Shadowsblade: Testing finals...the beginning

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.


In this chapter, the school year is starting to end and the testing of Rohanna's new life gets even harder!




Wednesday May 9, 9:40 AM
Kirby Hall

Gwen whispered over to one of the other Sidhe at her lab table, "Bree did you see Ro this morning at all?"

"Nope, she was not running on the track around the school last night or working out in Laird? But she is in your cottage, didn't you see her this morning?"

"Nope, she tossed us out of her room the other day and has not come out. But Bellows showed up and gave her a visit in the morning? After all that, we...Nikki and I thought it best to give her room to think a little."

"Ohh, she still mad about Jamie and Sara then?"

"Mad is not a word for it, Murderous rage fits far better in this case."

A very shocked Bree stars back at Gwen now, "She did not do?!"

"Nope, but came very close...she drew blood and had him by the neck gasping for air...close!"


Up at the front of the class

Nikki handed the class roll book over to Circe who was teaching this session of basic magic class for the day, "Ma'am all here but the Leigh twins?" she told the older mage.

"Did you hear of them being given a day off Nikki?" Circe asked while gathering her notes for today's lecture.

"No ma'am, none I that know of...? But, from what I have heard so far this week of them, maybe they should be given a few days off in lieu of Sara gone missing?"

Circe touches her privacy ward on her desk, to get the spell it contains up and then asks the mage teen, "Tell me what has been going on with her Nikki?"

"Isn't that Dr. Bellows's job?"

"In this case, you are much closer to her than he will ever be and know far more about her than he does...that I am sure?"

"Circe, all was going great with her and Ro had a great big breakthrough in LA that opened her past up. It helped her to see it clearer and open other doors for her to heal from all the loss of it's years. She really looked forward to start sharing all that with Sara, when she came back here to Poe. But then, Jamie got murdered, Sara came up missing by those two boys and they RUINED IT ALL FOR HER!" Nikki barked towards the end, as she was getting very upset and emotional from thinking of it, after seeing or feeling all the pain it caused her whole cottage.

"I see now, well call Mrs. Horton for me please and see if Miss Leigh is still here with us. Then during your lunch, please do all of us and me a favor?" Nikki nods to her teacher, "Go and see both of them for me?"

"Yes ma'am." Nikki said as she left the podium desk to pull the phone handset off the wall and make the call.

As Nikki made that call, Circe pondered her position. If both Drow had gone rouge or might? She would be called upon get them back inline, that is one thing she did not want to even face. Aunghadhail was powerful when she existed within Nikki, but still limited in the scope of her damage by the essence she could gather at any one time. But the twins had a very firm, un-attackable base inside the Grove and could literally 'pop' up anywhere in the world. Then do extreme chaos, then high tail it back for that safe home base!


Wednesday May 9, 10:05 AM
Poe Cottage

Mrs. Horton stands over her desk phone nodding unseen to the caller on the line, "Yes Nikki, I will go to check on her right away and I will make sure she agrees to meet you for lunch at crystal...bye now."

A short time later, down the long hallway of Poe from her own room. Mrs. Horton gently tapped on the one door that she had stood by for several minutes, listening for any sign that the Drows were still there, "Rohanna, honey?...Are you in there?" she asked softly, hoping they still were still here and safe.

"Yes ma'am. Can I be left alone for now?" Horton heard a soft voice, at almost a whisper from behind the door.

"Class called and they wanted to make sure you were all right. But Nikki, she wants to meet with you during lunch, you might want to go grab a shower just now to be ready for it?" she urged the Drow beyond the door, knowing she had to get her out of the room for the better.

"I will just wait till dinner for her here...please?"

"Let me go get Roz for you then?" she suggested next and walked off towards the main staircase of the building. Mrs. Horton did not even bother to go up to Roz's floor, she knew her girls well and on this day of the week. Roz would be all curled up like a cat on the sofa on the floor above her in the study room, going over her math for the week.

"Miss Decker, I need your help!?" Horton yelped up the stairs to the next levels study room and Roz popped her head over the rail in an instant...."Yes ma'am?" she sang back down.

"Please help Ro out in her room, she is in a dark mood after all this Sara and Jamie stuff today. She needs some help getting out of her room now?"

"GOT IT ma'am, I will be right down!" the teen yelped out and then ran off to her room surly to drop off her study books before coming down.

Within a few minutes that raven haired beauty is standing at the Drow's door, "I got it from here Mrs. Horton, she is in good hands!"

"Call me if you need anything dear? Please make sure she sees Nikki at lunch over in crystal hall today." the older house mother sings as she walks off back to the main room and her room beyond.

Roz only knocks on the door once, then bursts joyfully into the room beyond, "Get up sleepy head, you have stuff to do and people to go see today!" she sings then pulls at the sheets that both Drow were hiding under yet again.

"Roz, please leave me alone today. I don't think it's a good idea for me to go out right now?" the Drow tugs the sheets back in place.

"Sure it is!" Roz almost orders, then rips the sheets off the bed fully.

"Please, I am too...angry...for going out now?" one Drow nearly growled back to her, trying to snatch the sheets back from the overly cheery girl.

"Well, it's just for lunch and then we can see from there?" she urged on, as she pulled the sheets farther away. But also knowing that leaving a person in a deep 'funk' like this, just led to it growing deeper and harder to get out of.

"Fine I will do lunch then. Just let me get dressed is all?" both Drow said in stereo while crawling off the bed.

"Nope, you need that shower too! So get stripped and go get one now?" she asked and started pulling out Rohanna's shower caddy from the closet hanger.

As both Drow got undressed, one of the twins always held on to the stuffed dog...Max. When Rohanna, plus Rehanna were finished up undressing and wearing a robe just like her twin. They started out the door in tandem, but Roz stopped them with a wave of her hand, "Hey I think the toy dog should stay here for now?" she asked and reached for it.

"No MAX comes with us!" Both Drow shout and pull the dog back into a hug.

"SO Max is his name, he must be important then?"

"Yes he is, he was ours as a kid and never leaves us again!" one Drow told her.

"Well let him rest here on the desk and I will watch over him with my life?" Roz grinned at the Drow.

"Okay, but Violet stays too?" Ro, gave in to the suggestion and demanded the dog be guarded by her Pixie just in case.

Violet waved from her place on the shelf, "You got it boss, no one touches him till you get back!"

"And I will watch over you while you shower up!" Lilac offered flying into the hallway ahead of the pair.

After both Drow had left the room, Roz questions the small Violet quickly, "Where did the dog come from?"

"Roz, that is Rohanna's toy from when she was a human boy, one of the last things that still exists from that time. She met a friend in LA, that had held onto it all these long years, along with a photo book from her mom and a knife her dad owned during some big war?"

Roz moves to reach for the toy dog and as her hands gets too close. Violet jumps at her and stabs her sharp spear into the table top's wood, thus blocking her fingers from moving forward to grab the stuffed dog, "Rohanna ordered, no touching!"

"Yes Violet, I get it!" Roz shrieks as she pulls back her hand quickly from the now very fierce Pixie.


Wednesday May 9, 11:15 AM
Crystal Hall

Roz took a chair across from both of the Drows, who seemed to pick their spot on purpose today with their backs towards the waterfall and clear sight lines covering most of the room. But instead of taking a place on the second level today, they wanted to sit here and get out of this place quicker, then back to their room and the safety it offered these harsh days. Or so one told Roz just before they all sat down.

While they ate at a slow pace, Roz was caught up fast on what had happened during the trip to LA. She was surprised that someone still knew who Rohanna was and that she was fortunate to meet him on this trip. But after hearing most of it...she now knew what, plus the why that old beat-up stuffed toy dog named MAX meant so much to the was a now lifeline to the past that helped her with coping with it all, both then in the past and right now.

As they sat chatting about the coming month of finals testing, one of the passing boys leaned over and quickly snatched MAX off the table just as both Drow had their hands busy with eating.

"What is this dirty thing, we should toss this in the trash for sanitary reasons!" the boy angrily barked out and Roz twisted around in her seat and tried at making a grab for the toy, before a bad idea on his part...became an insane and maybe deadly one!

As 'Legbreaker' was his codename snatched MAX off the table, I leapt to my feet and tried to get at him. But Roz was already in the way of my reaching for Max, so I missed, "Give MAX back to me now!" I shouted as my eyes uncontrollably filled with tears.

"Hey Legbreaker, give it back now! Before something happens to it or you?" Roz asked the kid as calmly as she could, just knowing that Ro crying out like that right behind her surly meant that this was already out of hand.

"This toy is 'Max'," the boy smiled evilly, "so lets play keep-a-way with the fairy elf guys!" and he tosses it fast over to one of his buddies at the far end of the room.

I make a leap for him, howling like a mad person and miss catching Max as he tosses him. So I stumble past him, as I bounce off the table and roll over the top of it back to my feet again. The other me ports next to him and slams a fist right into his face. Legbreaker drops to the floor from the very savage blow instantly, his nose seems broken for sure by the river of blood now flowing from it.

