The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 58

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 58
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Richard and Della see their attorney.

Richard waited all that day and evening for Framlin Fomdworthy to show up. The others in the cell block saw that Richard was extremely nervous. Big Jim spoke to Richard.

“Dick, calm down. Your attorney will look at the evidence and talk about the strategy he will use to get you acquitted. Do you trust this lawyer?”

“Empatically. Franklin J. Dinsworthy is the best lawyer in Detroit, if not the whole upper midwest. He has gotten me and Della out of more scrapes than I can count. So, yes, I do trust Frank Dinsworthy.”

“I have heard of Franklin Dinsworthy” added Tony DiCicco.

Tony (the knife) DiCicco was waiting trial for the murder of a widow, during a bruglary. His burglary count was secondary to the murder charge. The information claimed that Tony broke in to the home of Mrs. Joanne Peters for the purpose of murdering her. That is where the charges in the information stopped. It didn’t say by what method the murder was committed, or for what reason. But, the information was bogus, as will be explained shortly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard your name,” Richard spoke to Tony.

“Richard, this is Tony (the knife) DiCicco,” Big Jim answered.

Richard offered his hand in friendship.

“Nice to meet you, Tony. I have heard about you.”

“I have heard about you too, Richard. Do you think that you will be able to carry out your contract when you are acquitted?”

“You know I can’t tell you that. Even if I could, it certainly wouldn’t be here.

Unbeknownst to the other prisoners, Tony (the knife) DiCicco was killed while fighting with state troopers who were trying to arrest him. A plan was devised that the authorities would place someone in the cell block where the most dangerous prisoners were housed.

State trooper, Lionel Brainswaith, agreed to go undercover. His job was to get the cons talking about why they committed the crimes they did, and how they did it.

Richard (Dick) MacConnell was unaware of this, so he kept talking to Lionel. Nothing concrete came of these conversations, but they were interesting.

“MacConnell, your lawyer is here,” the tier deputy said.

“Right.” The deputy took Richard out to the interview room.

“Hi Richard,” Frankin Dinsworthy said, greeting his client and friend.

Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy, attorney at law, catered to a select clientele; the criminal element. Frank Dinsworthy was paid well by his clients. That is why he came when he was called, after he made his court appearances.

“You said you were arrested by this officer at a truck stop. Were there witnesses to this arrest?”

“Yes, over twenty witnesses, including the waitresses.”

“Did they find a gun on you, at the time of arrest?”

“Yes, Frank, they did. They found my .357 magmum.”

“Where did they find it?”

“In my right hand coat pocket.”

“Did you say anything to this officer?”

“No. I was going to ask them, there was also a state trooper with this officer.”

“Alright, relax. I will see what evidence the district attorney has, and I will get back to you. I’m going to go and see Della, now. I will see you tomorrow.”

Frank Dinsworthy left and the deputy took Richard back to his cell. Richard was on a “I’m getting out of here” high. Of course, this isn’t Wayne County, Michigan. This is Pine Meadows County. Here, they follow the letter of the law.

Frank Dinsworthy went to the women’s side of the Pine Meadows County Jail, to see Della McGreer. He would find that the facts in Della’s case differ quite a lot from Richard’s. Franklin J. Dinsworthy would find that he his work cut out for him. Getting acquittals for his clients in Pine Meadows county, was not going to be easy.

Chapter 2 - Naomi and Jim O’Donnell on patrol.

While Frank Dinsworthy was interviewing Della, Naomi Petersen and Jim O’Donnell were on patrol. They were still patrolling together. Naomi drove her squad slowly and deliberately. She didn’t know what she was looking for, but, she would know it when she saw it.

Since they were near the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls, Naomi told Jim that they should stop and visit to make sure everything was all right. As they drove in to the grounds, Sharon Hardesty saw them. Naomi parked the squad and she and Jim got out.

“Sister Naomi, trooper Jim. It is very nice to see you. What brings you here?”

