Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 1

Freddy sighs as he stares at the statue of Athena at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. He had skipped school again to come and see the statue that he has told his deepest darkest secrets to. He so much wanted to be a girl, but had been born a male. He also wishes that Athena was his mother, instead of the one he has now. His birth mother had died from cancer and his father had gotten remarried.

His father was more interested in the accomplishment of his older brothers, then he was of his own. They were popular at school and very athletic. There wasn’t a sport that his brothers didn’t excel at. They were what his father called manly men. Where he was interested in ballet, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, horseback riding and cycling. That didn’t matter to his parents. He got good grades and won spelling bee championships. It didn’t impress his parents either. If his brothers were felling a grade or class he was expected to help them, but if he needed help with something. He was on his own. He got no help from his parents or brothers.

All his brothers got their parents attention while he was left out of things. His brothers were either Captains or respected football, hockey, baseball, basketball and even soccer players. His step brother was a good lacrosse player. His step mother was proud of all the boys except him. She didn’t like how he was skinny, slender and had better hair then she did. He singed better than she did and had better style about how he looked.

One day she caught him wearing her clothes and make-up and threw such a fit. That when his father came home and heard he spanked him so hard that night. That he couldn’t sit down for hours. He was also restricted to his bedroom for a week and made to wash the dishes and clean the house. His step mother made him wear a little maid outfit like the women at the hotels wore around the house. When he is force to clean to her standards. She also made him do all the laundry as well, since she was busy taking his brothers to their practices and such.

Freddy stands close to the base of the Athena statue and whisper that he wishes she was his mother and would take him away from all of this and turn him into a girl.

“Watch you doing?”

Titanis had been asked by her mother to investigate this young boy that has been coming to pray to her statue here in Nashville, Tennessee.

She couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the young boy after hearing his prays and his request.

Freddy turns around to see a woman with long red hair tied into a pony tail and a kind gentle face with bright emerald green eyes and lightly tanned skin. She was wearing a black t-shirt that said All Magic Comes with A Price on the front of it. The t-shirt hugged her well develop chest. She wore a silver necklace that had a detail silver owl hanging from it. She had on a pair of matching earrings. Her long legs were covered in blue jeans and she wore cowboy boot. She was standing directly behind him. He also notices a huge black furred bobcat sitting next to her legs.

“Praying to Athena, but I know she won’t answer me.” Freddy looked down towards the floor disappointed.

“Then why pray to her? If she won’t answer you, why bother?”

Titanis just looks at the boy. He wasn’t very tall and he was skinny and slender. He had nice shoulder length auburn color hair and his aura reveal to her that he was a gentle person. There were some black spots in his aura where he had been hurt.

“Because I believe in her and I want to believe that she exists.”

Freddy really did believe in Athena.

“Why believe in such an old out of date Greek Goddess? Most of the Greek Gods were trouble makers.”

“Watch it Titanis. Your mother and the others are listening to you.” Leonidas was speaking mentally to his human companion.

“Like I really care about what they think? I’m only doing this for my mother and trying to find out why this child keeps praying to her.”

“Why would you want to be a girl? They are weaker and looked down on as being nothing but chattel and property to be used for the pleasure of men. They are considered uncleaned, weak and useless by some cultures and religions. So why would you want to be one? You’re a nice healthy male. You could grow up to be like Hercules or Perseus or some of the other famous men from history. Why would you want to give up your maleness to be a weak female?”

“Because females aren’t weak. They are smart, kind, gentle, strong and smart. They don’t care who the best is around them. It’s also how I feel inside myself. I feel as if I should had been born a girl instead of a boy. Why did mother nature do this to me?”

Tears slide down Freddy’s cheeks.

“Are you happy now? You made the boy cry.”

Leonidas looks directly at Titanis.

“Oh, shut-up mister knows it all.”

“I’ll tell you what kid. By the way what is your name?”

Titanis already knew his name. Her mother told her already.

“Freddy Thompson.” He wipes some of his tears off his face.

“Well Mister Thompson. I have a bargain for you. I’m going to give you this gold Athenian coin. Now you can do three things with this coin. The first thing you can do is either keep the coin or pawn it off for money. The second thing is. If you really feel the way you do, is to take this coin and go down to the river front and toss it in while saying what you want. You need to make sure that what you are saying is how you really feel. Because the strength of your feelings will decide if your fate can be redone. Now, the last thing you can do is to come back here and leave the coin at the base of the statues feet and walk away from her. Now raise your hand, palm up.”

Titanis reaches into her tight blue jean pants pocket and pulls out a gold Greek coin that has Athena’s head on it and place it on Freddy’s hand.