Strongarm is the next kid that catches the dog and grasps it hard between both of his hands, like he intends on ripping it apart, "Hit Legbreaker again ELF! AND I rip doggy in two!" he warns me, just as I wind up to kick the fallen Legbreaker again, but aim my coming kick for his 'junk' this time.

Across the room, both Caitlin and Razorback are already on the move over to us from their spot in 'outcast corner'. Caitlin knows from her long years as a guard at Whateley before her change, what going crazy looks like and both Drows are long past that point right now!

Just behind Strongarm's back, all of the Sidhe from my magic lab class are just coming in the main doors of Crystal hall and see the fight just gearing up, "Crap!" Gwen yells out sharply, "that moron has Max, Rohanna's dog!" and she starts immediately into a running sprint towards Strongarm's backside.

As tears roll down my cheeks, I yell at the top of my lungs at him, "Hurt Max one little bit and I swear by Gaea's name. I will kill you today!"

When that shout's echo dies across the room, both Caitlin and Nikki cringe at it, a swear of that type is a bad thing for a mage to say in anger. As they have to finish what they promise to do!

The next second of time at Whateley, is a very busy one indeed!

As one Drow winds up to port a punch that ends at Strongarm's face, the other Drow pulls out a sword blade from the either to finish the job one Drow twin will start!

Gwen has tossed a glamour laden pixie of her's that just connects with Strongarm's head and starts doing its job on his mind as the Drow starts her port. Plus Gwen is pulling out her dagger in a smooth well trained move from her belt, as a back-up weapon.

The Drow's port finishes up with a savage blow to his jaw, that flings Strongarm into a pillar of the huge domed building. While he is stunned by the blow and the glamoured Pixie affecting his mind, he drops Max the dog towards the floor.

The twin Drow, not punching Strongarm at the time. Snatches Max from the air before it even hits the floor and starts slicing the air with her blade in angry swipes that make the very air scream in their passing. That action makes it clear to all, come too close to her right now and you WILL get hurt!

Strongarm bounces off the wall in a daze with one arm outstretched, trying hard to fight off the crazy visions filling his head. All caused from Gwen's near LSD style glamour. One Drow grabs that free arm, that was flailing wildly at the air and uses it to quickly roll his body over her back in a body toss and hard slam to the stone titled floor.

As the Drow tossed him to the floor so very hard Strongarm's body slams with a meaty 'whack'! That echoes through the hall and makes most of the kids in the room cringe! Then she flips over, lands on top of his chest and starts raining savage blows with her fists onto his face, one after another!

As the fifth solid blow lands on Strongarm's face and his jaw finally cracks from the onslaught of damage. Razorback bowls the crazed Drow off the beaten boy and flings her a few yards with his huge head across the room. Caitlin stands next to him, forming a small line to keep the Drow from killing the bully...for today anyway?

When that tossed Drow rolls up to her feet, she screams at both of them while streams of tears roll off her face uncontrollably, "Get out of my way Cat and Razor! I have to make sure Strongarm understands that hurting my dog Max is never going to happen now or ever!"

"Rohanna? You were killing that kid!...stop this, take a break and look at what you were doing to him?"

The Drow keeps crying uncontrollably to Caitlin and starts roaring short incoherent sentences at her, "I have to show him....hurting Max can not happen...I have show him to leave...leave me alone...has to go away!"

Razorback/jack chirps, whistles and signs with his hands wildly to the now out of control Drow, "Go have a seat, or go to your room Ro?"

"Get out of my way Jack...this ends today!" the red eyed Drow warns both of the students in her way.

"Not moving Rohanna!" The large dino both signs and chirps out.

With a short growl, the Drow's leg spins out in a very quick snap kick that connects with the Velociraptor like body of Razorback and connects at the joint of his chest, inline with his shoulder. The dino's eyes roll back into his head and he falls to the floor with a crash, like a discarded toy puppet.

Most of the students watching the dust-up in the cafeteria play out, when they see one of the toughest ragers on campus dropped by one kick...they run!

Caitlin just stared in shock at the fallen 'outcast corner' teammate next to her, "Get out of my way Cat! You might come apart harder than Jack, but I know how to do it!" the Drow warns once more with a angry shout, that echoes through the fastly emptying room.

Roz was standing right behind the Drow now facing Caitlin and she knew deep down that Rohanna would never harm her. So bravely, she wrapped both of her arms around the bundle of rage that the Drow was right now and whispered into her ear softly.

"Take us all out to the Grove and away from this madness...please for me Ro?"

All three of them vanished in a port.

Caitlin visibly sagged when the Drows left, "That was a close one, I thought for sure he was going to die!"

Strongarm overheard what Caitlin sighed out and those few words brought him back to full attention, not even Gwen's hallucinogenic glamour could slow that down! "She was going to kill me, all for some stuffed dog toy!" he mumbled out pass his broken jaw.

Caitlin tried to lecture the kid, as she helped him back to his feet, "Rohanna had all the warning signs that told me to leave her alone today, then you had to just go and FUCK with her! Next time you go to powers lab class, ask the teacher to go over what a RAGER looks like and acts like...just BEFORE they kill someone! I am so very sure, that you will finally SEE how close you came to dieing today?"

"Yep you moron, you have to learn! That sometimes you do NOT mess with people when they are grieving a loss and she is grieving several this!" Gwen hissed in an added warning to the shocked kid.

Caitlin then checked on the still form of Razorback and found that he was unhurt, but strangely out cold for now, "I would normally ask how she did this, but why?"


The Grove

Roz had hard work ahead of her calming the twin Drows down, all they wanted to do was tear Strongarm apart, along with Legbreaker for even touching Max. She did her best to get them undressed and slipped with them into the warm springs to rest or soak away that rage.

When Rohanna finally calmed herself enough to really talk, both of them talked over that trip to LA in depth and what each part meant to the twins. That seemed to work for now at least

Back at Whateley

Sam was sitting at Carson's desk discussing the latest 'dust-up' in Crystal hall, "It was simple Liz, they should have just left her alone. Heck I might even say just that in a general memo to all students. That any and all Poe cottage kids are out of bounds for the next few weeks might be a good idea?"'

"I'll post that out in a general memo for the morning classes, to be read aloud and noted by the staff. But what should we dish out as punishment then?"

"For the boys, a few days clean-up on campus. Rohanna, I say nothing. Just change her 'UV' band from a warning to all, to the 'Thou shall not provoke!' Blue color. That 'should' slow or stop stupid acts for the most part...if not, their loss of limbs." Sam smiles a little.

"Done, but no punishment for Miss Leigh?"

"Why?" Sam questions, then sighs out, "She did not ask for the fight and asked for her property back, very calmly from what I am told? The boys had their chances to end this and from what Caitlin says to me. Rohanna was going to hurt or kill one of them for sure!"

"Why does Caitlin state that?"

"Rohanna swore to Gaea to kill Strongarm, if he hurt the toy dog. Liz, you know better than I do, what that meant...she lost it big time!"

Carson leans back into her large chair, as she closes her eyes to think and nods back, "That I do Sam, that I do. I would suggest that you go talk to her, as she is not really talking at all to Bellows this week?"

"I will, I heard that Bellows has not been gaining any traction with her therapy of late."


Thursday May 10, 10:15 AM
Poe cottage

Sam knocks on the Drow's door softly and waits for a call, "What do you want Sam?" the still closed door asks her.

"To talk over yesterday?"

"Trouble?" the voice from behind the door asked.

"Nope, none for you." she admitted the truth.

"Come in then."

Sam slid quietly into the room and found both Drows sitting on their bed and reading over a class book on magic, while making notes she guessed?

After Sam came in, she dropped two large sub sandwiches on the bed for the Drows to eat, "Those are egg salad, I heard you skipped breakfast this morning?"

"I had something to eat last night in the Grove, but thanks and so what did Carson give me for punishment then?"

"Nothing...those boys, they should have known by now not to mess with you or any of the other Poe students this week." Sam grinned my way, as she sat in one of my desk chairs.

"So why the visit, not that I don't like talking to you?"

"Carson sent me over to tell you what was up and maybe go shoot some targets?" she smiled again and perked her eyebrows my way.

"I think I should sit this one out. I let my archery students down a lot, by skipping their lessons because of my having to keep dealing with all this non-sense around here."

"It's not your fault, I am sure they all understand you needing some time to yourself after what happened this month?"

"I still let them down, some need what I might show them and we have limited time to work on their skills?"

"Enough of that Ro!" Sam shouted out next, "Whatever you show them or will teach them is far better than they would have ever learned in this school without you! You know more... HECK!...probably forgot more than the staff member that teaches that class, even CAN learn over their lifetimes!"

"Okay Sam, if you could ask the classes for me? I will teach a full class on Saturday, as a extra if they want to show up at...say eight in the morning for it?"

