The Christmas Party – Part 2

Karen let me in her house, and Sid was out watching football at the pub. We sat and chatted for a while, just drinking tea. About six o’clock, Sid came home and we ordered a take-away, while me and Karen went to see what to wear that night. In the end, I borrowed the red bandage dress she wore when we last went clubbing, leaving my new dress hanging in the wardrobe of her spare room. We left at about eight, with me sitting in the front of the cab and the driver looking at my legs. Unless I crossed my legs, when I sit down my panties are on display and I have to admit, I did find it quite thrilling to know that just what the driver was thinking. I still find it hard to believe how much of a slut I was behaving, but it was fun. Sue had warned me I need to make sure I’m careful, I think she was worried I was going to get into trouble somehow; apart from the feeling of being so exposed, and not being able to run in heels, so long as I was always with someone, I felt safe.

At the bar, Karen’s current lover met us, and I paired up with her husband, Sid. He was really attentive and nice to me, I never felt pressured into kissing him through the night, and I loved how it felt as he hands just caressed my bare legs throughout the night. Yes, I did make sure he saw my panties a lot, and I had to keep tugging the dress down to cover my bum when I was walking. I really was exposed. At one point during the night, I was standing and chatting to Karen while the boys were at the bar, when someone said hello to her. I turned round and there was a face I recognised, Joe from work. He worked on a different floor to us, but all the girls loved him. He was really handsome, and even I knew this. He said hello and asked Karen if she was alone, and I realised that they must have slept together at some point. She looked at me with a cheeky grin and I realised that yes, she had. She said she was here with her husband and a friend, but that I was alone. Joe turned to me and started chatting me up!

I had to calm down a bit, and accept it was happening, so far he didn’t know who I was, but he was friendly. Before I realised it, Karen was with the boys and I was chatting away to Joe, sitting on a stool at a table showing him my panties by not crossing my legs and touching his arm when was talked. The five of us went to the club, and Joe actually took my hand at one point walking there, and in the queue had his arm round my waist to keep me warm as neither me nor Karen had come out with jackets. In the club I danced with him, and Sid and Karen’s lover, but Joe surprised me. He kissed me, and I welcomed his tongue into my mouth as I sucked on it. His hands were everywhere and mine were too. I had a really good feel of him, but stopped him from getting his hands too far by saying it was my period. He did still stroke the front of my panties, and even worked his fingers just under the edge a bit, but I let my legs close him down. At the taxi rank, I kissed him goodbye before I jumped in the front seat, with Karen and the boys in the back. I turned to look at them after shutting the door and fanned myself as I started to giggle. Back at Karen’s, she quickly disappeared with her lover to her bedroom, and I sat down with Sid.

“That was really hot, watching you make out with him.” He said. I cuddled up to him and kissed him gently. “So it turned you on?” I asked as I out my hand on his cock, feeling his growing length. I kissed him again, and he picked me up. He carried me to the stairs and up we went, with me looking into his eyes. There was no doubt in my mind was about to happen, and I welcomed it. I needed it. He carried me into the spare room, and laid me on the bed, kissing me as he did so. I started to undo his jeans, pulling them down and reaching in, but he pulled away, slowing me down. We kissed and slowly undressed each other. I was nervous but wanted this, and he was gentle with me. When I was down to my lingerie and he was naked and hard above me, he started to lower my panties, but I stopped him, and just pulled them to the side. I’ve no idea where it was, but he put some lube on his hard and engorged cock, and I spread it around him more as his hand felt my hole, lubed fingers dipping in to me. I felt on fire as we kissed, my passion and lust for him felt so strong I was worried I would ride him all night, but loving the idea of it. He leant down to kiss me and I felt the tip touch me and push against my hole. I was scared of the pain I might feel, but he was gentle as he pushed, and my legs raised up to wrap around him. I felt the pop as the head went in, and saw stars as the new feeling exploded in me. Yes, it hurt a little, but it was a good feeling and I wanted this, I needed it, and I pulled him toward me, and he waited as I got used to the size of him. Slowly and gently, he pushed into me, kissing me as he slid in. Finally he stopped pushing forward and kissed me as he was fully in. We kissed as I got used to the size of him, he was huge and the feeling of being stretched and full was amazing. He started to slowly make love to me, and I pulled him in till he came deep inside me, filling me with his seed. We lay together for a bit then he slowly pulled out, making me miss the feeling of him in me. “Don’t worry”, he said, “there’s still time for more.”

