldn't decide if that was something to be happy about. The tampon had been inside her vagina so that did mean that I was sort of closer to her vagina than anybody else. I had bought her tampons and had given her a new one also. That was helpful to her. It occurred to me that maybe I should have kept her used tampon. After all it was Tracy's so it was pretty special. It had her blood and other liquid from her vagina on it. It would have been kind of a very special memento. If she ever asked me to throw out her tampon again, I think I'd just wrap it up in some tissue paper and put it in my pocket.

Later that night, and in fact every day that week, I thought of Tracy's breasts and her breasts being placed in her bra. I hoped I'd get to see that again. Maybe on Saturday morning I could fetch her a bra and panty again and she might put them on in front of me. That would be really nice.


Saturday morning Tracy's and my parents left for their weekly golf game and I made a beeline to Tracy's house at 9:30 figuring that was what she meant by Saturday morning. I knocked on the door and luckily she was awake. She came down and opened the front door for me. She was wearing a cute, short pink teddy with matching pink panty and I nearly swooned with the view of her breasts partially visible through the thin gauzy pink material. I followed Tracy back up to her room.

"Shall I collect your panties and bras from the hamper?" I asked.

Tracy nodded her head and said, "but add these panties to the wash," and she reached underneath the flowing ends of her teddy and pulled down the fancy panty that went with her top and handed it to me.

I went into her bathroom and once again rummaged through her hamper pulling out her panties and bras. There were 7 or 8 panties and four bras this time. I could see some traces of blood in a couple of her panties. It made sense what with her having a period this week.

I went downstairs and washed her underwear and then went out in her backyard to hang them up. I had finished hanging her panties and was holding a bra in my hand and had just gotten some clothespins to hang it up with when a girl came across the yard toward me. "Is that Tracy's bra?" she said.

I stared at the girl uncomfortably. I recognized her as someone that I've seen fairly often at school. One of Tracy's girl friends. She was hard to ignore since she had long beautiful dark hair and a pretty face and she often seemed to be hanging out with Tracy. I didn't know if Tracy would want her friends to know about my hand washing her lingerie, so I said, "I don't know if I can answer that," I said.

The girl laughed at my answer. "Are you in the CIA? You're Greg and I know all about you washing Tracy's underwear. She told me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to say the wrong thing," I said.

"I'm Abby," she said.

"Oh, yeah, I remember," I said. Abby was the girl Tracy was talking to when they were laughing about my helping her straighten up her bras and panties.

I hadn't been aware that Tracy was having her friend over. I felt a bit disappointed since I had been thinking that maybe after I finished washing her underwear and hanging it up to dry, Tracy would want to hang out with me. I watched as Abby went in the house. A few minutes later, after I had hung up the last of Tracy's bras I went back up to Tracy's room. She and Abby were talking and I was afraid to interrupt them so I stood outside in the hallway looking in through the open door.

After a minute Tracy said, "come in Greg, we're going to need you."

I quietly stepped in the room and sat down in a chair. Tracy and Abby were sitting on her bed.

"So let's find a dress for you, Abby," Tracy said. "Your cousin's wedding right?"

"Yeah, I've got to wear something cool. There's going to be some cute guys there my cousins says, so I might hook up with someone."

"OK, lets do this," Tracy said getting up from the bed, "but, first I've got to get dressed. Greg, fetch me a bra and panty."

While she said this she pulled her nightgown up over her head and was now completely nude. Seeing her breasts forced me to suppress a gasp and then to also see her shaved vagina and her perfect butt and thighs was almost too much to bear. I opened her dresser drawers and selected a bra and panty, both white and handed them to Tracy. I watched as she stepped into the panty and pulled it up and then put her bra on. She had a top and shorts on a chair that she then put on. While she was getting dressed Abby went into Tracy's walk-in closet and was looking at her dresses. From inside the closet she said, "oh, I really like this green dress."

"Which one?" Tracy said.

"The short lace dress. It has a chiffon skirt," Abby said.

"Sure that might be a good one," Tracy said.

Abby returned carrying the dress. "So try it on," Tracy said.

Abby gave the dress to Tracy and without looking at me lifted up her tee shirt over her head and then undid her shorts so they fell to the ground. She was wearing just black panties and no bra. Her breasts were almost as full as Tracy's. "Are you crazy?" Tracy said. "You've got to wear a bra to try on that dress. You can't wear it without a bra, you'll look weird."