"Well you should do that, but since I have the master e-mail list inside my head! I just sent it out to them all for ya."

"Thanks, but what else do you want today?" I said and my eyes glowed a little red her way.

"You still me?"

"Simply...YES!" I bark at her.

"I am sure it's for Coltrain? Well his 'trash' is packed up and he is gone by noon on Saturday."

"I will happily watch him leave the gates that morning!"

"You are going to show up and watch him drive off?"

"Yesssss," I hiss out in rage, "right out the gate! So I know he has left and he KNOWS that I will be here, if he ever comes back!"

"So after Coltrain is gone, 'WE' better then?" Sam asks the question of the personal feeling between them.

"I will never forgive the security departments leadership for letting it get this bad, all of this MESS and lack of cleaning house faster. It lead to Jamie being slaughtered and Sara coming up missing for who knows how long!"

"I am cleaning house, so to speak right now. I have put the word out in the security world at large, that I am looking for new staff for the department and I am getting great recommendations from across the world in return?"

"Little bit late." I say very sarcastically to her as I finally took a bite from a sandwich.

"I am trying Ro?"

"Yep and Jamie 'tried' to live and Sara 'tried' to fight that summoning!"

"You just don't give up, or forgive do you?"

"Nope, not in me anymore. Failure meant death to me and you darn well know that by now." I state the fact and go back to eating that sandwich she brought over for me.

"Okay, lets change the subject. So we can go over what is happening soon with you then?"

My eyebrows 'peak' to her in wonder, as I eat. 'what does Sam want now?' I thought.

"The Unit Production Manager of that film you are working on over this coming summer?"

"Yes?" I said slowly, after swallowing a bite off that sandwich.

"Well she called and is arranging with Carson. To set-up some dates for you to practice with the Stunt coordinator and his staff. Some of this practice time will be with the rest of the actors and actresses of your film. Then on some nights during the week, they will send over an acting coach, to get you better prepped for the part?"

"We have room for all that?"

"You will workout on weekends, when most of the students are off and at night sometimes. But Carson arranged, so that some of that top of the line equipment they will bring with them. It gets left behind, as a gift to the school!"

"Ohh so the school took a small bribe, good to hear that."

"You being sarcastic again?"

"Yep!" I smiled to her.


Friday May 11, 4:10 PM
Poe Cottage

Dr. Bellows had excused me and some of the other Poe kids from our classes today. But I still grabbed my morning magic class with Sir Wallace tutoring both of us Sidhe, he thought I should stay for blade practice with Nikki and Miss Hagarty teaching. 'That was a bad idea at this time', I told him, as this week unbalanced me yet again and I came close to harming a student the other day..."Harming...No killing him!" I thought at the time too.

For right now I was in my room getting dressed for this family dinner and Josh told me to dress very casual for it. That even pants or jeans would be fine for the night, so that is what I was changing into from my normal school uniform I wore on most weekdays.

As I got dressed up, I noticed one new thing. The old me and I could still tell that was me by the still fading scar still on my chest. That one body seemed to like or enjoy the taste of spicy food more, so I was sucking on 'red hots' candy or something like it during the day. The newer Drow, she liked mint or bubble gum chewing far more it seemed. That seemed strange that tastes might be different in a cloned body?

Soon enough, both of us were finished up dressing and I checked out the 'look' in the mirror. One had on, kaki slacks with blouse and the other went with black jeans with a nice top and my leather jacket to finish it up. "Well that looks good?" I sigh thinking that Sara would be most certainly in my room tonight helping me with all of this.

I had to remind myself once again, her being gone was temporary and she will be back someday. It might take years, but back. I sigh again silently, 'I need her here and need her right now?...but lets go ask Nikki if these clothes look fine on me?'

A few doors down, I find Nikki just getting back from her blades practice and she was tossing a book bag onto her bed, "Well Nikki? "I said almost startling her, "How's this look for tonight?"

She quickly spun both of us Drows around one at a time to look us over, then gave a nodding verdict to me, "That will do, subtle, good enough for a home dinner with family and is not saying 'jump me!' all over it!" she laughed.

"Humm maybe I should add a 'Jade' touch of hello kitty death's head in pink to this?" I grin at her.

"Ahhh nope, no crazy on the first date or meeting?" she warned me next.

"Okay, but how is Josh's know acting or personality wise, or what ever else?" I had to ask her.

"He is a US Senator and a very powerful one, Daddy said to me once, that he sits on a few committees, CIA and defense...I think?" she ponders back to me silently.

"Ohh no wonder he wants to see me and meet with me, this might be a job interview then?"

"I did not think of that, because Josh asked about you and then invited you to prom. And all of that was long before his dad knew about you or what you are? So I would call this one an innocent dinner, but I am sure he might ask you about that subject some day?"

"Well it's getting close to that time, I should get going and call him to find out where I should port too?"

"Now that would be a good idea, you landing right on his porch unannounced would be bad...very bad! I am SO very sure his security would not like the surprise!" she giggles back.

"I will see you later Nikki and we are doing a archery shoot tomorrow morning early? If you show up, that would be nice!"

"Buy coffee and I am there!" she grins.

"I am well off, but not that rich! You regular Sidhe live on that 'Bean water' don't ya?"

"Yep after my change, my want for really A NEED for it grew and grew! But I will show for the event. Just for showing them all, that us Sidhe can use bows far better than humans!"

"Good, got to go..." and I walk off out Poe's front doors. My phone came out and after a short call to Josh. I had the location of a very small park near his house to land in and once the distance, plus direction was given off my phone...I ported away.


Friday May 11, 5:40 PM
Cleveland Ohio Area

The spot Josh gave me was a very nice section of the suburbs, a few dozen miles from Nikki's dads house. That park he gave for a 'porting' location was very small indeed! A very small spot with only a kids jungle gym and swings, plus a few benches. But I was only a block from his place, so a great spot to land in!

After I did a quick check to make sure I was in the correct place, off I walked down the tree lined street towards his house. Along the way, no one passed me and I noted that most of the homes had huge tall brick or cement walls surrounding them on this street. I was sure to keep the 'riff-raff' out!

The old me, he knew rich people well from the actors he met in life. They spoke out about this or that good thing, do this or that? Then ran for a place they called home, where they did none of that! Then told or asked others to make the plans to make all of that nonsense they spoke of work somehow?

When I arrived at the gates to his home, as we Drow walked that few feet off the sidewalk onto the drives blacktop. All three of the men in the very small guard shack on the left side of the driveway came out to meet us both.

"Hi, I am here to see Josh for dinner? Rohanna Leigh and sister." I grinned and waved at them.

"Wait while I call Josh to come down and meet you please?" one said, while the one nearest me stated "Yes Miss Leigh, we were told to expect you, but before you go in and meet the senator's family. Do you have any weapons on you?"

"None on me right now." I grinned back to him. Telling the truth, I did not have any 'right now'! But that can change?

"Can I check?"

"A 'pat-down' nope...use a metal detector of some sort over my body is fine by me?"

"We can do that Miss," One nodded to me and went back to his small shack to get one, then came back to ask me. "Arms up please?" and started to wave it all over me.

The house phone rang out with a soft chime and Josh snatched it off the wall cradle. When the voice on the other end was done, all he said was "I'll be right down!" and hung up to start running across the house and out the side door.

When he got to the bottom of the long drive, on the other side of the huge iron gates of his home. There stood both Drows being wanded over by one gate guard while two others watched on wholly detached from the on going, yet boring process.

While he keyed the buttons on the small side gate to go and greet her properly. One of the twins dressed in just black jeans and a very nice top, plus brown leather jacket gave him a warm smile. Both Drows looked utterly beautiful to him right now, he loved the tall elves and their fit looks, but hidden cuteness. He smiled back to her quickly "Hiya Ro!"

"Hi Josh, don't call me late to eat dinner ever! I am here and where is the grub!" she laughed at him.

Before Josh could complain, the guards started wanding the next twin dressed in kaki slacks, who just gave him a sly grin. "This is nice...they don't know me very well, doooo they!" she mimicked all that in a bugs bunny style voice, while she stifled a small giggle. She was making fun at how utterly useless the whole process was.

"Hey guys, she was invited to dinner and is this all necessary?" he asked the men.

"Just doing our job Josh, like the Senator hired us to do?"

"Ahh so you are private security and not police?" the twin getting wanded right now asked.

"Private security, one of the largest and best in the nation...Miss." he boasted to her and the Drow grinned back evilly to him and then.

Stereo Drows said slowly back..."That's nice."

Even Josh had to laugh at the utterly spooky way they did that! After the guard made his last pass of the wand, he waved his arm to the Drow. "You can go in now, you are clean."

Josh stood holding the small gate open for the twins to enter, "This way!" he acted the part of the butler to them, as they walked past him.

Once inside, one gave him a slight hug in greeting. "Nice to get out of the school, it's been nuts this week!"

