A New Job Promotion Twist Part 1

It has been fifteen years since I have been in that bar. But it is the same bar. It is as dark and quiet as it was fifteen years ago. Deja vu I am thinking, and that would be right. “Can I help you, Sir?” I hear that same voice, just a little bit older. He sighs with that same exasperation as he did fifteen years ago, but I can hear a little more age in the voice. “I am sorry. It is so bright outside, and I am just not used to the lighting in here. My name is Michael from Fashionable Sales Inc. I had reserved the back room of your bar for a private dinner meeting. Remember?” He nods his head – I barely register this as I look at him. “You can go back everything is ready for you.”

The room in the back is dark. But the same tables are placed in the same configuration. I had asked for the room to have a large wide space for some demonstrations I would have for a potential new associate of our team. He was willing to oblige, but it wasn't cheap. I set up the room just as I remember that Gary set it up all those years before. Just when I am seated, the bartender walks in. “Do you want anything to drink?” He asks me. “I would like just a water,” I reply. With that the bartender walks back into the room. “Here you go, Sir.” He hands me my water and then walks out the door.

It is several minutes before a middle aged man with his spare tire waist walks into the room. I stand up and extend my hand. “Welcome, Collin. It is a pleasure to meet you. Have a seat. And feel free to order any drink or food from the menu. I do not want to talk business until after the meal is finished. With that my much older bartender friend walks back into the room. “Gentlemen, would you like to order?”

I said, “Keep the water coming for me. And I will take a salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side, and please hold the cheese.” Collin ordered a double cheeseburger, cheese curds, and a chocolate malt. Holy heart attack train! I pull out my billfold, and hand it to the bartender. “Here is some money for the food, the room, and all your trouble. Please do not let us be disturbed for the next hour.”

Once the bartender had left, brought us our food and left, we were quiet. We ate and drank. We had small talk. Once he was finished and looked ready for business, I started in.

“First of all, Collin, thank you for giving me your time today. I am glad I got a chance to meet you. Let me tell you about Fashionable Sales Inc. It is a great company to work for. As our name states, we are sales, but that is just one portion of this company. Other divisions deal with Law, fashion, and lobbies for politics, just to name a few. If you choose to become a part of our team, there are many places we could fill you in.

I want to have the rubber meet the road, so to speak. I want to lay out the money. As a recruiter for Fashionable Sales, Inc, I am authorized to offer you $150,000 salary. “

I let that sink in for just a minute. I knew this was real money that he would never see in his life. I notice him choke on his soda. I smile – I remember sitting where he sat before me. Then, I continued on.

Fashionable Sales does not – I mean – does not pay its employees based on the commissions they earn from sales. We pay based on salary, but we do review your efforts on a yearly basis. We also offer a competitive health insurance plan. You will find that in today's world no one offers a $250 deductible, but we still do.”

I gave him another minute to let that soak in before I continued.

We also help you advance in our company. Never has any CEO in our chain or any other officer of the company come from outside of the ranks of those who stood where you stand now. Not only do we say that we help you advance, we guarantee that you will advance to Recruiter and new sales manager. Obviously, you will have some questions, so please go ahead and ask.”

Collin says, “I am flattered by your interest in me, but I do not understand why I would be qualified for a job like this. I don't know if I would call myself qualified, if you would. I am not the hardest worker. I just don't know.”

I smile at him – my winning smile that is a little different than it would be when I'm on a sales call. This is hard work. “Collin, I want to show you something. Don't be alarmed at what is about to happen. I am going to move a table between you and I in such a way that you will be pinned for a minute. I do not want to hurt you, but I am about to do something. But before I do, I need to warn you – this is very important. No matter what happens or what you see – do not touch me.”

I stand up and step out of the booth. Then I place a table, pinning him into the corner. He looks at me as if he is about to say, “I've had enough crazy man.” But before he can say anything, I reach into my suit jack and take out my rubber gloves. I put them on. I reach in again and pull out a jewelry box. I open the box, and let him catch just a glimpse of my cryx. I let him see the diamond encircled with the silver-blue twists. I reach up, take the necklace and put it around my neck.

I feel things move and shift in front of me – as they always do. And before long I feel uncomfortable as I am looking at Collin. I cross my arms, to accentuate the changes for him. I smile and speak in my huskiest voice. “Hello, Collin. My name is Michelle.”

The look that was on his face was priceless! I saw fear replaced by shock replaced by desire. I could with my sensual powers feel the desire coming up his thighs and hips.

Then, I continue. “Collin, I can see your reaction, and it is very natural. Everyone who works for Fashionable is like I am. And it isn't my skill to make a sale or my great drive to work. It is something else, call it a spiritual energy. There are several qualifications you have. You are a man who has remained semi-faithful to your wife – at least no affairs. You haven't had any contact with me or anyone else like me. That is important. Any man who has been with us is tainted and unable to use one of these. Even worse, it could ruin your marriage and your life. That is why we picked you, Collin.”

I let him take one last look over of me, before I reach up and take the cryx off from around my neck – reluctantly, because it is always reluctantly. Then, as just myself I put the gem back into the case.

In my male voice I continue. “Think of the power that could be yours. You could walk in two different worlds. You could go out in a body, like that – and wear the outfits that match. You will enjoy your work, while taking care of your family. And you would be compensated very well.”

He stares at me for a long long time. I can see the wheels turning. I hope – I hope that I got him. I think I do when I see his face change suddenly as he says. “I need to think it over.”

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