"You're right," Abby said, "but I didn't wear a bra today."

"You can wear one of mine. Greg, fetch a bra for Abby."

I got up and took out a white bra and handed it to Abby. "Jesus Christ, Greg, what did you give her?" Tracy's tone showed her displeasure with me.

"A bra, Tracy, like you asked for," I said nervously.

"What's wrong with the bra, Greg?" Tracy said shaking her head.

I looked at the bra and drew a blank. "I don't know Tracy. Is there something wrong with it? I shouldn't have chosen this one?"

"Duh," Tracy said and then to Abby said, "can you believe it?"

"He is ridiculous, isn't he," Abby said.

"Tracy, I really don't know what I did wrong," I said with some frustration. "You asked me to get a bra for Abby and I did. What's wrong?"

"Just look Greg," Tracy said.

I looked at the bra and said, "is it the wrong size for Abby?" I saw the tag on the bra and bent over to read it while Abby held the bra. I said, "it says 34D, is that the wrong size? Do you have any others in a different size? Is Abby a different size than you?" I looked at Abby's breasts and to me they looked to be pretty much the same size as Tracy's.

"You must be blind Greg," Tracy said. "If Abby is wearing black panties, what color bra should you get her?"

"Black?" I said.

"Are you asking me or telling me?" Tracy said.

"A black bra. I see what you're saying. Your bra should be the same color as your panties? Is that right?" I said.

"It's not rocket science Greg," Tracy said."You've got to remember to think and use your brain."

"I'm really sorry Tracy," I said.

"It's obvious Greg," Abby said with the same kind of tone as Tracy. "Black panties, black bra."

"I'm really sorry Abby" I said. I could feel that my eyes were moist. Luckily I hadn't cried, but I felt that it was a very close call. I really might have cried.

"So go get Abby a black bra," Tracy said.

I took the white bra from Abby and went back to the dresser and exchanged it for one of the two black bras that Tracy had. Both of them looked to be about the same, so I hoped there was no way that I had overlooked something else I ought to have realized. I handed the black bra to Abby who took it from me and I watched as she put it on. I was especially fascinated by the way that Abby, and Tracy also for that matter, got their large breasts to fall into the bra cups. It was the most precious little motion that sort of involved entrapping them in the bra cups as the bra was being swiveled around to the front after having clipped the ends of the bra together.

"Help Abby on with the dress, Greg," Tracy said. She handed me the dress and I walked over to Abby who was now wearing just black panties and Tracy's black bra.

"How do I help her?" I asked Tracy.

"Think about it Greg, how would that dress go on a girl?" Tracy said.

Tracy was still sounding a bit impatient with me and I made as big an effort as I could to think hard about what she was asking me. I held up the dress in front of me. It had a lace bodice and top with a chiffon skirt. I noticed it had a back zipper on it and I said to Tracy, "should I undo the zipper?"

"What do you think Greg?" Tracy said.

"I think I should pull down the zipper cause won't that make it easier for Abby to put on the dress?"

Abby laughed and said, "you think?"

"Greg, undo the zipper and hold up the dress and put it over Abby's head," Tracy said.

I did as Tracy said and Abby raised her hands up so that the dress ended up resting on her shoulders surrounding her head. Abby took over from there and pulled the dress down. "Help Abby close the zipper, Greg," Tracy said.

I gently pulled the zipper closed. "Now straighten her skirts, Greg," Tracy said.

"How do I do that," I said.

"You understand the word straighten?" Tracy said.

"Yes Tracy, but I just wanted to make sure that I didn't do the wrong thing," I said.

"Don't be a tea cup," Tracy said causing Abby to laugh. "Just use your hands to straighten out Abby's skirts, they could use a little smoothing."

I gingerly used my hand to press down the skirt surrounding Abby. I also gently pulled it at the hem lengthening it out and down in order to make it sit right and not be bunched up.

Abby turned to look in the mirror and she said, "it needs a crinoline."

"I was just about to say the same thing," Tracy said.

To me Tracy said, "go in the closet and fetch a crinoline for Abby to wear."

"A crinoline?" I said.

"Yes, a crinoline," Tracy said.

"I'm sorry Tracy but I don't exactly know what a crinoline is," I said.

"Come Greg, I'll show you the crinolines," Abby said.

I followed Abby into the walk-in closet and she pointed to a group of bright colored crinolines. They were different lengths and colors. One was pink, a couple were white and another was black. I had no idea which crinoline Abby would want to wear and I said, "which one do you want?"

