My wish

I once had a dear friend.
We shared laughs and tears,
Pains and triumphs.

Now, that friendship is no more.
Forever broken,
Unable to be repaired.

At the time, I thought I was doing the right thing.
But alas! Actions have consequences.
My actions, though indirectly, caused this person much pain.

I never wished tragedy upon this person --
A person who has shown me nothing but trust and friendship.

But I made my decision.
Right, but for all the wrong reasons.

And I'm paying the price --
A debt I shouldn't owe,
For something I can never repay.

If you do read this, please know
You hold a special place in my heart --
A place I let very few enter.

I'm not asking your forgiveness --
It's something I simply don't deserve.
I'm not asking for your friendship
Or any of the perks that go along with it --
Loyalty, Trust, Acceptance --
I seek nothing from you.

I just wish you happiness.
Joy. Laughter. Health.
Everything I've always wanted in life,
But now no longer deserve.

I hope you find someone worthy of you someday.
I'm just sorry I fell so short of the mark.

Warmest wishes on your upcoming birthday.
You were not forgotten.

Hopefully, you never will be.


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