"I heard about it from Nikki, she called to catch me up on it and you don't have to explain any of it. She did all that for ya! So just relax as best you can, while you meet my mom and dad today?" he told the Drow.

"Thanks, I will have to thank Nikki too for that, this week was to nuts...way too nuts" I drifted off talking and thought about my loses this week alone. Too many, far too many.

But along the way up the drive the kids all walked, just a few short yards from the gates. One of the twins obviously 'faked' a stumbling trip and dropped a ornamental dragger to the driveway that landed with a huge clang. One clang that was loud enough, that it got the guards attention very quickly.

"Whoops that darn thing always slips out?" one Drow said, while the other came over to pick the ten inch dagger up.

As the twin leaned over to pick up the fallen dagger, a four foot long sword fell with a clatter to the driveway next to it. "Crud, it slipped?" she laughed out.

The guards took note of what was happening and started to angrily walk into the gates and over to us three. Josh stopped them short with a quick wave, "It's all good guys, we got this!" he laughed at Rohanna's antics. He knew the truth, this girl was never unarmed or helpless...let alone clumsy!

As both Drow leaned over to pick-up the fallen blades, two more even larger swords fell from nowhere from the twins and landed on the black driveway going to the house with a louder bang.

The twins smiled at the guards standing by the gates and sassed them in stereo, "Guess you missed a few there?" they giggled at them.

Once the antics and show was over. The Drows walked up the drive with him sandwiched in-between them, one was whispering at him and trying hard to stop laughing, "I had to do it, that one guard was too stuck up for his own good!"

Josh laughed at my jest, as he lead us up onto the house's porch and into the front door that he held open for me. Once inside, he showed us over to the living room, where his mother and father waited for us.

As I came into the room, a older man rose from a large recliner to greet me. "Good to finally meet you Rohanna. I'm Josh's dad...Earl and this is his mother...Dorothy or Dot. Dania his sister is out for the evening, so she will not be dining with us tonight." he informed me

As I took his offered hand, I grinned to him "Good to meet you Sir." and the other me, shook Dorothy's hand at the same time, "Glad to meet you ma'am."

"So, Josh told me that it's best to just refer to you as Rohanna? Even thou there are two of you, both are the same person for now anyway?"

"That is best, just call us Rohanna" said the one holding Earl's hand

"and we shall answer" both of us said.

"Josh," his mother started, "You did not tell me she was so cute in person! I love your skin dear, so smooth and exotic."

"Thanks ma'am." I tried to grin.

"I always loved her eyes The way that they glow at times is neat!" Josh stuttered out to his mother.

"Humm might have to see that sometime dear?" she asked, but all I did was nod to her. It's not like I have a choice 'when' they glow!

"Well then," his dad said next to me, "please have a seat and lets chat a bit before dinner is ready." Earl then pointed at a two person couch for me and I went to go sit in it. But as I started to sit down, I had to think about it first. For sometime Nikki, plus Gwen have been on me to sit down more 'lady like' not my normal flop if we are alone or my sitting all stiffly on the 'balls' of my feet, ready to leap into action on a command!

This time, we both slowed down and tried to do this gracefully as we could. Like Nikki showed us and I am sure Aunghadhail trained her, plus I am sure that Aung put her up to showing me! After I was seated, I tried to get comfortable, but me being in a strange place with humans that I don't fully trust yet...that is one tall order!

"So how are you enjoying the same school, that Nikki attends Rohanna?" Dorothy began.

"Well ma'am, the staff is great and the students for the most part are fun to be around." I said as best I could, some kids and some of the staff leaving tomorrow I could do without.

"Humm, a teen saying ma'am so fast and using it all the time. Respect is a lacking trait in kids these days!" Earl added in next.

"Yes sir. Respect all people have it, until you lose it with me. I have compulsions that keep me from using personal endearments for the most part." I explained to him.

"So what subjects are you studying this term?" Dorothy asked me now, gracefully changing the subject from something she noted that made me uncomfortable at times.

"This term ma'am, I am sticking with a very light schedule until I get used to this new 'everything'." I shrugged to her, "But...Most of the week is spent in magic class or marital arts classes, I have started to help teach the archery class thou and my students are coming along very well indeed!" I boasted for them.

"That's nice, so what are you going to try for a degree in then?" she asked next.

"I might try electronics or some other electrical field? I will certainly go for a history degree of some sort for sure, that has been a favorite subject of mine forever and some of the books on Sidhe history need some rewriting....In my opinion?" I grinned to her.

"So Rohanna" Senator Earl started, "What are your hobbies besides the archery?"

"I love to ride bikes Sir."

"Those road bicycles for Olympic events Rohanna?" his mom asked me with a more than questioning glance aimed my way.

"No ma'am. Racing motorcycles, the faster the better."

"Yes mom, she has a very nice one too!" Josh tries to break into our chatting.

"Dangerous, much too dangerous for a lady!" she shakes her head to me.

I had to laugh a little, "No real lady here ma'am, I am a Drow and I have lots of experience on riding bikes like that on tracks."

Dorothy laughs back at me a little, "Ahhh to be young and have no fears again in life!"

I was about to say more when a man dressed in butler garb came into the room, "Dinner is ready sir, when you are ready?"

"Well shall we eat then?" Earl seemed to be asking me.

"I am ready, if all of you are?" I had to ask and be polite as that compulsion took hold over me again.

Shortly all of us were seated at a huge dinner table, the senator was on one end at head seat. Dorothy sat next to him, on his right arm and side of the table with Josh next to her. Both of us Drow had the left side of the table to ourselves.

The servants came in with the hot food, "Just so you know Rohanna, I had the chef stay to a fully meatless meal tonight. So that we will have the same choices that you have for dinner."

"Thanks sir, some just don't understand that I have no choice in what I eat and think at times I am just being 'picky'?" I said as a server offered lasagna to me and I nodded back to him that it was fine.

The whole dinner was meatless just as he said, they offered up to me a lasagna, a fine spaghetti and a very large salad for me to chose from. Plus my usual mashed potatoes and French fries.

For awhile we ate for the most part in silence till Senator Earl asked me, "So Rohanna any major plans for after you are done with your education at Whateley?"

"I will surly find a place where I can teach the Sidhe or elves what I know and my skills must be passed on in some way to those younger than me."

"Humm so a teacher then!" Dorothy smiled at me.

"A good part of me was a instructor at the Sidhe academy in the ancient past and I will keep to that goal of teaching once again in my present or future plans."

"Any other plans Rohanna?" Earl asked me next, as he took another small slice of lasagna from the tray.

'Should I say this now or even ask him this most important plan of mine? Land for us elves to live on, rule by ourselves, call home again?' All those thoughts jumbled in my mind and crashed into one another for a few seconds. Until he asked me again, "Rohanna any long term plans?"

"Well Senator, I do have one that occupies my thoughts during the day," I said while thinking them all over once again for what surly must be the billionth time.

"And Rohanna, what if I can ask is that? As it sounds important to you anyway?"

"Land that us Sidhe have to ourselves, much like the Native Americans have. We rule over it, our laws, our traditions, our ways."

"That is one very tall order there young lady." Dorothy said over the table to me.

"Well from what I have heard, there are over a thousand of us living right now and even tribes smaller than that number here in America, they have their own places in it. Besides...we elves are by far older than any tribe. So shouldn't we have a place to call home by now?"

"I might have to chat with my peers on that one soon enough, but what could elves offer?"

"Besides magic, we can refine Mithril and Orichalcum in greater amounts than humans do, or I am sure ever can. Or make far better steels or other crafts like my personal leather armors. Then we do have healers among us, that can save lives."

"That is a good start, more than most offer. But what about your skills then?"

"Do you mean my teaching skills, or my death dealing ones?" I said as the dinner plates were taken away by the staff and the dessert cart was being rolled out to us.

"The latter." he said to me quickly.

"I would prefer to stay away from that aspect of my past, it was not exactly fun that time." I state to him.

"Earl, lets keep that subject away from this know I don't like your work being the subject at family time at all!" Dorothy very much ordered him now.

"Yes...yes Dot, I will stop for now and maybe we will talk about that later then." he surrendered to his wife.

"No you won't, this young lady needs time to get her bearings together in her new life and I will have none of that out of you!" she hit him even harder with her opinion and it very much sounded to me, like she was laying down the law of the home to him now.

"Yes Dot, I will give her time and will talk with her again when she is ready...See Rohanna, even a Senator like me has someone above them!" he laughed now and the subject was surly changed now.

I had to laugh back at him now, "Senator, just so you know? In our Drow lead homes, the wife or woman of the home makes all the rules. We have a very Matriarchal society, the mother of the family sets all the rules and the oldest female under her usually tells all the latter generations her mother's wishes in turn. And almost no one in the family overrules her or crosses her. But, a gathering of all the eldest females. They can overrule the oldest mother of them all in some cases."