“That,” Naomi said, facetiously while pointing to her squad. “Sharon, we stopped to see if there have any strangers lurking about, and to visit with my sisters.”

“There was this one lady that I have never seen before. She was taking pictures of the grounds with a camera phone.”

“Would you recognize her again?”

“Yes, sis, I would. Do you want to come in for a bit?”

“Yes, sis, I would love to come in. County 300, 10-19 at the girls home.”

“10-4 county 300.”

Of course, Naomi and Jim got there right at lunch time

“You are staying for lunch, sis. Right?” Asked Sandra Erickson, when she saw Naomi and Jim enter the house.

“Yes, I suppose we could. Then after lunch, we can sit and visit for a bit.”

“Then I will set two more places. We’re having a southern favorite; biscuits and gravy with southern fried chicken. For dessert, we are having chocolate mousse.”
nn“That sounds nice, Sandra,” Naomi said, approving the menu.

While lunch was being cooked, Naomi asked some of the girls the same quesrtion she asked Sharon. Several of the girls said they did see a woman taking pictures with a camera phone about a week ago. When Naomi asked if any of them would recognize this woman again, they all said yes.

“That’s good. I will be in touch with the district attorney and see when we can set up a lineup. In the meantime, I want you to look at photos and see if you can recognize anyone.”

Jim O’Donnell went out to the squad and got the mug shots. He came back and started showing them to the girls. Every one of the girls who saw the lady, identified Della McGreer.

Franklin J. Dinsworthy was unaware that Naomi was conducting a photo lineup. He had practiced in the courts in Detroit, Saginaw and other towns. But, he had never dealt with Pine Meadows county. Evevn though he had gotten Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer off many times before, Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy is about to find himself in the worst legal fight of his career.

“Girls,” Naomi addressed the girls. “Those of you who have seen this lady and identified a photograph, will be asked to come to the courthouse and look at real people. Will that be fine, Jan?”

“Yes, Naomi, that will be fine.”

Naomi and Jim stayed a little longer, and then said they had to get back on patrol. Naomi gave each of her sisters hugs and then she and Jim left to resume patrol.

“County 300 resuming patrol with state squad 356.”

“10-4 county 300,” the dispatcher answered.

As they resumed patrol, there was this nagging feeling in the back of her head. As she drove, she was ever vigilant. She told Jim that she was looking for anything out of the ordinary. Jame O’Donnell started looking on his side of the road.

It was about a mile away from town, going toward the truck stop, that he saw it. Because it was right in plain sight, Jim’s beware of gifts alarm went off in his head. He told Naomi, and she pulled over on to the shoulder.

“Jim, call for the bomb squad. I am not going anywhere near that duffle bag until they say it is clear.”

“I don’t blame you, Naomi. I wouldn’t either.”

Naomi Petersen and Jim O’Donnell waited for the bomb squad to arrive. They didn’t have long to wait. The bomb squad pulled up behind Naomi’s cruiser. Captain Dave McDermott got out of the passenger side of the police van that said Pine Meadows County Sheriff’s Department Hazardous Waste And Bomb Squad Unit.

That is a long title, I know, but since when did law enforcement have short anything?

“I an taking charge, sergeant Petersen. I want you to go to the town limits and block off this road. If you see any cars coming this way, stop them and turn them around. I have another squad coming to block off this road and all of the driveways with police tape. Thank you for acting so quickly.”

“All in a day’s work, captain. We’re going to go and barricade the road.”

Naomi and Jim went to block off the road. They encountered only one car. They explained that there was an emergency up the road, and would they please go back to town. That taken care of, Naomi and Jim set out the flares.

They no sooner set the last flare, when a car came careeming around the corner. Seeing the roadblock, Franklin J. Dinsworthy came to a very loud screeching halt. Mr. Dinsworthy got out of his car in a huff, leaving the driver’s side door open.

“Get that county piece of junk out of my way. I’m in a real hurry here!” Exclaimed Franklin Joseph Disnworthy, Esquire, attorney law.” We’re sorry for any inconvenience, sir. All traffic is being rerouted either back to town, or by a detour.”