He was right, I rode him cowgirl later, and in the morning we made slow passionate love for what seemed like hours till he brought me to a screaming orgasm. We both got up at after that one went downstairs to find Karen and her lover on the sofa. Karen was in a robe and he was dressed, ready to leave. Karen had a big smile on her face as he shook Sid’s hand and left. She went over to Sid, gave him a big kiss and said to him, “See, I told you she would love it?” She came over and gave me a hug and said, “Welcome to womanhood”. The rest of the day we just lounged around the house before I went to get changed to go home, then decided against it, and just stayed as Sarah. I didn’t see my flatmates at home, so just settled down to think like a man for work tomorrow, and hope that some of the soreness I felt down below would be gone by then. At work, my girl team still were keeping my progress a secret from everyone, and I shared a lift with Joe at one point, and even though I nodded a hello at him, he didn’t recognise me as a the girl he had spent the evening with. That was a thrilling moment, although I did think about how turned on I was kissing him and wondered what it would feel like to have sex with him. Karen said she’d never ridden anyone like she’d ridden him, so I guessed that must mean he’s good. I had to think of something else at that point as I realised how thirsty I was for him. I need to control that, especially as the party is only in two weeks time. On Wednesday I was out with Karen again, and the plan was for me to spend the weekend there as well. I was a bit worried about sex with Sid again, but Karen told me to relax and enjoy it if it happens, which it did, twice. I also made out with another two guys from work, something that made me feel empowered that they didn’t know.


Finally it was the day before the Christmas party, and with my girl team, we had the afternoon off to go to a spa. I was nervous, but Mo had spoken to them about me, and they were ok with it. I got changed at Karen’s and off we went. I was pampered to my heart’s content, and I loved every second of it. I had my hair and nails done, a full waxing and felt so smooth after it. One of the people there who knew about me suggested I try a treatment and I went off with him. He was very camp and obviously gay and totally relaxed with me being who I was. I was nervous about this, but the idea was kinda fun, so I lay on my side as he put a tube into my bottom and I had a colonic irrigation. “Trust me, you’ll feel really clean for days.” He whispered in my ear. We had a chat for a while. With the machine doing its magic to me, and I told him about the plan for tomorrow, he complimented me on my new hair style, and the extensions that had been added. Finally the machine was finished and when he wiped me, he slid a finger in. “Yep, really clean.” He said. I giggled as he did it, but it was only a little sexual as he’d already admitted he didn’t fancy me, he liked men who are men. “Me too.” I said.

I stayed at Karen’s that night, sorting out my costumes and clothes for tomorrow. I’d had sex with Sid earlier as otherwise I’d have probably slept with him all night, which seemed a bit unfair to Karen to keep doing that. In the morning, I woke as he climbed into bed with me, and I couldn’t help but smile as we started kissing and he fucked me hard, filling me his hot cum. As he slowly pulled out of me, he said he wanted to send me to work with a little something extra to keep me smiling before the competition. After a quick shower and doing my makeup, I put on one of Karen’s work suits, dark blue, with a sleeveless cream blouse, a necklace, bracelet and one ring. I’d picked the suit for the skirt more than anything, a short tight one that was only just long enough to cover my stocking tops, something else I couldn’t resist for the day. I slipped on the black four inch heels, knowing they would kill me through the day, but for the overall look, totally worth it. My travel suitcase with my costumes and party dress was downstairs and I was ready to have a slice of toast before leaving. Karen and Sid were already downstairs, and I stepped in to the kitchen, feeling great. I was nervous for the day, but feeling positive. “Wowser!” Sid said as he stepped over to give a kiss. “You look great, Sarah.” Karen said. I felt Sid start to get hard against me, and yeah, I couldn’t resist. “I can’t let you go to work like this.” I told him and I knelt right there and gave him a blow job, enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth and loving the taste of his cum. I didn’t need breakfast after that, and decided to skip a cup of tea for a coffee at work. Plus I had to admit, in my vampy slutty way, I liked the idea of walking along with fresh cum in my stomach and ass as I waited for the bus with Karen.

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