Dorothy laughs now at her son, as she gives him a little playful nudge, "See Josh, you have that to look forward too if you get serious with her!"

"Yessss mom," he almost whined to her.

"Yep, this family always seems to attract the strongest of women, just look at my Dot here or even my mother! She ruled over my father and that man was a state governor for years, plus a Whitehouse seat member at one time."

"Nice family history of service there sir."

"Yes, we have a very long one. All going back to before the nation was founded. Most of the family is still on the east coast around Portland Maine. But I moved here after spending some time in the military and that is where I met Nikki's dad for the first time." he explained to me next, while taking a plate off the serving cart that had a huge slice of cake on it.

When the dessert cart is rolled my way, one of me takes a slice of cake and the other the pie! I love doing this, I get way more choices in life this way! Just after that first few yummy bites goes down, I just have to say, "MMMM...Now this is far better than what the school has or even the store on campus!"

"Local bakeshop dear, they make the best around here for years and I always use them when our guests show up," Dorothy tells me.

"I have to ask this Rohanna? Most elves or Sidhe have one mutation power or specialty that they have or lean towards...I was told yours is teleportation? Is there anything else too?" Earl asks me now, just finishing up his cake slice.

"Just the porting and my magic for the most part. I do make my own armors thou?"

"Teleporting dear?" Dorothy asks me.

"Yes ma'am, I can port to anywhere, faster than walking?" I jest her.

"Can you take others with you Rohanna?" Josh asks me with a grin.

"Yep Josh I can, we can get a snack in Germany if you want after we eat?"

"NO! None of that, you have to stay near the house tonight both of you!" Dorothy warns us and we chuckle back at her a little.

After we all finish up with eating and chatting for an hour. Josh leads me out to the homes large patio and we have a seat overlooking his huge backyard, "So you like my parents so far?" Josh had to ask me.

"Yes they seem okay so far?" I said while overhearing off back in the house his parents chat about us...or really me?

What I was overhearing just now, was Dorothy telling her husband what a nice girl I seemed to be and she liked me for the most part? But she was worried that Josh going to the Prom with me fully exposed as a Drow might be a bad idea? Senator Earl had to laugh at his wife a little, "Dear it will be fine, Josh's classmates will deal with it and Rohanna will be rather famous by party time."

"Ohh? I overheard her question him.

"Yes, I was told that early tomorrow morning. Peter Martin, the director of the 'Lord of the thrones' movie franchise. He will have a huge press conference with Westly Seagal and announce the cast and show pictures of Rohanna in costume as the villianess! That should make her very presentable to Josh's classmates, his being with a very famous set of twins as his dinner date!"

Hearing that hit me very fast indeed! I did not know that Peter Martin was even doing that at all, this meant I was very soon to have a huge change in how others saw me at school or...heck anywhere?

Both of us chatted out on that porch for a few hours more till I felt that it was getting late. "Josh, I think I should go now and call it a night?"

"Can't you stay longer, I love having you here! We talk about school and Nikki? Or all the other fun things!" he grinned to me.

"How about this, we have a dinner date next week too? One just before the dance, say on Wednesday or so?"

"I can do that!" he said more than excited at the thoughts.

"Good, tell your mom and dad about it. Night!" I whisper, give him a small, short hug that I am sure his mom will agree with? As she is still watching over us from her kitchen window, where she watched over us in the dark while sipping her evening wine! I could easily make her out with my eyes any night.

One last peck on his cheek and I port away leaving him for the night.

Josh takes his time, slowly drifting back into his home and his mom smiles to him from her waiting in the kitchen, "That was a very nice girl Josh. I can see why you are so smitten with her, she is a whole package...dear. Exotic looks and a strong personality that is very much like my own. She will be one to fight your every choice in life, if you go that far that is?" she laughs at him.

"But I can also see her support every decision Josh makes in life just as vehemently dear?" His father spoke out as he entered the room.


Saturday May 12, 8:30 AM
Festival de Cannes, France
(France time) 8hrs earlier

Just as Senator Earl said,

At a large theater in the Cannes, the south of France. Peter Martin, the director of the coming 'Lord of the thrones' movie franchise. Stood on the top tier red carpet of his present picture, a Sci-Fi monster pic with Westly Seagal smiling at the large crowd at his side.

Peter's current picture had been out for months and was only showing here for the awards contention that it might draw. But pictures like his, like this one rarely gained many awards. As most felt that having a weekend opening of One hundred and twenty million for a three day stretch was award enough!

"Good to see you all here today!" he shouted over the din, "but I am so very sure you are all here to see what my next story on the big silver screen shall be?"

The crowd laughed for a second and then one photog yelled out, "We already know! But who is in it...that is why we are here!"
"And what of the strange rumors of 'elves' peter?" another shouted next.

"Well, my fans! Westly right here next to me is playing the lead part of The Lord of Thrones" trilogy!" Peter gave to the crowd and got back a roar of pictures being taken as they hugged shoulder to shoulder.

"And the elves peter!" one laughed at him as the roar of shutters died down.

"Well West is in the film's lead part of course, as the leader of the heroic group and the main villain or VILLAINESS! I should say that TWICE! is this pair of young teen Drows that I found going to school in the US. Rohanna and her twin sister Rehanna!" and now an assistant hands Peter the huge poster, that both he and Westly unroll showing both of them in full armor with blades at the ready!

A roar of shutters and comments comes over the press event as the poster unfolds.

"Is that make-up Peter?"

"Real twins Peter or FX?"

"Elves Peter?"

"My fans, they are real twins and their faces are real! There is no make-up in any of my shots of them and no CGI effects! I always bring the best out for my fans, so I got all of you REAL Drows, or some call them dark elves! But please don't call them that, it's really not nice and they don't like the term at all."

Shortly the crowd has packed it's way into the huge theater and is shown some clips from Peter's current movie to pass the time, then as the lights come up. Peter walks out with Westly and both take seats on the stage.

"Lets start my fans with this very prelim short!" Peter begins and the lights lower a little as the screen behind them brightens with a video.

The video shows both Drow in armor, with swords drawn running after a very large group of humans down a long hallway. The humans leap down the stairs quickly and as they hit the bottom to look back up the huge staircase. A Drow makes a short leap onto the stairs railing and slides down it on one foot for over fifty feet! All the while, the other spins her body and her dark leather cape floats up with the spin and she vanishes...only to appear at the heroes feet swinging her blade at his head!

The twin Drow finishes off her long slide into the new fray and the fight is on! Blades sing through the air and clash at blinding speed! The fight goes on, the hero falls back as two of his friends step to his defense and quickly get cut down in a few slashes!

The other Drow smashes a spell into the group she faces and blasts the small group of men to bits of burning meat, then swings her flashing blade to cut down one more! Once he is finished, she spins to another human, then chops off his leg at the hip in a single bloody stroke and as her blade comes up for a block, she ducks a slide under it. To come up on the mans rear and she jams the blade into, then out of his back quickly as he dies.

A human mage casts a spell that makes a dark door and the hero (Westly) leaps into it with his friends. But not before they witness the Drows toss four daggers each into the mage that kills him instantly and the door fades from their sight as the Drows smile with fangs showing evilly at the survivors in a screen filling shot.

"There you go fans! Real elves, real Drow, real steel blades used in all of real magic was used in some shots!" Peter shouts as he stands up.

After the crowd of fans goes nuts a little, one asks again, "So she really looks like that!?"

"Yes...THEY look just like that! There is no make-up on the Drows...except a little dirt in some shots?" Peter grins out.

"How old are the teens Peter?"

"Fifteen, but they both carry within them the stored fighting knowledge of the Drow from ages past!" Peter smiles to the crowd.

"How tall was she? She looks like she towers over some of the cast members at times?"

"The twins are six foot even and yes they do tower a lot over the cast at times!" Westly adds in with a laugh.

"Is that the work of stunt persons?"

"Nope...most of that was our stunt cast and Westly." Peter starts to answer...but Westly finishes for him... "BUT all the Drow parts are the twins and that is them taking it slow and easy on me!"

"When do we get to meet them?" one boy shouts and girl joins in next to him echoing his call.

"Soon enough, principal filming starts this summer in a few weeks down in New Zealand!"


Saturday May 12, 8:40 AM
School archery training area

As I watched over my class of students and saw that they were trying very hard this morning to impress me. Nikki asked me for the hundredth time this morning! "Well how did last night's dinner go!...Please tell me?"

"Nikki, just stop asking me. The dinner was fine and I think his parents are great too?"

"Yep they are, Dorothy his mom is great, but Senator Earl can be a handful...or so daddy says he is many times?"

"I saw that, now shut it so I can teach! Or get your butt onto the line and shoot at the targets darn it Nikki!" I warned her once again.

"I am fine, don't need that much practice!" she tried to boast at me and a short glare from me in her direction made her wither instantly.

"Sure you don't, as long as you want all your targets to remain safe!"

"Hey, I have my magic to back me up!" she barked back at me.