“Remember what I said and think about the decision before you make it. Makes sure the second one is done with honest feelings.”

“There you are.”

A woman with shoulder length Walnut color hair wearing dark sunglasses and carrying a beautifully carved oak wooden cane wearing a tailor dress that hugged her body. Comes walking up to Titanis.

“Hi sweetie. I was just taking care of some business.” Titanis places a kiss on her cheek.

Freddy looks at both women. One was a little taller than he was, while the other one was almost six feet tall. One was petite and shapely, while the one he had been talking too had an athletic build to her.

Shayla knew the reason they were here was because Titanis mother had sent them here. She didn’t mind. She was happy to go on a trip. It’s been awhile since the two of them had gone anywhere together.

Titanis looks back towards Freddy “remember now. Your feelings will determine how the intent is answered.”

Freddy watches as the two women and the huge bobcat that had been sitting next to the woman he had been talking to walk off towards the entrance of the Parthenon.

He looks down at the coin in his hand and examine it. The only place he had ever seen one was on the computer, but those were silver. This one was gold and was identical to the picture of the one he had seen. He had never seen one in person before or much less held one in his hand. He places it in his pants pocket and hurries to ride his bicycle back home before his step-mother or his father gets home.

As he walks into the house, he spots a note for him hanging on the door separating the garage from the house.

Go ahead and make yourself something to eat. Your brothers, father and I are going to be celebrating their victory at Johnny’s Pizza shake. There’s a load of laundry that needs to be done before we get home and you go to bed.

Freddy just balls the piece of paper up and toss it into the trashcan when he walks inside. Sitting on the dining room table was a hamper of his brother’s dirty clothes. He picks the hamper up and heads back down into the garage to get the wash going. Once the washing machine is going.

Freddy heads back upstairs and to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He looks around in the cabinets to see if his mother brought any potato chips. He knew there use to be three bags, but he guesses his brothers ate all of them.

He sits down at the dining room table and eat his dinner, while looking at the coin and going over what he spoke to that woman about. Could she had been Athena in human form? Could the Greek Gods be real? Freddy wonders as he eats his sandwich and examines the coin. She said he had three things he could do with this coin. Did that mean she already knew what he was going to do? He wishes he knew. He really did want to be a girl.

He looks around and since his parents and brothers won’t be home for a while. He heads upstairs to his parent’s room and look through some of his steps mother clothes to wear. He finds her sexy slinky lingerie she wore on her wedding day under her wedding dress. He digs through the closet and finds her wedding dress and shoes as well.

He takes a nice shower and shave what little body hair he has. He gets dress in her undergarments first and then work on his make-up. He had watch some videos and practice with what he managed to save of his mother’s before it was thrown out. Once the make-up was right. He slips the wedding dress on and then the matching shoes. He brushes out his hair and fluff it some. He sprays some hair spray on his head. He walks over towards the mirror on the back of the closet door and look at himself. He walks around the house pretending he was getting married. He sets his phone up and make a video of him doing different poses and saying his mother’s vowels she wrote to his teddy bear which was acting as his husband.

Freddy takes the wedding dress off and put it back in the closet along with the shoes. He finds his mother’s collection of dildo’s and selects one. Freddy gets on all fours and pretends he was being penetrated by his husband by using it.

Freddy was so lost in what he was doing. He didn’t realize that his brothers and parents had come home. He didn’t hear his stepmother calling his name. The next thing he does hear is.


Carol couldn’t believe what she was seeing in front of her. Their youngest son on all four dressed in the lingerie she wore on her wedding night using one of her dildo’s and wearing make-up.

Freddy had turned around and was looking directly at his stepmother. He notices the disgusted look on her face.

Harry had heard his wife’s loud voice. When he comes up to his youngest son’s room and notice him on the floor on all fours dress in his wife’s lingerie and wearing make-up. He pushes by her and grabs his son by the hair and drag him downstairs.

“No father, don’t!” Freddy tries to stop his father, but can’t. He does manage to grab the coin he had been given.

Harry tosses his youngest son out onto the front lawn. Still dressed like he found him.

“Don’t come back here you faggot. You’re no son of mine!”

Freddy lays on the wet grass crying. After a few minutes, he stands up and starts running towards the river bank. Through his pain and humiliation, he recalls what the strange woman had said to him.

He tosses the coin in and screaming at the top of his lungs “I WANT TO BE A REAL GIRL AND BE ATHENA’S DAUGHTER!”

He jumps into the river and the next thing he feels is the icy cold water surrounding his body as blackness claims him.

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