Abby pointed to one of the white ones and I said, "but you're wearing a black bra and panties. Can you wear a white crinoline with that?"

"Greg, take a look at the black crinoline and take a look at the dress I'm wearing. Can I wear the black crinoline?" Abby said.

"You mean its too long for the length of your skirt?" I said.

"Bingo Greg, so we'll have to do with the short white crinoline. The pink would be OK also but lets go with the white one."

I took the white crinoline off its hanger and rejoined Abby in Tracy's bedroom. "How do you put it on?" I asked Abby.

"I just have to step into it obviously," Abby said

I held it out for her by opening up the elastic waist band and Abby stepped one foot and then the other in it and I pulled it up her legs and then under the skirt of her dress. To get it past her butt my hand touched her panties but Abby didn't seem to notice or care about it.

I stepped back and Abby made some final adjustments and then posed for Tracy waiting for her opinion. "I think its just great Abby," Tracy said finally. It was true, it was a very pretty dress and Abby looked perfect in it. The skirts were puffed out somewhat do to the crinoline and with her attractive and curvaceous chest the total effect was almost ideal. The only girl who might be even more attractive in the dress was Tracy, whose charisma made her look beautiful in anything she wore.

"I feel real good in it," Abby said admiring herself in a full length mirror.

"Great," Tracy said.

Tracy had me help Abby off with the dress and crinoline and then place them in a garment bag so she'd be able to get them home safely. Abby also took off Tracy's bra and I put it back in Tracy's dresser drawer. From what I could figure from their conversation, Abby and Tracy were going to be hanging out together during the day. It sounded to me that they would be going to a park where some of the kids hung out from school. It was no surprise to me that Tracy didn't seem like she was going to invite me to go along with them so I figured it was time I went home. Fortunately, any time I wanted to I could conjure up the image of either Tracy or Abby's big breasts and how they fit into their bras. I also had the wonderful image of Tracy's shaved vagina which I would always treasure too.

"Well I guess I better be going," I said when I sensed that the two girls were about to leave.

"Wait here Greg," Tracy said when we had reached the front door. I watched as she took down what looked to be a dog leash hanging on a hook. There was a leather collar with a buckle tied to a long retractable cord. She said to me, "stand still Greg," and she attached the dog collar around my neck and buckled it. To Abby she said, "we'll take him out for a walk, he needs some fresh air." Abby broke up into laughter and then she and Tracy went outside onto the porch. I didn't know what to make of the situation until I felt a jerk on my neck from Tracy pulling the leash and then she said, "come on Greg, move along." I stepped outside next to the girls and Tracy locked the door with her key.

Tracy and Abby began walking along the side walk with me trailing behind them tied to Tracy by the leash. The two girls got into a conversation and I found myself a number of paces behind them. Every so often Tracy gave a little pull on the leash forcing me to keep up with them. They were both wearing shorts and tee shirts. Their legs were gorgeous and I loved looking at their cute butts. Sometimes I got to see views of the curves formed by their breasts from the side. It was interesting the different way they looked with Tracy wearing a bra and Abby without one. Whenever I began to day dream about the girls I'd get too far behind and I'd feel a tug on my neck.

We were headed in the direction of the park and my suspicion was confirmed a short while later when we entered the park. Tracy and Abby seemed to have a particular place in mind to go to where some of their classmates tended to hang out. Up ahead I saw four girls sitting on a bench and one swinging on a swing close by. Abby and Tracy exchanged greetings with them. I recognized most of them from our high school. I could see the girls looking at me and they were clearly curious about Tracy holding a leash connected to my collared neck.

"What's that?" one of the girls said.

"This is my eleventh grader and neighbor Greg," Tracy said.

Abby laughed and said, "you know the one who ..."

Before Abby could complete the sentence one of the girls said, "washes Tracy's bras and panties like you said."

The girls looked at me and I cast my eyes down to the ground. I backed off a bit until I felt the leash tug on my neck again. "Where are you going Greg?" Tracy said turning to look at me.

"Nowhere," I said.

"That's right," Tracy said and the girls laughed. Tracy walked toward an adjacent bench and after feeling the leash pull on my neck I followed her. I watched as she tied the end of the leash securely around one of the slats of the bench and said, "you wait here." Then she rejoined her friends. I sat down on the bench tethered to it. I wondered if I should attempt to untie the knot and go. Would Tracy get mad I wondered. I decided I ought to just wait.