"And when essence is low? What are you going to do next, grin at them and hope they like you?"

That one sarcastic line I just shouted at her, it got most of my class laughing at Nikki now. As most of the students were on my side, for the most part. They knew that the archery I was teaching would never fail them, as long as you planed out it's use and had plans for when it failed you! Be ready to 'Back up all your attacks', was my major teaching point to the class at all times.

"Not everyone of us Sidhe is a great warrior like you are, some of us have to fix the messes left behind!" she barked at me.

"WHAT! You actually think I act without something else starting it, like some goofball politician or QUEEN!" I gave back to her quickly.

"What am I saying, you are trying to deflect me from talking about your dinner with Josh last night. You don't know what to make of your feelings for him right now do you Ro?"

"Don't press me right now Nikki, this week was bad enough and you want to toss gasoline on the raging fire that is deep within me right now?" I questioned her even asking again.

"It helps talking it out, you helped me over my crap and I have to help you? Remember I lost Sara too!"

"And what am I supposed to feel for him? We will never have kids if we get that far? We can't grow old together? He has no idea what complicates my life or what it is or how to fix it and neither do you!"

Then I Port away.

"Shit I hate it when she does that!" Nikki shouts out in vain at the empty spot where I once stood.

"Well now ya did it, we wanted more class time with her and try to calm her down a bit more Nikki. AND you messed that up too!" one of the students shouted at her and most of the class nodded in agreement with her.

"I'll fix this, I am sure I know where she went too!" Nikki barked back at the assembled class and walked off into the woods, then into the Grove beyond them.


Nikki found both of me leaned and laying up against the large stump at the Grove's center near the hot springs. "So I thought you were here, can we talk a little bit calmer now Ro?"

"If you want to, I can not stop you here or even ask you. You know the rules, all can talk here. It's up to others to leave and not listen via that choice."

"I have to ask this, you still doing the dance with Josh?" Nikki asked while playing with a branch on a nearby tree.

"Yes, I said I would and I don't back down on my word ever."

"Good, I know all that old stuff keeps you from doing what you want too and dragging it up again is a bad idea. But did you read the book that Aung left you, to see if she left you any real answers in it?"

"If she did not tell you how to rid me of the Geas, then why would that knowledge be in my little book?"

"What I read in mine, it was all just a big lesson and I know it will open up more as I grow and get older?"

"You only read that book Nikki?" I had to ask her.

"Ya it's a book read them?" she laughed at me.

"I might have only cracked mine a page and found nothing there I wanted to see. But this so called simple book of yours, it was written by Aunghadhail and all of that was done in the give me that book so I can show you."

Nikki whipped that book out quickly and I got up from my the laying on the grass to take it from her grasp. Then I set it down on the flat top of the stump and pointed at it. "Well open it?" I asked her.

Nikki leaned down to pick the book back up, but I shook my head to her, "You are doing it wrong, just open the cover and leave it on the stump for now."

She did as I asked and when she stepped back from the stump. Aunghadhail's visage faded into sight near the book facing Nikki and started talking to her just like she was really there. The image talked to Nikki for a minute then stood silent till Nikki spoke to it and then it responded like Aunghadhail would have to her questions.

"This is neat, it's like she is really here!" she cried to me.

"Yes it is nice to see her." I said almost lying right now, to add even one more word...would mean I did!

"Why have you not opened your book past the first pages then?"

"She did not give me the answers I wanted why listen to her right now?" I barked at the apparition of Aunghadhail.

"You know Ro, she might still have something to say to you and it might help you out right now?"

"Why would I do that, you know I never really liked her anymore. Especially after I found out what she did or what she knew was done to me over the years?"

"I know that part well, the artificer and that whole insane process being done to you. That was pure evil what she did or had knowledge of and I am not apologizing for her...I could never ask for that kindness in her name...ever!" she choked up instantly even thinking of doing such a monstrous thing to another creature.

"Well since you insist on it!" I state as I yank that very book from my storage and place it next her's, "Are you staying for this, since you brought it all up?" I had to ask her before opening the large book.

"If you will allow me too Rohanna?"

"Fine with me, stay as long as you can stand too?" I warn her of what might happen next.

After I close her book, that visage fades of Aunghadhail and I open mine up. This time a wholly differently dressed Aunghadhail apparition appears to us both. This one is dressed more in her fighting clothes and armor. The last one was courtly dress, more like the everyday Aunghadhail I saw on most nights out here in the Grove.

"Good morning to you Rohanna, is this your sister?" questions me, as she studies over my twin.

"Ahh nope, this twin was made in a lab by Jobe and is a cloned copy that shares my brain?" I tried to explain to the vision, the utter insanity of what had happened to 'us' a few weeks ago.

"So Jobe caused more troubles for us Sidhe, you might have to deal with her very soon!" she said to me in a very angry tone.

"Wow she acts just like Aung!" Nikki notices out loud.

"Well Aung, lets start small shall we?"

"Yes my Drow?" she asks.

"My Drow?" I hiss back at her now, my rage boiling up fast.

"Yes my Drow, my subject and I am the reason why you are here now." she told me.

"You talk to me like I am shoes or a ring on your finger...a possession!"

"Rohanna, let it be for now. This is not real and you can't reason with it?" Nikki tried to give me pause, as she grabbed on my arm just now.

"Ohh but I would be so much fun trying to choke her right now?" I had to grin back to Nikki now.

"Maybe later, just ask her some questions for now?"

"Fine then, Aung what do you know?" I asked simply and to the point.

"I can not teach you warrior arts and would never pretend too. This spell of mine was set to help you out with your spellcrafting and learning of courtly ways. I also know some languages that might be handy some day, the long history of my family and our world in my time?"

"All of that is written in one book?" Nikki asked the apparition of herself.

"No my Nikki, this book links with all the others I wrote, while we are all here inside the Grove!"

"How many books?" I questioned next.

"That number and all within them will come in due time. As you grow, as you learn and need to know it?"

"Well I need to KNOW how to lose the Geas on me AND RIGHT NOW!" I demand next.

"That knowledge will come in time, my Drow. You need the Geas, it's limits right now to keep sane and calm." she told me.

"If this is you sane and calm right now. I don't want to even know what the other side looks like!" Nikki jested with me.

I just stared at her and she gulped back at me, "Sorry Ro?"

"See Nikki, the darn thing is useless for the most part to me?"

"Try asking it something strange then?"

"Okay since this Josh dinner brought most of this crap up...Aung am I to be alone all my life or what? There are no other Drows here at all!"

"There are others, or there will be soon I am sure?" it said to me next.

"What do you mean Aung?" I asked the apparition again, with a added tilt of my head.

"You don't actually think, that you are the only Drow that my sister Queens and I sent onward to this time do you?" she smiled knowingly at me now.

"There are more!" Nikki shouted next, while I took that last statement and ran it through my head over and over again!

"Of course my Nikki, Rohanna's bronze box was not the only one, that we all sent along the very long path of time to now. There will be others sooner of later or even some of them here right now among us? Rohanna, she most likely is the first of many and each has their own task to finish!"

Nikki just stared at me dumbstruck and slowly closed the book. I on the other hand, my stomach rebelled at all of the shock that I just heard and there went breakfast onto the grass in twin wet plops.


Saturday May 12, 11:40 AM
The Groves edge

After Nikki and me calmed down a bit. Both of us felt a little hungry now, me not so much? But I knew that there was something to get done and I started to walk off from her path towards Crystal hall.

"Where ya going to?" she questioned me as I veered off from her at a quick pace.

"Pest control, I have to see that Coltrain is gone and off campus!"

"Take it easy Ro...please? Nikki begged me.

"I will and I promise to do just that." and I was off at a run.

Short time later

When I walked up on the security departments office inside the Kane hall building, I found that all of Sara's pack was there! Paige ran up to me and just behind her was Feral, Hip, Gypsy, and the all black 'Jet' that used to be part of Jade's 'J' team.

Paige hugged on me, as her tears started to flow, "Rohanna...he is to blame for all this! We should.."

"No we should not, he made a mistake and that was made after Sara was kidnapped. So his paying for that will not change it." I strangely reasoned with her and a deep part of me wanted to kill him anyway...that was the punishment I would have got at the hands of the elves of the past!

As we all stood there, Coltrain came out of the office with a small backpack on his free shoulder and was shaking hands with frank Delarose the security chief. When he finally turn and spotted us all standing there, he surly gulped down some of the bile quickly filling his throat.

"Sam why are they all here?"

"Well Coltrain, Rohanna wanted to see you off and I bet the rest showed up by accident to make sure too!" Sam warned him.

"Hey, this is not right! Am I in danger here Sam?" he asked now more than worried at the sight of those students, ones that could kill him without even getting winded!

Sam walks with him over to his waiting car and guides him into the seat. Then waves over to us all standing there...waiting, "Guys, please...break it all up and go get lunch, he is leaving now" Sam suggested to our group.