“Move that piece of crap, or I will move it for you!”

“Sir, you will now show me some identification.”

At that point, Frank Dinsworthy started walking back to his car.

“Sir!” Exclaimed trooper Jim O’Donnell. Stop wherem you are and show us your udentufucation.”

“I don’t have to show anything. I’m an attirney at law, and I know my rights.”

“Sir, we have the right to ask you for udentification on any public street or highway. You either show your I.D., or we will arrest you for obstructing an officer.”

“You can’t arrest me for a misdemeanor. You give me a ticket with a court date on it.”

“Alright, you say you are an attorney. What is your name?”

“My name is Franklin Josph Dinsworthy, Esquire, attoeney at law. You had better remember that name, because it will be used against you when I sue toy and your girlfriend. By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is state trooper James O’Donnell and this is deputy sheruff sergeant Naomi Petersen. We will give you one more chance; let’s see some identification.”

“You are a persistent bastard, I will say that for you. Now you can go to hell.”

“Sir, you are under arrest for obstructing an officer, two counts. You don’t get read Miranda rights for misdemeanors, but I am going to read them to you just the same. But, because of your attitude, I am taping this.” Jim O’Donnell went to his squad and got his recorder.

“This is 26 May, 2013, state trooper James O’Donnell reading Miranda rights to a suspect who has verbally identified himself as Franklin Joseph Dinsworthy, attorney at law.

“Franklin Jpseph Dinsworthy, you are being arrested for obstructing and officer for failure to show proper identification, upon request by sheriff’s sergeant Naomi Petersen and myself to do so. You have the right to remain silent, should you give up that right, anything you say now, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the judge. So you, Mr. Dinsworthy, understand these rights as I have read them to you?”

“Yea, yea, cop, I understand them. I am an attorney.”

Jim O’Donnell turned the recorder off and went to put it back in his squad. As he was doing thar, Naomi handcuffed Frank Dinsworthy and set him in her squad. Even though these two officers were patrolling together, James O’Donnell hsf his own equipment. The recorder was actually state property, as it belonged to state police.

took him straight to the booking room.

They booked him on two counts of obstructing an offcer and one count of attempting to flee the scene of the crime. When they were finished booking Mr. Dinsworthy, they put him in a cell block for non-violent prisoners. This is what the hardened cons called the baby tier.

Unaware that his attorney had been arrested, Richard MacConnell was bragging about how Franklin J. Dinsworthy was going to get him and Della McGreer off without so much as a slap on the wrist. Big Jim didn’t want to tell Richard what he hd heard, through the grapevine. Big Jim had heard that Frank Dinsworthy had been arrested when he over heard two deputies talking about the arrest Naomi and Jim O’Donnell made. They even mentioned Frank Dinsworthy by name, as one of the deputies was the tier deputy where Richard was waiting to see the judge.

Chapter 3 - Richard and Frank go to court.

Even though Frank had been arrested, the cgarges were misdemeanors, and Mr. Dinsworthy would still be able to practice law. Unaware of the curcumstances that faced him in the morning, Richard MacConnell went to sleep, assured that he was going to get out of jail in the morning.

As morning likes to come quickly, Richard was up, waiting for the cell doors to open. When they did at seven o’clock, Richard heard the tier deputy tell him to get ready for court.

“I’m way ahead of you, deputy. I’m goinf to take my shower now.”

Richard MacConnell took his time in the shower, and then washed his hair. When he got out of the shower, after drying himself thoroughly, he got dressed. He went to his cell and put away his soap and then wrapped his head in his towel turban style. He left it that way until breakfast was over.

When he was finished eating, he took the towel from his, head, and combed his hair to perfection. Richard MacConnell had a certain flair about him. And he liked his clothes immaculate, as well as his grooming.

Richard put a little after shave on his face and neck, and declared himself ready to meet the judge.
In the next part, Richard and Frank meet in the courtroom holding cell. Frank Dinsworthy gets a big surprise.

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