I watched with interest as the girls frolicked. No other word could describe them as they chatted a mile a minute and twirled around and laughed and played. Ocassional whiffs of their conversation drifted over to where I was tied to the bench. It seemed to be mostly about the boys in their classes, about parties they had been to or were going to have. I must have been waiting for Tracy for an hour and a half when the girls seemed to say goodbye and Tracy and Abby came back to me.

Tracy untied the leash from the bench and handed it to Abby. "You can walk him home," Tracy said.

"Thanks," Abby said. The two girls took off toward Tracy's house and I had to jump up to catch up to them or I would have gotten yanked very hard. Neither of the girls paid me much attention though occasionally when they changed direction to go down a cross street I felt Abby steering me through the leash. When we got back to Tracy's house Tracy unbuckled the dog collar. Before I could decide if she wanted me to come in with she and Abby, Tracy said, "I'll let you know which day to come by and do my underwear."

"OK, Tracy," I said. The girls went in the house and I went next door to my house. I sat in my room for a while looking at Tracy's bras and panties that I had washed hanging in the sun shine. I saw Abby leave with the dress and crinoline and then Tracy went to the back yard and I saw her feel a couple of her bras and panties as if to find out if they were still wet. She went back in the house and a minute later the phone rang. I answered it and it was Tracy.

"My panties and bras are dry. Come over and take them down, then you can put them away neatly in my drawers," Tracy said.

"OK, Tracy," I said. I went downstairs and collected the laundry and brought it into her house. She was at her desk doing homework while I folded up her panties and bras and then put them away in her drawer. I spent a little time straightening out both drawers. When I was done I said, "well I guess I'm done Tracy."

She gave me the slightest smile and nodded her head slightly and I quietly left her house.


Two days later at dinner time my mom said, "Greg, I ran into Mrs. Finns at the wine store and she said that she saw you and a couple of girls walking toward the park last Saturday."

"Yeah, I went with Tracy and Abby on a walk," I said.

"Yes, but the strange thing is she was certain that you had a dog collar on your neck and one of the girls was holding on to a leash," my mom said.

"Yeah, we were playing a game in which I was sort of like their dog going for a walk. It was pretty funny," I lied.

"Greg, are you sure it is just an innocent game?" my dad said.

"Yes, dad, we were only joking around, they're sort of a bit goofy when they get together, Tracy and Abby, but I like them," I said.

"OK, Greg, but I think you should not play that game around here again. It can easily be misconstrued," my mom said.

"Misconstrued?" I said.

"People could think it means something other than just an innocent fun game," my mom said.

"OK, I'll make sure I don't play that game again," I said.

"Good," my mom and dad said.


The next Saturday it rained all day and Tracy and my parents could not play golf. Instead, my family was invited over to Tracy's house to have a leisurely afternoon culminating in Tracy's dad grilling his specialty steak and shrimp dinner. My parents and I walked over to Tracy's house in the middle afternoon and Tracy's mom told me to run on up to Tracy's room. "She's expecting you," her mom said, "I hope her room is neat, most of the time it's a mess."

As I walked up the stairs to Tracy's room I overheard her mother saying to my mother, "she keeps her clothing in such disorder, but I am happy to see that she's started to keep her bras and panties neat." I shook my head in wonder. The door to Tracy's room was closed and I knocked on it softly. I heard Tracy say, "enter." I walked in and saw Tracy sitting on the bed reading a book. I stood nervously wondering where I should sit. This was the first time I was visiting her alone in her room as part of a social visit between families.

After Tracy turned a page in her book she said, "you've straightened my bra and panty drawers, now work on the others. My blouses, my slips, my stockings, my sweaters, all those drawers can be neater. When you're done with them, then you can start on my closet. Arrange my skirts according to color or length. Same for my dresses. And of course my shoes are mess."

Tracy turned her attention back to her book and I mumbled, "OK," to thin air. At least my effort will also be pleasing to Tracy's mom, even if Tracy gets the credit for it.

In the drawer below the one where Tracy kept her bras I found her slips. They were very much disheveled. I would have to take out each slip one by one and fold it neatly. I began my job with what turned out to be a white half slip. I folded it as neatly as I could and rested it on the bed. The next slip was a light blue color and turned out to be a full slip. It was much harder to fold than the first slip, but after some careful attention to it, I seemed to figure out a way to make it fold neatly.

