Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3171

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike, est. 2007)
Part 3171
by Angharad

Copyright© 2017 Angharad


This is a work of fiction any mention of real people, places or institutions is purely coincidental and does not imply that they are as suggested in the story.

I followed the breathless woman out of the centre and I heard Amy’s footsteps behind me.

Suddenly we were surrounded by three men dressed in what might best be described as loose fitting clothing such as might be worn by those expecting some heavy physical exercise. Our alarm raiser dashed off in another direction presumably to leave a false trail. It was a good old fashioned set up.

“Lady Cameron, how nice to meet you. You will please come with us.”

“What about my student, she’s not involved with this, let her go.”

“Sadly I can’t do that, I can kill her or she can come quietly with us.”

“I think I’ll take the second option,” replied Amy, which made me a little concerned that I had two of us to try and rescue rather than just myself, though of course I didn’t want her injured let alone killed.

“Please don’t try any of your usual tactics, Lady Cameron, we are all armed and prepared to use our weapons. Killing you would be a complication but not an end to our little scheme. Killing your little friend here may be necessary later, but for the moment we’ll take her as insurance. I simply cannot understand why a woman married to one of the wealthiest families in the land refuses to have a minder, though we’d have killed him by now.”

When these situations happen the first feeling is disbelief—not again—stuff, the second is to want to poo in your pants, the third to assess the situation and look for weaknesses you can exploit, hopefully with an element of surprise. Only the one who appeared to be in charge was showing a weapon, a hand gun. I did think of pointing out to him that such weapons are illegal in the UK and he’d face a minimum ten year sentence for possession. Somehow, I suspected he’d considered that and like all master criminals, intends not to get caught. Except those in government, they usually do because no one is quite as clever as they think.

“You’ve answered your own question.” I replied though I wasn’t sure he was interested in any reply I might make unless it gave him licence to shoot me. He jerked the gun in the direction he wanted us to walk and I stood still. One of the gorillas—a sad term as the animals are actually very gentle unless you annoy them, a bit like me—pushed me in the back. I pushed back then stepped forward and dropped and his next push caused him to fall over me.

The other man rushed at me but was tripped by Amy and he sprawled towards me I yanked at his neck dragging him in front of me and the boss man fired , hitting his colleague. He then dashed off with Amy in hot pursuit.

The original thug jumped up and ran after Amy, though stopped when I threw a large stick at him which struck him on the back of his head. He turned and glowered at me then charged. If he’d been armed you’d have thought he’d just have shot me, seems like he was too mad to think.

He covered the twenty feet between us in two or three seconds and then just threw himself at me like a tackling rugby player. I dived out of the way and rolled back to my feet. He rose and growling like an enraged bear, he charged at me again. It was funny that he suddenly stopped when the large piece of wood I had in both hands broke across his face. It had been the branch of a tree until quite recently and I just picked it up as I rolled. He uttered a scream stood motionless for a second but went down when I kicked him in the chest. He stayed down when I kicked his head—okay not exactly Queensbury Rules but he was bigger than me and possibly armed. His colleague was groaning a few yards away. Sirens were heard in the distance and then shots in the opposite direction.

Tim came rushing out, “What the f...?” he exclaimed or it might have been a question but I didn’t have time to clarify the syntax of my colleague, I just told him to watch them both—and they could be armed. I think he went white before he turned green and threw up. Which was when Dan arrived. Re issuing the instruction I hared off in the direction that the gunman had taken pursued by Amy. What was all that about?

Running as quickly and as quietly as I could I stopped when I heard a woman’s voice hiss, “Geddown.” I took its advice and dropped to the ground.

“Amy?” I called quietly.

“Shurrup and stay still, he’s got a gun—remember.”

I hadn’t forgotten but was concerned for her welfare, hopefully she was about mine. Something whizzed past me following the pop of a hand gun and I rolled and scrambled behind a fallen tree. Looking up I saw Amy hunkered down and carrying her own pistol.

“Stay down,” she said and then jumped up and fired twice, there was a yell and she fired again. “Got him,” she declared triumphantly. “Stay here, he could just be wounded.” Was I going to argue?

As she went in pursuit of her quarry the air was filled with the sound of a helicopter and shouts and barking of dogs from the direction of the visitor centre. I stayed still. What seemed like hours later but was only about ten minutes a gruff male voice said, “Lady Cameron?” I raised my hands and nodded at the armed policeman wearing a flak jacket and carrying an assault rifle which was still pointed at me. I glared at his helmet covered face and he pointed the gun at the ground. I felt a little safer.

“Over here,” I heard Amy calling and a second heavily armed policeman went to see her.

“Is he, like dead?” asked the copper and her reply chilled me a little.

“I hope so, I hit him three times, twice in the head.”

I was led away by the police who’d scraped up the two I’d left behind. They were both alive and being loaded into an ambulance. Tim was standing outside the visitor centre still looking ashen.

Amy arrived with an older man and they were deep in conversation. She obviously wasn’t a student and probably older than she looked. She didn’t seem fazed by the fact she’d just killed.

“I don’t know who or what you are but I guess some thanks are in order.” I said to her.

She nodded at me, “I enjoyed the dormice,” she said and walked away. The man in the suit came to me.

“Think you’d recognise the woman decoy?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I can try.”

“Good,” was all he said and walked away.

I simply stood there and sighed. Any time now I was probably going to begin to either shake or vomit, I made my way quickly towards the loos.


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