I watched as Feral, then Hip started to lean that way and I grabbed both by the shoulder to stop them, "He is not worth it, if he comes back? He will be sorry...very sorry!"

The rest of the pack started to walk off to Crystal hall, but I strolled over to the car's passenger door and it's rolled down window.

Sam closed the door on her side of the car and tried staring me down, but I leaned into the car window anyway, "Coltrain...this campus is off limits to you for life. Show up in any case, without bringing your own mutant kid to go to school here....and I will kill you. That is a sworn promise, I make freely before Gaea and don't press me. I will drop your skinned body on Carson's desk if you ever test me!"

"You can't threaten me!" then he looked up at Sam for help.

"I heard a great suggestion on her part and nothing else Coltrain...I would take it and go...right now!" Sam warned him.

His car started up, drove down the drive of the school and out the gates. My eyes never left the car as it moved.

"Go have lunch Ro, he is gone and not welcome here...unless like you said...his kids change to one of us." Sam gave me and patted me on the back.

"I did as you asked me, even with a good friends baying for his death Sam and that hurt me bad hearing all of that really did. I sure hope Sara shows up soon, or the sadness and other things involved will grow."


Monday May 14, 4:40 PM
Poe cottage, Sara's room

For the last few days I had been trying to cope with what the teaching spell of Aunghadhail had told me, it telling me that more Drow would come, be found or finally might already be here! All of that dwelled on me plus the madness of the last few weeks.

But I seemed to keep all the plates spinning in the air, till yesterday at end of the day. When I overheard that the security department was closing down it's search for Sara! That floored me and all that I could think of at the time was being where I felt closest to her now.


Nikki was aware that the Drow twins had pulled yet another vanishing act this morning by both of them not being in magic class. So had tried a few spots out to look for them when time allowed for it, but she knew exactly where to look when it finally filtered it's way down to her..."they had given up on looking for Sara anymore"

After her last class was done for the day, she flew back to Poe as fast as she could run and tossed her bag into her room. With that all done, she hopped down the stairs to Sara's door and it faded into view as she got close enough for it to know she wanted in the room.

Inside Sara's room she found both Drow hidden in the total darkness of the room crying, one was holding her toy dog laying on the bed and the other was laying on the floors nice rug, while leaning against the bed and slowly flipping through an old photo album that Nikki had never seen.

Nikki took her time and sat on the floor with the Drow holding the album, "I so wanted to show Sara this, but now she is gone for a long time!" that Drow cried to her now.

"What is this album of Ro" Nikki questioned softly.

"This was me, what I was over thirty years ago. This was my mom's photo album and a friend I met in LA on my movie tests, he saved it for me all this time along with Max my dog."

"This is one person I have to meet with then! Anyone that dedicated to a friendship is worth keeping beyond measure."

"You can meet Art soon, maybe next week I think? We have a whole bunch of training to do, so we all can get ready for the more violent parts of the film this summer."

When the Drow next to her flipped to the next page, she started to cry again. The large picture that took up the whole page was one of a happy family, all dressed up and their son in cap-n-gown from graduating obviously.

"I guess that is you Ro?"

"Yep, one of the last of the whole family," she sniffed, "five weeks later, mom and dad died in a car wreck and left me behind" she started balling hard now.

"They did not leave ya, they had to move on is all?" Nikki tried as best she could help her friend.

"If I had just drove them on that that dinner. I drove so much better than dad ever did, he was okay? But never as good at driving as I was!"

"But then you would not be here, with us? I am sure your mom and dad wanted you to keep going. I am sure they are proud of what you became, then and now?"

"That is why I loved Sara so much, I knew nothing could kill her and what ever did? It would most likely kill me at the same time too, that I am sure of!"

"Maybe Gothmog will find her?"

"He would have done that by now, if he could or...if he would?"

"You think he might not be looking for her?"

"Maybe? He might be teaching her a life lesson, via this entrapment. One that she has to deal with things like this by herself?"

"I can see how a dad might do that and it makes more sense to me now?"

"A harsh lesson that affects more than Sara. But, I sure hope he is not doing that and being so harsh on all of us?"

"Yes, but show me the whole album from the start Rohanna, I am dying to see all of it and a younger you!" she giggled and helped flip the pages back to the beginning. Where she was laughing right after a few page flips of wedding photos and spotted the first one of pics! "That is you!" Nikki grinned now.


Monday May 14, 6:30 PM
Crystal hall

Nikki had sat with the Drow twins for over an hour while slowly looking over each page in that huge album, till stomachs growled in protest of the lack of dinner on the part of three elves!

So off to Crystal, where they ate with the rest of Poe's coming and going to the table. Then both left with plans of sitting in Ro's room and having close friends go over that album from the beginning! The pack of close Poe kids decided to do a slow walk back home to finish the harsh day.

Along the path walking back towards Poe, the group spotted that Peeper and Greasy had set up a folding table to sell their wares once again. But this time, unlike most times? The whole table was crowded with boys and a few girls looking over large posters that were on sale.

One of the boys broke off from the pack of kids standing at the table and ran over to the Poe kids walking back to the cottage, "Rohanna can you sign this! I saw you are going to be in Peter's next picture and I just love Lord of thrones!" he shouted at her and unrolled a poster for her to see.

"Ohhh shit!" Nikki plus Gwen standing next to her mumbled in unison at the sight of the poster and what was shown on it. That shock to both Sidhe and a few others in the pack of Poe kids. Was from a finely made poster of Rohanna, showing her in see-through nighttime wear and at that a very thin set of clothes, they barely covered up just enough to be legal!

"Peeper sold you that?" Rohanna questioned the boy almost she expected it, knew it was coming and ignored the film statement of his all together?

"Yep, it's great and I bet you are going to look even better in the movie!" he grinned as both twins stepped right past him, "Rohanna, can you sign this?" he questioned the Drow once again.

The twins stepped up to the table as Peeper had his back turned towards them. Greasy smiled up at the twins from his work, "Hi there, we have...eeepp" he never finished that sentence, as a steel hard hand wrapped around this neck and cut off all hope of ever doing so!

Peeper spun around quickly to that the sound of the 'squeak' coming from his roommate, to find one Rohanna staring at him and the other twin with her hand wrapped firmly around Greasy's neck. Greasy was now mostly busy gasping for air, as he started turning bluish from the tightening pressure.

"Rohanna, just the girl I wanted to see! If you sign them, I will cut you in for half...half of the small signing fee that is!" Peeper said cheerfully, while he was unrolling out a HUGE poster that must have been three foot by six of the same exotic picture that the other boy just had!

Next came a near sonic boom of Rohanna's hand swishing through the air and slapping Peeper's face! The sad boy flew ten feet, less the weight of the shoes he left behind and landed with a thud on the grass!


Monday May 14, 7:40 PM
Whateley Security department
Sam's office

"Well it's a good thing for you, that Peeper is not hurt too badly and Greasy will gain his speech back in a few days?"

"He was told not to do that, so he paid for it and I still owe him more pain in repayment!"

"Well unfortunately for you, he is within his rights to sell posters of you now."

"SAY WHAT SAM!" I shouted and jumped up to pound a fist on her desk

"Somehow, the court docs of ARC suing him or keeping him from publishing got over to the Peter Martin's publicity department for 'Lord of the thrones' and they bought them with Peeper keeping the rights to only one, to sell on a run of two thousand pic's to be sold online of any size."

"ARC can't do that deal!" I shouted at her next, "I own that trademark darn it!"

"Well what happened is some underpaid legal moron left the file open on the net and it was taken. But before it spread, they did this deal and put the lid back on."

"We will see how long that lasts!" I barked thinking of Paige just then and how she could find all traces of that file in seconds!

"That is on your end, but no street justice on campus Rohanna!" Sam warned.

"Yes Sam, no beating on campus" I gave in to her, with one little door still open to me and that one opening made me grin inside!

"Now you have to go see Carson on this."

"Carson, why?" I questioned, "You already said no punishment or so I thought? Because Peeper was supposed to talk to me and tell me what the settlement was for?"

"Well he got all chicken about asking for your permission and paid in full and with a fully slapped face for it! Now git!" she grinned at me next.

"Yesss ma'am," I whined now.


Carson's office

There Carson sat behind her desk looking like a very regal queen waiting for door to open and she sternly looked both of us over as we entered the room, then both of us Drows angrily plopped into a chair at the front of her desk. Once seated both of us Drow then sighed angrily, while we both crossed our arms to her in disgust at being called in for such a small thing...

"Miss Leigh, I really did not have you come in here right now to have a short talk with me and go over your small infraction with Peeper. As Mrs. Hartford can do that for me or the school in most cases. But you are here just to see me, so that I can inform you of the fact that Nikki is being sued by the 'Solicitor'... A high priced lawyer from California and he is taking all of Nikki's modeling funds as a settlement." She stopped and let that sink in to me.