Tracy must have had ten different slips and I was dying to ask her why she needed so many. What were the reasons for having slips in the different colors and lengths? I held my tongue since she seemed engrossed in her book and I was reluctant to bring up a subject that might reveal my ignorance on something that she thought I ought to know.

After I had put the slips neatly back in their drawer I opened the next drawer down. It held lots of stockings and a few somewhat strange things with little dangling clip-like things. I guessed that these were used for holding up stockings. Holding one up I said, "excuse me Tracy, sorry to interrupt but what is this?"

Tracy looked up and said, "it's a garter belt Greg. You can fold it and put it on one side of the drawer. Be careful with my hose. You should sort out the knee highs, the garter stockings and my pantyhose. Don't snag them on your fingernails or something."

"OK, Tracy, I'll be very gentle with them" I said.

The stockings were so jumbled I put them all on the bed. "I'm sorry Tracy, but can I sit here and sort your stockings?" I said pointing to the edge of her bed.

Tracy nodded her head and I sat down next to the stockings. One by one I picked different types of stockings out of the pile. Some were short and I assumed they were the knee highs. Others were the length of a leg and they must be held up by Tracy's garter belts. The pantyhose were not hard to figure out. Among Tracy's garter stockings I realized that there were a number of different styles. To get them matched up I had to compare the designs at the top of the thigh, the color of the stockings and the seams. When I had gone through all the stockings I found that there were about 10 pairs of panty hose, a dozen pairs of knee highs and 8 pairs of garter stockings. One stocking was left over without a mate. I said, "excuse me again Tracy, but I found this one stocking without a mate." I held up the lone stocking.

"Just put it in the drawer Greg," Tracy said shaking her head slightly.

I carefully put Tracy's stockings back in the drawer and then I folded up three garter belts. One was pink and very fancy, one was white and one was black and I put them in one side of the drawer. I was going to start on Tracy's closet, when her mother yelled from downstairs that we would be eating in five minutes. Tracy yelled "OK" and got up and went into the bathroom. I heard her peeing and then I heard her say "damn, no toilet paper!"

"Greg," Tracy said.

"Yeah, do you want me to get toilet paper?" I said.

"Come in here," Tracy said.

I entered the bathroom and saw that Tracy was sitting on the toilet with her panties and shorts around her ankles.

"Get on your hands and knees," Tracy said.

"What?" I said.

"Greg," Tracy said in a voice that conveyed that she knew that I had heard what she had said.

I got down on my hands and knees in front of her. Tracy leaned back on the seat, spread her legs wide and used her hands to pull out the sides of her vagina exposing the pink moist surface within it. "There's usually a couple of drops of pee on there, which I don't want to get on my panties, so lick if off me Greg, I don't have any toilet paper."

Aghast, I looked up at Tracy's face and perhaps for the very first time her eyes were looking directly into my eyes. She had a look on her face that showed that she was serious. I looked down at her vagina and past it I could see her pee in the bowl. The warm presence of Tracy's beautiful female self was closer to me than it had been thus far. Her breasts pushed out the front of her tight tee shirt. I felt an impulse to say she had crossed a line, but I also could not help but gaze with wonder upon her beautiful vagina. Finally I put my hands on the sides of the toilet seat next to Tracy's thighs and I slowly leaned in moving my head toward her crotch and as she leaned back a bit more I was able to extend my tongue out and lick her vagina from the bottom to the top three times.

"OK, good enough," Tracy said.

I slid back away from her and she stood up and pulled her panties up her legs and then her shorts and zipped them up and buttoned them. I saw her look in the mirror, adjust her hair slightly and then she left the bathroom to go downstairs for dinner. I stood staring after her. Her vagina had tasted slightly bitter and I assumed that must have been her pee. Even though I had not realized it before, I could see that Tracy was right about the fact that, unlike boys, when girls peed there was always some pee left on them that they had to clean off.

I went downstairs and sat at the one empty seat left at the table. It was next to Tracy and I glanced at her to see if she was going to communicate with me in any way. She was in the process of serving herself some steak and shrimp and didn't seem to notice me. For my part I could not get the image, feel and taste of Tracy's vagina out of my mind.


That night I thought about Tracy's vagina and then her naked breasts and then occasionally Abby's naked breasts. Like a movie I played back in my mind the scenes of Tracy and Abby putting on bras. What could I say about Tracy's vagina? It was a thing of beauty and I hoped that I would have more chances to lick it in the future.

End of Part 1

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