"So why do I need to hear this, this is not dealing with me and who cares what he takes, it's only money?" I had to ask now.

"I have to order, no really demand" she steepled her fingers, in that now trademark move of her's and leaned back into her chair, "that you do not give Nikki any help on her lawsuit or with any monies after she signs off on the settlement. Because I know that just like Ayla does, you have access to vast funds and legal muscle far beyond the reach of most citizens in this nation."

When she stopped talking...I lost it!

"What are you nuts, asking me to leave a fellow Sidhe behind and that person being NIKKI!" I shouted at her.

As I shouted at her for even asking me to leave Nikki hanging in the wind! I just barely saw it now, a small spell was covering her up and tried in vain to hide it from me...SHE WAS LYING TO ME RIGHT NOW AND DOING SO, RIGHT TO MY VERY FACE!

That spell was a well made one, a very well made and I could see Circe's prints all over the spell casting. Then laid over the top of that spell, was one that Carson crafted to hide the other below and the magic residue from me. All that combined work was good, but wasted skills! And that made me mad at her right now...very mad!

Right then and there, several compulsions of mine fell away, shattered most likely forever! I had just lost all respect for Mrs. Carson, then with this attempt at lying to me, she had just killed any trust that I have in her words or deeds from now on! A very bad spot to be in for sure in her case.

"Well Elizabeth?" I said very coldly at her, while letting my fangs show with my hidden anger and using her first name for the very first time in her presence, as I no longer respected her, "So we are lying to the students now, are we?" I questioned her in a sing song voice of sarcasm, as I stared at her from under my now wrinkled with anger brow.

"I am not lying to you and you will use my proper name and give me the respect I have earned...Miss Leigh!" came the next lie out of her mouth, plus a demand from me for respect she will not get today and she was done in my mind as someone to trust for a good long time!

"Liz," I started, then ground that disrespect knife in EVEN deeper with using her nick name and the look of shock now starting to cover her face. That told me I had certainly hit bone with the shove! "You know I can see any lie and that human crafted SHIT spell of yours. The one trying to cover you up from my power right now, it does not stop me from doing it!"

"Respect Miss!" she barked at me and stood up from her chair suddenly. Her usual calmness left behind in the chairs seat...boy she was extremely mad at me right now.

"Never again!" I barked back, with twin leaps off my seat to match her's, "That respect was freely given to you on the first day we met and now it is ALL gone. Now you have to earn it all back from me again!" I said in stereo and slammed a fist on her desk top to prove a point to her.

"Well then, I guess I am outed then! But I still demand respect Miss Leigh." she sighed and sat down once again, desperately trying to calm herself.

"Not happening today and might not happen ever again...Liz? You just lied right to me, about something dealing with Nikki and your 'bank' of trust is now fully spent! Most likely forever with me?" I shook my head to her, while both of us Drow were still standing and very much looming over her.

"I had too...." she started.

"Had to lie to me about a fellow Fae and a fellow Sidhe!" I interrupted her now, "I will not even mention that we call each other 'sister' to you? As I am sure you know that by now!" I lectured her, from my new high place of honor and she knew it by her last guilty glance up at me. I still held onto my ethics and had never lied to her. But she had just done that very thing right now and her high pedestal of being the head mistress of the school had just fallen over in front of me.

"Fine then, lets be truthful from here on out?" she finally gave into me.

"I am being truthful, you meant...let ME be truthful from here on out! As say the truth?" I shout back at her, correcting that huge in my eyes mistake.

"Yes Rohanna...let me be truthful then."

"Well tell me all of it now and leave nothing out. Just remember this, I had Ayla tell me everything about this little December spat that Nikki got involved in and I know that lead to Aunghadhail dieing up at ARC this year."

"So you already know about that then?"

"Yes, so far I do and far, far more than you think I should!" I warn her not to leave anything unsaid or I will know it.

"So you know the whole story about that Christmas escapade of her's? Nikki almost being made a slave by Hekate, the kidnapping, Jade almost dieing, the Solicitor's involvement and him being cursed by the 'Black Hand' from Nikki?" she asked me.

"Yes and since Nikki cursed him! And the curse did it's job, he gets to live in my eyes. Because if I had been here at that time...he would be dead for sure!"

"Well we here at Whateley, plus both of her parents. Came up with this totally fake lawsuit, as a way to make Nikki learn a VERY needed harsh lesson. That her actions have consequences and she needs to stop to think before acting or lashing out like that again. Much like you still need to, but in your case it's far deeper and trained into your core being...what you do in life?" she told me and gave me a hint of that she understood my struggles with my keeping restrained at times.

"Okay Elizabeth, what is my part in this little stage play?"

"I want you to play along and not give her any help even if she asks for it, we are trying to temper what she was learning from Aunghadhail's influence."

"I understand, you want Nikki to learn to not be such a BITCH like that old queen was?"

"In your terms, simply yes? You know as well as I do, that she was corrupted more than a little by Aunghadhail's influence and needs some correcting now before she grows in power, then settles into her ways?"

After Carson said that to me, I sat back down under the weight of what she was asking me to do...abandon Nikki for a short time! A thing I do not want to do, but still had to be done and the reason she just gave me to just that, it was a good one?

My face fell into my hands, on both of my twins with my pending judgment over this! This idea was a very hard one to get past inside my brain. Part of me was abandoning Nikki, a fellow Fae to punishment she had not really earned. But the other part of me, the instructor in me. It knew this was a good idea and had to be done.

The last part of me, driven by the Geas, that was the biggest issue right now! It was there to protect the royals and Nikki was 'almost' one in my mind...but one thing helped me over that 'hump' that was blocking me.

As an instructor, I was given 'leave' to teach royal youth in my classes anyway that did not kill them! My teaching baton was marked as such and I never gave up that honor, so now I am going to use that honor in this case...for her. Nikki needs this lesson on being more personable, less overbearing, bought down to earth and shown that she is not in-charge...Most of all, that she is not ruling Queen of anyone just yet!

My face still rested nestled in my hands, just covering my eyes and my mouth was uncovered so she could hear me now, "Carson, you leave me in a difficult spot now, I have to lie to Nikki for her to learn a lesson that needs to be taught and one that needs to begin as soon as possible. So it 'burns' in early enough to counter any damage Aunghadhail did."

"I know, that is why I tried lying to you and failed miserably today. But you now know the reasons why I did and it must be done right now as you she learns this early enough."

"Yes, this is going to be real hard on me, I have to lie...but not lie with her. My compulsions might get in the way? But I am more than sure of this fact, my living forty thousand years. That gave me more experience at covering up a lie or the truth, than Nikki has learned in finding them. So she will not find out the fact that I am covering something up from her!" I chuckle a little and Carson joins me for a few seconds.

"I hate doing that to you? But I hope that you can do this task, because if you sell it hard enough? Nikki will believe it and believe it well."

"I think I can sell it to her, but you owe me on this one Carson! I do not even like thinking of doing it, let alone actually doing it to her! But what must be done, is done." I give her back unknowingly, what I usually said after an order was given to me..."What must be done, is done'...By your orders!" I nearly whispered out. How many untold times, I yelled that out and all the same while screaming in pain trapped within my own mind!

She must have seen me drift off then deep in my own thoughts and asked me softly, "Rohanna, are you alright?"

"Fine Carson, I am just fine and me saying that line just now. It dredged up some bad things from my past is all?"

"Ohhh?" she questioned me.

"What must be done, is done'...By your orders!" I barked like a robot at her, then changed back to a calmer voice, "I can't tell you how many times I said that in life...the past life of course...the older one!" I laughed that I had to say one past life was different, as both were 'old' or 'past' to most!

"I would say I understand all of that, but that would be belittling your whole life and I would never do that. But take this please...I am sorry for even trying to fool you and lie to you. I should have known you could handle this task well for me." she said sincerely to me and I could tell by the expression on her face...she meant every word.

Carson's lying right to my face and then even trying to use a spell to cover it up! That ground against all of me, but here she was apologizing to me for the whole mess and she meant it. That part of my being that was held by Geas and tradition. It came out now as a compulsion to forgive her, as honor demanded I do...she asked for it is given... ONCE.

The next words almost had to struggle to even get free of my mouth for her to hear them, "I forgive you Carson for lying to me and trying to cover it all up with a spell. You thought you had too, for Nikki's sake. But you owe me on this and none of that lying to me again...I beg please?"

"Fine Miss Leigh, my thanks for your forgiveness and here is how I will make amends to you. The school will make any of our amenities available to you and your guests. For your needed practice for that upcoming movie role of yours over the summer break."

"Does that include housing too?" I had to grin at her and push at the boundaries a little.

"Yes, you can put anyone up at the guest suites, as long as there is room available to do so?" she sighed to me.

"Great, so anything else Mrs. Carson?" I had to ask her.

"Nothing for now, we are done and stay calm as you can Rohanna...please?" she asked.

"As I can be ma'am?" I said leaving her office.




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